Shy Kimmy

"Kim, Wake up!" Rose, my 7 year old sister, yelled.

"Why are you on me?" I said still in a drowsy state. I HATE mornings, I don't get why school starts so early anyways. They want kids to be good in school, THEN START IT LATER! Simple as that.

" is 5:23" Rose said showing me the clock. It took me a second to remember what day it was.

"Oh, Oh, OH, come on!" I yelled getting out of my warm bed and into the cold air. My bed:( It was not that I needed to go to school, it was that Rose needed to. I have become like a mother to Rose ever since dad died and basically never home.

Rose and I have a 5 minute walk to her bus stop where she then waits for the bus with the other kids.

"Okay, Take care" I say as we reached the stop. I fixed her hair a bit and bent down so I could give her a kiss on the forehead

After I leave I go back home and do some cleaning, I really HATE cleaning too! I usually clean the dishes, fix Rose's bed and mine, wipe the mirrors, etc. I have been recently needing to scrub the floor because my brother, James, keeps bringing food up to his room at night , and the weird part is, is that he doesn't get fluffy! I am pretty sure he doesn't do exercise

One time I went to clean his room in the afternoon, and I found piles of chips and cookies in his bed. All of this food seems to be going to his height and stuff.

"Done!" I say looking at my work and placing my hands on my hips.

"Right on time!" I say looking at the clock that reads 6:30. After my work is done I go upstairs to wake up my brother

"Come,,,on!" I say trying to pull him out of his bed. James has been a real heavy sleeper lately. I just think it's a growth spirt, but COME ON! He seems like sleeping beauty, but atleast she had grace and honor.

"" I say. My face starts to heat up and I can feel sweating coming on. Oh, Yeah, did I mention I HATE PE! It's not that I hate alot of things, but I find them more usuless. Why do we need PE? It is just a way for school to embarres us and single us out.

"Whattttttt" James says finally getting up. I didn't realize I was still pulling on his arm till he swiped his arm away, and I fell butt down on the ground

"OWWWWW!" I yelled getting off the ground. Lately James and I have been getting into more fights then normal, but I think that's a sign of a good relationship between bro and sis.

"Your the one who wanted to wake me up!" He yelled while scratching his head.

"Ya, because we have SCHOOLLLLLL!" Maybe I said it a little too loud?

"Don't get your panties in a twist!"

"Sheesh! Whats up with you? Don't you want to see the girls waiting for you at school?! Or have they given up on YOU!?" Now that was something I shouldn't have said

"At least I don't have a stupid crush on someone I can't get...EVER!" My cheecks then flooded with lava when he said that. How does he even know I like Jared?

"W-w-well... That basically is a crush!" I don't think that really is the defenition of a crush, but I just tried to make a point.

"WHY YOU..."

"Just get ready" I said to him camly cutting off his sentence. I left his room earning an angry glare from him. I won!...I think

I went to my room and checked my alarm, it was...6:40. I quickly grabbed my brush and brushed my hair and then my teeth. I then picked out an outfit from my closet, a blue t-shirt and a pair of Jeans. I put on some deoderant and went downstairs. I ate a sandwhich and packed some sandwhichs for James. Even though he is mean he is still my brother.

I left the house at 7:06 grabbing my umbrella and my jacket. I walk to school and James takes the bus. I HATE the bus because I get push around, it's like i'm invisible. James on the other hand is like the center of attention, so we are like complete oppisites. I use to like the bus when I was young, but things change... people change.

Not many people in school know that James and I are related because we barely talk in school. I remember when we were young, James would always stay by my side and protect me, but now, not a chance. I guess everyone forgot that we are siblings, or just don't care, but that's okay.

"So gotten over your crush yet?" my best friend, Abby, says right off the bat.

"Hi to you to" I say sarcastically

"So have you gotten over your crush yet?" This time it was Kaitlyn, my other bff who said it.

"No" I say lowly "Why do you guys always ask this?"

"Because, Jared is not worth your time, he is just a mean player" Abby said crossing her arms

"Shuuu! Please don't say his name so loud" I say placing I hand over her mouth

"Srry" She said

"Come let's go inside, it's cold" It was cold and it just hit spring? La Push is werid

Kaitlyn, Abby and I went to my locker after shoving our way through all the people. Our school is small, but holds up to like 600 people!

"Here you go" I say as I hand them their science books. We all have first period, science, together and since my locker is closer to the room I hold their science books in my locker. I really didn't have a choice, one time Kaitlyn found my agenda and saw my locker combination in it so, I had to give in.

We went to our room and let me tell you this, I LOVE science. It was my favorite subject. Plus the teacher, Mrs. Martinez, was really nice. My friends on the other hand...HATED the subject. They thought it was plain out boring!

Next I have Language Arts, LA, which is, okay I guess. In this period I don't have any friends. I get kind of lonely, but I try to always try to have a smile on my face

After LA i have...PE! Like I said, I HATE PE. It's not because the sweating, like the other girls worry about, it's because I get embarresed easily. One time we were running a mile outside, and i slipped on mud and landed face down in mud. I tried to hold back my cries, but they just came out. I am not weak if that's what your thinking. It's just that I cry easily, you get me? Right

So after the worst period ever I go to what I have been waiting for all day, Math! It's not the subject I like, but more who is in the class. Jared is there, and we sit next to eachoter! Although he dosen't even notice me, but why would he notice Shy Kimmy?

Jared is the hottest boys in school! I LOVE his red-brown skin, his sholder length skin, and most of all...his LAUGH. It's just so, contacious! OH, what love does to ya!

After School is done I go to the store sometimes and buy food. I then go to pick up Rose at her school. I don't know why Rose's school takes forever to get out, but atleast they get to have nap time and get to paint.

"How was your day" I ask Rose and we swing our hands up and down


"That's good!"

At home the first thing I do is Homework! I HATE homework! What is the point of it? We go to school for like, half of our day and then they stick us with homework that like, takes two hours to complete!? I mean, I would be okay with homework if we got a longer weekend, but we don't. So I think you know how I feel.

Then after homework, I cook food, and Rose sets up the table

Today was werid though. James is usually here with us by the time we are eating. Even if he is mad at me. He should have called at least...right?

"Where's buba?" Rose says as she twils some spaghetti around with her fork.

"I don't know, he should be here soon"

"Is...he...o-okay?" Rose says with a mouthful of spaghetti in her mouth.

"I, I am sure he is" I think?

So after todays unusual diner, Rose went to watch TV in the living room while I went upstairs to take a shower. I got to say that a shower is the favorite part of my day. It gives me time to myself so I can think, or sing. Don't pretend like you don't do that girl. Embrace it. Although, I am a bad singer, but that's why I sing in the no one can hear me.

Finally, after I take a shower and put on my pajamas, I tuck Rose into bed. We like to go to sleep early so we try our best to slep around 8:00

Usually before she goes to sleep I read her a story, but today she wanted a song.

"Rose, you know I am not a good singer" I said begging her to let me go

"Please" She said giving me her puppy dog eyes. "Just like m-m-m-mommy use to do"

The mention of Stacy {mom} brought back some memories. I remember, a long time ago, Stacy would use to sing to Rose every night. When mo-Stacy stopped coming home, I would usually read to Rose because of my bad singing.

"Please" She said once more

"Rose, if I sing, your probebly going to have nightmares" HONESTLY!


"You will"

"Sing twinkle twinkle little star, please" That was Rose's favorite song. She loved it because it was simple yet, beautiful.

"Ummmmm...o-okay-y" I think I remember the lyrics. I got closer to Rose and she snggled up in my lap

"T-t-twinkle, twinkle l-little s-s-sta..." I trailed off "Rose, I can't do this" I said looking down at Rose

"You were fine. Now come on" Guess I was stuck

"T-twinkle t-twinkle little s-star, how I wonder what you..." I started scratching Rose's small head and continued singing "...Up above the world so high, like a dimond in the sky..."

Once Rose was quietly snoring, I carefully got out of the bed and placed a blanket on top of her.

I slowly closed the door behind me. I thought about checking on James, but I don't want to get into another fight and wake up Rose.

I went to my room and read the alarm clock. It was 8:30. I went to my bed, trying to be as quiet as a mouse, that dosen't really work with loud floors.

I Iayed on my bed, covered myself up with my warm blanket, and began to dream of Jared. Like I do every night.

If only, one day, he can be mine...

So guys...I rewrote this chapter so sorry if it gets a little confusing in the other chapters. I will fix them soon! Stay the beautiful you!