All Children...

Grow Up...

Except One...

Peter Pan

"Here we are!" My mother squealed, opening the old Victorian door to reveal our new home. The place look old, Anitque, which, in this case, it was. Everywhere was expensive, old looking furiture that smelled of moth balls and dust. The light that held in the room made the room seemed blue almost. White as a ghost, like the place was abandoned. My mother squealed as she rolled in the dolly of boxes, alongside my father, who held some more cardboard box that held cherished memories of our old home. I propped the blue suitcase upwards and stood beside my mother, who was grinning widely like a chesire cat.

"This place looks beautiful Margret." My father told my mother, who was in awe over the old place. I merely rolled my eyes. As beautiful and Antique as this place was, it smelled funny, the furniture looked uncomfortable and priceless. It made me feel stiff, as if I had to be proper as soon as you stepped into the building.

"Ms. Darling? Hello. It's the Debouirs. We were supposed to meet you for final settlements." My mother called out.

The women, Ms. Darling, owned the house. She was about 90 something years old and her family was moving her to a nursing home where she be safe. My mother thought it be nice to move out of our stuffy, small apartment. I had never met, nor seen Ms. darling but whenever I thought of her, my thought went to two places. A gray haired old lady with wrinkles a cane and stiff posture, always using her cane to whack you when you were inappropriate. The second place my mind went to, was, Peter Pan. Yes, that children's story of a boy who never grew up.

The floor boards creaked from upstairs and moved along till a ghost white lady appeared at the top of the stairs. She had silvery white hair that piled messily and yet, weirdly neatly. Her body covered in wrinkles on her pale complexion. She wore an old blue dress that look like something I'd seen in my history textbook. Something from the victorian era. Her wrinkle, delicate hand was placed on the cane in front of the top stair.

"Hello." Her old voice sounded ghost agains't the old wooden walls. We turned upward to meet her. My father dropping the boxes down and clambering up the steps to held Ms. Darling down. She merely shook her head and held a hand up to stop my father before proudly walking down the steps with ease. She scared me slightly, watching her go down the stairs. Something chilling ran up and down my spine, making me caution of everything in he room.

"Hello Ms. Darling, I'm Margret Debouirs, this is my husband Bill Debouirs and our daughter Helena Debouirs.'' My mother introduced us, shaking her hand. My father bowed his head slightly and shook her hand.

Ms. Darling held her hand to me, it looked foreign in front of me. "How do you do?" She asked, a proper accent spilling from her lips. I placed my hand and shook it slightly.

Her small mouth curved upward into a smile, not warm and gentle, not cold and maniacal, like mysteriously, enchanting, almost like a ghost would smile. It scared me.

"Charmed." I replied back, my british and french accent clashing each other. Ms. Darling turned towards my mother.

"Yes, I did say I wanted to meet you, I just need to make sure everything is nice and neat so there are no mix ups in the contract..." The adults went on and on about the contract, making sure that everything was in order.

"May I give you a tour before John, my younger brother arrives?" She asked, which my mother nodded, taking Ms. Darling's arm and letting her lead the way.

"This is the pallor, back when I was just a girl this is where my family would meet after supper and on holidays, its met to be for just sitting and talking." Ms. Darling explained, rather firmly. I understood what she meant, the furniture did not look like it was meant for sitting on to play wii, or a a place to have the football game parties but rather for quiet conversations, small talk or just reading. The place furniture was mostly blue with a dark mahogany color. The windows stained glass blue and when the light hit it made patterns some shape.

Next room was what Ms. Darling called, The entertainment room. The place was covered in a dark wood, similar to a mahogany color. The couches were a deep orange with wine red and dark yellow stripes and lion claw legs at the bottom. There were two. A table placed in between them. There was a fireplace just off of the couches. Paintings of children and parents hung on the wall, old and quite scary. A grand piano laid in the corner and look as if it hadn't been touches in years. A mirror was hung on top of the fire mantel.

"Thats a...unique chandelier you have there." My father complimented, pointed to the ceiling, where an old ship hung from the ceiling. Chills ran up my spine once again.

"Oh that, it's actually a model of a ship I was on once." Ms. Darling dazed off for a second but snapped back and showed us the rest of the house. She showed us the kitchen, the back yard, the basement, and then my parents room. SHe came to a close door.

"This is the nursery, its where the children stay."She said, almost creepliy. She opened the door, squeaking in the process and revealed a large room with three beds. They were made, they blankets looked as if they were made of wool. Over each bed was an oil lit lamp, a night light. Toys were stacked against the wall, on the dressers and in a large chest which overflowed. A hugh house sat in the corner, spiderwebs hung on it as well as dust. The Plaque read, 'Nana'. Across from us was a large window, tall and arched and almost reached the ceiling. The curtain surrounding it blowed freely from the air coming in.

"Oh its, beautiful, isn't it Helena?" My mother squealed, stepping in, admiring it, along with my father. Ms. Darling looked at me, her head to the side, a small smile grazed her lips.

"Yes,...'' I said, still enchanted by Ms. Darlings old grey eyes, they were a faded shade of grey, blue dots danced around the rim and they sparkled and a shadow grazed over them.

"Oh but these, toys...'My mother started, but Ms. Darling cuts her off. "I understand that Helena is too old for them but I have no use for them, neither does my brothers, I do not want to throw them away so I thought you my find use for them." She explained, picking up a doll and caressing its hair.

I stared out at the now darkening sky, signaling night was coming. Something though, caught my eye. A wisp of darkening shape moved across the mirror. Its shape almost seemed as if a boy had run across it. I furrowed my eyebrows, curiously. It made a shiver go down my spine once more.

Ms. Darlings brother, John, came at around 5 to pick her up. She said her goodbye and when I went to shake her hand, she pulled me to a hug and whispered in my ear.

"You will have adventure in this house."

And with that, she drove away.