Levi/Rivaille X Mikasa – Levmik? Rivmi?


"Ackerman, that was my kill!"

Lance Corporal Levi was pissed. This was not unusual, but today he was even more so. He had been forced to take the recruits for training in the woods, and whenever he tried to display techniques for the shitty brats, that damn Ackerman girl would get in his way and steal his target. "You're too slow, goddamn midget," she muttered in reply. She quickly changed the course of her 3DMG as Levi zipped straight into her path to slice through the neck of the next dummy, which had popped up to her right. "You'll never be as fast as me you shitty brat," he growled, turning in mid-air to land gracefully on the branch of a tree. Mikasa landed almost-as-gracefully on the opposite. The other recruits weren't even attacking targets anymore, they were simply watching as the two tried to out-do each other. "I think you're a bit worried about losing your title, Humanity's Strongest," Mikasa replied, with a slight smile. She adjusted her scarf and launched her 3DMG again, shooting off ahead of their Heichou. Levi gritted his teeth, his dark face even darker than usual. He wasn't about to be shown up by that little bitch. He was the best, the strongest and fastest Mankind could offer. Levi launched off into the trees too, cursing under his breath as his pack of brats followed behind him.

Later that day, everyone sat in the mess hall to eat. Levi was sitting at a table in the corner with his squad, accompanied by Hanji, Mike and Nanaba. He was sulking to himself whilst the others ate, he wanted to go to his office for dinner, but Petra and Hanji insisted, and by insisted; they dragged him down. "Cheer up, Heichou," Petra smiled, passing him the jug of wine that was going about the table. Jean and Connie had attempted to switch it for juice, but Auruo wasn't having any of that. "I'm fine," he muttered, filling his cup to the brim and draining half of it in one go. "He's just pissy because Mikasa's gonna kick his ass when she grows up," Hanji laughed, before taking a ferocious bite out of the leg of chicken she had. Levi growled and drained the rest of his cup, his arm out for the jug again. "Hitting the old wine pretty hard there, Heichou," Erd smiled, sipping his own as he watched his leader fill his cup again. "I'm thirsty," the man bluntly replied, looking away. His eyes narrowed then, Mikasa had walked in with the shota boy and the Titan kid. She shadowed that brat everywhere. He didn't understand why. Eren was hot-headed, stupid, nowhere near as strong as some of the other recruits, he didn't even have much going in the face department. Yet she followed him like a love-sick puppy. He froze then, when Mikasa looked his way. He felt his blood boil as he watched a faint smirk appear on the girl's face, quickly hidden as she fixed her scarf. He slammed his empty cup down and stood up, surprising his comrades, "I'm going to bed."

As he walked in the dark back towards his quarters, he heard something behind him. Once it was close enough, he turned, grabbing whomever it was by the neck to shove them against the wall. "Let me go you damn shortie!"

He saw through the gloom then it was Mikasa, which caused him to growl, he kept her pinned to the wall. He may have been shorter, but he was stronger. "What are you doing sneaking up on me in the dark you brat?" he asked, not loosening his grip around her neck despite her hands tugging at his. "You really are angry with me, I knew it," Mikasa replied, slightly breathless, with a dark grin that was much unlike her. Levi narrowed his eyes and pulled her closer, his voice dark and pretty terrifying, "stop trying to out-do me in everything you shitty bitch, I can beat 7 shades of pain into you and lose no sleep. You are not better than me, child."

Mikasa growled when he called her that. She was a soldier, worth 100 of her kind. She'd killed a man at the age of 9, no way was she going to take shit from this midget, even if he was her superior. "I will be better than you, wait for the day I kick your ass," she hissed, pushing her face closer to make her point. Levi scanned her eyes with an angry face, before shoving her back against the wall and pressing close to her. "You will never beat me," he whispered, his lips almost touching hers. He released her then and went back on his route to his room, the darkness concealing his red face. Mikasa just stood by the wall, watching him with widened eyes as her cheeks turned red.

As Levi lay in his bed he thought about what had happened with Mikasa, and the feelings it had stirred up. Not feelings of attraction of course. That would be absurd. She was a child, and a filthy one at that. No. He was thinking of how angry she made him, how she could shatter his usual cold façade with ease. He felt jealousy; he had not been as talented as her when he was her age. She was admired by the seniors, by her squad, he knew she was coveted by a few of the boys, she was just so perfect. Her strength, her beauty, it was such a waste. She would just get cocky one day and be eaten, or die defending that stupid Jaeger boy that she couldn't keep her eyes off! Levi turned and punched the wall with an angry grunt. He then sighed and sat up, looking down distastefully at the tent in his boxers. He certainly wasn't attracted to Mikasa, but she did torment him with brutal feelings of lust. She was so strong, what would it be like to dominate that strength? Not in battle, in bed. The idea of her submitting to him had him unknowingly stroking himself up and down, the thought of her lying helplessly beneath him, not in a rape-ish manner, but her desperate for him to take full control of her, to pleasure her. Levi gave a soft moan, closing his eyes as he imagine teasing the contours of her body with kisses, her hands tied above her head to his bedpost with that damn scarf she always wore. His strokes moved a little faster now, thinking of her whispering "heichou" over and over again, screaming it then as he entered her. The thought of fucking that little Oriental-halfling until she couldn't even scream…Levi bit his lip as he reduced his moan to a grunt, he was surprised just thinking of her had him spent so quick. He shook his head with disgust and got up, he had to go clean off.

Chapter 2 coming soon ;)