Chapter 1: Birthday party




Beeeeeeeee~ CRASH

I groaned, knowing what will happen in the next few minutes. I was starting a countdown to my doom.


"MITSUKI! " screeched a childlike adult.

Okay, hold the phone, to the introductions. My name is Mitsuki fawn Shepard. I'm a 19 year old woman and live with my 3 best friends. I had waist-length long aqua hair that was put into a ponytail at the side of my head.

I wear sweatpants and a t shirt usually, but I have hidden weapons in my clothes. Not too bad to think for the future! I'm usually a straight-forward girl, but when I'm energetic, things can get bad.

My 3 BFFS are Anya,Brooke and River. We're all very straight-forward people actually and are usually happy a lot. But we have our times, like the time Anya spilled milk on my new t-shirt. Yeah it's lame but it was new! How can you blame me? We have ways to get out of trouble, but it's attracted to us apparently.

Brooke has brown hair with white highlights that goes down to her chin. Out of all of us, she has to be the most mature. But she's still pretty random. Anya and River both have shoulder-length black hair with purple highlights. Anya and River aren't blood related, but look like twins. We all have hourglass figures and overall, pretty dangerous when we don't get what we want or our friends are hurt. Oh, and also if our pancakes are eaten, yeah we get pretty mad at that stuff.

I sighed then called that I'm coming. I pushed off my-oh-so warm covers and stood up just to be glomped. " G-get off of me! " I moaned to the attacker. After I said that I heard giggling. I silently cursed under my breathe. "We has Birthday presents for you! " I heard Anya swoon.

Anya knows how I love to get the presents as soon as possible so she ran off to the living room. I quickly put on a fuzzy robe and ran off after her. When I got to the staircase I slid down the railing only to fall on my face. I quickly recovered and ran to the living room.

When I got there I knew the custom so I sang our little tune.

"Happy birthday to me, I'm 103! I'm still in preschool and I want my mommy. But my mama's at work firing a jerk, and hired a monkey to do my homework but the monkey was mean and sent me to bed with zero icecream"

While they cheered happy birthday to me. I ran up to them and started shaking Anya's shoulders. "WHERE ARE LE PRESENTS" I screamed at her. Brooke shuffled over the table and grabbed 2 boxes. One a normal looking box and a long one. I grabbed them and ran up the stairs hurried into my room. Once in there I locked the door and jumped into my bed.

I closed my eyes and ripped the wrapping paper off the long box. I opened my eyes to see a plastic see-through box. Inside it however were variety's of small weapons. Ranging from knives , throwing knives, tenbons , and others. I smiled a giant grin and set it to the side to open the next box.

When I opened the box however something bit down on my hand and it started bleeding. While I zoned out and fell, I knew this was shock, not blood loss yet. I still shook my head while I saw little dots cover up my sight. I sighed right before I passed out, thinking what could've bit me.

Kittens POV

"Natsu…" Erza bellowed. Natsu gulped knowing what she will do to him. "y-yes Erza?" He stuttered, quivering in fear. " Was there any reason you did that?" She hovered over him, making him shrink down to get away from her. Before Erza can do any harm, Charla said something. " Ne, Erza, calm down. We need to asses the situation we are in." Erza sighed knowing that she was right, then sent a withering glare towards Natsu.

"Wait," Gray said and everyone turned to look at him, motioning him to continue."Why are we kittens?" He finished. Everyone took a second to process this new information. "NANI?!" All the former humans screeched. On the other hand, the 2 cats were laughing, not including Charla.

Normal POV

I woke up to my shock to see my hand bleeding, and screeching in the room. I ripped off the arm of my t shirt to use as a bandage. The noise it made must've alerted them that I was awake so they quieted down.I stood up and checked if there was any blood on the floor, and to my dismay there was. I sighed knowing it will leave a stain like the others. I looked into the box carefully, making sure they won't jump into my face.

When I looked into the box, there was 11 kittens, majority color died.

I checked over all of them and looked at their colors. There was a pink one, an navy one, an blonde one, a red one, a green one, a black one, a brown one, a sky blue one, an blue one, a white one, and a grayish brown one.

I gave them an over look and knew the names already. Oh, how was this going to be fun!

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