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Chapter 2

It was Saturday morning, and Dean had reluctantly awoken from dreams littered with blue eyes and dark, scruffy hair that made his mind wonder of far less innocent things. He sat up on his bed, pulled on a t-shirt and wandered into his kitchen, scratching his neck absent-mindedly as he recalled the events from the previous night. He remembered standing alone at the party, feeling out of place as usual, and then seeing Castiel by the bar-he had been sitting next to a short, brown haired guy who at the time Dean had assumed was Castiel's boyfriend. They had been looking at Dean; and he had made eye contact with the dark haired man for only a moment, before Castiel had returned into conversation with the other man. Dean could remember thinking how fucking beautiful Cas had looked, sitting there nervously. And it wasn't the usual level of attraction Dean felt for most others that Dean had felt for him. The feeling kind of scared Dean, but he desperately wanted to talk to the guy; so he had approached him, asking if he could sit with him. Of course, that was where things had begun to go pear shaped. Dean had never been good at the whole 'Courting' thing. He was far more experienced at the simple and easy task of flirting, picking people up from a bar, spending an incredibly sexually charged, but eventually humiliating night with them and never seeing them again. He couldn't explain why, but he didn't want to do that with Cas.

Dean picked up his phone and checked for any new messages-there was only a text from Sam from the prior night asking him where he'd got to. He probably hadn't answered because he'd been so enchanted by the stunning man he'd spent the evening with. Who could blame him?

He shook his head slowly; he would have to wait until Sunday until he was able to see Castiel again, and he wasn't sure if he'd be able to make it that long. He mused over the previous night. It had started to pick up towards the end; he recalled, a small smile forming on his face as he tried to remember what Cas' hands had felt like while they were bunching at his shirt as they had been making out. How soft his lips were, how they were a little chapped by the recent cold weather. How they had touched his so cautiously at first, before becoming more and more passionate, causing the kiss to go deeper than it had been at first. Dean thought about all of the perfect slight moans that Cas had let out of his lovely mouth-and shit, Dean was already half hard just thinking about it.

Pouring himself a glass of juice before going over to his couch and sitting down, Dean kicked off a pair of his jeans that were lying there, and began to speculate whether or not the night had gone as he would have hoped. On the one hand, Cas had called him arrogant. And had said Dean had been 'eyeing him up like a piece of meat' with a lot of distaste in his voice. Neither of those things could be considered a particularly good sign. On the other hand, he had said he wanted to see Dean again. Well, he hadn't said that. But it was implied, at the very least. Dean hoped. There had also been that kiss, though-and there was no denying that had been a good point of the date. Or perhaps a confirmation that maybe the date had gone alright, and that Castiel didn't hate him quite as much as he had first made out.

Was Cas thinking about him right now? Maybe he was reliving their time together too? The thought made Dean smile to himself, running a hand through his hair as he let the idea develop in his head.

There came a knocking Dean's door, and he got out of his seat and opened it, the door creaking slightly on its hinges. He was met by a concerned looking Sam standing outside his apartment.

"Dean-there you are! What happened last night, you disappeared completely!"

"Calm down, Sammy; I'm fine." Dean chuckled.

Sam rolled his eyes and lent against the doorframe. "Who were you with?" He asked, his tone all too knowing and slightly teasing.

"None of your business" Dean growled, his hand tightening its grip on the doorknob.

"Who did you take home with you? Are they still here? In your apartment?"

"I didn't sleep with them! Seriously, Sammy!" Dean exclaimed, extremely annoyed, which only made Sam laugh all the more.

"You met someone at a party last night, disappeared for the rest of the evening and you didn't sleep with them?! Are you kidding me?"

"Why is that so hard to believe?"

Dean's younger brother sighed and shook his head, still chuckling to himself. "Dean, let's be honest here-it's you. If we look at your track record-"

"Alright, I get it, Sam. You can stop talking now. Are you gonna come in or what?"

Sam grinned down at his brother patronisingly-one of the most humiliating parts of having Dean's younger brother grow to be taller than him-before stepping around him and into Dean's home.

"You really need to start cleaning up more around here." Sam commented, seating himself in the middle of Dean's couch. "It's really disgusting in here."

"It's how I like it." Dean shrugged.

There was a pause for a moment before Sam looked up at Dean and asked him in a suddenly serious tone; "So who were you with last night? And if you didn't sleep with them, what did you do?"

Dean groaned and sat down next to his younger sibling. "There's no getting out of having this conversation with you, is there?"


"Alright then." He grimaced. "So at the party I saw this guy… And I don't know. I just really liked him. More than I've liked anyone else before. And I didn't want to fuck it up by sleeping with him then never calling and avoiding him or something, so I didn't do that. But I think he kind of ended up hating me anyway." Now that Dean had started explaining what had happened he was finding it challenging to stop.

"Oh. How do you know he hates you?"

"He made it pretty clear-or at least I think he did. I got a couple of mixed messages" Dean blushed, uncharacteristically "The end of the date was much better than the rest of it, though." He continued, beginning to smile a little, "But he's probably awake now, thinking about how much of a dick I am, and dreading tomorrow, when he has to see me all over again. I bet right now he's thinking of as many excuses to blow me off as possible."

"You don't know that." Sam challenged, "And he agreed to see you again?"

"Yeah. Tomorrow. We said I'd pick him up from his apartment at eight, and we'd and go watch a movie or something."

"So you went to his apartment last night, then?"

"Nah, I only walked him home, calm down. Yeah, like I said; I didn't want to ruin it. And up until the last hour or so of the date, the chances of him wanting to do anything like…that…with me were looking pretty slim."

"Well, you walked him home. That's a sign things went okay."

"I guess…"

"And he's agreed to go out with you again, tomorrow."

"But out of pity, Sam."

"I doubt it. You can be a dick, Dean. We all know it. But you can also be alright; I bet the guy really did like you. You're not always an idiot, you know."

"Woah, Sammy, that's high praise." Dean replied sarcastically.

"You know what I mean. What was the guy's name, anyway?"

"Castiel" Dean answered, feeling uncomfortable as he noticed his voice a little too honeyed as he said Cas' name.

Sam smirked at Dean's sudden change in tone. "Castiel? He's Gabriel's brother, right?"

"That's him."

"So he's gay, then? Or, y'know, at least likes other men?"

"Well, I'm going to hazard a guess here and say yeah he is" Dean said, recalling how Cas' tongue had tangled with his own only hours ago.

"That's good."

"It is." Dean agreed, distantly.

"You really like him, don't you?" Sam had an inquisitorial tone, but Dean could sense it was more of a statement than a query.

"Sammy, I've talked about my feelings enough for one day." Dean said, mortified. His voice had become unexpectedly thin. "Do you want to go out and get a burger or something?"

"Sure, whatever Dean." Sam replied, a small, knowing smile forming on his face.

Sunday seemed to take an age to arrive, but at last it did. Castiel had been counting down the hours until the time Dean had agreed to pick him up, he had wasted away the period sitting nervously at his kitchen table, pacing up and down his living room, and perched nervously on the edge of his bed. He had spent the entire next day reliving their date, and thinking about all the possible mishaps that could occur on the next one, driving himself into some kind of nervous frenzy. At about six on Saturday Gabriel had burst into his apartment, a simultaneously mischievous and knowing grin fixed upon his face. He had apparently seen Cas leaving his party with a mysterious, good-looking stranger, and had made the unexpected visit to ask Cas about the details. Of course, Castiel had been mortified and had refused to disclose any information of the sort-(Not that there was much to tell. He and Dean had only kissed, after all)-and quickly ushered his brother out of his home shortly after.

Now, sitting on his couch, fiddling with a loose thread on the stitching round one of his cushions, Castiel waited for the last minutes before their agreed meeting time to float away. Dean would be picking Cas up at eight, meaning that the agreed time was only around ten minutes away. He fretfully wound the thread around his finger before tugging at it until it broke off from the cushion's stitching, the tiny fibres beginning to tangle in his hand.

Why was he so apprehensive about seeing Dean again? Sure, Dean was attractive-well; very attractive-but He was also infuriating. And rude. And not to mention, he had eaten like a pig at the café on the Friday they first met. But Cas couldn't stop thinking about how he looked when he talked about his brother, how easily the conversation between the two of them had flown, how comfortable he felt around Dean. And those eyes.

There was a knocking at Castiel's door and he jumped up, throwing the cushion aside. He breathed in deeply and walked over to the door, his pulse rate increasing. He opened it carefully, not wanting to appear to keen, and straightened up when he saw Dean on the other side of it.

"Hey, Cas." He had his hands pushed deep inside his jeans pockets, already wearing a loose smile on his face.

"Hello, Dean" Castiel returned, unsure of what to do next. "Do you want to come in for a minute before we leave?"

"Yeah, sure." Dean took a step inside Castiel's apartment, taking in his surroundings. Castiel closed the door quietly behind him. "Nice place. I never got to see it last time."

Castiel coughed awkwardly, not knowing how he should respond. However, Dean didn't seem to notice, as he had made is way over to Castiel's vast bookcase, an awestruck expression on his face. "Are these yours?" He asked, indicating to the many books stacked in front of him.

"Yes, they are. Some of them were hand-me-downs, others I got at garage sales and in book stores. The numbers simply seem to have increased immensely over the years, but I don't mind. I like to read. It relaxes me."

Dean nodded slowly, still looking thoroughly impressed. "Have you read all of these?"

"Most of them. Some I haven't got round to, and others I just haven't found appealing enough to start on yet."

"That's pretty impressive-you must be a very well read guy, then."

"I suppose." Castiel responded, feeling a blush creep across his cheeks.

Dean glanced at him and smiled softly-Castiel had expected some kind of rude and cocky comment about the redness of his face, but Dean surprised him and said nothing of the sort. Instead, he turned to Cas and said:

"Shall we get going then?"

Cas nodded slowly, biting his lip a little.

"I've been really looking forward to tonight, you know, Cas. Thanks for letting me see you again." Dean said, looking for a moment at Castiel's lips, before finally moving his gaze back up to Castiel's eyes.

"Thank you, Dean." Cas coughed. "I've been looking forward to it as well."

The corners of Dean's mouth lifted slightly, and he took hold of Cas' hand and began to lead him out of the apartment. "Have you got everything you need?" He asked on his way towards the door.

"Um-yes, I think so." Castiel answered, feeling flustered by their sudden physical contact.

Once they were out on the pavement again, Dean steered Cas softly towards his car, opening Cas' door for him before walking over to the other side and getting in himself. He started up the engine and Castiel felt goose bumps beginning to form as he admired Dean's muscular hands and arms, clenching strongly around the steering wheel while he turned the car around.

"So, the plan for tonight is that we go to one of those drive-in theater places. You know the ones?"

"Of course." Castiel confirmed, letting a partially offended note of his voice slip as he said it.

"Okay, I was just checking. Yeah, anyway, we're going to one of them."

"Oh, Right."

"Have you ever seen Rocky Horror? That's what we're going to be watching."

"Yes, I have." Castiel said; his mouth curling into a smile. "My sister Anna loved it as a teenager, so we used to watch it very regularly."

Dean smiled too. "Cool. Well, I've never actually seen it before, so you'll have to explain the synopsis-or whatever it's called-to me."

The two spent the rest of the journey in conversation about the musical, Cas explaining the background and also about the many occasions he and his siblings used to watch it, and Dean telling Cas how he wasn't much of a musical person, but that if Cas enjoyed it as much as he said he did, Dean was sure he would too.

They arrived about half an hour early, which meant Dean had some time to go and get them burgers and drinks, while Cas waited inside the car. After a few moments, Cas heard a knocking at his window, and was met by the sight of Dean grinning down at him, happily pointing to the food and drinks he was carrying, as if they were some kind of great prize that Dean had been awarded. Cas smiled and sat up a bit as Dean got back into the impala.

"I got our food" he said, already cramming his burger into his mouth, and handing Cas' over to him.

"I can see that" Cas smiled and Dean caught his eye for a moment before grinning and winking at him. It made Castiel's throat dry up.

"So, we've got a few minutes before the movie starts, so do you wanna just talk or something?"

"Alright." Cas said, nodding a little.

"Cool. Oh, I never asked you-what do you do for a living, Cas?"

"I've just started at a new job, writing the scripts for some television programs-it's nothing big, but I'm really enjoying it. I majored in English literature, so it's fairly fitting that I go on to write things. What about you?"

"Woah, my job's going to sound pretty lame compared to writing scripts for TV. I'm a mechanic. I fix people's cars. Like I said, Sam's the smart one." Dean sounded a little embarrassed by his declaration about his profession, but Cas smiled over to him in a way he hoped would look reassuring.

"That doesn't sound lame at all. Is that why you know so much about cars, then?"

"Yeah." Dean said, picking up a little. "I've always liked them, and when I'm working I'm just much more relaxed, you know? It helps me forget about all my troubles, even if it's only for a short time. Cars are so much simpler than people, they're all logical and everything fits together. People aren't like that at all; it's so hard to know where you stand with them"

Castiel nodded his head in thoughtful understanding of what Dean had just told him. "Yes, I think I can empathise-although not with cars, I'll admit. I've never really understood them."

Dean took another sip from his cola, and then shifted a little so his body was facing Cas a little more. "Do you have any ambitions? Like, do you ever want to be something else, or do something a little different?"

"I've always wanted to write-properly-I'd really love to become an author. Although obviously that's an unrealistic expectation; I'm very fortunate to even be writing scripts. It's a good job, and I'm happy with it, but writing books has always been the dream." Cas admitted shyly.

Dean smiled, his eyes crinkling at their edges, "I get it. And I bet you'd be an awesome author, you read loads so that'd probably help a bit."

"True, my reading does help." Castiel acknowledged, "Although once I'm sat at my computer, ready to start typing one of my stories, I can never think of the right words to put down. They always fall short of what I want to put across to the reader."

"Maybe you just need to keep trying."

"Maybe. What are your ambitions?"

"I never really had any." Dean shrugged.

"That can't be true-what did you want to be as a child? You must have had some kind of dreams for your future."

"I didn't really. All my dreams were for Sammy, for him to go to law school, for him to grow up alright, etcetera. Any dreams I had for myself were impossible, and were obviously never going to happen-like me wishing my mum would come back or that dad would stop drinking, neither of which came about, of course."

"You can't have had a very easy childhood."

"No." Dean admitted. "Maybe that's why I turned out a little screwed over. But I had Sam and I had my Uncle Bobby-he was my dad's friend, he took me and Sam in when I was nineteen. Two weeks before that, my dad died in a car accident-he had been drink driving, unsurprisingly. That was fifteen years after my mom had died-so fifteen years of my dad being a deadbeat alcoholic, and me having to play mother, father and brother for Sammy. Yeah, like I said; it's probably why I'm a jerk." Dean laughed hollowly and looked down, coughing once into his hand.

"I don't think you're a jerk." Cas stated honestly, and while Castiel couldn't fully see Dean's face, he could make out his mouth curving slightly upwards, into the beginning of a comforted smile. "Although your story is a very sad one. But from what I've seen I can only make out that you took care of your brother even as a child, and when nobody else was taking care of you. That's a very selfless thing for a person to do." The two smiled at each other for a moment, and Cas added: "That said, your table manners are truly awful. And you often behave maddeningly arrogantly."

Dean started laughing, and so did Cas, and they soon found they couldn't really stop. "Well, if that's all that you can find wrong with me, I guess I'm doing alright." Dean said, still chuckling.

"I guess you are." Cas acknowledged, smiling at Dean with an emotion that felt dangerously close to affection. Dean beamed back-and, was it just Cas wishing it, or was Dean mirroring the emotion? There was silence for a moment, and then Cas gasped as he felt Dean brush his hand up his knee.

Dean jumped back suddenly. "Sorry." He said quickly, frowning and looking slightly worried. "Was that okay?" He asked, looking a little nervous.

Cas felt a smile tugging at his lips despite the fact his throat was dying, his stomach twisting in nervous, anticipated knots.

"Yeah." He nodded. "It was."

Dean looked up, looking slightly relieved. His expression softened somewhat. "Can I carry on?" He asked, slightly awkwardly, but unspeakably gently and caringly, and Cas smiled properly this time, nodding his head quickly.

Dean smiled too, slowly reaching his hand out again and dragging it affectionately, caringly, to Cas' thigh and resting gently there.

"What about this?" Dean asked. "Is this okay?"

"Yeah." Cas nodded quickly, his heart thumping faster against his chest.

"You sure?" Dean asked, looking concernedly, dotingly into Cas' eyes.

"Definitely." Cas nodded. Dean smiled and brushed his fingers gently against Cas' leg. His stomach began to tie itself in knots, and when he looked from the man's hand back up at Dean, his icy blue eyes meeting Dean's warm green ones, their faces were barely inches away. Castiel didn't move himself backwards-he had secretly been longing for Dean to touch him like this again, and he glanced down at Dean's lips, unconsciously licking his own.

"I really want to kiss you again, Cas." Dean whispered, his breath warm against Castiel's mouth, tickling it a little.

"You should probably kiss me, then" Cas said, his mind going a little blank as he gazed at the other man. Dean didn't need to be asked twice. He leant forward, brushing his lips against Castiel's, only lightly at first, before pressing deeper against him, his tongue parting Cas' lips. Cas moaned into the kiss, deepening it as Dean's tongue licked a strip on the top of his mouth, while his hands worked their way around Cas, gently pulling at Cas' legs and his back, manoeuvring him so he was pulled closer to Dean, then lifted slightly so he ended up straddling Dean, seated comfortably on his lap. Dean broke the kiss for a moment while the two began to catch their breath, Cas' eyes fluttering open once more.

"God, I'm crazy about you." Dean panted, his strong hands resting on Castiel's lower back. "I don't know what it is, but I haven't been able to stop thinking about you." His nose brushed against Castiel's, "I've never felt like this about anyone before."

Cas could only smile and admit; "Neither have I" Before blushing and sealing their lips together again, tingles running down his spine as Dean's hands brushed down his back and rested on his ass, tugging it so Cas was moved even closer towards him.

The sound of the movie beginning interrupted them, and Cas pulled away as he heard it starting up. Dean buried his head against Castiel's neck and groaned, making the dark haired man let out a small chuckle.

"Things were just getting interesting." Dean moaned, his lips tickling Castiel's skin.

"Who knows, if the date goes well, later on tonight things might start to get interesting once more…" Cas smiled, feeling a little awkward about how suggestive his comment was, but Dean smirked and looked up at him hungrily.

"Does that mean things have been going well so far?" He asked, winking provocatively.

"It might do." Cas confessed, starting to shift himself off Dean's lap, but Dean caught his hand and pressed a kiss against it affectionately.

"Good. I think it's been going well too."

Cas blushed and moved himself back onto his own seat, embarrassedly attempting to cover up his jeans' sudden tightness.

Dean kept a hold of his hand for the rest of the movie, occasionally smiling over to Cas and stealing a small kiss from him. About halfway through Cas leant his head on Dean's shoulder, much to Dean's delight, who began stroking Castiel's hair tenderly. It gave Cas shivers to be touched in such a caring way.

A few hours later, Rocky horror had ended, and the cars at the drive-in were all starting to leave. Dean was still touching Cas' hair, his warm hands running over the dark, scruffy mess delicately. "What do you want to do now? Should I take you home?" Dean asked softly.

"I don't want it to end here." Castiel whispered honestly.

"Me neither" Dean hummed onto the top of Castiel's head. "How about this, we go back to mine and watch another movie. We don't have to do anything else, we could just watch something, and see where we go from there."

"I have work tomorrow."

"So do I" Dean replied.

"I have something important on, though" Cas fretted. "I can't miss it."

"You don't have to. I could take you home. It just means the date goes on a while longer. What do you say?"

"Alright, then."

Dean smiled at Cas as he removed himself from Dean's shoulder, straightening up back onto his seat. Dean started the engine of the car and they took off, exiting the drive-in and heading onto the main road.

"What did you think of Rocky Horror?" Castiel asked, feeling strangely concerned about what Dean's opinion of the musical was.

"It was weird." Dean laughed, and Cas felt his heart sink a little. "But I liked it. Rocky was pretty hot, too." He grinned playfully at Cas, who rolled his eyes in response. "Oh, come on! I bet you found him attractive when you watched it as a kid!"

"Not particularly. His hair always looked a bit strange to me, and I just didn't find his face that attractive either. I suppose he just wasn't my type"

"What is your type, then?" Dean asked, an odd smile forming on his face.

"You want me to just describe you, don't you?" Castiel asked, laughing.

"Yeah, if you could just describe me, it'd be great. It'd do wonders for my self-esteem."

"I don't think your ego needs any more boosting." Castiel chuckled.

"Ouch. But seriously, what do you find attractive?"

"I like funny guys-"

"Hey, I've been making you laugh tonight!" Dean grinned over at Cas, whose face heated when he realised how correct Dean was about this. "Sorry. Carry on. What about what looks you find attractive, too?"

Cas' face was still burning hot, but he continued anyway. "I like people with nice eyes, like some people just have really beautiful eyes, you know?" He said, concern growing inside him again, as he began to realise that Dean also fitted this description as well.

"I get that. That's partly why I found you so hot when I first saw you. Your eyes are seriously blue-they're so fucking hot." He smirked at Cas again who ducked his head, mortified.

"Thank you…?" He stammered out.

Dean laughed at Castiel's reaction. "Sorry, I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable. You just have great eyes, and I noticed that pretty much immediately when I first saw you. That's all. Anything else?"

"Um, yes. I like it when men are kind, I also like it when they're tall-well, taller than me. And when they have nice smiles, and when I can talk to them easily."

"Do you dig those strong, hunky types, then?"

Castiel felt the heat creeping down his neck. "I suppose…" He trailed off.

"So you like funny guys with nice eyes and nice smiles who are easy to talk to, and you also like it when they're tall and muscular? And kind?"

"Yes." Castiel said, still very conscious that Dean fitted this description almost perfectly. There was a second's silence, before Dean said:

"I think I prefer more quiet guys, you know? The thoughtful intellectuals, the ones who get uncomfortable and really adorable in loads of situations. And, of course, with nice eyes. You know any men like that?" Dean smiled over to Cas knowingly, and Cas couldn't help but grin at Dean's statement.

"I don't believe I do. Have you met anyone like that?"

"Oh, definitely. And I don't plan on giving them up easily. Alright, we're here." Dean pulled the impala over to the side of the road and slowed it to a halt, then got out and opened the door for Cas, who thanked him quietly.

Cas had never seen Dean's home before. It was about the same size as his, with two bedrooms, a bathroom and a small kitchen and living area. Once they were inside, Dean gestured for Castiel to take a seat on the couch, while he made his way over to the cramped kitchen.

"Can I get you a drink or anything?"

"Just water, please."

"Sure thing." Dean walked back with a glass of water for Cas, and a beer for himself. "What movie do you want to watch?"

"I don't mind. Just pick out something you like."

"Are you a Star Wars fan?" Dean asked, pulling out 'The Return of the Jedi" from his box of DVD's and videos.

"My brother, Gabriel, definitely is. I've never really seen any of them, though."

"Woah, I thought everybody had! Alright, we'll probably have to watch the phantom menace so the plot makes sense to you." He shook his head. "I can't believe you've never seen them!"

Castiel laughed as Dean put the film in and returned to the couch to sit next to him, sliding his arm around his waist and tugging Cas so that he leant on Dean's shoulder again. Cas hummed contentedly as the film began, and Dean bent down and kissed the top of his head lightly.

The film ended and Castiel stretched out, yawning as he pulled away from Dean.

"I should probably get you home, shouldn't I? Dean asked, smiling tiredly at Castiel.

"Yes, you probably should-I'm sorry, but I have a very important meeting tomorrow and I really can't afford to miss it. Sorry."

"It's alright." Dean shrugged. "But is it too keen of me to want to organise our next date already? Or would you find it endearing if I asked when we could see each other again?"

"We could see each other tomorrow evening if you like."

"What about work on Tuesday?" Dean asked awkwardly, now being the one to feel embarrassed about making a suggestive comment about the two doing more than just watching a movie and making out for a bit.

"I could call in and say I'm ill. Both of us could. I have nothing important to do on Tuesday, so it'd be fine."

"Oh. Great." Dean grinned. He got up from his seat and grabbed his car keys. "What did you think of the film, by the way?"

"I loved it, of course, Dean" Castiel replied, followed suit and getting up to stand next to Dean; who grinned and slid his hands under Castiel's jacket. He was looking down at Cas with the most adoring expression Castiel had ever witnessed. Dean's hands curled around Cas' waist, before he pressed their lips together. Dean pulled away and gazed down at Cas.

"Holy shit, I think I'm falling in love with you, Castiel Novak."