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Chapter 6:

"When I was made a apprentice, we all had had different mentors. They were rarely the clan leader and deputy." Rabbitpaw heard a voice behind her mutter. Owlfeather was sitting alone in the side of the clearing.
"What are you staring at?" He snapped at her. Rabbitpaw stared at him in confusion. He was blind, how could he know she was there?

"I may be old but I know when I am being stared at!" He hissed. Rabbitpaw backed away. The tom was crazy. She couldn't wait for him to die!

"Rabbitpaw! I am taking all of you out for training!" Dawnpetal called over to her. Rabbitpaw ignored her eyes that wanted to go to sleep right then and there and dashed over to her crabby mentor. She frowned to see Firepaw, Ivypaw, Heatherpaw, and Smokepaw already there. Rabbitpaw has hardly talked to Smokepaw lately. Mostly because he had been ignoring her.

"Today we are exploring the territory!" Dawnpetal announced and led them out of the camp. Outside, it was just as Rabbitpaw remembered. Big, scary, and really big. Your going to own these lands someday. Rabbitpaw told herself and soon it wasn't that bad anymore.
"Now today, we are not going to wander off into a random part of WindClan." Dawnpetal said, glaring at Rabbitpaw and Firepaw. Rabbitpaw felt a surge of anger. She couldn't wait to become leader. The first thing she would do was get rid of most the cats. "We are going to look at the ThunderClan border, The lake, and RiverClan border. Now follow me, no wandering off or you will become back in the nursery before you can say "rabbit"" Dawnpetal told them. Rabbitpaw stared straight ahead, she didn't want to have the victory of seeing her angry.
"The lake is this way." Dawnpetal led them down a path which Rabbitpaw remembered she avoided last time she went down it. If only she went this way instead, maybe she would have been a apprentice for longer. But Lionclaw always told her that everything she had done was good, and will just make her a better warrior of WindClan. Finally they reached a long stretch of water, longer then Rabbitpaw has ever seen.

"This is the lake." Dawnpetal showed them. Smokepaw gasped next to them.
"It's so big!" He exclaimed.

"Yes, You can see across the other clans, now let's go. It's time to see the RiverClan border." Rabbitpaw followed her mentor through more heather and grass. Soon the grass started to go away and soon became marsh. Then the scents changed and Dawnpetal stopped.
"Here is the RiverClan territory. Remember the scent." Dawnpetal told them. Rabbitpaw sniffed the air. It smelled all watery, nasty, slimy, and fishy. How could any cat stand to live with the awful stench?
"Let's move on." Dawnpetal turned away and Rabbitpaw was relived to get her paws out of the watery soil. It will take moons to get some of this mud off my fur! She thought crossly looking at her paws. Once back in the heather they continued moving fast. Soon the ground began to change again. More twigs appeared and a few trees appeared in sight. Finally Dawnpetal stopped again.
"This is ThunderClan, take a good whiff of the smell and remember it." Rabbitpaw wondered how she could forget the awful stench. There were tree's everywhere. How could the cats see the sun. How could they stand all the bracken and leaves all over? At least there was no mud over here.
"Time to head back to camp." Dawnpetal announced."We are going to take the path along the lake and then go straight up to go to the camp." They traveled to the river and continued along the path. The water lapping on the sand calmed Rabbitpaw. She was glad of the sight.

Behind her she heard Ivypaw whispering with her littermates and soon Smokepaw walked up to Rabbitpaw.

"Oops!" He exclaimed as he shoved his paw to the side, knocking Rabbitpaw into the water.
It felt like frozen claws gripped Rabbitpaw as water surrounded her. She thrashed desperately trying to get air. Where was the bottom of the lake? Her paws started to go numb and she didn't know how much longer she could keep herself from going to the darkness. Soon light started to appear. No! I don't want to die and I don't ever want to go to StarClan! She thought, swimming desperately away from the light. Soon Rabbitpaw felt like her paws were weighing tons, and she gave up. Maybe if she went to StarClan then Ivypaw, Heatherpaw, and Smokepaw wouldn't be allowed and she could finally live in peace. Soon the world went black.