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I go by many names. Officially my name is Katalina Corella Copes or at least that's what originally went on my birth certificate. Then my mother insisted on changing it to match my Great Grandfather's. So then it was Katalina Corella Snow. Around the time I was three, I began to insist that people call me Kat. Naturally, being the typical Capitol citizen that she is, my mother saw this as a golden opportunity. So she went and had them 'surgically enhance' me, by giving me cat ears. Then when I was five, she decided the ears weren't enough, so I got a tail and whiskers to match. I tried to fight her about it, but apparently I was too young and didn't know what I was talking about. She said that when I'm older, if I still dislike them, she would allow me to have them removed. Well I'm older, I still hate them, but their still there. That shows you how much of a liar she is. On top of my lovely cat features, she also blessed me with bubblegum hair. That was for my eighth birthday. She said it matched my ears. I disagree of coarse, but what can I do.

I don't like living in the Capitol. The people dress weird, look weird, talk weird, even smell weird. I would far rather live in the districts, where at least everyone's not idiots, even if it meant being at risk of being in the games. I hate when the time for games rolls around. Taking 24 innocent kids, ripped away from everything they know and everyone they love, to be thrown in an arena to kill each other. On top of the awfulness of the games in general, they make it some big sporting event. With interviews and Televised scores, and the chariot rides and the televised reaping; those are the worst.

There's one more thing you need to know about me. This is where I get my other title as the Capitol's sweetheart. In case you haven't figured it out yet, my Great-Grandfather is the famous President Snow, President of Panem. He's 116. Pretty old, huh? I bet your wondering how he's made it this long, aren't ya? Well that's simple, thanks to the Capitol's advanced technology they've managed to find a way to not only keep him alive, but also keep him looking very well for his age. I love him dearly, but I hate what he's created. A place where half of the country lives in fear and hate and the other in ignorance. A place where the lives of 23 innocent children every year is a necessary sacrifice for a non-existent peace. A place where the only kids who manage to survive the horrible games either go mad, drown themselves in drugs and alcohol, or just learn to live with nightmares that will never go away, and grow every year as they watch more innocents die.

This year is the 100th annual Hunger Games. 2,301 kids have died and 99 have been cursed. It is the fourth Quarter Quell. Grandfather Snow doesn't know, but I have changed the Quell. These games will be very special, I made sure of that. No one will forget this Quell. But the Games aren't for another six months. I plan to convince my grandfather to allow me to travel to each of the districts and perform interviews, seeing as I'm a student reporter at my school. I'll interview the citizens about past games and Quells. What they're predictions for this year are, you know the usual stuff. Boy will they be surprised when the quell comes.


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