I know, I know, don't worry, I'm still doing I Will Always Be There but this just came into my head. If you all or some of you Henry x Gordon Fans, then you came to the right story called Things I'll Never Say inspired by the song of the same title by Avril Lavigne enjoy! :)

~*Things I'll Never Say~*

It was a beautiful cool autumn night on the Island of Sodor. People from all over were at their homes after a hard days work and school; even the engines had a tough and hard, tiresome day as well. At Tidmouth sheds, they were all in their berths having a nice deserved rest everyone except Henry that is who was the only one wide awake. He was looking up at the bright moon along with some twinkling stars that looked like diamonds. He smiled a warm smile and sighed looking at his friends sleeping peacefully. His eyes then wandered over at the big blue express engine as he was snoring loudly than the rest. He started to chuckle quietly rolling his black orbs.

Sodor's #4, or Gordon as what people called him, was the biggest and most fastest tender engine on the North Western Railway. When he had made his arrival in 1923, Henry was amazed to see him up close and face to face feeling very excited to work alongside with him. At first, he didn't like the thought of teaming up; he loved having the ability of doing things himself but Sir Topham Hatt suggested that with two big tank engines, it would get the job done faster and Henry loved the idea. Over the years, Henry's thoughts on Gordon started to cloud in his mind; whenever he was around him, he would start to blush very brightly, his boiler bubbled, and his firebox had heat up. He would take trips to the Steamworks but everything would be fine. So, what was the problem? Could it be that he was falling in love with Gordon?

This is a One-Shot so the next update will probably be the last one so please just go easy on me thanks and tell me what you think. :)