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Chapter 4:

Rabbitkit felt warm sunlight hit her fur. It felt good on her aching muscles. Lionclaw had been coming to her dreams every night for almost the whole moon.

Skyheart had taken off the cobwebs off her and allowed Rabbitkit to sleep in the nursery again.

So far, Cherryfrost had made it clear she didn't want Rabbitkit or Firekit near her kits and made her nest the farthest from her. Featherwind had also decided that she wanted to move out of the nursery and forced Firekit and Rabbitkit to have separate nests. Duskfur, the newest cat in the nursery expecting kits with Volestep, wouldn't even say a friendly hello when Rabbitkit tried to talk to her. Rabbitkit didn't mind, that made more time for training with Lionclaw without being disturbed. Jaymist and Redpaw were the only cats in the clan now that enjoyed talking to her.

"Rabbitkit!" Rabbitkit looked up to see Birdpaw running toward her.
"Guess what?" Birdpaw breathed.
"I don't care." Rabbitkit grumbled. Birdpaw has often bragged about things she did now that she was a apprentice and Rabbitkit didn't care.

"Yes you do!" Birdpaw gave a happy skip of excitement. "I saw a fox today! The same one that attacked you, and Shadepaw and I attacked it! Soon Brackenfoot and Weaselfoot joined us and we fought it off!" Rabbitkit rolled her eyes. So what if her littermates and there mentors fought off on puny fox? She could probably take on five easily with the moves Lionclaw had been teaching her.

"And I have good news for you too!" Birdpaw meowed. Rabbitkit let out a groan. She didn't care! Why was Birdpaw so annoying. They should name her Birdchatter! She thought.
"You get to be made a apprentice tomorrow!" Birdpaw announced. Rabbitkit lifted her head. That did sound like good news. "Because Cherryfrost's kits reached six moons!" Birdpaw added. Rabbitkit felt like she was gabbed in the chest. It will be worse now that Cherryfrost wouldn't watch her kits.

"Birdpaw let's go!" Weaselfoot called.

"Well I have to go, bye Rabbitkit!" Birdpaw then dashed off to her mentor. Rabbitkit felt glad that she finally left, her sister got very annoying, very fast. Why did she deserve to be able to run the moors? Why couldn't Rabbitkit do that? She didn't do anything wrong.

"Hey Rabbit! I'm sure you miss the moors! Why don't you go out there again?" A voice snarled from across the clearing. Rabbitkit turned her head to see Heatherkit walking toward her.

"Why don't you get taken by twolegs." Rabbitkit snapped back. She wasn't in the mood for her today. Heatherkit bristled her fur.
"Cherryfrost! Rabbitkit just told me to die!" Heatherkit wailed and dashed to the nursery. Rabbitkit rolled her eyes. Couldn't Heatherkit decide anything better to do then annoy her?
"Rabbitkit!" A loud yowl came from Cherryfrost. Rabbitkit ignored it and went over to the prey pile. She was tired of Cherryfrost yelling at her. Rabbitkit grabbed a plump looking rabbit and went over to Redpaw. "You wanna share?" She asked through it's thick fur. Redpaw nodded and they both went over to a shady spot away from the nursery so none of the kits would bother them. Rabbitkit let Redpaw take first bite. Redpaw took a chunk off and chewed it fast and swallowed in a swift gulp. Rabbitkit gazed at her friend. She didn't look that happy.
"Uh...Are you okay?" Rabbitkit asked.
"No!" Redpaw shouted. "I am sick of this clan and these cats!" She then burst into tears and started to sob. Rabbitkit felt shock run through her. Why was Redpaw so upset?

She put her tail tip of her head to comfort her only friend. "It's okay, what happened?" She asked. Redpaw looked up, her eyes full of anger.

"Smokekit! He- he- he put a thorn in my nest last night, and I got in trouble for leaving blood all over my nest when I laid in it, and then this morning Birdkit and Smokekit told me it wasn't time for the dawn patrol when it was and I got yelled at for being late! Then got yelled at again for telling them what they did!" Redpaw pierced her claws into the ground below them, tearing up chunks of the grass. "I was told I will be made a warrior later if I keep being stupid like this, and it was Mousestar that told me that!"

Rabbitkit let out a comforting purr. "Calm down. Now did you say that Birdkit told you to be late to the dawn patrol?" Begging her sister hadn't done that.

Redpaw's eyes were bloodshot when she looked at Rabbitkit again. "Yes." She said solemnly. Rabbitkit rose to her paws.
"I am going to have a talk with her, maybe it was a accident." Rabbitkit said and padded over to where her sister was playing with Ivykit.

"Birdkit, come over here." Rabbitkit called. Birdkit looked up in surprise and cast a glance at Ivykit before padding over to her.

"What are you doing?" Her sister hissed as soon as they were out of earshot of Ivykit. Rabbitkit stared at her sister in surprise.

"You have some explaining to do." Rabbitkit said in response, ignoring her sister's rude remark. "Why did you lie to Redpaw?" Birdkit opened her eyes wide with innocence.

"Me?" Then her eyes turned to angry slits. "How dare you blame your sister?! You rather believe Redpaw then me?" Rabbitkit rolled her eyes. She wasn't denying it. The thought struck Rabbitkit like a piece of fresh-kill lodged in her throat.
"She is my best friend! And why are you being so rude to me?" Rabbitkit asked in confusion.

"If you can't trust me Rabbitkit, then we aren't sisters." Birdkit said coldly and walked back to Ivykit, talking in a low voice and pointing to her. Rabbitkit felt like she broke her foot again. With her head hanged low, Rabbitkit went over to Redpaw, who lifted her head with hope as she came by.
"How did it go?" Redpaw asked.

"Horrible." Rabbitkit sighed and slumped down. "She...she hates me now."

"I'm sure she didn't mean it." Redpaw told her back.

"Yeah." Rabbitkit said but she was sure that her sister meant it when she called her that.
"C'mon! Let's have some fun!" Redpaw said scratching her playfully on the ear. Rabbitkit decided she was right. There was no point sulking. She could live without her sister.

"Die Shadowclan warrior!" Rabbitkit leaped at Redpaw and pinned her to the ground. Redpaw let out a laugh and wriggled out from her and clawed her belly. They both ended up falling to the ground laughing.

"What do you think your doing?" A voice called above them. Rabbitkit looked up to see Dawnpetal standing over them, a angry look on her face.
"Clan mates do not fight." Dawnpetal told them. Redpaw scrambled to her paws.
"We aren't fighting. We were playing." Redpaw explained. Dawnpetal shook her head.

"That's not what Birdpaw and Ivykit said." Dawnpetal flicked her tail over to where the two kits were looking at them, a smug look marked there faces. "Now no more fighting at all!" Dawnpetal then stalked off to assign patrols. As soon as she was gone Rabbitkit leaped to her paws and started to go to where her sister and Ivykit were waiting.

"Where are you going?" Redpaw asked her.

"To give them a piece of my mind." Rabbitkit growled.

"Get away from us! We don't want you to fight us!" Ivykit said, a smile crossed her face.

"Yeah, I am so scared my fur is going to fall off!" Birdpaw added. Rabbitkit let out a hiss.

"I can tear off all that fur right now." She retorted. Redpaw looked at her in amazement. She had never been this violent before. Rabbitkit was surprised herself.
"Go away!" Birdpaw snapped, obviously mad that Rabbitkit was defending herself.

"Let's go." Redpaw told her.

"No, they need to be taught a lesson." Rabbitkit replied. Lionclaw always told her to defend herself and make sure some cats pay for what they do. Going over the moves she was taught in her dreams she flexed her claws.

"Now help me." She told Redpaw, who looked confused but then her eyes grew cold, remembering everything they had done to her. Redpaw nodded.

Birdpaw and Ivykit started to back away from them, wondering if they were serious.

Rabbitkit couldn't hold it any longer and leaped at them both.