Chapter 1:

"Ha! If it isn't Foxface!"

"I would feel horrible if my mom was a fox!"
"Yuck! Your breath smells like fox breath too!" Rabbitkit tried to cover her ears. The taunting of Ivykit, Smokekit, and Heatherkit were impossible to ignore. Poor Redpaw, she was always teased of her mother being a fox, which really it was Minkfur. Her strange muzzle and bushy tail and fur color made her look like a mix of fox and cat.

"Why don't you come over here you fox! I will show you how true warriors fight!" Smokekit snarled. Rabbitkit was sitting next to the nursery in the shade so they couldn't see her. Shadekit, Birdkit, and Firekit were still in the nursery sleeping.

"C'mon over here fox!" Heatherkit challenged. Rabbitkit felt horrible. The three kits also were mean to Firekit and Rabbitkit, once they complained to Cherryfrost. She gave then a sharp nip on there tails and told them that they were older and should be more responsible then trying to get her kits in trouble.



"Fox!" The kits started to chant. Redpaw just sat there, looking horrified. Rabbitkit couldn't take it anymore. "Stop!" She yowled and marched over to where they were.

"Hey Rabbit, do you know that foxes eat you right?" Ivykit sneered. Rabbitkit felt blood rushing through her, anger ran through her veins. How dare they compare her to a rabbit! She unsheathed her claws and dug them into the hard dirt under her claws.

"Rabbitkit, don't get involved in this- please." Redpaw begged. Rabbitkit looked around. No cats in sight, most gone on patrols or in there dens. Maybe if she was fast she could get a scar or two onto the kits faces...
"Is the Rabbit getting mad?" Smokekit said and laughed. Rabbitkit knew why they called her rabbit- not just her name but also long legs. Rabbit took deep breaths, trying to curb her temper.

"Come on, attack me!" Smokekit taunted. Redpaw stepped in between Rabbitkit and Smokekit. "Don't." She warned.
"Hey!" Heatherkit cried. "Cherryfrost! Redpaw and Rabbitkit are making us have no fun!" The nursery quivered before Cherryfrost popped out.

"Redpaw, Your older so you know better then to pick on my tiny kits!" Cherryfrost scolded. "Rabbitkit, you know better too! Get back in here, I'm sure Featherwind will have a punishment for you!" Redpaw put her head down and slunk to the apprentice den. Rabbitkit slowly walked to the nursery. She turned around and shot one last look at the kits. They stuck out there tongues and laughed at her. Rabbitkit felt angry, angrier then she ever did in her life. Why did they have to be so mean to them? Why? She stepped into the dark nursery and Featherwind looked up.

"Why are you inside already Rabbitkit?" She asked.

"Because your kit was being very rude to my kits. They wanted to play a game and Rabbitkit stopped them!" Cherryfrost explained. "If I was her mother I would keep her in this den for a week." Featherwind sighed.

"Rabbitkit, is this true?" She asked. Rabbitkit shook her head.

"No! They were picking on me and since I never attacked them they yelled for Cherryfrost!" Rabbitkit explained. Featherwind narrowed her eyes at her.
"Rabbitkit, it is not nice to lie! You have to say sorry to Cherryfrost and her kits, then you must stay in the nursery for at least a week, only leaving to fetch prey, or going to make dirt." Featherwind decided.

"What?!" Rabbitkit wailed.

"Shh! Your brother and sisters are trying to sleep!"

"I don't care! You can't do this to me!" Rabbitkit said.

"I just did." Featherwind replied calmly. Rabbitkit felt like the walls were closing in, her heart pounded hard in her chest. How dare they do this? How dare they?! The thought echoed in her head endlessly. Rabbitkit slumped to lay down next to her littermates. This was going to be a very, very, long week...

...Rabbitkit stretched her long legs in the sunshine. Featherwind has ended her punishment a day early and she decided she wasn't going to talk to the other kits at all besides her littermates.

"It's a nice day out- Isn't it Rabbitkit?" A voice said behind her. She turned around and saw her father, Jaymist walking toward her. "You want to learn some more battle moves?" He asked. Rabbitkit nodded enthusiastically. Her father was way nicer then any other cat in the camp. When she wasn't allowed out of the nursery her father sometimes sneaked in and taught her some battle moves. Featherwind one time saw him and got really mad. She told him that Rabbitkit was to young and to violent sometimes to teach her that sort of thing but luckily for her, Jaymist ignored her and taught Rabbitkit how to do a hold a enemy underwater that day.

"Today I will teach you the killing bite...Use it wisely in battle, mostly when there are foxes and badgers, it won't always kill them but will give them serious enough wounds to have them flee." Jaymist said. "Now, to do it you must pull your claws out all the way out and put them so they are as pointy as possible." He demonstrated by flexing his claws. "Then aim carefully for the enemy's throat, aim wrong and you won't get a effective blow." He then scraped the ground with his claws, leaving a deep scratch in the soft earth. "Now you try." He stepped back and Rabbitkit took a deep breath. She wanted to make her father proud.

She flexed her claws as far as they would go and swung down hard onto the dirt. Rabbitkit looked under her paw, instead of making a nice and clean mark, its was choppy and messy. Jaymist just stared at it, his gaze showing nothing. "Well keep practicing, I want it to be perfect because it will be useful someday." He then flicked his tail and walked off. I will become the best warrior ever! Rabbitkit thought. Soon Smokekit, Heatherkit, and Ivykit will bow to me! She gazed at the three kits, who were pestering Mousestar to let them on patrol. If I was leader they would have to stay kits for ten moons and clean the nursery and the elders den every day! She thought, quite satisfied at the thought.
"Hey Rabbitkit!" Firekit, Birdkit, and Shadekit ran over to her.

"What was Jaymist showing you?" Shadekit asked. Rabbitkit almost blurted out showing her how to do the killing bite but she was sure that Birdkit would tell Featherwind, which will just make Rabbitkit get yelled at- then Jaymist, which would make her learn no more cool battle moves.

"How to hunt better."Rabbitkit lied.

"Then why were you digging holes?" Birdkit asked.

"Because...then he showed me how to bury the...prey." Rabbitkit said.

"By making marks in the ground?" Birdkit wondered. She sure was nosy.

"Er...I'm just a beginner! I don't make that great!" Rabbitkit felt quite pleased with her lies, she was getting better at doing that. It may be helpful someday. Birdkit nodded, she accepted the answer.

"Hey did you hear that Redpaw is getting her warrior assessment today?" Shadekit said.

Rabbitkit purred. "Yeah, she will be a great warrior if she passes!" If she ever stands up to Cherryfrost and her kits She thought silently.

"I hope we can become apprentices soon." Firekit said and sighed. "I can't wait to get away from Heatherkit, Smokekit, and Ivykit." Birdkit gazed at her sister like she grew two heads.
"What's wrong with them?" She asked. Rabbitkit stared at her sister. They were the ones they kept her in the nursery all week!

"They are so rude to me! They once gave me rabbit dropping, telling me it was a cool type of berry that was really good!" Firekit explained. Birdkit rolled her eyes.

"Yeah right, your the older one and you should have known better, anyway I am sure they didn't know better!" Firekit fluffed out her fur.

"What do you know?! They have been trouble the moment they were born!" She hissed.

The two cats stared at each other, fur bristling.

"Hey! Rabbit looks like you are out of the nursery!" Ivykit squealed running up to them.

"No thanks to you." Rabbitkit muttered under her breath.
"I think we started on the wrong foot...Can we start over? I learned how we weren't being fair and I learned how maybe we should be nicer." Ivykit asked. Rabbitkit gazed at the small kit. Maybe she was right, maybe they could be clanmates. Birdkit smirked at gave Firekit a I-told-you-so look. Ivykit looked up at Rabbitkit, her eyes looked so helpless and cute. Maybe she was right... Maybe they should give her one more chance...

"Fine, let's start over." Rabbitkit sighed.

"What?!" Firekit explained.

"You want them to keep picking on you?" Rabbitkit hissed into her ear. Firekit shook her head. "Then let's give them one more chance."

Ivykit let out a little skip of happiness. "They said yes!" She called back to where Smokekit and Heatherkit were waiting. Heatherkit bounced up and ran over to them while Smokekit slowly moved to where Birdkit was. Rabbitkit felt horrible. How could she ever think they were horrible?

"Hey, let's play hunt!" Heatherkit suggested.

"Yeah! And you guys will never guess this, but Mousestar is allowing us out of camp to hunt!" Ivykit added.

"Really?" Rabbitkit asked then she cocked her head. "I thought kits weren't allowed out of camp."

Smokekit shook his head. "Nope, she said we could just this once as long as we didn't wander to far." Birdkit jumped up.
"What are we waiting for? Let's go!" Without waiting for anyone's answer she dashed out of camp. Heatherkit turned around, gazing around the camp.

"C'mon hurry! Before any cat comes and sees!" She whispered to Ivykit and Smokekit. Rabbitkit overheard them and wondered what they meant.

"Let's go!" Smokekit said and dashed into the forest. Rabbitkit forgot all her worries and plunged in after him. She heard paws behind her and knew everyone else was following.

When she got out, Rabbitkit gazed around. There was lots of grass and heather. The air reeked of cat and prey and even some strange smells that were new to Rabbitkit.

"Hey I smell a baby rabbit!" Birdkit explained. "Follow me!"
Rabbitkit followed her sister along the tall grass to where a baby rabbit was sniffing through some grass. Smokekit barged past Rabbitkit and started to chase the rabbit.

"Wait!" Rabbitkit called and raced after him. She wanted to kill the rabbit and get the glory- not give it all to Smokekit! Rabbitkit felt her long legs glide her through the grass and her breath stayed nice and easy. She ran and ran, trying to following the scent Smokekit left behind.

The grass parted and Rabbitkit burst through to see Smokekit with the rabbit. It was squirming under his paw but his gaze wasn't on his prey, it was on the sky. Rabbitkit glanced up to see a bird flying overhead. It was circling where Smokekit was sitting, and was flying lower. It was a hawk! Rabbitkit remembered the elders talking about how they love to eat kits. The rabbit wiggled out from Smokekit and ran away. Smokekit just stared at the hawk- frozen in fear. Suddenly the hawk gave off a loud cry and dived down, exactly at the kits!

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And I just now realized this but Redpaw and Goldenpaw failed there warrior assesments. In case your wondering why they stay apprentices.