Just a short info: In this story Cormac is in the same school year as Harry, Hermione and Ron. Furthermore, there is a basic potion class (which students like Cormac and Neville attend) and a advanced potion class (which students like Hermione, Draco attend).


Lesson was boring as usual. The bat was standing in front of the class issuing some instructions for the new potion they were going to brew. Sitting in the last row he had a perfect view of the storeroom. Its door was ajar, so it was possible to see the shelves, on which hundreds of potions and ingredients were standing. If he could trust Padma, there would be a cauldron full of Amortentia, too. The whole plan would fail if she was wrong! He couldn't deny that he was a little bit nervous. At least he was going to trick Severus Snape – Mr. Meany in person! If he noticed him, he would be dead!

"Are there any further questions?" Snape asked looking daggers at his students. As an answer some of the students shook their heads. "Fine, so what are you waiting for? Off you go!"

A nasty sound filled the room when the chairs were hastily scratched over the ground. Cormac waited till the first classmates entered the storeroom and Snape turned his back on them to write something on the board before he stood up and reached for Neville's seat. The clumsy boy was the perfect victim. Nobody would be surprised if his cauldron exploded. Fishing for the exploder he kept his eyes glued to the bat, but he was still busy. In the next moment a deafening bang ranged out. The boy jumped aside and noticed how the whole class was running out of the storeroom to find out what happened.

"You idiot!" Snape shouted at Neville who stood speechlessly in front of his cauldron which was seething now.

While his classmates were watching how Neville got a slating, Cormac sneaked to the storeroom. At the farthest end of the room he found what he was searching for. The flavor of his hair wash mixed with some other good-smelling reached his nose. "Finally I brought home the bacon!" he thought triumphantly and got a phial out of his pocket.

"What are you doing in the storeroom, Mr. McLaggen?"

He started with fright and spun around when he suddenly heard Snape's voice. So he didn't notice that an ingredient of the upper shelf fell into the Amortentia.

"Eh…nothing Sir", he said hastily and dunked the phial into the potion.

"Wrong answer, Mr. McLaggen!" the bat hissed approximately.

While putting the small bottle back into his pocket he ran to the door. "I'm sorry Sir, I…just looked for my wand…but I couldn't find it", he stumbled.

Snape raised his eyebrows angrily. "10 points from Gryffindor because of lying to a teacher", he said pointing at the wand which was just visible in Cormac's jacket pocket.

He hanged his head pretending to feel down, but a flashing smile proved him a liar. To his pity Snape noticed it. "And 15 points from Gryffindor because of having no respect!"

He didn't care that his housemates were groaning losing 25 points within a minute. He had the potion everything else was unimportant!

While he and the other students went out of the room, he was chafing his hands. It was working! Now he could take his revenge!