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Chapter 3:

Rabbitkit was wandering around a clearing with long grass and lots of prey. Cats were all around. She marched up to a black and white tom with a long tail who was stalking a rabbit.

"You killed me didn't you? This is StarClan." She hissed at him. He whirled around in shock, then relaxed. He padded toward Rabbitkit, stars clung to his fur.

"Yes, little one. You are in StarClan-" He was cut off.

"I asked you to help me from the fox and you never did! You left me to die!" Rabbitkit snarled.

"You aren't dead- You are in a dream, and StarClan couldn't get the fox away. We have our limits."

"It didn't work! I want to wake up! Right now!" Rabbitkit meowed and ran away. She heard the StarClan cat call out to her but ignored it and continued walking through the heather and collapsed into a heap. Rabbitkit felt a tear run down her face. No one likes me, even in StarClan! She thought.

"Rabbitkit?" A voice whispered. Rabbitkit looked around the terrain. No cat in sight.

"Rabbitkit." It called again.

"Rabbitkit!" And she snapped awake. Rabbitkit looked and saw Skyheart staring at her.

"Where am I?" Rabbitkit asked drowsily.

"The medicine cat den- your lucky to be alive." Skyheart said briskly. Suddenly all the events that happened away from the clan snapped back to her.

"Oh no! Skyheart I was out in the clearing-"

"I know, Mousestar will speak to you soon, I don't know what you were thinking sneaking out of camp like that. And bringing Cherryfrost's litter!" Skyheart sighed and wrapped another cobweb on Rabbitkit. Rabbitkit stared at her, confused. What did she mean? They were allowed to go out of camp. Weren't they? Rabbitkit tried to sit up but pain sliced through her. She stretched her neck and looked at her body in horror. There were lots of cobwebs all around her belly and her leg looked like it wasn't alive anymore.

"Stay still! You broke your leg and lost a lot of blood, you are lucky enough as it is that you were found by our patrol." Skyheart hissed and mixed some herbs together. Rabbitkit tried to lay back in her nest, which hurt even more. Ferns rustled and the gray shape of Mousestar walked in with Featherwind following, her eyes were in angry slits.

"Rabbitkit-" Mousestar began.

"How dare you do this to the kits?!" Featherwind screeched at her. Rabbitkit felt confused. What did she do?

"As I was saying." Mousestar glared at Featherwind. "You have broken the warrior code. Kits are not supposed to leave camp until they become apprenticed. I cannot believe you took the risk of leaving! And even worse, you and Firekit brought the rest of the kits!" Rabbitkit stared at her blankly. What did she mean by her and Firekit.

"What do you mean?" She asked.

"You told the other kits that you were allowed out of camp and even asked me permission." Mousestar informed her.

"But-" Rabbitkit was cut off.

"Smokekit, Ivykit, and Heatherkit all said that what you did. Now Featherwind, please fetch Firekit. I will give them their punishment right now." Mousestar flicked his tail and Featherwind left to get her other daughter.

"It was really Ivykit who said-" Rabbitkit was cut off again.

"It was you. Enough said." Mousestar meowed. Rabbitkit lashed her tail in annoyance. Could she even finish a sentence around here?

Featherwind then entered the nursery. Firekit followed behind, dark circles were all around her eyes, she must have been crying earlier.

"Now for your punishment." Mousestar said then he thought for a moment. "It will be that today you would have become warriors but I will set it back one moon, you will become apprenticed with Ivykit, Shadekit, and Heatherkit. Also, you are now not allowed to talk to them at all until them, if so you will be forced to sleep in the elders den. This applies to both of you, do I make myself clear?" Mousestar said.
Rabbitkit and Firekit nodded glumly. Featherwind walked out with Firekit and Mousestar left the den too. Rabbitkit tried to hoist herself up, but Skyheart pushed her down with her paw.

"You must keep resting!" She hissed at her. Rabbitkit growled and went back to resting.

"Let all cats old enough to chase rabbits gather for a clan meeting!" Mousestar yowled. Rabbitkit pricked her ears. She wanted to see what was going to happen!

"You will stay here. I will tell you what will happen." Skyheart told her and stalked out of the den. Rabbitkit felt suddenly alone, surrounded by strange herbs and a faint smell of sickness.

"Today we have new apprentices in the clan!" Mousestar announced. Rabbitkit let out a squeal of excitement. Maybe she will be a apprentice today after all! Her heart pounded in her chest. It would feel so good to be out of the nursery away from Cherryfrost and her kits.
"Birdkit, Smokekit. Step forward." Rabbitkit heard. Rabbitkit felt crestfallen. Mousestar was right, she would have to stay a kit for one whole moon. That wasn't even fair!
"...We welcome you as a apprentice to WindClan." Rabbitkit heard Mousestar finish her ceremony and heard the clan cheer her sisters names. She didn't join in. There was no point. Her and Firekit were going to stay kits for no good reason at all. Rabbitkit curled up in her nest, a tear ran down her cheek. Why do they hate me? Then sleep engulfed her...


"Get up!" A voice hissed. Rabbitkit flicked her ears in annoyance. Didn't Skyheart have anything better to do then wake her up for no good reason.
"Get up!" The voice said again and jabbed her hard with a claw. Rabbitkit opened her eyes and only she didn't see Skyheart, or any cat in WindClan. Instead it was a bright orange tom with huge claws. Rabbitkit backed away. Was there a invasion? The tom let out purr of amusement.

"No need to fear me, Rabbitkit" He said.

"You-You know my name?" She stammered.

"Of course! I see great potential in you. My name is Lionclaw, and I want to be your mentor." Rabbitkit couldn't help but feel a thrill that this cat appreciated her.

"I can't be a apprentice though! Mousestar said I couldn't-"

"So? Haven't you noticed? We aren't in WindClan anymore, you are in a dream." Lionclaw moved aside and let Rabbitkit look behind him. There was lots of black and everything smelled strange.

"Please tell me we aren't in StarClan! They are so rude to me!" Rabbitkit whined.

"No, we are in the Dark Forest." Lionclaw announced. "I am here to make you stronger, more stronger then those pathetic clan cats or weak StarClan." Rabbitkit suddenly felt like the world was closing in. She had been warned about the Dark Forest. They lured in clan cats and trained them to be evil. Suddenly she felt claws on her side.
"Focus and pay attention, you want to be trained right?" Lionclaw asked. Even though she knew that she should get out...She wanted to train even more.

"Yes." Rabbitkit said.

"Excellent." Lionclaw purred.

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