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Chapter One

Sealed Power – Secret Revealed

It was a normal morning in Konoha, the Village hidden in the Leaves. The ninja were at their posts, the merchants were opening their shops, the Hokage Monument was vandalized…. Wha?!

"Get back here brat!" an angry chunin yelled as he and another five, plus four ANBU were on the rooftops chasing an orange clad blond, with blue eyes and three whisker marks on each cheek.

"Ha! You're just jealous you didn't have the guts to do it yourself! I did 'cause my face will be on that mountain in the future!" the blond yelled back over his shoulder. Looking ahead again, he grinned and took a corner in an empty alleyway.

"We'll get you executed for this, demon!" another yelled and the group rushed on his tail.

That's what they thought anyway, because as soon as they were out of sight the blond removed the camouflage and stepped away from the wall.

"Heh, amateurs!" the boy grinned.

"Is that so?" said a calm voice from behind him, making him jump in surprise.

"Iruka-sensei! What are you doing here?" the blond asked innocently. It was worth a try, right?

"Oh, just looking for the troublemaker that vandalized the Hokage Monument. About your age, blond, with blue eyes and wearing a "kill me" orange jumpsuit. You wouldn't happen to see him did you? Maybe in the mirror, eh Naruto?" Iruka asked ironically.

"HEY! Orange is my favorite color! Leave my jumpsuit out of this!" Naruto replied a little angry.

"Cut the chitchat, you have to clean the monument by the end of the day. I already spoke to the Hokage about it." Iruka said handing him a bucket and a rag.

"By the end of the day! It took me four hours to paint it!" Naruto said desperately.

"Yep, plenty of time right?" Iruka gave him a slight grin.

"You're evil." Naruto mumbled as he made his way towards the Monument with Iruka on his tail.

"Comes with the job." Iruka replied.

"With being a ninja?" Naruto asked surprised.

"No, being an Academy teacher."

"Should have figured. Teachers are evil" Naruto mumbled.

During that evening at the Ichiraku ramen stand, Iruka and Naruto were enjoying a bowl of miso ramen. Well, Iruka was enjoying a bowl… Naruto was at his eighth.

"Remind me to treat you only on my payday." Iruka said to Naruto as he handed the money to Teuchi, the owner.

"Cheapskate." Naruto smiled with content.

"Anyway Naruto, make sure you're not late tomorrow at the Academy. Wouldn't want to miss the exams, right?" Iruka said.

"You mean again, right?" Naruto glared at him.

"No, I know it wasn't your fault last time. Just make sure to wake at least two hours early." "To have time to avoid those mobs" he added to himself. Before the last exam, a mob had cornered Naruto and put him in the Hospital for a week, not wanting the demon to get more powerful.

"Sure thing, sensei." Naruto nodded in understanding.

As he entered his house that night, Naruto stepped over several tripwires and ducked under the blade that was meant to decapitate him. Apparently, some villagers visited his apartment again. No mater, they just gave him more materials to work with. As he dissembled the traps he got two dozen high quality kunai and a very interesting sword. Whoever put it there really wanted him dead. The blade was made of a chakra absorbing metal that could permanently contain it until released on the enemy. This one in particular contained fire element chakra at the moment. Too bad for them, he was able to sense it since he left Ichiraku.

Yes, he could sense chakra from very far away and even differentiate chakra signatures. He could easily tell who the blade had belonged to, but he knew better then to try to make a complaint to the council.

Even though he was attending the Academy, he was still technically a civilian, so the civilian council would be the ones giving the verdict: that he stole it. All those on the civilian council were bastards with him, they always found him guilty for everything. They even made stuff up occasionally, probably from boredom.

The ninja side of the council was usually on his side, when he wasn't doing pranks anyway. Everyone besides Hyuga Hiashi, of course. The Hyuga head was always trying to make his life hell. He hated the man and the feeling was obviously mutual.

The Hokage was his often his only ray of hope in getting out of all the crap the council was holding him responsible for.

Well, he could have done it himself, but he decided not to the day he put on his mask.

Yes, that fateful day over seven tears ago. It was October 10th, his birthday, but for the village it was the day of the Kyubi' attack and it' imprisonment in a human body. The Yondaime Hokage, gave his life and soul to the Shinigami in the process of sealing the Fox, asking for the child that now carried this burden to be seen as a hero. And the villagers did obviously the right thing in their opinion: they repeatedly tried to murder the demon boy in order to finish the Yondaime' work and avenge him.

"Morons…" Naruto mumbled, recalling how he woke up in the Hospital.


As he opened his eyes, he saw a white ceiling. Blinking to adjust his eyes, he felt something covering his mouth and air flowing from it.

"Oxygen tube?... Damn, I'm in the Hospital again. At least I'm alive. That's good news at least. Probably…" he thought as he tilted his head to the side, noticing and old man sitting next to him.

"How are you feeling Naruto?" Sarutobi asked concerned.

"As long as nobody tries to poison me while I'm here, I'll be fine." Naruto mumbled.

"Well, considering that all your wounds are healed, you can leave in an hour. So I wouldn't be too concerned." Sarutobi said amused and depressed at the same time.

"Wha? That means I've been out at least a week, in order for all that to heal!" he said surprised.

"Actually, you've been here a night. You must have dreamed some more injuries in the meantime." the old man said, avoiding looking him in the eye. That immediately made Naruto suspicious. The old man was hiding something and it wasn't the first time. It usually happened when Naruto did something weird.

And thinking about it, healing that level of injury definitely classified as weird. Just that chakra enhanced blade in the gut would have killed him… In the gut… "Hold on!" he suddenly remembered seeing something right before he lost consciousness. There was something on his belly where he was stabbed. "Hm, I'll check it out later, when I'm alone." he decided.

"Of course I did! I'm amazing!" he said loudly, making the old man chuckle.

"You sure are, Naruto" he smiled "More then you know".

Later, after the Hokage and his ANBU guards have taken him home and got rid of the traps that 'mysteriously' appeared all over the place, Naruto found himself in the bathroom staring at the mirror.

"Well, there's nothing there." he deadpanned after looking at his belly for a few minutes. "Still, those markings looked familiar. I'm sure I've seen something like that on those cool pieces of paper that go boom... That's it! Seals! Ninja stuff! The old man has to know!" Naruto said happily, before he remembered the Hokage' odd behavior. "Yeah, the old man probably doesn't want me to know... And I heard he has a lot of books on seals from the Yondai..." Naruto suddenly stopped and grinned mischievously.

The next day, he barged in the Hokage' office and put his plan in motion.

"Hey, old man. I need your help with something so I can become the best Hokage ever!" he said with his foxy grin.

"Naruto, I already told you, you can join the Academy when you're seven. Until then, I can't train you in any way. It wouldn't be fair to everyone else." Sarutobi sighed.

"Who said anything about training?" Naruto' grin widened.

"What do you have in mind then?" Sarutobi asked cautiously.

"I heard the Yondaime was famous for his seals. So I figured I should surpass him in that first" the grin almost split his face.

"Well, it's true that you don't need to know how to use chakra to draw seals... And I suppose I could test them occasionally. But Fuinjutsu is the most complex ninja art." he said thoughtfully.

"Like you said, I have two more years to waste." Naruto shrugged.

"True." the Sandaime sighed. "Fine, I'll give you permission to look in my personal library. Don't tell anyone and focus only on the Fuinjutsu section" he agreed, knowing Naruto would be kicked out of the Public Library.

"Thanks Oji-san!" Naruto smiled as he followed the aged Kage to the Hokage mansion.

"Here we are" Sarutobi said as they reached the Fuinjutsu section of the library.

"Ne, Oji-san! How do I open these?" the blond asked pointing at some containment seals.

"You can't at this point. You need to channel chakra into them." Sarutobi replied.

"So... Where can I learn how to mold chakra?" Naruto asked excited.

"I'm pretty sure there's a book on the lower shelves. Good luck." said the old man as he left.

From there on, Naruto spent almost two months learning how to channel chakra. It was hard, insanely hard actually, but maybe, just maybe, the seal on his belly would tell him something about his parents. That was his drive, what kept him going.

During this time, he had learned that the seal appeared whenever he used his chakra. Also, it was some sort of containment seal. A VERY complex containment seal. So complex it kinda scared him a little. But he had it for years, so it couldn't be that bad, right?

When the third month ended, he decided to finally focus on his seal. He had found some similarities of a section of his seal to a memory containment seal. And according to the scroll he read, he could access it by meditating while channeling chakra. That translated to him as falling asleep.

So, he lied on his bed, took a sleeping pill that he 'acquired' during his last visit at the Hospital, and started molding chakra.

In a matter of seconds he fell asleep and found himself in...

"A sewer? What-The-Hell?!" he yelled annoyed.

As the echo faded, a red light began to glow the opposite end of the corridor. As it got more crimson, a low growl was heard.

Curious, Naruto followed the sound and eventually arrived in a very large chamber. It was as tall as the Hokage Monument, but couldn't guess the length as it was covered in darkness and separated from him by what looked like the doors to an enormous cage. All he could make out in that darkness were two slit crimson orbs.

As he got closer, he noticed a paper on the cage that had the kanji for seal on it. Gradually, he realized that those eyes belonged to a huge...

"Fox?" he asked confused.

At that word, the eyes focused on him.


"Who are you?" Naruto asked confused.

"I am the almighty Kyubi!" it roared as he raised all his nine tails proudly.

"...Right" Naruto sweat dropped. "Any chance you'll tell me how you are alive and more importantly why are you here?"

"Your father, the Yondaime, knew I couldn't be killed so he sealed me in you. Though more stuff happened in the process." Kyubi finished with a mumble.

"My... Father... is the Yondaime..." Naruto barely said before he fainted.

At this, Kyubi rolled his eyes and used one of his tails to splash some water on Naruto.

"Wake up kit" it said.

"Huh? Where... uh, right" Naruto calmed down and looked depressed. "At least now I know why the villagers hate me..."

"Yeah, it's 'cause they're idiots, a common human trait!" Kyubi rolled its eyes.

"Hehe, can't argue with you there." Naruto chuckled. "You know, for someone that killed half of our in one night, you're not that bad."

"Thanks, I've always had people to talk to, so I didn't go insane like other Biju. Until I got sealed at least." Kyubi replied a little sad.

"I'm sorry. Maybe I can find them and give them a message for you" Naruto suggested.

"Thanks kit, but you misunderstood. I just can't talk to them, but they're right behind you."

"Huh?" Naruto turned around and saw the wall.

Unlike the others, this one was made of crystal and inside were...


"Yep. Let me give you a history lesson. You see, originally there was only one Biju, the Juubi. And apparently these guys used themselves to seal it. To stop the end of the world or something. But a few hundred years ago the seal was broken and the Rikudo Sennin used his Rin'negan to seal it inside himself. And when he died, he chose to split it in nine, and since I was the most powerful one, these guys were placed in me." Kyubi finished his rant.

"Okay... But I don't get why you attacked Konoha." Naruto asked.

"I was under a genjutsu. One moment I lay down for a nap, next thing I know is seeing the Shinigami behind your father and getting sucked in the seal." Kyubi explained.

"So these guys got caught in the seal." Naruto summarized.

"Yeah, the only one who knows how to let them out is the Hokage. He probably has at least one of the two control scrolls your father used." the fox confirmed.

"Maybe if I ask him..." Naruto began.

"Yeah, right, give the key to release a demon to a five year old! He wouldn't even show it to his most powerful ninja, let alone some brat that could get influenced by me! He would trust you with his life, I'll give you that much credit, but a Kage can't risk his village on a whim."

"Then I'll become Hokage! That's what I'm aiming for anyway!" Naruto declared with a thumbs-up.

"So I heard." the demon lord said amused. "If you're serious about it, I could train you."


"Sure, I've got nothing better to do. Besides, if I sleep too much my tails get stiff." he stretched said tails.

"Awesome! Can we start now?"

"Sure, let's start by reshaping this mindscape a bit..."

End Flashback

That was how he found out about Kyubi and how his training began.

He had spent over a month modifying his mindscape. And only then did he realize that Kyubi took the title 'demon trainer' to a whole new insane level. He had tried to argue that even if he did do 300 laps and 200 pushups it won't count for his real body, but Kyubi waved him of, saying that he'll take care of it.

When he finally returned to the outside, he not only did he find out that an hour in his mindscape meant a minute outside, but more importantly that Kyubi' red youki enveloped him and put pressure on him to absorb the progress.

Another use for the youki was bringing objects from the outside into the mindscape. If it weren't for the Kyubi' warning that it only worked one way, he would have absorbed the Hokage' entire library.

He was kinda put out before the Kyubi showed him a jutsu that made a complete copy of a book, as long as he had the paper and ink.

In less then a month he had finished reading the Fuinjutsu section of the library and had moved on to the Taijutsu section. That one had been a killer.

Not only had it been twenty times larger then the previous one, but he had to practice those styles and moves. So in the six and a half years that had passed since then, he had only learned about ten styles out of three hundred. Still, he at least read most of the books and could probably recognize them in battle.

Also, he had finished reading the Ninjutsu and Genjutsu sections. Emphasis on 'reading'. While it was true that he had learned a lot of Ninjutsu of various types and uses, his Genjutsu skills were mediocre at best. Kyubi had said that it was due to having his youki in addition to his own chakra. He also said that the seal had to be slightly modified in order to get rid of the problem.

As for Kenjutsu, he was a natural with the sword. He had learned most of the styles he read about, but… there was just something missing. None of them seemed comfortable enough to him. Sure, he could use them perfectly, even combine some styles, yet none so far seemed to fit him as he would have liked. So, he decided to work with what he has for now, and keep an eye out for any new sword styles.

To compensate lack of Genjutsu skills and of an appropriate sword style, he emerged himself in Ninjutsu and Fuinjutsu.

According to his tenant, he originally had Wind and Water affinities. But after the sealing, he also acquired fire and Earth affinities. He was also told that he also had great potential for lightning, but with the lack of lightning jutsu in the library he didn't have much to work with.

He had mastered several B-rank jutsu, over forty C-rank and a lot more D and E-rank ones. As his teacher suggested, he had focused mainly on the jutsu that increased their performance when you used more chakra on it, because that was something he had in spares even without the Kyubi.

He had even began to create jutsu that used two elements, but… lets just say that didn't go too well.

As for Fuinjutsu, he was definitely his father' son. He had mastered every single seal in the library and even began to invent new ones. True, he hadn't created something even half as complex as the Shiki Fujin on his belly, but even the Kyubi had to admit that those trap tags were something ingenious.

But what he had found most intriguing was one of the few things his tenant had insisted that he must learn: using the two separate parts of chakra, the ki and the mana, separately. He had told him that he must learn it before starting to use chakra on a daily basis, or it would become impossible. Initially, he didn't like it, but after it was explained to him that it would be much easier to control his chakra in his later years, he quickly gave in; his chakra control was, mainly because of the seal, awful. He initially needed to use at least twice the required amount of chakra in order to make the jutsu work, but after learning to use the two energies separately he sometimes got the jutsu right with even less chakra the normal ninja would use. Suffice to say, it was worth it.

Overall, his training since that fateful day had made him a very powerful young man, at least high-chunin level according to Kyubi. However, all this progress was known to him and his tenant alone. He had known from the beginning that the villager would try even harder to kill him if they knew that the 'demon' was getting stronger, so he had decided to act stupid, dress even stupider, and even fail the Academy at least once. That last failed exam didn't affect him much, as he had already decided which class to graduate with.

He purposely waited a year in order to be in the most promising class the Academy had in over ten years. There were kids from every important clan, giving him all the competition he could ever want. Theoretically of course. In reality, most of them were spoiled brats, either more interested in going on a date like the Haruno, Yamanaha and Inuzuka, sleeping their asses of or eating non-stop like the Nara and the Akimichi, or pushing that skyscraper further up their asses so it can reach to ever present storm clod above their heads like the Uchiha.

Correction, Last Uchiha. Right before he had joined the academy, his former ANBU guardian, and at a point close friend, Uchiha Itachi had wipped out his clan, leaving only his younger brother alive, Sasuke. From what he told to Sasuke, he wanted to test the potential of his newly awakened Mangekyo Sharingan, but Naruto knew better.

Since his first conversation with Kyubi, he had learned that the one that manipulated him to attack Konoha had been Uchiha Madara, the one that had been hailed as the most powerful Uchiha until his exile, who was known to have died in the Valley of the End fighting Harashima Senju when the Shodaime had turned the Kyubi against him.

Well, apparently the old Uchiha was alive, though he had lost most of his power. Naruto initially considered telling the Hokage about it, but since that was all he knew it would have caused more harm then good so he let it slide.

But none of that mattered to the last Uchiha. The only thing that mattered to him was avenging his family and resurrecting his clan. 'By any means necessary' were his words, phrase that would have gotten punished any lower ninja, but he was an Uchiha, an elite of the elite, so obviously he was pampered his entire life, feeding his desire for revenge and disregarding everyone else. His guardians were the two council advisers, former teammates of the Sandaime, giving him even more space to 'bath in his glory'.

In the classroom, the avenger was at the top of the class at a first inspection, but if one went for a closer approach, they would see that many were holding back their true skills.

Naruto had long ago begun researching clan techniques, wanting to know from his competition. Such secrets were obviously kept under a strict guard, but after Kyubi' rhetorical question of 'What happens when the scrolls get old?' he had begun looking through the trash at might. Well 'he' didn't go anywhere actually, but his clones did. Kyubi had taught him two types of clones: Mizu Bunshin and Kaze Bunshin.

While the water clones were more powerful, having 10% of the user' strength, they had to remain in a close range to him and left a puddle of water when dispelling. The wind clones on the other hand one of the two types of clones that left no trace once they dispelled, the other being Kage Bunshin. While their strength was less then 5%, they could even go to the other side of the Fire Country if it had enough chakra. That way, when someone noticed his clones looking through the trash, they could dispel before being identified, leaving nothing but a gust of wind. The same clones were used to gather scrolls and weapons after every Chunin Exam, from the 44th training ground called the Forest of Death. Because of those nighttime expeditions, his jutsu personal jutsu library was almost doubled, not only in his mindscape, but in the real world as well. After learning more complex containment seals, he was able to seal the equivalent of the Hokage' personal library in a mere twelve inch scroll. Sure, it contained other scrolls that separated the information by class, and those scrolls contained other scrolls themselves, and so on, the final scrolls being the size of a human being. The same things had happened to the weapons he didn't sell. Both scrolls were sealed in the safest location Naruto could think of: on his own skin.

So, taking clan techniques into account that Sasuke so generously used in class to get top grades the class was pretty much balanced.

As he lay in his bed after putting away his new weapons, he sighed in relief that it was finally time to remove his mask. He had had enough beatings and insults to last several lifetimes and had had more then enough of the attitudes of some of his classmates.

While the Uchiha was an asshole that thought he was better then anyone, he wasn't the only annoying one in the classroom. Haruno Sakura, his self proclaimed number one fan was a pink haired shrieking banshee that droved a lot of people up the walls. Naruto was still cursing the day he chose to pretend she was his crush. The girl was a brute that hit him on the head at every excuse, just as her mother who was on the civilian council instructed her to.

Another figure on his black list was Inuzuka Kiba, the dog boy crossing the line on many occasions, regarding his advances to girls. He was, like Sasuke, stuck-up, and considered that the moment he saw a woman he owned her. Fortunately, the teachers kept a close eye on him and the girls were usually in groups to gossip, so he didn't have many occasions.

One of the few girls that didn't gossip, or consider him trash for that matter, was Hyuga Hinata. She had kept him in her eyes from the moment he stepped inside the Academy for the first time, and it was obvious to anyone with eyes that she had a crush on him. Well, anyone but Kiba, who usually chose her as his target, but Naruto had long ago reached the conclusion that the dog boy valued his nose more.

Naruto was initially surprised by her affection, but after a while he began to like her as well, as it was almost impossible to resist that cute blushing face accompanied her stutter every time he was nearby. It was high time to return her affections.

With that last thought, he went to sleep, knowing that the next day would change his life forever.

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