Fun little one shot I did when I was bored (: Had a hard time looking up the script of the scene. Hope you like it! (:

**Disclaimer: I do not own Avatar: The Last Airbender, the characters, or the script- But this is a plot twist that I wrote**

"My leg! Hang on Toph!" Sokka said from above me. My short 12 years of life flashed before me. So much I wish I could have done. I couldn't give up just yet! 'C'mon Toph! Be strong!' I yelled at myself.

"Aye, Aye captain!" I yell back up to him. We're holding onto each other's wrists. The pain in my shoulder is excruciating, but I shouldn't be complaining. I'm not the one holding 100 pounds of Toph up.

"I don't think boomerang's coming back, Toph. It looks like this is the end." His grip loosens and now he's hanging onto me just by the tips of my fingers. If only I had the courage to yell up to him. 'I love you Sokka'… But I couldn't. I was done. He was done. It's over.

I let go.

"TOPH!" He screams and rolls over slightly to see me falling. Being blind has never been so good. I didn't have to see the world fly by me as I plummeted to the ground. 'Maybe' I thought 'I'll land in water'... Great, then I can drown instead of falling to my death.

Shut up Toph. It's over.

"I love you Sokka" I manage to whisper into the hair before I hit the earth.

I slowly open my heavy eyelids. 'What?'… How is this-


I'm alive.

I take in a huge breath of air. Then the pain came. My ribs. My arms. Everything. Um… OW! I moved one of my sore arms and crossed it over my shattered ribs.

"Hey Sokka…" I said into the hot air "Hang on." I went to stand, but a sharp pain greeted my calves and raced up my legs, and into my back. I tasted the bitter taste of blood as it filled my mouth.

"DAMN!" I scowl. I closed my eyes and waited. For what? I don't know. Someone maybe.

"Help." I call out quietly before drifting to sleep.

If only I hadn't closed my eyes. Maybe I would still be alive. But I fell asleep. Maybe it wasn't a sleep. It was death. I had died. I woke up yet again, but I obviously wasn't on Earth. Perhaps the spirit world. I don't know- I still haven't found anyone. Maybe… this is the after world. "Heaven" I heard some people call it. Or hell…

Either way- I'm safe now. Out of pain. My short 12 years were good, I guess. I'll run into someone- soon enough I hope. But for now, I'm alone.

I am Toph Bei Fong. Greatest earthbender ever.

Did you like it? :) I had SO much fun writting it- It was a oneshot- so, yah :) R&R! Bye bye(: