Hello FanFiction, it's me, DarkLinkBlade, here with an update for my first ever Magic

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Thanks for reviewing Ulquiorra900. This is my first MTG fanfiction and I guess I

should put something telling people that there will be made up cards and it won't

be exact with the mana cost. The mana cost won't be exact for three reasons. Reason

1 I'm lazy. Reason 2 I'm lazy. And reason three this is a FanFiction emphasis on

fiction. I always felt that searing spear was always under costed for a spell that was

an instant and dealt three damage. If this comes off as rude, I'm sorry. The narrator

as you called him will eventually have problems, but they won't surface until they

reach the original MTG plane that I made up for this story. Also, I haven't described

the characters because their appearance will be changing in either this chapter or

the next and I'll describe what they wore before and what they were changed into

after the jump to the plain I created.

I'd like to thank you again for your review Ulquiorra900 and if you catch any other

things you find problematic as the story continues please let me know, well, if you

decide to read this story again that is.

All right with that out of the way let's get things started.

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Bold: flashback

Italics: thoughts/card names

Bold underlined: summing

Everything you will read will not be exact or in existence. Thank you for

understanding. (Bows humbly)

Last time on MTG: Good Against Evil…

I sighed, stood up, and went to meet my guests. Little did I know that the

events of this day would flip my entire life around.

I went to the front room to welcome my friend and his helpers for the duel

we were going to have. "Welcome Dusk and friends. The name is Rainbow Knight.

And who might you two be?"

The person on Dusks left went first. The person curtsied, I smiled slightly

could this be the girl Dusk had a crush on?

"The name's Sunset."

I bowed in return. "It is a pleasure to meet you Sunset. May the cards show

you favor."

The other person went next and bowed as he said, "the name's Mist."

Once again,I bowed in return. "May the cards show you favor."

I smiled at the group of people in front of me.

"Perhaps before we go any further, I should describe Sunset, Mist, Dusk, and

maybe even myself. Sunset looked to be about four foot ten. She had what I assumed

to be natural amber colored hair, blue eyes, an hourglass figure, and a complection

so fair I was sure that if I hadn't already had my sights set on another girl I would

have imeadlety fallen for her. She wore blue jeans, a pair of white high tops, a blue

graphic tee with the words "look but don't touch" on the front and had her hair trail

down to the middle of her back.

Mist, however, appeared to be four foot nine, and was pretty muscular too.

He had spiky black hair, and green eyes. He wore a pair of blue and black sneakers,

black jeans, and a black t-shirt with the words "you know you want some" on the front.

Dusk had brown hair, blueish-green eyes, and was five foot one. He wore a

black shirt with a white jacket that was unzipped, blue jeans, and a pair of white


I, Rainbow (don't laugh at me please, the name wasn't my choice I swear. I

wanted to be called destruction because that was what my deck did but the stupid

people that made up the club said that our names were based off of our deck colors.)

Am five foot eleven. I have dirty blond hair, and brown eyes. I wear blue jeans, a

black cloak, a white shirt that said "fear the rainbow" on the front, and a pair of

orange and black sneakers,

"Let's go to the card room so we can start this thing hmm?"

They all nodded their heads in agreement, and followed me back to the room

I had reserved for the three-on-one match that we were going to have. We didn't

know it yet, but we had all sat down and started to prepare for the duel that would

change our lives forever.

Alright that's it for this chapter folks. Thanks for reading it and I hope to hear

from those that read it so I can see where I need to improve. Once again thanks for

reading and see ya next time I guess.


It's kinda short, but good things come in small packages right?

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