Levi finished buttoning up his white dress shirt and shrugged on a coat. He had been at the hospital for a week before he was finally allowed to go home. In that time he had numerous visitors – Hanji, Auruo, Petra, Mike, Erwin, Erd – people he knew. Then there was Eren Jaeger, a boy ten years his junior who was apparently his roommate, average height, messy brown locks, tanned skin, and eyes like none other he had ever seen – bright green with ember swirling in their depths. He had tried to find some information on Eren from his colleagues but they avoided the topic, only telling him things he already knew. The nurses sometimes spoke about the boy, stating that he hardly went home and if he did, he was only gone for a few hours. So much dedication unnerved him.

Something had changed in the last three years that he couldn't remember. A life where he had seemingly thought a roommate was an order.


Levi sighed as he spotted Eren trying to balance everything in his hands, a duffle bag filled with clothes, boxes of food, and a vase filled with flowers. He was about to help the boy when the door to his room opened and revealed another brat. His annoyance peeked at the unknown intruder.

"Mikasa?" Eren called out, surprise clearly in his voice, "I thought you were going to be busy. Why are you here?"

The girl had short raven hair, calculating black eyes, and, he couldn't help but notice, a red scarf tied loosely around her neck. She took in the sight before her, eyes flickering between both occupants. It aggravated him to see her gaze linger on his, but he stared back defiantly before she stepped inside, taking the flowers from Eren and the keys that had been loosely hanging from his pinky.

"I'll drive," was all she said before leaving, the door slamming against the framing.

"Uhm, sorry about that, she's just worried," Eren explained, finally able to grab the duffle bag and boxes of food correctly. He just turned away from the boy, putting on his shoes.

"I'll call someone to pick me up. You go see to your girlfriend."

"No!" Eren yelled out, running to stand in front of him and finally, Levi was able to see his green eyes directed at him, "She's just my sister. I…I don't have a girlfriend."

It got quiet, the only sound coming from the hum of the machinery.

"Fine, let's go," Levi announced, ready to leave this place. Still, he tried to remember those bright mosaics that were much too sad for his liking.