Chapter 15

News of their engagement had spread through the HQ like wildfire. Levi was overjoyed. The usually quiet, reserved, controlled man was smiling, laughing, and of course, stealing his wife-to-be away whenever he had the chance. It became a regular thing for Mikasa to suddenly be snatched away during training by her speedy fiancé, to be kissed and teased mercilessly behind trees where no one could see or hear. Levi hadn't lied when he said he'd show her the things lovers did. Of course, his teasing was through kisses and words, he would rarely be handsy with her, not outside. She was getting made fun of a lot by Eren and Armin due to her daily kidnaps, though neither of them knew exactly what was happening. Mikasa wouldn't speak of Levi's knee-weakening kisses, his hot, whispered words that sent shivers down her spine as he pressed her against a tree with his own shivering body. She knew what would happen now, when the time came to make love. He had explained it, though in a rather bland way that didn't make it sound like a big deal. He would show her though, that it was far better than described. The thought of making her squeal was driving him mad, those whimpers and moans he got as he teased her neck and chest with kisses were enough to send him back to his room to interfere with himself once he had her trembling. He was holding back because he wanted her to be ready, he loved her dearly after all. If that meant taking the long, empty route back to HQ to give his raging hard-on time to calm, he would do it. If it meant having to sort it out himself whilst alone, he would do it. There were no "weddings" in the Scouting Legion, per se. A day would be chosen where the two would publicly announce their relationship to the Scouts, then they would leave to go to Wall Rose to sign the paperwork and have a week's time off to spend together. Levi and Mikasa had decided it was best to choose a day sometime in March, as she turned 16 in February and they also had an expedition. They couldn't marry before the 10th, she was simply not old enough. Though as soon as they returned, they would make their announcement and be off to Rose. The Scouts may have known already, but this was a formality, and it had to be followed thusly.

It was late January, and Levi was reading by the fire. In one hand, he held his book, in the other, he held a thin, lit cigarette. Erwin had given him a small case of them as a birthday gift, and as he was not much of a smoker, he had maybe 3 a week since. He took a long drag as his eyes scanned the page before him, slowly inhaling before turning the page. He set the cigarette down as he exhaled a white trail of smoke, reaching then for his half-glass of whiskey. He was relaxing for once, in the quiet. He glanced lazily at the door when it opened, a smile appearing on his face as Mikasa walked in, "where have you been, brat?"

"Polishing blades," she replied, walking over to kiss his cheek. She glanced at the still-lit cigarette in the ashtray, "resting?"

"Indeed I am, take your turn to do the same," he chuckled, offering her a sip from his glass. Mikasa gave a little smile of her own and took the glass, sipping the drink before making a face. The pair laughed, she wasn't fond of whiskey, the burning sensation it brought didn't appeal to her. She never said no to him offering it though. "What are you reading now?" she asked as she went to sit on his bed, unlacing her boots. "It's called The Sorrows of Young Werther, by a man named Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, it's a very old book Hanji found outside the Walls, she gave it to me so we wouldn't have to hand it over," Levi replied as he picked up his cigarette again. "Read it to me sometime," the girl said as she put her boots under the bed and took off her jacket. She hung it by his on the coat-stand, then began removing her straps. Levi glanced back at her when he realised she was changing. He smiled to himself and looked back to his book, taking another drag. Mikasa eventually sat down by the fire, just wearing one of Levi's shirts over her underwear. He did love seeing his clothes on her, it was cute, plus it was rather sexy at the same time. He threw his cigarette butt into the fire, then closed his book and set it down by his whiskey. He patted his thigh, "come here."

Mikasa glanced at him before getting up and sitting on his lap, smiling as he slipped his arms around her and kissed her cheek, "I missed you today."

"Oh shut up, liar," she smiled, resting her head against his as she stroked his cheek, "getting a bit of stubble, Heichou, better shave soon.."

Levi growled softly and gave her a little kiss, "I'll shave if I want, brat."

"You should grow a beard, maybe you wouldn't look so much like a pissed off 14 year old girl if you did," she whispered with a mischievous smirk. Levi looked at her crossly and pinched her sides, making her jump, "I'm manly as hell, excuse me."

"Sure you are," she shrugged with a giggle, she loved to piss him off. Levi just stood up, holding her tight as he carried her to the bed and dropped her on it. He looked down at his giggling fiancée, trying not to smile, he loved to see her happy after all. He raised an eyebrow when she stopped and just looked at him, a faint smile on her face as her eyes scanned him. "What is it?" he asked with a curious frown. Mikasa reached her arms out to him, "kiss me.."

Levi tilted his head to the side with a surprised little smile, before lying down beside her and cupping her cheek. He gave her a few little kisses, before stroking her hair and scanning her eyes, "are you ok?"

"I'm always ok when I'm with you, even though you're a midget bastard who looks like a hateful teenager," she chuckled. Levi smiled and gave her a loving kiss, "watch your mouth you Halfling brat, I'll beat you senseless."

"No you won't," she smiled, giggling as he got on top of her and removed her scarf to give her neck ticklish kisses. "Damn right I won't," he whispered, a happy smile on his face as trailed his kisses from her neck back to her lips. He gave a little sound of surprise as Mikasa slipped her arms around his neck and kissed him firmly, keeping him close against her as he kissed her back. He was even more surprised when she took one of his hands to place against her breast. She was never this forward with him. He wouldn't argue though, happily kissing her as his hand gently squeezed and stroked her breast, moving to unbutton her stolen shirt to get better access. He began to gently kiss and nibble her neck as he finished unbuttoning, his hand trailing over the smooth skin of her toned stomach. He smirked as he felt her shiver beneath him, he loved having that affect. He gently bit her neck, her soft moans goading him into unbuttoning his own shirt, pushing himself up a little to remove it and throw it aside. He kissed her deeply then, enjoying her warm hands slipping down his chest. He could feel her undoing his belt, prompting him to pull her up to get the shirt off her. He pulled away a little to look into her eyes, wondering why she was acting this way all of a sudden. It dawned on him in moments, "you're worried we won't come back.."

Mikasa looked away with a blush, a slight frown on her face. Levi traced his fingertips along her neck, down to her collarbone before smiling a little, "it's ok you know, to think like that. It could happen after all."

He smiled as she shivered and looked to him with a slight pout. He gave her a long, firm kiss, "I love you, and I will love you now, in this moment, and then, in the moment I take my last breath. Even if we don't come back, you'll still be my love and my wife if only in spoken word. But I'll try my hardest to bring us both back so we can be married and happy together for as long as we can."

"I love you, idiot," she whispered with tear-y eyes. Levi smiled and gave her tender kisses, shivering as her hands slipped along the skin of his back. When her kisses became firmer, and more needy, he responded how she wanted, by kissing her back just as firm, slipping his tongue into her mouth as he removed the wrap around her chest, her own hands removing his belt to cast it aside. He pressed firmly against her as he teased his tongue with hers, her hands gripping his back gently as he moved his kisses to her neck and trailed them down to her chest. He placed light, slow kisses along her breasts, feeling himself grow harder as she moaned softly. He teased her nipples gently with his tongue, trying to maintain control of himself as Mikasa's hands slipped through his hair. He wanted to just take her, but he wouldn't do that. He glanced up at her with lusty eyes, his hands moving down to slowly slip off her underwear. She had her eyes closed, her cheeks scarlet. He smiled, moving up to kiss her again. He had her underwear down enough now to just kick them off. She shyly tugged at his trousers, "only fair you take these off too.." she whispered to his lips as he kissed her. "You're right," he whispered back with a smile, unbuttoning his trousers and pushing them off to then kick onto the floor. His arousal was evident, now that he was just in his boxers. Mikasa peeked down, but looked away again, causing Levi to give a soft chuckle, "you're so innocent, it's so cute.."

"Shut up.." she growled softly, before giving a high little gasp as Levi gently rubbed between her legs. She looked to him with a red face, trying not to moan as he slowly rubbed her clit with his finger. He smirked slightly and kissed her, "do you like this…?"

Mikasa didn't answer at first, she tilted her head back with a soft moan, gripping his shoulders, "y-yes…"

"I can make it better," he whispered as he kissed her neck, his finger moving a little faster, making her jump slightly. "Do it…" she whispered, having trouble getting the words out, she was very sensitive down there. Levi gave a smug chuckle and planted slow, light kisses down her chest as stomach, peeking up at her blushing face when she saw how low down he was. Naked Mikasa was a beautiful sight, especially with her reddened cheeks and glistening thighs. "What are you doing, Levi..?" she asked curiously, before gasping as the man held her thighs apart and gave her clit a long, slow lick. She tilted her head back as she near-squealed his name, which just turned him on even more. He repeated the action, over and over, holding her thighs as the girl moaned and jumped and shook at the feeling. Her back arched as he began to suck it, at the same time, inserting a finger into her entrance to slowly move in and out. "L-Levi!" she moaned, her hands gripping the bed sheets as she tried to get a handle on the pleasure she felt. Levi didn't reply, he was too busy licking and sucking now as he slipped another finger inside her. She was so warm, so wet, her taste was sweet on his tongue and her sounds were driving him insane. He ached with longing, he wanted to be inside her now. He stopped then, looking up at his breathless fiancée. She looked back at him before reaching down, beckoning him to come closer. He obeyed, moving up so she could grip the back of his neck and kiss him passionately, tasting herself on his lips as her other hand gripped his erection through his boxers, making him moan in surprise into their kiss. She pushed his boxers down, his own hands moving to help her get them off fast as their kisses grew quick, and passionate. There were no words as Levi held one of Mikasa's thighs, positioning himself before pushing into her with a deep groan. Mikasa gasped, gripping his shoulders once more as she felt a sharp pain below. Levi paused, staying still as he waited for her to adjust. "W-we…are we…" she whispered, before Levi cut her off with a kiss. "We are making love tonight, and I will be gentle, I'm sorry," he whispered to her lips. He had been hasty, but he was a man after all. After a few minutes of little kisses to help her with the pain, Levi began to slowly move again, in, and out, over and over, but gently. Mikasa whimpered softly as he began to thrust, it felt both good, and painful. But as time went on it began to feel better, she began to moan his name oh-so-quietly, his soft groans somehow making it all feel even better. Eventually, she moved her hips with his, even whispering a soft "faster…"

Levi was glad to comply, beginning to thrust a little faster as she moaned beneath him. He felt amazing, she was so tight, her moans were so hot, so innocent. He buried his face in her shoulder as he began to thrust quicker, the movements earning little gasps and groans from his lover. He bit her neck gently, trying to stop himself from going harder. It was such a relief when she whispered, "don't hold back, I want it all…"

Eager to please, he began to thrust quickly and firmly into her, groaning her name as he held her thigh up slightly to move deeper. He shut his eyes, moaning as he began to pound her hard, finally making her squeal his name, louder and louder as his speed increased. She dragged her nails down his back, her head tilted back into the mattress as she begged him to keep going, not to stop. He had no plans to do so, he was in Heaven, he gave a loud moan then, as Mikasa reached her climax, her inner walls tightening around him as she practically screamed his name. It was too much for him, he hid his face in her shoulder once more as he came hard with a deep moan of his own. He continued to move, just a little bit more, as he tried to calm down the intense pleasure he felt. Then he stopped, and lay beside her, pulling his trembling woman close. She slipped her arm around him, shaking and jerking slightly as she tried to calm herself after such an experience. "Are you ok…?" he whispered breathlessly, one hand stroking her hair as the other held her close. "Yes…" she whispered back, nuzzling his chest a little. He smiled, not saying a word then.

They lay there for a little while, in silence. It was a comfortable silence, the only sound was of ragged breathing. Levi eventually picked up his now-sleeping lover, and carefully laid her properly in the bed, getting in beside her to pull the sheets over their naked selves. He kissed her cheek and slipped an arm around her, snuggling close as he closed his eyes to sleep. He was happy, very happy. He would be a good husband to her, she deserved it after all. She worked hard, she was strong, she was beautiful, she had a good heart. It had been so hard to win her, he had almost lost her completely, but not even death would steal him from her, not yet. She was his, it was his duty to make her happy, and he would fulfil it. Even if they only had as long as another week or so together, he would make her as happy as possible. No one had ever made him smile like she did, no one had ever brought him more joy, no one had ever made Lance Corporal Levi feel like he truly mattered, that he was loved for being him. He would protect her until his last breath, and he would love her beyond that, beyond death. Mikasa was too good for him, she was better than him, not that he would ever admit it. As much as he loved her, a man has to have some secrets.

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