Chapter 8 - Jealousy

"There's a lot of things we can do, the best is the mind reading though, I can't wait until the next time we all phase, Seth's thoughts are going to be a great source of entertainment!" One of the boys joked.

Sensing her confusion Seth said, "That's Embry by the way,"

"Sorry, forgot to introduce myself, I'm Embry," he extended his hand formally.

"Nice to meet you Embry," she said shaking his hand, "I'm Lilly,"

A faint murmur could be heard from behind where Lily, Seth, and Embry stood. Next thing she knew, Seth was growling, though still in his human form and Embry and another man from this group of people were trying to hold him back.

"What's going on?" Lily asked panicked.

"Nothing sweetie," soothed Emily as she pulled Lily out of harms way, "Paul just made a comment about you that upset Seth,"

"What sort of comment?" and without waiting for answer, Lily tugged her wrist out of Emily's grasp and made towards Seth, "Seth, look at me,"

"What?" he grunted, eyes still trained on the man Lily assumed to be Paul.

"No, look at me!" she demanded, pulling his chin around so they were eye to eye, "We're going outside for a walk, how about you show me that beach we saw on the way here?"

"Actually, I'm not sure that's such a good ide-" the same man who helped Embry try to restrain Seth spoke up.

"Sam, let her try. We still don't know the effects she'll have on him!" Emily hissed.

"But we do need to know why she has such a different effect on him," Sam argued clearly concerned for Seth's well-being.

"Listen everyone, I know there's some confusion, but I'm just going to say I'm a witch. Not an evil one or something bad, and I won't hurt you, just as you wouldn't hurt me and we can co-exist perfectly, I've never heard of a shape-shifter imprinting on a witch or wizard before in our history so even I don't know the full effects, I hope this doesn't change your views on me... I'm just going to take Seth outside to calm down a bit, while we're gone you might want to talk to Paul, I think his name was," Lily explained before non-verbally and wandlessly flicking her hand to levitate him up off the ground and out the door.

As she left she heard a few of them mutter, "Whoa,"

Once outside, she sent a seething in silence Seth, into the edge of the forest, following slightly behind.

"I'm going to set you down now Seth, promise me you won't loose it? I very well know what shape-shifters are capable of and you are not to return to Emily's just yet, okay?" she asked him.

Unable to reply, Seth merely nodded his head and waited for the counter-charm to lower him to the ground.

As soon as the charm was lifted, Seth crumpled and sat on the grassy floor. Cautiously Lily made to follow him, unsure if that's what he wanted. He looked up and saw the doubt in her eyes. He patted the earth on the ground next to him to indicate she was fine to sit.

"What happened Seth?" she asked, as she leant her head against his shoulder.

"Paul," he grit out.

"Really? I didn't know that, thank you for all the details," she replied sarcastically but still smiling.

"You have an attitude to match you hair," he winked at her with a twinkle in his eyes.

"Stop insulting my hair colour and just answer the question," she replied smiling still.

"It wasn't an insult, you have gorgeous hair and I like a feisty girl," he said making her blush, "It just seems I'm not the only one to notice how beautiful you are,"

"So that's what this is about?" she asked, finally understanding as comprehension dawned on her.

"Paul should know better than to initiate jealousy in a newly imprinted couple," Seth seethed.

"Don't worry about him, you know I only have eyes for you... There's just something about you, about this, and it has me totally hooked, I couldn't walk away from you even if I wanted to. I like you," she emphasised, her eyes flickering between his eyes and his lips.

Closing the remaining distance, Seth kissed her. It was gentle but she could feel the passion it held and as he dragged his tongue across her lips, silently seeking entrance. She returned the kiss, opening her lips trying to convey that she felt the same. It felt like several glorious minutes, hours, days, months and even years had passed and when they broke apart, they were both gasping for air. Winking again at her, Seth rose and offered his hand to Lily, "Can we go back yet?" he whined.

"Promise not to jump anyone?" she joked back.

"I promise, I need to introduce you properly to everyone anyway, let's go," he insisted. Lily gave in and allowed herself to be hauled up of the ground.

Together they walked the little way out of the woods, through the shrubbery and tall imposing trees until they reach Emily's door again, "Ready?"

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