Adam Townsend sat at his desk, barely listening as the teacher gave his lecture. These classes were so boring. 'Blah blah blah Atomic Theory' this, 'blah blah blah, Quantum Mechanics' that. He already knew this shit. Ever since he came to Japan, that's all he had been taught; things he already knew. He wanted a challenge. Something new. Something exciting. His thoughts were interrupted by the high-pitched clanging of the bell. "Finally." Adam murmured as he gathered his books and other supplies. He stood up, walking casually out of the room. At last, another boring, uneventful day was over. How many did he have left? He would be heading back to America in eleven months. While he did enjoy the culture of Japan, he hadn't made any friends. What was the point? He would only have them for a year. Sure, there was instant messaging, email, and more archaic ways to keep in touch, but that was too much of a hassle. Most of the friends he had back home were low-maintenence; and that's the way Adam liked it. Yes, he considered keeping in touch on emails and IM's high-maintenence. He looked to the right as he got his bag from his locker. There, talking to a small group of students, was Light Yagami; the school's golden boy. While he had only been here for a month, Adam gathered the Yagami was very popular, very intelligent, and very well-loved at the school. Light turned around. His and Adam's eyes locked for just a moment, but it was enough to make Adam hide behind his locker door. A minute or two passed before he heard a voice coming from the other side of the locker door.
"Hey. Were you looking at me?" Adam closed his locker and came face-to-face with Light
Yagami. Light brushed his brown hair out of his face with a smile. Adam was silent for a moment. While you might not have guessed it from looking at him, Adam was rather shy. Especially around new people. A solid seven seconds passed before Adam got the courage to respond.

"Um, yeah." He said quickly and quietly. Light seemed amused by how nervous Adam was. He extended a hand to the nervous young man.

"My name is Light Yagami." Adam hesitated for a moment. A month without even a glance and now Light was interested in swapping formalities? It kind of rubbed Adam the wrong way. Regardless, he met Light's hand and shook it.

"Adam Townsend." He gave Light a nervous smile, then released his hand.

"A pleasure to meet you, Adam. You're from the US, right? I've seen you around. It's good to finally meet you. How are you liking Japan so far?" Light asked. Adam wasn't sure if Light was expressing genuine interest or if he was just being nice. Either way, he decided to play along.

"It's a great country. I prefer Japan's culture to my own to be honest with you." Light smiled, then jerked his thumb towards the nearby exit.

"Let's walk and talk." Light began to walk towards the exit. Adam walked next to him. They walked home together, not really talking about anything in particular. Finally, the time came where they had to go their separate ways. Finally, Adam was home. He had rented a small apartment when he came to Japan. It was cheap, but he didn't really like the neighborhood and the apartment itself was a tad bit cramped. He walked up the ten flights of stairs to his apartment; 126. He opened the door, entering and shutting it behind him. He smiled at the familiar surroundings. A bookshelf with some of this favorite detective novels and manga, some posters with his favorite bands and video games, and his TV set with the novel he was currently reading on top of it. He flopped down in the bed and fell asleep almost instantly.