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Chapter 7:

Darkness surrounded her. Maybe I am going to go to the Dark Forest, not StarClan! Rabbitpaw thought hopefully. Dieing actually wasn't that bad, especially because she wouldn't have to deal with Smokepaw lying about how she fell in and her getting in trouble. If she knew about this, she would have wanted to die sooner. Then, when she was dead, she could stay with Lionclaw forever! And learn new battle moves there! But what was strange was that she still couldn't get any air. If she was dead she would be able to breath. Also, she felt nothing under her paws. Was she still dying? Was she not dead yet? She wasn't sure. I want to be dead! She thought crossly.

"You cannot die yet. You need to take over the clans! Get revenge!" A voice growled in her ear. It was Lionclaw.
"I can't! I don't want to stay in WindClan!" Rabbitpaw yowled.

"If you don't want to live I will make you survive myself." He hissed. Suddenly, teeth grabbed Rabbitpaw's scruff. She still was in the water. "No! No! No!" She cried but this time, water filled her mouth. Violently, she lashed her paws out, trying to get out of the cat's grip but she failed and was carried to the surface. The teeth went away and Rabbitpaw tried hard to go back under until another pair of teeth grabbed her.
"I saved you, now it's Dawnpetal's turn to get you out." Lionclaw's voice grunted. Rabbitpaw heard paws swim away and knew Lionclaw left. That wasn't what scared her. The thing that scared her most was that Lionclaw managed to get into the real world.

"C'mon! At least try to swim." Dawnpetal grunted. Rabbitpaw just sat there. She was to tired to swim, they had already traveled around the territory and struggled under the water. Dawnpetal finally lugged Rabbitpaw out and placed her on the ground.

Now that she was out of the water, it seemed even colder out. She sat in a shivering heap, breathing in the air.

"Decided to take a swim?" Heatherpaw laughed.

"Why were you so stupid to jump in the lake?" Smokepaw asked. Dawnpetal shot glares at them.

"Don't tease your clanmates!" She hissed then looked at Rabbitpaw. "Why did you jump in the lake and then lay at the bottom until you decided to squirm to the surface?" She asked. Rabbitpaw let out a growl. So much for sympathy.
"Let's continue, but when we get back you have to go to Skyheart to give you something so you don't get a cold." Dawnpetal told her and then started to move, signaling the other cats to get moving.

"Let's go, Rabbitpaw." Firepaw nudged Rabbitpaw to her feet. "But why did you go stay under the water and then randomly thrash to the surface?" She asked. Rabbitpaw gazed at her in surprise. Then she realized no one saw Lionclaw, like he was invisible.

"No reason, let's go." Rabbitpaw said and dashed toward her mentor. Firepaw followed, looking confused. When they finally finished there trek back to camp Rabbitpaw went to the medicine cat den.

"What do you want?" Skyheart snapped as he heard her walk into the den.
"Er...I fell into the lake-" Rabbitpaw was cut off.

"What?" Skyheart looked at Rabbitpaw shivering. "Why did you do that?"

"I was told to come here, alright?" Rabbitpaw rolled her eyes. Why couldn't see get any medicine and go?

"We are running low on herbs so just go to sleep- I don't want to waste any of my herbs." Skyheart dismissed her and walked away.
"Thanks for your help." Rabbitpaw meowed sarcastically after. Rabbitpaw sighed. It was freezing. At least she had am excuse to sleep. She went out and curled up to her nest in the apprentice den.
"So what happened?" Firepaw asked when she walked into the shady den.
"Nothing." Rabbitpaw grumbled.

"Nothing?" Firepaw gasped.

"Except for sleep, tell Dawnpetal I won't be able to train today or tomorrow." Rabbitpaw then laid down onto her new soft nest, lined with wool that Redpaw got her, and fell asleep...


…. "Get up!" A voice sneered. Rabbitpaw blinked open her eyes and sat up.
"Smokepaw?" She groaned.
"Yes, now it's time to wake up!" Smokepaw snapped. Rabbitpaw let out another groan and stretched and walked out to the clearing. It was dawn.
"Hey, you woke up!" Ivypaw said, munching on a rabbit with Birdpaw. Rabbitpaw ignored them and went over to her mentor.
"Can we practice battle moves today?" Rabbitpaw meowed enthusiastically, last night she didn't see Lionclaw so she wanted to keep her battle moves sharp.
"Don't you mean learn battle moves?" Dawnpetal gazed at her apprentice curiously.
"Er...Yeah, I forgot..." Rabbitpaw stammered.

"Well, let's go. All the apprentices had just headed out a few second ago with Brackenfoot." Dawnpetal informed her and dashed out of the clearing. Rabbitpaw followed behind closely, taking big strides to keep up. They finally reached the training clearing and Rabbitpaw panted, exhausted from the run.

"Okay, Today we are going to learn the snap attack, a very fast move that is very experienced." Dawnpetal told them. "I will now perform it on Brackenfoot, my partner and he will try to stop me." She then crouched down and Brackenfoot immediately went into a defense position. Dawnpetal then leaped onto the big cat. Brackenfoot was the slowest cat in the clan so Dawnpetal easily knocked him over and put her paw on his head.
"That is how you do it, but you must use speed that all WindClan cats are born with." Dawnpetal told them. Rabbitpaw felt a surge of happiness run through her. It would be easy! She was already taught this move. This was one of the first one Lionclaw taught her and was so good at it she could do it with her eyes closed.

"Now, I will pair all of you up. Ivypaw with Birdpaw." Ivypaw gave a exited glance toward her friend. "Smokepaw with Firepaw, Redpaw with Goldenpaw." Goldenpaw gave a disgusted glance at her sister. Redpaw had told her not that long ago they have gotten into a fight. "And let's see...Heatherpaw and Rabbitpaw! That's it. Now decide who goes first and get to it and if you, Goldenpaw want to try a more experienced move then you I suggest you do it since you are nearly a warrior." Dawnpetal said and then Rabbitpaw had no choice but to go to Heatherpaw, who looked annoyed for being paired up with her.

"I want to go first." Heatherpaw said. Rabbitpaw bit back a retort and went along with it. Remembering what Lionclaw told her to do when she defended herself she did it. Rabbitpaw felt her fur fluff up half it's size and she put her head close to the ground so the enemy-who was Heatherpaw- couldn't get her exposed belly. Her haunches wriggled high in the air and her tail flicked full of confidence. Heatherpaw looked at her, confused why Rabbitpaw had such a good defense strategy.
"Rabbitpaw how did you learn that? No cat had been taught that sort of defense for seasons!" Brackenfoot gasped.
"Er...Jaymist showed me how." Rabbitpaw lied. She felt sorta bad for doing that to her farther but it wasn't that bad as a lie. Most of her clan mates think she lies most the time anyway so one more couldn't hurt. Rabbitpaw was snapped from her thoughts when Heatherpaw leaped at her. She was aiming for her head so Rabbitpaw just snaked down to the ground. Heatherpaw ended up rolling past Rabbitpaw and rolled across the dirt,

"Good try Heatherpaw! Now Rabbitpaw, you try!" Dawnpetal called over to them. Heatherpaw tried to copy what Rabbitpaw did but ended up looking more like a lopsided badger. Her head wasn't even close to the ground and with her haunches wriggling around it reminded Rabbitpaw of a duck she once saw. Rabbitpaw took no time to attack. Remembering more moves from Lionclaw she hooked her paw around the back of Heatherpaw's front leg, flipping her over where Rabbitpaw gave her a sharp nip.
"You cheated!" Heatherpaw wailed. "Dawnpetal she is cheating!" She whined. Dawnpetal gave a glance at Rabbitpaw.
"I wasn't watching but I guess I can believe you. Rabbitpaw head back to camp. You will join us later but for now learn more moves with your father."
"That's not fair!" Rabbitpaw retorted.
"Stop talking back and go! That's an order from your deputy." Dawnpetal snapped. Rabbitpaw looked desperately at Brackenfoot but he just stared. Thanks for your help! She thought.
"Fine, whatever!" Rabbitpaw decided. She then stalked out of the clearing and back to camp.