Here we are, at the end of all things. It has been a very incredible journey, for both of us. I'll save most of what I need to say for the ending. And while I don't normally title my chapters on here, I would like to make mention that I do on AO3, and this chapter's title got to me. Because it parallels the title I gave the first chapter. The first was called "Every End Must Have a Beginning", and now this one is titled "Every Beginning Must Have an End". Because all stories must come to an end, they cannot last forever, not matter how much some of you want it to. But I hope you all enjoy the chapter, and I hope you are satisfied with the ending.

Chapter 60

He was not really sure what returning home would feel like, not really. Perhaps that was because Nico had been back to Berlin plenty of times over the past three years. Well, maybe not plenty of times, but at least it had not been the full three years. Nico closed the book he had been reading as the final passengers left the plane.

Standing up, Nico pulled his luggage down from the overhead. Not much had really changed about him physically in the past three years. He was still scrawny and pale, perhaps just with a little more color to him. His hair still fell over his eyes, but he usually had to keep it groomed. "You need to look good for the public eye," Gaea reminded him every morning that he was in Berlin for vacation.

"Was everything to your satisfaction on your flight, Mr. di Angelo?" One of the stewardess asked as he headed towards the plane's exit.

It was still strange sometimes for Nico, having people recognize him. He got stared at a lot in class every time his photo appeared on some magazine. And the girls, especially, wanted to bother him and ask him questions about Percy. At least he was back in Europe again, where it wasn't as bad.

Nico flashed the young woman a smile. "Yes, everything was great. Thank you."

He had barely exited the terminal when he got tackled to the floor by Juniper and Jason. "You're back!" Jason exclaimed brightly.

Nico rolled his eyes as he was lifted up in a bear hug by the blond Lost Boy. "I am. You know, I just saw you at the beginning of the summer."

Jason pouted at him. "Yeah, but you immediately turned around and went to Italy with your sister."

There was that.

So, as a graduation gift, Percy had paid for Nico and his sister to go to Italy to visit their grandmother. Their grandfather had passed away a few years ago, but their grandmother was still up and kicking. Or hitting, in the case of when she met Percy. Long story. Regardless, Nico and his sister had been in Italy the whole summer, and now Nico returned just in time for Percy's birthday.

"How's your grandmother?" Juniper asked, managing to get Nico out of Jason's grasp to hug the brown-eyed young man.

Nico chuckled evilly to himself. "If she had her way, Percy wouldn't be allowed to set foot in Italy at all, much less her home." He shrugged. "She's cool, but old fashioned. He didn't even really do anything. She just caught him trying to sneak into my bedroom one night when we went to visit for Christmas. I don't think I've ever witnessed Percy scared of an old woman, at least not until he met my grandmother."

The Lost Girl smiled and linked arms with her friend. "I thought you said your grandmother liked Percy?"

"Oh, she does, but she doesn't want him to 'defile me'. A little late on that, but she doesn't need to know that." Nico laughed. "No, she thinks Percy is a good man and is more than capable of taking care of me. Not that I need to be taken care of."

Arriving back at the hotel, the three of them were greeted in the lobby by Grover. "Hey there, Nico! Have a good trip?"

Last year, Athena had stepped down and Percy had promoted Grover like Nico had suggested. Which had made both Grover and Juniper more than happy, and the two managed to finally settle into a relationship. It was also not long after becoming branch manager that Grover worked out with Percy that Juniper become a waitress in one of the hotel's restaurants.

"It was good," Nico replied, stretching his arms. "Is Percy busy?"

"Wasting no time at all, I see," Grover chuckled. He nodded towards the elevator. "Your beloved is in his office. He's not too busy now, if you want to go see him." The young man patted Nico on the back as Nico went by. "And it was my fault he couldn't pick you up himself. I needed him to talk to some clients in Frank's neck of the woods for me."

Nico gave a small nod before waving to the three of his friends. He let out a sigh as the elevator doors closed. It felt a little strange to finally be home, but so good at the same time. A lot had changed around the hotel while he had been gone, at least with his friends.

When Nico got to the top floor, Malcolm beamed at him. "Hey, Nico, you made it back in one piece!"

While Malcolm was Grover's secretary, Rachel had also moved onto the floor as Percy's personal secretary. The Lost Girl jumped up to hug Nico as he dropped his luggage on the floor. "How are you? Ah, I feel like it's been ages!"

Nico chuckled. "It's only been a few months."

Rachel waved him off as he tried to pick his bags back up. "Don't worry about that, I'll have someone drop it off at Gaea's mansion for you." She pressed on his back, guiding him towards Percy's office. "I know someone will be excited to see you." She grinned at him and opened the door, poking her head inside. "Oh, Percy, I've got a present for you."

Percy was at his desk, typing away at his computer. He looked a little tired, which was standard whenever Nico traveled. Percy said it stressed him out to think about Nico flying. Percy really didn't like flying much himself, but he said he got even more stressed when it was people he cared about flying. It probably went back to his grandparents, who had died in a crash. He looked up with a heavy sigh.

"What is it, Rachel?"

The Lost Girl beamed at him and stepped aside, revealing Nico to Percy. The young man's demeanor instantly brightened and he shot up from his desk. Rachel quickly shoved Nico forward, so Percy wouldn't trample her. "I'll leave you two alone," she chuckled, shutting the door behind her.

"I missed you so much!" Percy exclaimed as he pulled Nico in for a hug.

Nico smiled and looked up at Percy. Wasting little time, Nico grabbed Percy's face and brought him down for a kiss. He had really missed those lips. Percy's hands found their way down to his waist and Nico leaned back a little, resting his back against the door.

"Wow, you must have missed me, too," Percy panted after they broke apart.

"Maybe a little," Nico winked. He moved past Percy to sit down in the young man's chair. "You know, you could have came with us. My grandmother asked about you."

Percy frowned, rubbing his at his arm. "I think I'm still bruised from where she hit me with her cane." Percy pouted when Nico laughed. "How does she even move that fast? I wasn't even going to try anything, I just wanted to sleep in the same bed."

Nico shrugged, slumping down in Percy's chair. The green-eyed man walked over and leaned forward, resting his hands on either side of the chair. Nico shut his eyes with a sigh as Percy pressed their lips together again. The best news was that it was over. Nico was done with school, and he could now enjoy living here with Percy.

"Oh yeah! I almost forgot something!" Percy pulled back with a huge smile. Nico arched a brow at him. "I have a surprise for you. I had Leo and Beckendorf work on it while you were in Italy."

"Um, okay?"

With much excitement, Percy grabbed Nico by the hand and jerked him out of the chair before dragging his boyfriend from the office.

"Are your eyes closed?"

Nico let out a sigh. "Percy, your hands are covering my eyes, so it doesn't really matter." If those said hands had not of been there, Percy could have seen Nico roll his eyes. How did his boyfriend end up running this business again? "So, what is- Oh... Wow."

Percy tilted his head to the side with a frown. "Is that all you can say?"

The room was directly across the hall from his and Percy's bedroom. It had been where Nico spent some of his nights studying for exams, when he was actually at the hotel. But now it was lined with bookshelves that were crammed with books, some that were not even related to psychology or medicine. Nico had to smile to himself as he noted a few books that he might have mentioned to Percy over the years, and now they had been stored here for him. The desk he had used to study had been replaced by a thick wooden one with a small lamp on it. A large leather chair was placed behind it and there was even a few other chairs across from the desk, even a couch.

"I...don't know what to say." Nico was a little stunned, but in a good way. He licked his lips and smiled before turning to wrap his arms around his boyfriend's neck. "Thank you."

"I thought you could use an office," Percy mumbled into his ear. "So, if any of the Lost Kids need to actually have a session, they can swing by here, so that you can have some privacy." The young man chuckled and moved more into the room. "Or you can just come here to read, if you need some alone time every now and then. I'm sure you'll get tired of being around me all the time. Sooner or later anyways."

Nico rolled his eyes and punched Percy's arm. "Yeah right. I finally got back here, don't think you can just get rid of me so easily."

The corner of Percy's lips tilted up in a smirk, his arms wound tightly around Nico's waist. "I missed you." And, with that, the two kissed once again. Pulling back, Percy chuckled. "I got you something else, but it can wait until after the party," he added with a wink.

Nico made a face. "That's not nice. Am I going to like it?"

Percy hummed for a moment. "I sort of hope you will." He let out a breath and rolled his shoulders, which made Nico arch a brow. Percy seemed a little nervous all of a sudden. "But I do need to get back to work. Are you going to be okay to unpack and catch up with everyone in the meantime?"

Nico gave a small nod as Percy slid from his grasp. "Yeah, I'm sure I can manage." He frowned a little as Percy took his leave. Strange, he thought. Percy was acting very strange. Was everything all right?


The raven haired young man smiled and waved as he walked up to the table that was being occupied by Beckendorf, Silena, and Clarisse. Well, and Nyssa, Silena and Beckendorf's daughter. Her one year birthday had been right before Nico had left with Italy, which was one of the reasons he had actually swung by Berlin after he graduated college. The tiny girl cried out in happiness and extended her arms in his direction. Playfully, Nico made a face at her before sitting down across the table.

"So, how is she doing?" He asked, slowly reaching across the table, only to have his hand smacked away.

"I'm feeding her, di Angelo," Clarisse glared with a spoonful of baby food in hand.

Yes, as it turned out, Clarisse was very protective of her goddaughter. Interestingly enough, when Chris suggested they have a kid, Clarisse had not really been too keen on the idea, but she sure took to Silena's daughter quickly. She was in good care, though, Nico could safely say that.

"How was Italy?" Beckendorf asked, clapping him on the shoulder.

Nico gave a small nod. "It was good. My grandmother likes to cook. A lot."

Silena smiled fondly. "So, what did you get Percy for his birthday?"

"Aside from a night of sex," Beckendorf added.

Clarisse glared at him. "Don't talk like that in front of your daughter."

Beckendorf just rolled his eyes and shook his head. Nico chuckled. "Um, I got him a painting that he had his eye on the last time he went. He really liked this painting of Neptune that we found, so I went back and they let me buy it. The good thing about having a filthy rich boyfriend is that he has so much money that he really doesn't bother checking his bank records. So, he won't notice the big withdrawal."

Silena's eye twitched. "Wait, why was it so expensive?"

"Oh." Nico popped his lips. "It was sort of in a museum. One of a kind, actually." He shrugged. "I mean, I paid for it. Percy was the one that suggested merging my account with his. But, yeah, I got him that painting."

"Well, well, shortie, I see you got back." Nico looked up at the sound of Apollo's voice. The blond leaned on their table, making a quick face at Nyssa. "So, how was your trip? Meet any hot Italian guys that might tempt you from Percy."

"I'll be sure to relay that comment to Leo."

Apollo pouted. "Harsh. Not even back a day, and this is how you talk to me." He stuck out his tongue. "Can I get you anything?"

Nico's brow furrowed and he glanced at his phone. "You done with practice already?"

"Yeah, just got off."

Apollo did not sell his body these days. In fact, he barely stripped. Instead, the blond worked on routines with the other Lost Kids and he worked in the cabana. It was a little funny to Nico, considering how much Apollo originally reminded him of Ganymede. Aside from that, Apollo spent weekends playing the piano in the hotel's best restaurant.

"Ah, yes." The blond snapped his fingers, standing up straight. "I'd make sure to either warn Percy about Leo's gift, or just make sure you're not standing near it in general." Apollo popped his lips. "Yeah, he's been getting carried away a little in that workshop in the hotel's basement. I usually have to force him to come to bed."

After that, Apollo bid them farewell, so that he could get to work on people's orders. Nico sat and talked with the other three, though, for near an hour. Beckendorf was still Percy's pilot and one of the hotel's mechanics, along with Leo. Clarisse still headed the security team, and she showed no mercy. "No intruders are getting by on my watch," she would often tell the other security guards. Even Chris, who she did not show much leniency on during work hours.

Silena and Piper actually took over the spa at the hotel with some assistance from Favonius, who still taught yoga on the side. While Silena mainly ran the spa, Piper still did her stripping and other stuff. The Lost Girl said she would give it a few more years, since she did not plan on settling down with anyone or starting a family anytime in the foreseeable future.

After he left the three of them, Nico went in search of others like Luke or Will. With the prior, it was pretty easy to guess where Luke would be. His suite. More specifically, the bed. With Eros. And they would both probably be naked.

Nico was not sure how the two of them actually started dating, he was unfortunately away at school when that miracle happened, but Eros often teased Luke about it. And Luke was so whipped, not that Nico would ever bring up that fact to the blond's face. No, he very much liked living. But Eros could probably tell Luke to jump off a bridge, and the blond would more than likely do it.

When he got to their floor, Nico ended up bumping into the other guy he had been looking for, along with Jason and the twins. "Nico!" Will exclaimed, hugging the young man before he could even get off the elevator. "Jason just told us you were back."

After Jason's break after graduating high school, he had convinced Will to go back to school with him. While Jason was still a little undecided on what he wanted to study these days, Will had chosen the medical field. Not really a surprise there. A little disappointing was that Will and Cecil were still just friends. Friends that had sex, but friends nevertheless. But, from what Jason told Nico during his last visit, the two had started to go on the occasional date.

Nico's eyes flickered over to the twins. More specifically, between them. Their hands were laced together at their sides. It made Nico smile. At some point over the past few years, Travis and Connor had opened up more to the other Lost Kids about their brotherly love being more than just an act.

Nico cleared his throat. "So, where are you four off to?"

"Do you want to join us?" Jason asked. "We were just going to head down to finish up some decorations for Percy's party."

Nico's eyes darted over to the twins, narrowing slightly. "Is this going to be a big mess, like last year?"

Travis grinned innocently. "Of course not, Neeks, we would never dream of such things."

"But, I mean, Percy does like water."

"Oh god." Nico could feel a migraine coming on as he massaged his temple. "Water in what way? Please tell me you didn't empty the pool and are planning on flooding the lounge. I don't think Apollo would be happy about having it flooded."

The younger of the two twins waved him off. "Of course not. That's just crazy."

"We got foam and bubbles," Travis chuckled.

Jason smiled and patted Nico on the back. "Don't worry about it, I'll make sure everything is cleaned up after. You just make sure your man is down there for his party, and then make sure he has an enjoyable night after."

Nico pouted. "Why is everyone bringing up my sex life today?"

"Because Percy hasn't seen you in like almost three months," the twins replied together. Still creepy how they did that, even after four years of knowing them.

Shaking his head, Nico let out a sigh. "Anyways, do any of you know if Luke is in his room? I'm assuming Eros is with him."

"Um," Jason said, tapping his chin, "Eros took Luke out to go clothes shopping earlier, but they should be back by now. They are probably in their room." He chuckled to himself. "You'll probably be rescuing Luke, so he doesn't have to endure Eros looking through all of his purchases."

"Or irritate him, if it involves Eros taking his clothes off," Connor added. The group all nodded in agreement.

Will hugged Nico again. "Well, I suppose we will see you later tonight then."

"Yeah," Nico mumbled as the four of them boarded the elevator.

It took several knocks on the door to get someone to open the door. But as soon as Eros poked his head out, the brunet instantly brightened, and then proceeded to tackle Nico into the wall adjacent the suite. "Nico!Tu m'as tellement manqué! Mais maintenant tu peux rester pour de bon!."

Luckily, Eros was fully clothed, which meant that Nico was not interrupting anything. But he did smile at Eros's appearance. While Eros had never really talked about his eating disorder with Nico in the past, the brown-eyed young man never forgot about it. It had just been one Christmas that he had come in for, and Eros had been eating more and even ate some chocolate cake. Luke had never told him how he managed to get Eros to work through the disorder, but Nico was just happy that the brunet was in a more healthy state.

Eros shoved him into the suite, where Nico found Luke on the couch, slouched down and playing a video game. Eros frowned at his boyfriend. "Aren't you going to welcome Nico home?" Eros's eye twitched when Luke just grunted in their direction. In a huff, Eros picked up a shoe, which he proceeded to toss at the blond. "Si tu m'ignores, on ne baise pas ce soir.!"

Luke instantly jolted up, his eyes wide with horror. Nico was still learning French, but he had the feeling it had something to do with sex. Luke, however, was becoming much more fluent in the language, something Eros had no part of. But that was quite another story.

"Kid, you're home," Luke greeted him.

Eros cleared his throat. "He is twenty now, do not address him as a child."

Blue eyes narrowed at the brunet. "Fine, whatever. Nico, you're back." Luke sighed and motioned Nico over. "He won't leave me alone until I do this, so get over here."

Eros smiled as he pushed Nico over to Luke, who gave him a brief hug. "That wasn't so bad, now was it?" He beamed at Nico. "I'll have him house trained before too long."

"Hey!" Luke grumbled. "I am not your dog."

"You sure try to hump me like one," Eros replied, inspecting his nails. He smiled at Nico, guiding him onto the couch. "So, how was Italy? I bet you are tired."

"I'm not going to be sleeping, though, from what everyone else seems to think." Nico shook his head. "Italy was great. I'm just sad because I probably won't see my sister for a few months now. But I am very happy to be home. Finally home. It's been quite the journey."

Luke picked his controller back up. Eros narrowed his eyes at the blond, but didn't say anything. "Ah, did Percy-"

Luke's hand shot across the couch and covered the brunet's mouth. "Shh. He doesn't want to talk about it until after the party."

Nico's brow furrowed. "Talk about what?"

Eros quickly shook his head, smiling innocently. "Nothing, mon chéri." He pursed his lips at the dark look he got from Luke. "Uh, has Percy said when you're going to start bartending?"

He didn't like it, but Nico let the sudden change of subject slide. Did everyone around here know what it was that Percy had hinted at earlier? "We talked about it briefly while I was here for a few days before Italy. Probably in the next few months." Nico turned his head towards the blond. "How's your brother?"

Pausing his game, Luke glanced over at Nico. "He's doing fine. Percy's already lined him up a job as the hotel's attorney when he finishes school."

A year after Nico started university, Octavian went back to school to study law. Unfortunately, it meant that the blond was away at school currently, and would likely miss the party. But Nico was happy for him, he was happy for all his friends. They were growing, and it didn't feel like they relied so much on the hotel anymore.

The party took place after the Lost Kids got off work for the night. Which meant that all of them had to consume several cups of coffee starting at dinner. Nico had just finished his sixth cup before going to find Percy and he felt quite wired. "Ready to go?" He asked, leaning against the door to their room.

Percy looked up from where he sat on their bed, laptop in his lap. "Yeah," he said with a smile. Jumping up, Percy made sure to pull something out of the nightstand. Nico gave him an odd look as Percy walked over. "I thought you deserved a present as well."

"It's not my birthday, nor is there a holiday that warrants a gift anytime soon." Nico crossed his arms. "What did you do?"

Percy pouted like a kicked puppy. "Nothing. That's so hurtful, and on my birthday, too."

Nico had to roll his eyes at that. "Please, nothing offends you."

As if to prove Nico's point, Percy's lips tilted up into a grin. "Anyways, I hope you'll like it."

Nico took hold of Percy's shirt as they shared a brief kiss. Letting out a breath, Nico smiled and patted Percy's chest. "You really shouldn't have gotten me anything. I'm not the one celebrating a birthday."

"Well," Percy replied, pecking Nico on the lips, "it just so happens that it is also a present for myself. Well, so long as it goes over well."

Nico narrowed his gaze. What was Percy planning? "We shouldn't keep your guests waiting."

A party for Percy Jackson was never a dull event. And there wasn't just this party, Gaea was throwing Percy a more public party the following evening. That one was pretty much just a dinner with a lot of wealthy and powerful guests. This was a party with Percy's friends. It would also probably involve much more alcohol.

The twins had not bee kidding about the foam and bubbles either. Three machines sat in specific corners to shoot out and cover the room with foam. And what party wouldn't be complete without some loud music to dance to?

Nico smiled as Percy came up to him after making sure his presents were somewhere safe, so they wouldn't get damaged from all the foam. He cupped Nico's face and sealed their lips together in a deep, searing kiss. "Thank you for the painting," he whispered after they pulled apart.

"My pleasure," Nico said a little breathlessly. When Percy kissed, he did not half ass it. And it made Nico happy that Percy still had the ability to take his breath away, even after four years. "So, what now?"

Percy smiled as Walk the Moon's "Shut Up and Dance" started to play. "Well, you can start by giving me the honor of this dance."

Nico laughed and shook his head as he let Percy lead him into the crowd of people that were already jumping around in front of the stage that Apollo was Djing, with a little help from the twins. And by "help", Nico meant pestering the blond.

Nico laughed as he jumped around with Percy, one of their hands still laced together. He smiled fondly as he scanned the room. He was finally able to breathe. This was it, this was where he was supposed to be. This was his life. He smiled and waved when Jason and Will waved to him. These were his friends.

Percy snuck in a quick kiss. And this was his boyfriend.

Things started out so different. These people had been strangers, and Nico was just the little kid lost in their world. Now he was part of it. Perhaps Percy had been right all those years ago. Once a Lost Kid, always a Lost Kid. Perhaps it wasn't always a bad thing, though. Nico was happy, even with how dangerous the life he lived in truly was.

And, deep down, Nico was still himself. He was still what made him unique. He did change and he had definitely grown darker, but he had realized by now that part of that was just growing up. Perhaps innocence doesn't always last forever. But he should not be afraid of the person he had become, because he was still Nico.

He still can see the good in people.

Nico smiled as he spotted Luke with his arms around Eros, who was completely drenched in the foam. It made the brown-eyed young man smile. He wasn't the only one that had grown. It was refreshing to see his friends happy, even those that thought they could ever be happy again.

Speaking of being happy...

Nico smiled as Percy mouthed along with the lyrics and pretended to sing to Nico. Thankfully it was just pretending. Percy might have the looks of a god, but he had a lousy singing voice. But it was still adorable the way he acted, jumping around and having a good time. Nico couldn't help but join in as the twins turned up the foam machine and a large amount of the stuff shot into the crowd.

Nico froze when he felt something being slipped into his hand. A chill ran down his spine as he looked down to find a thin black box, barely tall enough to hold a watch inside. He gave Percy a questioning look, but the young man just smiled and nodded to Nico's hand.

"Percy, what-"

Oh. Nico's mouth hung open as he gaped at what was inside the box. An obsidian ring with silver markings all around it and a beautiful sapphire sat, embedded, at the top. The detailing was beautiful, even down the the small etchings in the obsidian. It literally looked like it had been carved to perfection, like it had been made specifically for him. Which it very well could have been.

"I-" Nico took a deep breath. The music was still playing, but the dancing had stopped. Everyone seemed to be watching them now, waiting for Nico to say something. Eros especially looked like a child on Christmas morning, bouncing up and down on his heels. "Oh. This was the surprise."

"I, uh..." Percy rubbed the back of his neck, a nervous smile on his face. "I wasn't sure... I hope you like it." He winced. "I mean, it's perfectly fine if you say no. I just...wanted to be with you." He winced again. "This went a lot smoother in my head. Of course I want to be with you. I just want to always be with you. And you've made me very happy, happier than I've probably ever been. And I just want to let everyone know that."

A million things ran through Nico's head at that very moment. What about the public, the media? What would they think of Percy, the billionaire, getting engaged and married to another man? Sure, they already knew Percy was dating Nico, they had known that for years, but this was different. Or maybe it wasn't, and Nico was just nervous.

His heart was beating into overdrive. In all this time, he had never even given thought to possibly moving past just dating. For some reason, Nico had never thought about the possibility that Percy might actually propose to him. That was what he was doing, right? It sure sounded that way.

Finally, a smile broke out across Nico's face, and it seemed like everyone was able to relax. Well, everyone except Percy, who still looked like a nervous wreck as he waited for Nico's answer. Nico took out the ring and admired it for a second before slipping it on.

He then beamed up at Percy. "What do you think?" Nico chuckled as he wrapped his arms around Percy's neck and stood up on his tiptoes for a kiss.

Percy pulled back and swallowed a lump in his throat. "Is that a yes then?"

Rolling his eyes, Nico nodded. "Of course it's a yes." He kissed Percy again. "I love you, and I would be happy to spend the rest of our lives together."

It was then that Percy's shoulders were finally able to relax. He smiled like a dork and pulled Nico into a warm embrace. Nico sighed and buried his face into the crook of Percy's neck, taking a second to admire the ring on his hand over the green-eyed young man's shoulder. Everyone finally decided to cheer and clap, which drew a small blush to Nico's cheeks.

Perhaps it wasn't the fairytale that Nico would have liked his life to be, at least before all of this started, but he wouldn't change anything. Well, perhaps a few things. There was definitely a lot of pain, and he even lost people he cared about. But fairytales are just that, fairytales. They aren't real.

Asclepius got it right back during their sessions. Happiness was what we make it. Finding the small things that truly matter would always be what was important. It was up to everyone to find their own happiness, perhaps not always in the places they expect it. But that would always be how life worked, and it wasn't about to change or do anyone any favors anytime soon.

When they had first met, Nico had wanted nothing more than for Percy to be his dream guy, the knight in shining armor, but he was happy now that it wasn't like that. Percy was better than any knight in shining armor could ever dream to be. The best knights don't show up on your doorstep wearing shiny armor and riding a white horse. Sometimes, the person you always wanted might just turn up worn and damaged, and you'll never know how amazing they really are if you don't give them a chance. Percy gave him everything, at a time when Nico was just looking for some food and shelter.

And now, like he had said, Percy had given him the world. As long as he had his friends and Percy in it, Nico was happy. He smiled as those closest to him gathered around to get a look at the ring. Percy smiled warmly at him, making Nico's heart race. It was no fairytale ending, but it was something better.

His long journey had finally come to an end, and Nico could have not been more happier with how it all played out.

After several minutes, Nico looked up at Percy. "Do you, uh, mind if I go for a walk for a bit?" He asked a little breathlessly. "I, uh, just need to process everything, maybe get some air."

Percy gave a small nod, concern written on his face. "Do I need to come with you?"

Quickly, Nico shook his head. He leaned up to peck Percy on the lips. "I'll be fine, you stay here and enjoy the party." Smiling again, Nico let go of Percy's hand and made his way out of the hotel.

The sky was clear outside, giving Nico a great view of the moon and stars. He shoved his hands into his pockets and took off in a random direction, letting his feet drag through the grass. It wasn't until he passed by the cabana that Nico came to a stop at a random noise.

His head tilted to the side as he backed up and turned to head closer to the cabana. "Shit," he heard girl's voice hiss before something glass broke.


In the back of the cabana, a girl shot up from the ground. "I wasn't... I just..." Her bangs looked dirty, like she had not showered in days, maybe even weeks. "I just needed some food, and I saw the bright lights of the hotel." She quickly hurried out from behind the cabana, trying to get past Nico. "I'll just go."

Before she could get away, Nico grabbed her by the arm. She looked up at him, fear very clear in her eyes. Nico frowned at the way she sort of curled in on herself. Letting out a sigh, Nico released the girl's arm. "Come on, we'll get you something to eat."

"R-really?" The girl stuttered, seemingly stunned.

Smiling, Nico nodded. "Maybe we can get you a fresh change of clothes and a shower as well." He glanced down at the girl as he led her to the hotel. "Would you like to stay here for the night?"

The girl's face grew red in the moonlight. "Oh, no, I could not ask something like that. I have no money."

The two came to a stop, where Nico just blinked down at the girl for a long time. He couldn't just leave her out here, or let her leave. For all he knew, it would be sending her to her death. What if she starved or got stabbed? She was homeless and needed a place to stay. So, he just slipped his hands into his pockets and smiled at the girl.

"Could I interest you in a job?"


Tu m'as tellement manqué! Mais maintenant tu peux rester pour de bon! [I have missed you so! But now you are free to stay here for good].

Si tu m'ignores, on ne baise pas ce soir. [If you ignore me, you won't get sex tonight]

So, the story has finally come to an end. I do hope you all enjoyed it, from beginning to end. There was a lot of ups and downs, and I would probably have changed a lot of things, looking on back on things. But I think it turned out good. This story has been my baby, which took me three years to complete. It probably could have been finished sooner, especially if it had not gotten taken down on here, but maybe it was for the best.

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