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The sound of Pots and Pans crashing and grunts of straggled breathing caught my ears as i sat up from the bed I was currently laying on. I pushed back the tiger print covers and pulled the lepord print covers from the branch that separated me from the boys. What I saw was not pleasant.

The Lost Boys were in a half circle, trying to grasp a fearful and angered Peter stumbling around, throwing mis aimed punches and kicks at nothing in particular. His eyes were screwed shut and below him, the silhouette of the shadow formed around his feet. His grunts mixed in with the shouts of boys filled the underground tunnel and for a moment, my brain could not possibly register the sight before me. I stalked over to where the eldest lost boy was and stood by him for a moment or two before he recognized my present. He turned to me, his cloak creating an eery look to his features before turning back to Peter.

"Its just nightmare fights, he gets them a lot." He explained just as Peter knocked over a plant.

"And no one stops him?" I questioned placing my eyes at the violent boy. The lost boy shook his head.

"Anyone who tries to move and inch he will strike." I looked at him before shaking my head. This is stupid, he's just having a nightmare.

Before anyone could stop me I walk over to Peter, who neglected my presence. He continued grunting and groaning to whatever was behind his eye lids.

"Peter.." I spoke softly to him. "He just merely grunted and swung at nothing. I pursed my lips. "Peter." Again no answer. He sung, kicked screamed and at one point almost cried and my heart couldn't take it. No matter how cruel he was...he was just a boy. I grasped his shoulders, stopping his movement. "Peter come on wake up. Its just a nightmare. Wake Up." I shook him forcefully before leaning in when he didn't respond. "Peter...please...its just a nightmare...they can't hurt you."

Suddenly his movements stopped, his body went ridged, his face contorted into a series of painful expressions before his body went lax, the shadow moving, curiously away from his feet and to the wall, seeping into and disappearing. He breathed deep, a straggled breath blew out as tears rang from his cheeks. He opened his eyes, fear grazing them as they met mine.

The moment of fear and darkness didn't last long, a possible second before his eyes turned back to cocky and somewhat angry.

"Why is she out here?" He emphasized on the word she. Nobody answered for nobody knew what to say. They were shocked to say the least. They just saw their leader, go from a fearful nightmare to scared boy in a matter of minutes from one touch of me. Peter looked down and saw how my hands clasped over his and he roughly pushed them away, pushing my whole body downward. He didn't acknowledged me, stalking over to the Lost boy I had talked to and pulled on him, pushing towards the doorway and concealed themselves. I sat there, rather dumbfounded.

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