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Chapter 1: Meet the Uchiha's




It really wouldn't be so bad having pink hair if your mother didn't have luscious blonde hair, and if your cousin didn't have beautiful red hair. Not ginger red, but red red. And yes, you heard right, I have pink hair. Not only that but my mother, although she is nearly as old as my father ,who is 41 by the way, still gets men asking her out. There are even some boys at school who think my mother is 'Woah! Not bad for her age'.

Mind you, it's really my very non-identical distant cousin Karin who absolutely every guy at school slavers over. Like my mother, she was gorgeous in a way that made boys drool over her as if she had the word 'sexy' tattooed on her chest. Most guys would go as far as 'slaying a dragon' (as some extreme cases of boys have decided to put it in their poems describing their undying love for her) to just go out on one simple date with her.

Now don't get me wrong- it's not like I hate Karin or anything, even though she can be a pain in the ass sometimes, but being the not-so-good-looking family member isn't the greatest thing in the world. Attitudes of the guys in school and outside don't exactly help. It's annoying and almost humiliating that I've actually lost count of the amount of times guys have tried to get closer to me just so that in the end they can get a 'friendly introduction' to my cousin. Most of the time, they're just wasting their unwanted efforts. Unless they were extremely good looking, rich, drove and were prepared to spend tons of money on her, then they might as well bury their chances before they were hurt through Karin's harsh rejection. Most of the guys that she has been out with have fit these requests, but recently she's been after older guys who work and have more money.

I probably sound jealous to you. But in all honesty, it's kind of hard not to be. It's not like im ugly or anything; I quite like some of my features, which is okay I guess. But the fact that I probably have the world's largest forehead and most undeveloped chest in the whole school isn't something to celebrate. Sometimes, some of my mother's friends would say 'What a beautiful face!' which usually means shame about the boobs and the boyish figure. At least I have nice eyes to pride myself in. They're emerald green, fringed with thick dark lashes that tilt up at the sides like a cat.

My name is Sakura, although sometimes my friends call me Saks or Saku. My parents insist on calling me Sakura though; they think it's much more appropriate now that I am a 'young adult', although I hardly think that being 16 changes anything. They named me Sakura because of my pink hair and also because I was born during spring, the season that the Sakura flower tree blooms. I think it's a sensible choice, plus it suits me (or so I've heard).

Now you may be thinking- why am I talking about my cousin Karin like she is my sister? You see, the thing is, Karin is distantly related to my mother's side of the family. Her parents died in an unfortunate accident when she was only 3, and my mother instantly took her in, seeing as how she was the only family that Karin had. Ever since then, Karin and I have been living together in the same house as if we were sisters. We were both the same age, so a lot of people at start thought that we were actually twins, but I really couldn't see the resemblance, in looks nor in personality. Karin was a lot like my mum in personality, she was outgoing and loud but made a fuss about every little thing.

This, come to think of it, was what mum was doing now. She's been driving the whole family mad ever since this morning because this evening we've got Dads new boss and his family coming around. They're multi-millionaires who are originally from America, but they've been living in Japan for ten years and then moved to Britain for four years. They've been travelling and expanding the business ever since. Everyone in the company is dead scared that the new boss is going to end up firing everyone and selling the company off to benefit himself more than anyone else. After all, from what I've heard, these Uchiha's seem to be notoriously known for being cold hearted and uncaring, or so Dads co-workers say. Still, Dad says that we have to reserve judgement and just wait and see; we can't just jump to conclusions because of stupid rumours going around peoples tongues. Seeing as he's one of the managers, Dad has decided to invite the Uchiha's over and mum has been going mental with the stress of it all.

My sister and I on the other hand, had been planning on making ourselves scarce, rather than withstand the pressure of a boring dinner party. But mum's found out that they have a sixteen year old son and she's having none of it. Karin is furious because she was supposed to be going out with her new eighteen-year-old boyfriend today who fits Karin's entire list of requirements, but mum has refused her to go out anywhere today. She told mum "I don't know why I have to stick around and babysit some stupid little brat!"

"Oh come on Karin! He's name is Sasuke and he's sixteen, same age as you and Sakura! Anyways, it would be rude if you left when they know that we have two daughters in this household,"

Karin's tone softened afterwards, probably because of what mum said last, but she was still angry and said "Yeah right. Like some spotty, geeky spoilt rich kid would care if I was here or not. You just don't get it do you? Im not interested in immature sixteen year old boys anymore. Anyways, I've got better things to do on a Saturday night."

Still, mum was persistent and for once she didn't give in to Karin's demands, which was when she knew that mum was dead serious about this. "You're staying in for tonight, young lady, and you're helping us with our guests whether you like it or not."

Karin was in a nasty mood after that, and mum even more stressed out, so to say that I was grateful when my best friend Ino came over would have been an understatement. At least Ino wouldn't snap at me every time I tried to open my mouth. We went into the spare guest's room, the only room in the house that wasn't bombarded with noise, and laughed about how the Uchiha's might be like.

Ino said, "I mean what if they're all short and wore tight black suits and waxed their hair backwards?"

I rolled my eyes. "Yeah right Ino. Like a multi-millionaire family would look like that," Nonetheless I laughed.

Her eyes glinted with hint of mischief as she continued and said, "Well there must be something eye catching about them if everyone is making such a big deal over them,"

"None sense. They're just a really rich family, that's the only thing that everyone's really interested in. That and the fact that they're scared the boss is gonna end up firing everyone,"

"Oh I heard about that. But what about that sixteen year old son of theirs?" She wiggled her eyebrows suggestively.

"Oh no Ino Yamanaka, you are not playing match maker with me!"

"Please forehead! Why would I give him to you when I can just take him for myself? I mean come on; the boy's been living in Britain for four years! Doesn't sexy British accent scream anything to you?"

For the second time that afternoon, I rolled my eyes. "Is that the only thing that you can think about? Sometimes I regret telling you things Ino pig,"

"Hmmm, I bet Sasuke is really tall. And good looking, most business men heirs are good looking, unlike the boring guys we're stuck with here in Konoha High. Honestly, is a hot, young sexy guy too much to ask for?"

For the third time that afternoon I rolled my eyes. Trust Ino to fantasize about how he looked. I looked at her now, sitting down primly on the sofa opposite me. Long, slender legs were tucked beneath curvy hips and she was examining her straight, blonde ponytail for non-existent split ends. It was hard to believe that someone as beautiful as her could possibly be so hung-up about getting guys. Ino is, in my opinion, the prettiest girl in the whole school, good enough to compete beat even Karin.

"Honestly Ino," I sighed, exasperated, and then said "If you weren't so obsessed about how the guy had to look then you would have hundreds of guys waiting in line for you to pick from."

"Yeah well same goes to you! If you weren't so damn negative about how you looked then you would have had a boyfriend by now. Which, by the way, makes me wonder, how come you've never found anyone that you were remotely attracted to?"

I flushed. "I don't think negatively of myself! And it's not like I haven't found anyone, it's just that no one has-"

"Found you, blah-di-blah-di-blah, yeah we've heard your excuses Haruno, we don't need to hear them again." Ino interrupted, finishing my sentence off for me.

"They're not excuses, they're true facts! Look, Im just not interested in boys right now okay? Im quite happy being single, for you information."

This was true in a way. I've never actually had a proper boyfriend before, which at the age of sixteen makes some think that it isn't something for me to be really proud of. But I don't care, because Im in love with someone already. His name is Sasori, but due to certain circumstances we've had to keep our feelings secret. You see, Sasori, or Sasori Sensei, is actually my resistant materials teacher. And he's 23 years old.

He's mature and kind hearted. He isn't swayed by stuff like blonde hair and big boobs. And although his job isn't really academic related, he is still intelligent and thoughtful. I know for a fact that he returns my feelings for him, but obviously because of age and occupation circumstances we can't make our relationship public yet. He spends ages of his time talking to me about how excellent each and every one of my project productions are, and lending me books he recommends will help me improve and become even more skilful.

Of course, the fact that he's kind and thoughtful to all of his students can't be put aside- well, all students except for maybe ones like Zaku Abumi who thought that a tippexed drawing of Miss Anko topless was funny, or that it was appropriate to talk about his exaggeratedly large…well, you don't need to ask to know. Anyways, Mr Sasori doesn't put up with stupid behaviour from people like Zaku, but he's nice to nearly nice to everyone. However, I know that im extra special in his eyes, because his attitude towards me is different.

It was about 5 months ago when I knew it for sure. School had finished and I had stayed behind for an after school maths tuition class (I was tutoring some 13 year olds algebra). I was just about to make my way out of school when I had heard someone say my name. When I walked back, I saw Mr Sasori in a classroom that wasn't his, and get this; he was talking to someone on the phone about me. Me! I couldn't really catch what he was saying because I was so surprised at the time, but I could catch a few phrases. Something about how that specific 'shade of pink' clashed well with the 'the body tone and bright green', which I interpreted as the colour of my hair, skin and eyes. He also mentioned how beautiful I was and how just the sight of me lit up his mood. I only got a couple of seconds to catch a glimpse of what he was saying before I heard footsteps nearing the closed door I was trying to listen through. After that I ran away from the classroom as fast as I could and out of school.

I continued to act as though nothing had happened, yet everything had changed because now I knew for certain that he felt the same about me as I did for him.

Fortunately for us, no one else seemed to have realised that we have feelings for each other. Sometimes people would comment on how Mr Sasori always seemed to treat me better than he treated anyone else and teased me about how I was teacher's pet, but it was always because they thought that since I was good at resistant materials, he liked me better, rather than anything deeper.

On one hand im relieved; who knew what would happen to Mr Sasori if everyone knew that he, a teacher, likes a me, a student. But at the same time it's so frustrating that we can't be genuinely open about our emotions. At least Im sixteen now, which makes it legal for us to go out, but I guess I would have to wait until I left school before making anything public.

Waiting is so hard and boring though. We've been on summer holidays, and I haven't seen him for at least three weeks now, but it feels like forever. I spotted him once while I was walking through the shopping centre, and he smiled and said 'Hey', but that was about it. It was short and brief, but it made me happy nonetheless. Still, the fact that I missed him was true, and I couldn't wait until these next four weeks just passed.

I must have drifted off into some sort of daydream thinking about Mr Sasori, because Ino suddenly interrupted to say "Hello, Sakura, earth calling forehead, anybody there?"

I blinked and refocused my gaze back on Ino. "Sorry Ino, I was erm, thinking about something. What were you saying again?"

Ino rolled her eyes. "I said that obviously you're interested in boys, but I was talking about the non-fictional kind here, not Spiderman or Mr Darcy."

I shrugged. "Hey, I'll have you know that there are tons of people out there who have crushes on actors."

"Yeah they do, except they have crushes on the real actors, not the characters that you're in love with. I mean come on, a nineteenth-century landowner and a mutated half-spider-half-man? You're never going to just stumble across them while you're walking in the streets Saks."

I smiled. "You never know pig. Maybe this time in the next ten years a time machine would have been invented and I could travel back in time to meet a real life Mr Darcy, or maybe biology and genetic engineering would have developed in a way that would make it possible for a man to have spider like powers."

"Or Spider-like hands. Gosh, they would be useful in so many ways you know?"

I noted sarcastically, "No, I don't know. Enlighten me pig."

She wiggled her eyebrows suggestively. "I would have thought that a girl with an imagination like yours would get what I was talking about already. Just think with me Sakura. A man with eight hands? He could multi-task,"

I raised an eyebrow. "What? Like clean, cook, iron and fold clothes all at the same time?"

Ino sighed audibly in a way that made it sound like she was frustrated or something. "No idiot. Im talking about in bed."

I flushed a deep crimson and my eyes bulged slightly out of my sockets as my jaw dropped down. "Ino!" I cried, trying to shake the disturbing mental images out of my now tainted brain.

"What?" She said, voice laced with fake innocence, before she laughed out uncontrollably. "Oh god! You really need to look in a mirror you know? You're face looks hilarious!"

I groaned and laced my fingers through my hair. Trust Ino to come out with something as inappropriate as this. "Well I'm over them now. I've grown up and out of those old loves, seriously."

"Hmmm," Ino said suspiciously, "I bet you haven't. I bet you've just fallen for another unobtainable male, only this time you've decided to keep quiet about it."

I tensed slightly at this. Did Ino…know about my feelings for Sasori? Was I that easy to read? I knew that Ino was my best friend and all but still, I was sure that I had hidden it to the point that no one would be able to even hint that I was feeling anything towards anyone.

"I know!" She let out a giggle. "It's Edward Cullen from twilight! Except not the actor, although he's admittedly quite hot, but the actual Vampire. You want a blood-sucking, mysterious immortal hottie to just suddenly appear in your life and swift you away."

I laughed as well in order to hide the un-comfortableness that I was feeling. I inwardly sighed in relief. I had to be admit, it was really hard keeping a secret from my best friend. Normally, we tell each other everything, but this time I couldn't tell my secret relationship with Sasori to her, it was too important and risky to share, even to someone I considered my best friend, plus I don't think that she would really understand anyways. Last year, when he had first started working at our school, I did point out to her that I thought he looked extremely attractive, but she'd just shrugged the thought away and said "Hmmm, he looks okay for his age, but he's a teacher, which means he's bound to be boring."

After that I had decided that it was better if I didn't mention him at all, and now Im sort of glad because the only way I was going to be sure that no one would find out about this secret was by telling no one about it.

I was relieved but at the same time disappointed when Karin barged in on us and interrupted Ino half-way through her talk about my secret lovers, face contorted as if she had just sucked a sour lemon. She snapped "Mum would like you to leave now, Ino. She says that me and Sakura have to start getting ready for our guests tonight, whether we want to or not apparently."

She stormed out afterwards, slamming the door shut in a way that caused an echo to ripple around the room. I smiled apologetically at Ino. "Sorry about that."

"Don't worry about it, Im used to her now anyways."

"Ino," I warned.

"Yeah, yeah, I know, she's like a sister to you. It still doesn't make her less of a pain though."

Rather than continuing our small arguing on Karin, I decided to steer away the conversation back on to our guests as I walked her to the door. "I don't know if Im going to like them Ino."

"What are you talking about Sakura? It's not important if you like them. It's important if they like your father."

"No you don't get it. Remember that time when that rich exchange student stayed over at Matsuri's last year and he couldn't stop boasting about how great being rich was and about how amazing the places he's been to were compared to Konoha? What if they turn out to be like him? What if I end up snapping at them or saying something really inappropriate that causes them to completely hate us then end up firing dad or something?"

"Sakura, you're over-stressing everything. Look, just calm down and breathe. Everything is going to go perfectly, especially with you! You're the nicest and most polite girl I've ever known, well after Hinata that is. If anyone is going to mess anything up, which they won't, then you would be the least likely person. And if you're really that worried about everything, just make yourself scarce around them. Problem solved!"

I laughed. "Well, I'll make sure to keep your advice in mind. And you're probably right anyways. Im just over exaggerating everything aren't I?"

Before Ino left she made me promise to look at Sasuke precisely so that I can tell her every single detail about him. She also made me promise to find out exactly how tall he was and how broad his shoulders were. We laughed at the thought of me greeting the Uchiha's with a measuring tape in my hand. "Hello there, Im Sakura! Now before you enter our house, let me just measure how tall you are, it's an old family tradition."

Ino left, still giggling, and I went back into the kitchen to peel vegetables and help my mother make the meal. She was freaking out because usually, when we're having guests over, she usually tends to just go out and buy something fancy but prepared, but this time our guests were keen on trying something that's originally from Konoha, and she was never good with the traditional foods. And Konoha was famously known for its delicious fish delicacies.

Thank god Aunt Kushina came over in time and helped us set up a menu to serve to our guests. For starters we decided to make Soba and Udon accompanied by Yakitori, followed by Omurice and curry, and lastly chocolate and strawberry trifle. I've volunteered to make the Omurice and curry while mum and dad are busying themselves with the starter. At least Aunt Kushina had saved us all time by already bringing the trifle prepared.

Throughout the whole time that we were getting everything prepared, Karin decided that it was the right time to make herself known by being a pain-constantly moaning and banging pots and pans as if she was a five year old. I was relieved when mum finally told her to just go upstairs and get herself ready. Doing her make-up and getting changed usually took her an hour, which meant that I would be safe from her ranting for a while at least. This time however, she surprised us all by stomping back downstairs after only 20 minutes, still complaining.

"Don't know why I'm even bothering getting all dressed up for some boring couple and their dorky son."

I sighed, totally fed up with Karin. "Look I know you're in a bad mood because you're missing you're date tonight, but for god's sake Karin it's not like he's going to leave you because you couldn't make it to one lousy date."

"Of course he isn't!" Karin said, shocked at the idea of a guy dumping her for a change. "Oh that's not the point though Sakura! You just don't get it do you? It doesn't matter to you if you spend your Saturday nights stuck at home bored out of your mind, but some of us have a life."

I inwardly winced at that comment. "Wow gee, thanks a lot Karin. You know it's not like Im a sad loner or anything, I do have friends."

"Oh my god Sakura! I didn't mean it like that! Oh don't go all sulky on me now!"

Karin was like a sister to me and all, and I really do love her. But sometimes she just went over the line and it made it hard for me to like her. Tonight for instance.


Finally, the front door buzzed and at last we were all ready for our guests. We stood in neatly in the hallway to greet them, even Karin who had at first decided to not even bother but then changed her mind when Dad told her that she should better get her arse into the hallway or else, and waited for Dad to answer the door.

Our three guests were tall, pale and beautiful beyond belief, but, oh my God, the son! He had dark ebony coloured hair that was cut sharply at the edges; bangs framed his perfect face while the rest of the hair spiked backwards in this unusually sexy style. His seemed to be even darker than his hair, contrasting greatly next to his pale, smooth, spotless skin, and he had a lithe, tall athletic yet slim physique. His smirk was the type that caused girls to either faint or fan-girl scream, or both if possible, and his voice was rich and respectful in that confident, mysterious way that caused your brain to go senseless and your spine to tingle in sensation.

He extended a slender, firm hand for my father to shake, and then turned to greet my mother, my sister then me. Honestly, he was probably the handsomest, sexiest man I had ever laid eyes upon, and from the corner of my eyes I knew that Karin definitely agreed because she was blushing crazily as she mumbled an incoherent, unintelligible greeting. It was the first time I had seen Karin so worked up because of a guy, all awkward and smitten.

I glanced at her and grinned broadly, not caring about the fact that I probably looked pretty stupid at the moment, but it seemed like Sasuke had thought that the smile was directed towards him, because his pretty stoic face seemed to be slightly more displeased as he sent a frown towards Karin, before he looked over at me and smirked. It took all the willpower in me to not go all love-sick like Karin did as my smile widened even more and I said in my calmest, composed yet cheery voice "Hi, my name is Sakura, it's lovely to meet you."

He merely replied with a "Hn. Sasuke,", and I hoped that he did not catch the way my smile faltered slightly at the small amount of words he had chosen. Guess he wasn't much of a talker then.

Still, one look at Karin again caused my smile to widen again, this time in slight humour. This was going to interesting.

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