A/N: I know I have a lot of other stories to finish and I shouldn't start another story, but I developed a major case of writers block, so, after watching the premier of The Originals I came up with an idea for a cross over between The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. I pretty much have this one written out cause once I wrote the idea down it just kept flowing. I'm only putting a little at a time up to get a feel of what you all think of it.

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"Hey, it's me... again." the female paused as she lifted the hood to her now smoking car and swore for the tenth time since starting on the journey." So, I'm gonna be later than I thought because my car is broke down on the side of I- am- going-to-be-murder-by-a-psychotic-killer-long ass street with no name where I can see it and nothing but woods on both sides of the road." she sighed deeply as she looked around her surroundings which was getting darker by the second." When you get this call me back this is the third voice mail within the hour." she hung up as she looked into the car again. She silently cursed herself for not paying attention when her ex tried to teach her about cars. It was his fault for being hot.

A noise from the woods behind her had her whirling around quickly immediately going into defense mode. Her instincts automaticly kicking in. She could take on anything that came at her it was in her training. One of the draw backs of dating a hunter. A hunter she thought was crazy at first and now she wished he was here. He never put her in direct danger, but it was ultimately that inadvertent danger that made him break her heart. She shook her head to clear it of the unwanted memories of a past she'd left along time ago. Her green eyes scanned her surroundings for the sound.

A draw back of knowing about the things that go bump in the night or day you always expect them to jump out at you at the slightest noise. All the monsters that were in books, movies or television shows were real. They didn't have the weaknesses of those monsters of make believe though. No they were a lot harder to kill. She let out another deep sigh as she turned back around to face her car only to come face to face with a werewolf. She let out a surprised gasp as she took an involuntary step backwards. She immediately took a defensive stance as she starred the creature down. The wolf just starred at her before finally running off in the opposite direction.

She stood there waiting for it to come back. The wind blew a strand of her deep red hair across her face. Her heart was racing from the encounter. Every fiber in her being was awaken with the need to survive. Years of being trained for situations like this were now coming into play. She knew that they didn't just give up without making the kill or at least fighting. She heard the sound of an approaching car and it startled her as she turned toward it. She smiled when she saw her best friend since birth getting out.

"Hey Layla, you okay cause you look like you were getting ready to fight to the death." Tyler said as he approached her and eyed her carefully.

"Yeah, the strangest thing just happened." She answered as she met his eyes" A were wolf was standing right there." she pointed to where the creature once stood." We had a stare off and then it just left in the opposite direction of me." she wouldn't have believed if she hadn't seen it herself. Tyler looked around scanning the area thoroughly before turning back to her.

"It's gone now so, lets take a look at your piece of junk and see if we can't get to running enough to make it to the Salvatore Boarding House which is about a mile up the street." He said turning his attention to her car.

"How did you know where I was?" she questioned as they walked over to her car. "I've been trying to call you, but it goes to voice mail. I was scared that I was going to murdered on the side of the street."They had very little daylight left." Are you even gonna be able to see in this light?" She was rambling she knew it and so did Tyler. The were scared her more than she wanted to let on.

"I left my phone at the Salvatore Boarding House which was where I was heading when I saw you and stopped." He said from inside the hood of the car." I can see just fine trust me." he looked up at her and saw the fear etched in her face so he gave her a reassuring smile." Try and start it now if it'll start you can follow me we'll go slow." he stood back as she did as he asked and it started.

"How did you do that the thing was boiling smoke like crazy?" she questioned excitedly as she smiled brightly as she flung her arms around him and caught sight of the wolf from before.

"You have a lose battery wire and if smoke was pouring out of it probably a lot more than I can fix on the side of the road." He said as she pushed him behind her so fast it took him by surprise.

"I told you it was here." she hissed as she prepared to fight for Tyler's life and her own, but the thing was gone again." How does it do that?" she narrowed her eyes as she scanned the area.

"Lets go before it comes back." he said curious as to why the wolf didn't attack.

as he slammed the hood down." Follow closely behind me that way if you break down again I'll know." he went over to his car.

"Hey Ty thanks." she shouted at him before shutting her door.

"You're welcome." He shut his own door as he smiled in the review mirror at the dark red girl who had always had a special place in his heart since he could remember. He'd have to come back and look for the wolf once she was safe. She may know things most people didn't, but that didn't mean he was okay with putting her life in danger.