High school… is a cruel thing. Evil and demented! Not to mention the demons that roam the halls and think they're cool. I wasn't the most popular girl in school- actually let me take that back- I was a loser. The cool people used me like I was their own personal punching bag. So you can imagine why I was looking forward to school this morning… hint- SARCASM!

I get up and get dressed in a pair of black leggings that had small anchors on them and an oversized blue sweater that hung to my mid thigh. I did my makeup and grabbed my bag and headed out the door. My mother and father died in a car wreck about 6 years ago and my brother went to college- so it was just me. No one knew that I lived alone other than my 3 friends Mia, Simon and Magnus. I work at Java café with a band to pay the bills but it's hardly enough. Luckily I have no mortgage to pay so that makes things a bit easier.

I haven't talked to my brother ever since he moved away and I can't help but resent him for it.

I walk down the street and then up the stone steps and into the horrid high school building. As soon as I step through the doors I run into a striking boy that MUST be new. He had golden hair and golden eyes and a tan that seemed all natural. He notices my stare and flashes a beautiful smile towards me that makes me want to melt and he says, "Look little red, I know that I may be gorgeous but… starring is rude."

I shake my head and plaster a smirk on my face that matches his own as I retort, "Starring is such a strong word and you wouldn't want to be presumptuous so I'll go ahead and say that I was not starring at your so called 'beauty' but merely pondering how your ego hasn't cost the school to crumble under maximum capacity."

"Very feisty aren't we?" he asks with a wink and I can feel my blush but I try to hide it behind my hair. I begin to walk away but he stops me by saying, "Uh, I'm kind of new here and I have no idea where I'm going so…" but before I can reply, Kaelie- school slut and head of one of the crews that bullies me- emerges out of nowhere to assist the stranger.

"Well hello handsome, I'm Kaelie and you are?" he seems amused and I roll my eyes as he replies,


Kaelie notices me staring at the two of them and she scoffs and says, "What are you looking at ginger? Stop being such an ass and get out of my way before me and Sebby give you a trip to the school pool."

I shudder at her words but keep my head down as I walk away but I should have known that Kaelie wouldn't have let me go that easy because just as I am turning around, I feel a foot come up from behind me and kick me to the ground. I fall on my knees and my things go everywhere. I look back up at Kaelie and see her snickering and laughing and then I look at Jace. His face is neutral and I feel a bit of disappointment go through me. I can't believe I would think that he would be different than them.

I gather all of my stuff and go to my class.

I sit down in my desk in art and get out my sketchbook. I start sketching but stop when I feel a sticky substance slowly make its way down my back. I dart up from my seat and turn around to see a smirking Sebastian Verlac and a hysterical Seelie Queen who is laughing her extensions off at me. I feel tiny tears prick my eyes so I gather all my things and dart out of art and towards the girl's bathroom. I take off the sweater- leaving me in a white tank top and begin wiping the honey off my back the best I can. Tears flow freely down my face as I clean myself and I don't bother whipping them away. I look at the inside of my sweater to find honey coats the top of it. I sigh and more tears come to my eyes. I put the sweater under the sink and turn the water on and desperately try to wring all of the honey out of it.

When I am convinced that the sweater is free of the honey, I dry it off so that it is damp with a paper towel and then run it under the hand dryer. I dry my eyes with the back of my hand and look at my watch. Great. I've already missed 45 minutes of art and I didn't even get to start my project. I was an amazing artist- not as good as my mother- but I used to sell them when she was still alive. Now I keep them in the attic to collect dust. I slip on the sweater that is still a little damp with water and grab my bag to leave. As I am walking to class, I bump into Jace again but this time instead of cockiness, he is sincere. "Hey… uh sorry I didn't help you out back there. What Kaelie did was kind of uncalled for…"

I scoff and say, "Yeah… but that's just how it works around here. Pick on the ginger midget and you're sure to be cool throughout the year."

"That's horrible," he says and scrunches his eyebrows as he begins walking with me.

"Yeah, it really sucks but… it happens." He shakes his head and is about to say something else when I stop him and ask him, "Why are you talking to me? It's clear that you are accepted among the popular crowd and they probably already have a seat at lunch with your name on it so… why?"

If I wasn't mistaken, I could almost see a flash of nervousness cross his face but it is gone before I can register it. "I-I guess I'm just not like them…" he manages and I just nod.

"So," he says before I go into the classroom, "Can I sit with you at lunch?"

I raise my eyebrows up at him in surprise but then stutter out, "Uh... s-sure"

He smiles but I can see that it is held back by something… guilt? But why? He just got here…

I walk into the art room once again and the teacher gives me a glare and asks, "And what is your reason for being 50 minutes late Miss Morgenstern?!"

I look down at the white tile but someone speaks for me. "She ran into a sticky situation, Madame Dorothea." I look up and scowl at the source and see it was Sebastian Verlac. I sigh and look back at Madame Dorothea. She doesn't say anything just points her finger at my seat and I obey. I listen to Madame Dorothea talk for the next 20 minutes and then the bell rings. I get out of my seat but Sebastian pushes me back and smacks me on the head quite hard. I see a few stars in my vision but they go away quickly and I watch as they all leave the room.

I hate my life- I really do!

I want nothing more than to leave this place and all of my memories with it.

I walk to second block and ignore all the people who continue to make fun of my height and hair. I hear someone behind me and I turn around so I am looking at the square glasses of one of my best friends- Simon. "You scared the shit out of me!" I say and laugh.

"Well we wouldn't want that, no would we?" I punch him in the arm and he breaks into laughter. Soon, my other glittery friend approaches us and asks,

"What'd you do to him darling?"

"NOTHING I SWEAR!" I roll my eyes and ask, "So are you guys coming to Java after school?"

"I can't love, I told you. I've got a shift at the hair salon that I can't miss or Jeremy will DEF fire me!" says Magnus. I nod and give him a smile.

"I'll come- it's not like I have a life anyway." I laugh and say, "Thank you!" he nods and the bell rings.

"Well I have to go, see you all soon?"

"Yeah, save us a spot at lunch!" says Si and I wave at him in confirmation. Second block goes by quickly and then it is time for lunch- with Jace.

I walk into the cafeteria and try to avoid the crowd of populars that make my life a living hell. I get an apple from the line and then go to sit down at the table to wait for Simon and Magnus to join me. I get out my sketch book and begin to draw again when I hear a guy clear their throat. I look up and am met with the golden eyes of Jace. Behind him, are two striking people. One of them is a girl with gorgeous long raven dark hair and deep brown eyes. She is absolutely beautiful. Next to her is a boy that is very similar to her with dark raven hair but instead of deep brown, his eyes are an electric bright blue. He wears a scowl on his face but I ignore it. "Mind if we sit?" asks Jace with a cocky smirk on his face.

I clear my throat and quit my obnoxious staring and nod my head, motioning for them to sit down. The boy is silent but the girl is all talk. "Hey, I'm Isabelle but you can call me Iz or Izzy… this is my annoyingly antisocial brother- Alec. Don't take any offense to his mood- he's always like this." I laugh at her forwardness but nod my head and say, "I'm Clary, it's uh… nice to meet you. Both of you." I offer Alec a smile but he only tilts his head sideways.

Izzy elbows him, receiving a glare but she just rolls her eyes. Soon Magnus and Simon join us. Magnus gives an approving smile when he sees Alec and Simon looks like he's about to faint when he sees Isabelle. I laugh a bit but it goes unnoticed. "So Clary darling, would you mind introducing us to your little friends?" asks Magnus while quirking his eyebrow.

"Oh, yes Magnus, Simon, this is Isabelle, Alec, and Jace. They're new."

"Oh I noticed…definitely." Says Magnus eyeing Alec and I see Alec blush a little. We all sit down and eat and talk and I become curious because I haven't had anything thrown at me or said to me all lunch. I look over at the table of populars and see they are eyeing me and some of them are laughing. Nothing has happened so I can't imagine what's so funny. I ignore them until lunch ends and then the torment starts again.

Kaelie walks next to me and winds her arm in mine and Seelie does the same to my other arm. "Hey Seelie, what do you call a red head midget with no friends?"

Seelie laughs and says, "Who cares? Who would ever care about someone like THAT!?" at the same time, they throw me on the ground and kick my shin with their stiletto heels. Hot tears poor down my cheeks and I rush to wipe them away as the two leave. I get up and see Jace staring at me.

I groan and ask, "What?!" I don't mean to be so cruel to him but I was angry.

"I'm sorry… uh I was just going to ask you if you were doing anything after school today?"

I am taken aback by his question and hate my response, "I have to work."

Disappointment goes across his face but then brightens again and he asks, "Well where do you work?"

"Uhh… Java café. I work with the band."

"OH! Then I'll come see you!" I manage out a small okay before I go full female and break out into a serious blush. The day goes by like all the others- name calling and tripping.

When the bell rings, I sprint out of the building before anyone can catch me and walk down the street, trying my best to blend in with the crowd. I walk into Java and am greeted by the band. Most of them were in college except for Ty who just simply got bored with school and dropped out last year. We begin discussing what songs we would like to perform and settle on a couple of them.

My role in the band is lead singer and guitarist. Ty is the drummer. Jordan is bass. Paul is piano and singer. The songs that he writes are the ones he sings and all the others are mine. I love my band and they tolerate me but deep down I know that they have a soft spot for me. Before we start performing, four people walk in the door. Jace, Alec, Isabelle, and Simon who is gawking at Isabelle. I laugh but then the manager- Tony- gives me a scowl that says it's time to work so we begin-

I'm sorry, I'm really a mess right now
I'm trying my best to get it together somehow
I can't see this way, locked up in this pain that you left me
I'm unraveling, looking for things that'll never be

Stars fade away they just crash into space
Disappear from the light like you and I

Tell me where love goes when it's gone
Tell me where hearts go when they go wrong
Suddenly someone is no one I've come
Undone, undone, undone
Undone, undone, undone

I'm sorry, I let me fall for you
I can erase you and forget you but I can't undo you
You're the hand I can't hold, the words I'm not told when I'm lonely
And I don't want you back, I just want to have what you took from me

Stars fade away they just crash into space
Disappear from the light like you and I

Tell me where love goes when it's gone
Tell me where hearts go when they go wrong
Suddenly someone is no one I've come
Undone, undone, undone

I'll come around again
I know it's not the end
But right now I've got nowhere to begin
To begin

Tell me where love goes when it's gone
Tell me where hearts go when they go wrong
Suddenly someone is no one I've come
Undone, undone, undone

Nothing but emptiness inside
Love leaves a black hole where it dies
How can I ever love again, I've come
Undone, undone, undone
Undone, undone, undone
Undone, undone

I finish and a chorus of applause and halers come from the café. I wave at the guys to take a small break and I walk to the table that Jace is sitting at. "That was… wow." He says and I see true admiration clear in his eyes.

I smile and say, "Thanks."

He stares at me for another moment, a smile still embedded in his face and then Isabelle approaches us.

"Wow wow wow! You're really good Clary. I think we're going to be friends!" she winks at me and I return a smile. Alec on the other hand, doesn't say anything but for a moment I swear I can see his scowl soften but then it's right back in its usual place. I sigh and then they come in.

"Well if it isn't our favorite gingemite Clarissa Morgenstern!" I close my eyes and take a deep breath as I turn to look at Sebastian and the rest of his gang. "Why don't you go sing us a little song?" I can tell Isabelle is about to say something and I really appreciate it but I stop her by obeying and walking up to the platform again. I tell the guys what I want to perform next and I receive some 'Okays'.

When everything turns to black
You don't know where to go
You need something
To justify your soul

Silence is broken
Confidence is gone
Everything you're holding on to

All the people selling truths
On every corner now
The wait until the fear
Has knocked you down

All the rules are changing now
You're living in sin
Everything around you is caving in
All you're holding on to
Slipping like water through your hands

And you sing
La la la la
La la la la
La la la la
Ya you sing
La la la la
La la la la
La la la la

Far off in the distance
Somewhere you can't see
Allegiances have formed your destiny
Opposition all around
Feeding off your soul
Trying hard to swallow up you whole
And the demons all around you waiting
For you to sell your soul

They're singing
La la la la
La la la la
La la la la
They're singing
La la la la
La la la la
La la la la

Oh la la la la la
Oh la la la la la

They're singing
La la la la
La la la la
La la la la
They're singing
La la la la
La la la la
La la la la

I get done and I'm panting a little because that's kind of a hard song to do but I wanted to affect Sebastian and his friends in some way. I got nothing from them, just a bunch of laughs. Everyone else cheered and yelled and I felt a small spark of pride in me but that was all taken away when Aline Penhallow walked in and started shouting things at me while I was on stage. "OMG, who let that tramp on stage?! She's probably just going to strip for us and collect money like the whore she really is!"

I had had enough. I felt tears prick my eyes yet again and I told the guys that I was going to take a small break. They nodded and I say the pity on their faces which made me even madder. I didn't want pity, I didn't need it. I had gone this long without pity and I sure as hell didn't need it now! I go into the back room and sit down on one of the boxes and run my hands through my frizzy hair. I take a few deep breaths and clench and unclench my fists, feeling relief when my nails leave marks in the skin. I laugh pointlessly at myself and take a few more deep breaths and pull myself together before facing the crowd once again.

When I walk back out, I see Aline flirting heavily with Jace and he is just laughing. I feel disappointment once again and then silently scold myself. Did I really think that Jace was just going to accept me? How stupid could I be?! I was so naïve to think that a guy like that would even consider being friends with a girl like me, but that doesn't change the feeling of betrayal. He was the first guy in months- apart from Mags and Si- that had been nice to me… and now he was sucked into the egotistical and seductive ways of Alone Penhallow of all people! Paul says that he wants to do some of his songs and I agree that that would be best. He walks up to the microphone to get people attention and then motions for me to begin playing. He begins singing one of my favorite songs and I get lost in the melody.

Well you only need the light when it's burning low
Only miss the sun when it starts to snow
Only know you love her when you let her go

Only know you've been high when you're feeling low
Only hate the road when you're missin' home
Only know you love her when you let her go
And you let her go

Staring at the bottom of your glass
Hoping one day you'll make a dream last
But dreams come slow and they go so fast

You see her when you close your eyes
Maybe one day you'll understand why
Everything you touch surely dies

But you only need the light when it's burning low
Only miss the sun when it starts to snow
Only know you love her when you let her go

Only know you've been high when you're feeling low
Only hate the road when you're missin' home
Only know you love her when you let her go

Staring at the ceiling in the dark
Same old empty feeling in your heart
'Cause love comes slow and it goes so fast

Well you see her when you fall asleep
But never to touch and never to keep
'Cause you loved her too much
And you dived too deep

Well you only need the light when it's burning low
Only miss the sun when it starts to snow
Only know you love her when you let her go

Only know you've been high when you're feeling low
Only hate the road when you're missin' home
Only know you love her when you let her go

And you let her go (oh, oh, ooh, oh no)
And you let her go (oh, oh, ooh, oh no)
Will you let her go?

'Cause you only need the light when it's burning low
Only miss the sun when it starts to snow
Only know you love her when you let her go

Only know you've been high when you're feeling low
Only hate the road when you're missin' home
Only know you love her when you let her go

'Cause you only need the light when it's burning low
Only miss the sun when it starts to snow
Only know you love her when you let her go

Only know you've been high when you're feeling low
Only hate the road when you're missin' home
Only know you love her when you let her go

And you let her go

We finish and applause sounds through the place. We perform more songs and to my surprise, only a few people leave the café. When we are finished, it is 4:30 and I am exhausted! I look forward to crashing onto the sofa and watching Harry Potter on repeat.

I jump off the stage and am greeted by Jace who look almost… proud? But why would he be proud? "So, Clary… I know that I just met you and everything but I think you're pretty cool and well… let's face it… I'm pretty cool too… and uh…"

I laugh and tilt my head to the side and ask, "What are trying to ask me Jace?"

He look increasingly frustrated as he runs a hand through his gorgeous hair and says, "I've kinda never done this before but uh… do you wanna see a movie or something tomorrow?"

I pretend to ponder this through my mind but really the only thing I can think of is… the hottest guy in school just asked me out of a date… A REAL DATE! Why would he do that? I'm flat chested, short, red headed Clary and he's… well he is GORGEOUS! "Yeah, that sounds like fun," I say coolly and he nods with a smirk on his face.

"Well," I say before it gets more awkward, "I have to go… homework and everything."

He arches and eyebrow and says, "But it's a Saturday…"

I nod and say, "Yeah… but I can't do homework tomorrow night… you see I have this thing."

He smirks and says, "Easy their Morgenstern… you don't know how lucky you have it. Many girls would KILL to be in your position right now."

I laugh and turn around so he can't see my infuriated blush and I wave my hand above my head and say, "See ya Jace."

I walk home that night thinking of nothing other than the butterflies in my stomach and storm going on in my head. I've had boyfriends before… okay granted it was one boyfriend and it was in sixth grade but that still counted… right? Anyway, I had never been on a date before and I had no idea what I was supposed to do! I got home and turned on all the lights. My tiredness had faded and was replaced by anticipation and adrenaline. I was excited so I went ahead and began rifling through my closet for an appropriate garment. It's in these times that I really miss my mom. She could help me pick out an outfit… help me with my makeup… my hair… I shake my mind off of her and direct my attention back to my closet, which only makes my frown deepen.

The only thing I have in my closet is oversized sweaters, band T's, skinny jeans, and black tank tops. I suppose I could wear a black tank and my red leather jacket but… I wasn't trying to scare the guy away. I groan in frustration. It wasn't like I could go shopping; I barely had enough money to bring food home! I sigh and decide that I will just worry about my wardrobe tomorrow because the familiar feeling of sleep was overtaking my eyes again and my mind became foggy with sleep so I take off my sweater and throw it in the hamper. I also take off my tank top and leggings and I change into an oversized T-Shirt that says Four Roses Distillery across the front of it. It used to be my brothers but I just use it as a sleeper.

I lie down and sleep has no trouble finding me at all.

I wake up to the door bell ringing rapidly and I shoot out of bed. I put my hair up in a messy bun quickly and scamper downstairs. If this is Simon, it better be good! I open the door and to my surprise, Isabelle Lightwood stand there with a giant black case and a sinister grin on her face. "Uh… Izzy! What are you doing here?"

"Well… I came here to help you with your date!"

A million questions go through my mind at once and I ask, "How did you know I had a date tonight? A-and how did you know where I lived?"

She rolls her eyes and says, "Please, Jace can't keep ANYTHING from me! He told me he asked you out and you said yes and Simon gave me your address and your number. He's kind of cute… anyway; I wanted to help you get ready!"

I nod, still a little uncertain, but let her in. "Oh, I gave Jace your number BTW," she says as she sets her case on the couch.

"O-oh… okay? Uhm what's in the case? You aren't going to kill me, are you?" I joke but she doesn't get it as she says,

"NO! And this is my makeup!"

I nod but then say, "I don't really think I need that much help Izzy… it's really nice of you but-"

She cuts me off by holding her hand up and then looks me up and down, making me feel pretty insecure. "No offense Clary, but I think you need more help than you realize." I clear my throat, uncomfortable with the situation but I nod anyway.

A devious smile comes to her face and she says, "Okay! Now, show me your clothes!"

Oh no. when Isabelle sees my wardrobe she'll think I'm a joke. I panic and say, "Uh, I know what I'm going to wear."

"Perfect, now let me proof it! I've been on a lot of dates and I know what my brother likes… so I'll tell you if it's a go or not."

"Uh… uh…"

"That's what I thought. Now let me through or I will pick your skinny ass up and tie you to a chair and put you in some of MY clothes which are BOUND to give an impression on you!" my face flushes and I move sideways so she can go upstairs. She walks into my room and opens my closet. I can see the flash of surprise dance on her face but she conceals it immediately. "Well… I suppose we can work with this," she says but I reassure her, "No, Izzy its fine for you to say it. I haven't been shopping in a while and well… I usually don't do the whole 'date' thing so… hence the lack of clothing."

She looks at me with sympathy but then I can see the idea spark in her mind. "Well then I guess we will just have to go SHOPPING!"

I like the idea but I have to shoot her down again, "I don't have any money. My parents… err… they're off on business and only left me with enough money for groceries and food." She nods in understanding and then says, "Well that's no problem! I'll buy you clothes!"

"Oh, no Izzy it's really fine! I don't want you to waste your money on me."

She sighs and rolls her eyes and says, "Clary, you're my friend. I'm not wasting my money on you. I'm happy to do it!"

"Are you sure? I mean I-" but she cuts me off.

"Clarissa Morgenstern I am getting you a new wardrobe if it kills you, now let's go!"

I laugh and tell her that I am going to get changed and she can do my hair and makeup when I get out of the shower. She squeals with happiness and I tell her to make herself comfortable with the TV or she can come up to my room and do whatever. She nods and I go to take my shower. When I get out, I slip on white skinny jeans with blue splatter patches in them and a salmon colored t-shirt that cuts very low in the back and has slits in the sides. I put on some brown ankle boots and the Morgenstern family ring around my neck as a necklace and then I call for Izzy.

She practically sprints upstairs and whistles at my outfit choice. "More style than I thought."

I raise both of my eyebrows and say, "Uh… thanks?" She laughs and sits me down in my vanity chair and begins to take a blow dryer to my hair. When she is done with my hair, it is in a unique but relaxed bun on the back of my head with a few curling strands falling around it.

"Wow," I say because it really does take my breath away.

Izzy smiles and says, "We aren't done yet…"

She spins me around so I am facing her and starts to do my makeup which was a little more painful than it needed to be. The finished product, however, was worth it. A classy yet seductive smoky eye and light bronzer to make me look a little more intimidating. She puts Chap Stick on my lips but no lipstick or lip-gloss. "And we are ready!" she yells as she grabs my arm and pulls me up out of my chair.

We get in her car and head towards the mall. When we get there, Izzy ushers me into Free People Clothing and immediately sees clothes for me. She throws me a white dress and says, "Jace likes white- he would love that." I roll my eyes but take it to the dressing room. I slip the dress on and am careful not to mess up my hair or makeup. I look at myself in the mirror and gasp. I could actually call myself pretty in this dress. It was a white dress that didn't even come to mid thigh. It had a slight V neck. The sleeves were long and flowy and crochet at the bottom. The shoulders were cut out and started at the middle of my forearm. Spaghetti straps kept the dress from falling off my shoulders and I could honestly say that I fell in love with this dress.

"Clary, come out NOW!" I immediately obeyed and stepped out from behind the curtain.

Isabelle gasps and says, "Clary, this is your dress. Absolutely!"

I smile and say, "Izzy, I love it! It's gorgeous."

She smiles even more and a lady looking at shirts sees us and says, "Dear, that really is a beautiful dress."

I smile and say thank you and Izzy says, "Well… WE HAVE TO GET IT!" I laugh and run back into the changing room. I come back out in my clothes and the dress in my hand.

"Well…" I say and Izzy says, "Oh no! We are not leaving yet! I just got you to try on the most beautiful dress- I feel like I can do ANYTHING! We are getting more clothes for you! SHOPPING SPREE!" I give her a look and she says, "Don't worry, I'm getting clothes too!" I giggle and we pay for the dress and leave the store.

When we are done shopping, I have 8 shirts, 3 dresses, 4 skirts, and 4 pairs of jeans. Not to mention 5 pallets of eye shadow, 3 tubes of mascara, 2 plates of foundation and bronzer, 1 plate of blush, and 6 different eyeliners. I also go 6 different pairs of shoes.

Izzy left with 4 shirts, 5 dresses, 2 skirts, 2 pairs of jeans, 3 jackets, 1 bra, and 5 pairs of shoes. I really hoped that she wouldn't get in trouble for spending ALL THAT MONEY but according to Iz, she barely used up her allowance for the week, which really shocked me!

We drive home with our bags and Izzy begins to work on me. She takes off my makeup and takes down my hair and brushes it out and I have to admit that I am a little disappointed to see it go. "Get your dress on," she orders and I obey. When I come back out she smiles at the dress and tells me to sit down again. She stresses my hair and puts it up in a high pony tail with one lock of hair hanging down to frame my face. She puts bronzer and foundation on me and does my eyes dramatic and sexy with a mixture of browns, grays, and blacks. She makes my eyelashes look about 10X longer and fuller than they actually are and then to top it all off, puts a light coat of Vegas red lip stick on me. I look at myself and I feel like a movie star.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! Isabelle I think I love you!" she laughs and says, "I know you do, no go get him." The doorbell rings just as she says that and I smile at her once again before heading towards the door.

"Wait! Clary!" I turn around and say, "What is it?" she hands me some white and light brown wedges and I look down to realize that I'm not wearing any shoes. I blush out of embarrassment and say, "Thanks!" before slipping them on and heading towards the door again.

I open the door and see Jace standing there coolly and dare I say- sexy? He looks up at me and his eyes go wide, making me blush. "C-Clary you look… you look amazing."

I smile up at him he gestures for me to follow him to his car. I walk next to him as he opens the door for me and I climb in. he goes to the driver's seat and starts the car, occasionally stealing glances at me and smiling. I can't help but keep the smile on my face. Who would have thought that in a million years the hottest guy in school would ask ME out!

He drives us to the movie theatre and gets our tickets to see Silver Linings Playbook. We both agreed on the movie and he joked that I just wanted to see it because Bradley Cooper was the lead and I joked that the only reason he wanted to see it was because Jennifer Lawrence was in it. We playfully argued about that until I let him win, but he would never admit that. We watch the movie in silence and in the middle of it, Jace rests his hand on mine and I make the bold decision to intertwine our fingers. I look out of the corner of my eye and see him smiling which gives me great relief. When the movie is over, Jace takes me to a restaurant called Taki's. We talk all night about him and how he was adopted by the lightwoods when he was younger and why Alec is always such a prude.

I am laughing when he asks me, "Well, what about your parents?" my laughter dies and I look at him seriously. I want to lie to him and tell him that they were happily married and my mother was an artist and my father was a lawyer but something about those golden eyes made it impossible for me to lie to him.

"They're dead… car accident." His joyous face falls but not to pity like everyone else's, just to sincerity.

"I'm sorry…" he says.

I scrunch my eyebrows and ask, "Why are you sorry? You weren't driving the car."

He looks back up at me and says, "I know… but someone should say it… might as well be me. So who do you live with now?" he asks, clearly trying to lighten the mood.

"Uh… no one… I live alone."

His expression is confusion as he asks, "Well then who pays for your bills or food?"

"Uh… me."

Now he is shocked. "But you're only 17!"

I give a dry laugh and say, "Yeah I am, but I've taken care of myself for this long. I have a brother but he went off to college this year. I haven't heard from him since. He's lucky… he finally got out of here… just like he always wanted," I say more to myself than anyone else.

I look up to him and see his eyes are on the table and a strange emotion is on his face. Remorse? Regret? "Hey, what's wrong?" I ask him.

He looks back up with a phony smile on his face and says, "Nothing at all. You know Clary, I like you…"

I feel my blush return and I say, "Yeah… the feelings mutual."

He gives a grin and he slides his hand across the table to hold mine.

We get the check and Jace kindly pays then we walk outside. We get in his car and drive to my house. I look at the big house for a moment and realize that once I say goodbye to Jace, I am alone again. I sigh and open the door. I step out and Jace follows after me. "What are you doing?" I ask with a small laugh.

"Well it would be rude of me to not walk you to your door." He smirks and looks at me. We stand at my door for a moment I say, "Thanks Jace… tonight was great."

I am about to open the door when he says, "Wait, Clary…" I look back at him but before I can say anything, he takes hold on my neck and pulls me in and kisses me softly. My eyes go wide and then flutter closed again as I move my lips against his. I break away from him and blush at the sight of my lipstick on his lips.

"Uh… goodnight Jace," I say a lot more easy than I thought it would be.

"Goodnight Clary."

I shut the door and lean against it and take a couple deep breaths as a smile creeps on my face. I was ecstatic- over the moon! This guy- new to the school- asks me out despite all of the humiliating events that occurred today and I actually had FUN. He didn't make fun of me at all and call me crazy but after one day with him… I may have started falling for him.

What a fool I was. If only I knew what he was going to do to me then… I could have been saved the heartbreak. But I fell for him… and I fell hard.

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