Chapter One - The Angel

Seth sighed sadly whilst he plopped himself onto a town bench. If his mother knew that he went out of the reserve he'd be fried. Whilst Sam, meanwhile, would come up with some crap about how he was endangering the tribe in some stupid way.

But the truth is Seth Clearwater just needed to get away from it all. From the funeral planning, from everyone. His mother tried to hide her feelings by busying herself while Leah just snapped at everyone like always. He, on the other hand just seemed to bottle up all his emotions. Seth didn't know exactly how to feel, sad would obviously be the main contender but... he was confused. His frickin' dad just died! He would never see his father again!

Suddenly the reality of the situation hit Seth like a ton of bricks, and a small handful of tears trickled down his face. Why did his dad have to die? Why did he have to leave? The sad thing was, Seth still expected to see his father in the mornings, sitting at the breakfast table with a newspaper, tutting at the latest news like he usually did. He struggled to stifle a sob, as he thought about his father.

How his eyes always shone whenever he looked at his wife, or how he would do anything to protect his friends and family. He ignored it when he felt someone sitting beside him. All he wanted was to be left alone.

"Here." A soft voice whispered into his ear as a tissue was handed to him. He furrowed his eyebrows angrily whilst he looked up at the annoying intruder.

He stopped breathing when he saw a girl with beauty that only a licensed angel could hold. She had soft waves of dazzlingly fiery crimson hair, with bright emerald eyes that defined innocence and kindness. Cheeks, dyed softly with a tint of pink; and a generous dusting of freckles around the middle of her face.

Suddenly, Seth saw scenes flashing through his mind like train compartments; the angel kissing him on the cheek, the angel meeting his family, him proposing to the angel, their wedding, their first child. Seth's head snapped up in shock. Oh crap! It couldn't be- could it? Impossible! He was only seventeen!

"T-Thank you... My name's Seth." He said nervously. Seth had never actually been interested in girls- even at his age. Until now that is. What do you say to the girl that you are going to spend the rest of your life with?

It was really weird whilst on one hand Seth was devastated over the loss of his father; he was happy- like something inside him just couldn't stop smiling over the presence of his imprint. The grief and misery was painful, but this girl just made him lose all his unhappiness.

"Hello Seth. I'm Lily, Lily Potter." Ah. A beautiful name for an angel he thought as she spoke to him brightly and held out her hand. Even Seth didn't know where it came from but he randomly hugged Lily without thinking. Great...

"Sorry about that. I don't know what came over me." He apologized. Seth really wouldn't be surprised if she walked away now.

"It's all right. Though a warning would be nice next time." She teased whilst the boy next to her blushed.

Lily was confused, she only wanted to comfort the miserable looking boy then leave but... there was just something about the handsome teenager that intrigued her. Probably because he wasn't wearing a shirt in the middle of November.

"I agree. I can assure you that you are safe from any random hugs for know." Seth played along coolly but his heart immediately started falling when he saw that Lily wasn't paying attention.

"I'm sorry, I'm not listening." She admitted honestly. "But in my defense it is your fault for having so many abs." Seth beamed proudly.

"Oh you flatter me! Besides I can't help the fact that I'm just so damn hot!" Seth joked. But Lily's eyes were still trying to figure out how many abs he had.

"Oh for Merlin's sake! Here have this; otherwise I'm afraid that I will never listen to you at all." Lily hissed in mock anger whilst she took off her coat and thrust it at her newly made companion. Seth looked at the coat with mild disdain.

"But it's a girl's coat." He whined childishly.

"Do you even own any proper clothes?" She asked curiously. Meanwhile Seth was smirking; he didn't think that any dudes at the reserve actually owned a shirt. But then he supposed that they'd have at least one for special occasion... like a funeral. He subconsciously grimaced.

"Oh lord! Are you all right Seth? You look as white as a sheet!" Lily cried. She quickly put her hand to his forehead. She supposed that wandering around half naked at the beginning of winter could not do anyone's immune system any good.

The angel's hand to his forehead; that's all it took for half of Seth brain to go into a trance. Lily shuffled away from him to get a better look at his face for symptoms of anything, causing Seth to topple motor skills suddenly vanished. What was happening to him?

"Seth. Seth! Look at me! What's going on? Are you alright?" Lily half shrieked with panic. Seth painfully forced his eyes to nudge half a millimeter towards Lily.

"Can I do anything? Do you have any drugs? Are you having some sort of seizure? Would you like some water?" Lily babbled. Seth needed to get to Sam. He'd know what the hell was going on, he always does. And Billy always has some sort of ancient herbal remedy up his sleeves.

"H-home." He choked out forcefully.

"Okay... Where would that be?" Seth could tell that Lily wanted to help, but he really couldn't give her enough to go on, even his brain was shutting down slowly.

"S-South until you get to a reserve." He spluttered dryly, apparently seven words were too much for his body to handle and he started coughing uncontrollably.

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