Eren tried to stifle the sob that threatened to escape his lips as he heard the doctor talking to Levi, their voices muffled slightly by the door he lent on, the hallway void of any human activity while the lights flickered every now and then. The doctor had told him just yesterday that there was a chance that Levi wouldn't remember certain things, events, and even people. The damage that he received to his head when he was assaulted could be minimal, meaning Levi might have only forgotten a few days, perhaps even weeks of his life, or it could be severe, ranging in months. It was recommended that he stay outside and Eren had agreed, knowing he wouldn't be able to stay calm.

Mikasa watched quietly, holding onto his left hand as he bit his right.

"What's the last thing you remember? Do you know who you are?"

A moment of silence passed before Levi's rough voice spilled across the room, "Rivaille. Levi Rivaille. I…"

It was quiet once again and Eren could imagine those dark-grey eyes staring holes into the wall, Levi in deep concentration, not showing his frustration as his bangs covered the slight wrinkles on his face.

"Do you know what day it is? The year?"

His voice unwavering, Levi answered almost automatically, "The 13th of March, 2010."

And Eren couldn't hold back anymore. All those mornings he made Levi breakfast, those days when they fell asleep together on the couch after watching a boring documentary, the dates after work that he had planned so that they would be to Levi's taste, the chiding on Levi's part as Eren forgot to clean something to his standards, Levi randomly telling Eren about his past one night after months of Eren's constant prying– the day they first met at a Career Fair – all gone.

Tears streamed down his face freely and his voice shook as he repeated, "He doesn't remember, he doesn't remember."

Mikasa watched soundlessly, knowing no amount of sweet words would cheer Eren up and she wouldn't dare utter the words It'll be alright. She had been reluctant when Eren had announced his relationship with a man ten years his senior, but as she saw Eren's suffering all of that disappeared. All she could do now was reach out and take her brother into her arms, softly rubbing circles on the younger man's back as sobs rocked his body, his voice a mere whisper.

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