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Chapter 5:

Rabbitkit aimed for Ivykit while Redpaw aimed for Birdpaw. Rabbitkit looked like she was aiming for Ivykit's legs but faked it and attacked her face. Ivykit was confused and Rabbitkit knocked her over easily. Saw that Lionclaw? You taught me that move! She thought as she clawed Ivykit. Warm blood oozed out of a gash Rabbitkit left on her victim. Next to her Redpaw was having a heated battle with Birdpaw. They were both winning. Rabbitkit felt a surge of happiness as Ivykit let out screams of pain.

"How do you like that?" Rabbitkit hissed in her ear. Ivykit let out another cry of pain as her neck was bended backwards. Suddenly Rabbitkit was flung off her opponent and pinned to the ground. A thud beside her showed that it happened to Redpaw too.

"What are you to doing?" A outraged voice yowled. Rabbitkit gulped. Mousestar was glaring at her and her clan mates stared. Brackenfoot was holding down Rabbitkit while Whitesnow held down Redpaw.

Ivykit and Birdpaw shakily rose to their paws with the help of Skyheart. A look of horror danced in there eyes.

What had she done? Birdpaw had a clump of fur missing while Ivykit had a scratch on her ear and along her muzzle.

"What have you done!" A voice screeched. Cherryfrost dashed across the clearing and started to lick Ivykit like crazy. "What did Ivykit ever do to you?" she asked Rabbitkit, tears in her eyes. Featherwind was gazing at Rabbitkit too. Her eyes were blank. I'm sorry! Rabbitkit thought. Something must have snapped inside her, but it did feel kinda...good.
"I told you not to attack your clan mates." Dawnpetal suddenly walked up. Rabbitkit let out a groan. Why must all her clan mates try to make her look like the bad cat? She wasn't! Was she? Lionclaw always told her that she was never the bad cat. Starclan and the clan cats that are rude are.
"Redpaw, Rabbitkit." Mousestar declared. "Redpaw, you will have to clean out all of the dens. Rabbitkit, I cannot put off your apprentice ceremony any longer so instead I will give you no punishment-"
"What?!" Cherryfrost cut off the leader. "She deserves to stay a kit for a least three more moons!" Shut up! Rabbitkit glared at the queen.

"I am the leader Cherryfrost and if you don't like my decisions you might as well leave the clan." Mousestar said calmly and Rabbitkit let out a sigh of relief. She was still going to be a apprentice. "But Rabbitkit no more hurting. This is your last chance." Mousestar added. Rabbitkit didn't care. Now that she had shown the other cats who was boss she will be the best warrior of WindClan!

She then walked into the nursery, fighting was tiring. Also, she wanted to hear what Lionclaw's opinion about the fight. Rabbitkit hoped her dream mentor will be kinder then what Mousestar did. She even did some experienced battle moves, Rabbitkit deserved to be made warrior right then and there but she wasn't. Actually, Mousestar shouldn't even be leader. He wasn't making the right decision. Rabbitkit sighed. She wanted to be leader. Then WindClan would rule the forest! Rabbitkit crawled into her nest and fell into a deep slumber...


….. Rabbitkit snapped open her eyes and grinned when she saw the familiar scene of the Dark Forest around her. Lionclaw sat in front of her sitting proudly.

"Did you see me in the fight today?" Rabbitkit asked, bouncing up and down in joy.

"Yes, you have done well and have not failed me to become a great warrior." Lionclaw praised. "Now even if you were yelled at by all of StarClan do not feel bad for hurting any of them. They are nothing. Just pesky little fleas, they will just be there until you get rid of them." Lionclaw told her. Rabbitkit looked at him confused. What did he mean about getting rid of her clan mates? Rabbitkit shook her head. Lionclaw was the best warrior she had ever seen, he was nice, loyal, and made the most sense in all the clan. He believed that Rabbitkit should have already been made a warrior. He was right. Why couldn't Mousestar break the warrior code just for her?

"Rabbitkit, today I have decided to show you around the Dark Forest and meet some more cats here." Lionclaw announced. He started to walk into the dark trees and signaled for Rabbitkit to follow. Rabbitkit followed her mentor into the shadows and across a path, which was full of scents. She was surprised. More cats went to the Dark Forest then she thought.
"Over here." Lionclaw showed her over to a clearing where a circle of cats were.
"Deadshade!" Lionclaw called over to a brown she-cat with another cat about Rabbitkit's age.
"Rabbitkit I would like you to meet Deadshade and her apprentice, Bugkit." Lionclaw showed her the two cats. "Bugkit is a real warrior like you Rabbitkit, she belongs to ShadowClan." Bugkit tore out the grass under her.

"My clan often puts me down and I hate it!" Bugkit growled. Rabbitkit felt shocked of how Bugkit felt the same she felt in WindClan.

"You two will train together sometimes." Deadshade chimed in to the two cats. Rabbitkit felt a surge of happiness. Bugkit seemed like a cat she could be friends with.

"You two can go back to your lesson, I am going to show Rabbitkit some more cats." Lionclaw told them and took Rabbitkit over to see a black cat lurking in the shadows.
"Nightfang! Have you met my apprentice?" Lionclaw asked the cat. It looked over at them with it's bright green eyes.
"Looks like a strong cat, you got lucky. My apprentice didn't even survive a moon with my training." Nightfang informed them, staring at them. Rabbitkit felt uneasy at the last sentence and was happy when Lionclaw said farewell and told her they were going to see more cats.

"Hi Tornheart, Gingerfur, and Darkwhisker!" Lionclaw called a greeting to three other cats who were sitting busy fighting each other. "We should skip them for now, when they fight they get very intense." he whispered in Rabbitkit's ear. "Well, that's most of the important cats of Dark Forest you should know for now. I am sure you are tired. Now why don't you get some rest, you need it if you are going to become a apprentice tomorrow." Lionclaw told her. Rabbitkit nodded.

"Thank you." She said laid down in the grass. She closed her eyes and darkness surrounded her...


Rabbitkit opened her eyes. Her eyes ached and her body screamed for more sleep. She looked around the nursery and noticed she had slept the rest of yesterday and into the morning today. I got so much sleep while at the same time I got none. Rabbitkit thought.

She stepped out into the sunlight and saw Firekit run up to her.
"Your finally awake! C'mon Mousestar will make us apprentices now!" She squealed. Mousestar noticed Rabbitkit and then started the clan meeting.
"Let all cats old enough to catch there own prey gather for a clan meeting!" He called.

The clan cats emerged and Mousestar signaled for Firekit, Rabbitkit, and Cherryfrost's kits to come up.

"We have new apprentices for our clan! Firekit you shall be known as Firepaw, your mentor shall be...Dawnpetal. Rabbitkit you shall be known as Rabbitpaw, your mentor shall be...Dawnpetal too." Mousestar announced. Alarmed voices echoed through the clan.

"They can't have the same mentor!" The clan called. Rabbitpaw felt horrible. Dawnpetal! She got grouchy all Dawnpetal! She knew that Mousestar only assigned her that because of them getting in trouble. Mousestar ignored the cries and continued with the naming ceremony.
"Ivykit, Smokekit, and Heatherkit, you shall be known as Ivypaw, Smokepaw, and Heatherpaw I will be your mentor." Mousestar called. Rabbitpaw felt furious. How come they got Mousestar?! She deserved him!
"That is all." Mousestar dismissed the clan with the flick of his tail.



"Ivypaw!" The clan cried. Rabbitpaw felt hurt. Why wouldn't they cheer for her? Why wouldn't they be fair?

Firepaw shoved her from behind. "We are apprentices! We have more responsibility's!" She cried. Rabbitpaw purred happily. She was right. They had more responsibility's now. That meant that she was one step closer to ruling WindClan