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Chapter 9.

"Gordon, now is the time to tell you the full truth and nothing but the truth. And you are going to listen to me once and for all." Henry said in full confidence he was no longer nervous and the blue tender engine paid attention. "For many years since you came to Sodor, we have been good friends. We laughed together, made jokes, even teased the other engines. But, as time went on, I started to realize that Everything has been getting different by the minute; whenever I'm around you, my firebox starts to heat up, I get a weird sensation when you are near me, and..." Henry's voice was now brought down to a whisper. "You make me feel more special when you encourage me to do better like never before.

Gordon's face was flushed and his eyes widen as wide as they could get. "Henry, what are you saying?" "I love you Gordon, and I mean it. I have been hiding it for so long that I never got the chance but here I am right now on this cool fall night telling you exactly how I feel about you." And after he said that, he inched closer towards his face placing his lips against #4's. Gordon blushed madly as his black orbs sparkled in wonder but then they grew heavy and closed shut as he was enjoying this new found love that they were sharing at the moment. Truth was, Gordon also had a secret crush on Henry but instead would act arrogant just to hide his true feelings towards the green tender engine.

They stayed like that for 5 more minutes until they came apart for air. "I have always loved you too Henry. I was too scared to tell you myself but now, I realize I don't have to be afraid anymore; I'm glad we have each-other." Henry smiled sweetly giving him another lip lock. "Oh Gordon... You are one of a kind." "Just one problem though, how are the others going to take it? Especially James?" Henry smirked. "He'll just have to get used to it; it will take time for him though. Thomas and Percy already know so it really doesn't bother them." "They knew all alo-" Gordon's words were stopped by another passionate kiss. "Let's not ruin the moment we have."

Not too far, the two little tank engines watched the tender engines with smiles on their faces. "Isn't love grand Percy?" Thomas asked his best friend who had the biggest grin ever. "It is Thomas, it sure is."

The End.

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