A groan escaped Percy's mouth as he staggered back towards the river. His armor was melted from where Clarisse jabbed him with her electric spear, he felt numb, and he swore his knees were turning to water.

"Had enough, Jackson?" Snarled Clarisse gleefully, advancing towards him, brandishing the spear once again. She caught the look of fear on his face and laughed cruelly. "Don't worry, Prissy, it won't kill you, and it'll only hurt...a lot." She and her goons snickered at this– and the point of Clarisse's spear darted forward and sliced into his arm.

A gut-wrenching scream was twisted from his mouth like a yanked tooth and he staggered backwards as electricity arced over his body with hot bursts of white light, racing through his blood– boiling him–

He landed on his back, splashing straight into the shallow stream. Shuddering gasps rattled from his mouth as his vision rolled in and out of focus. His faltering ears managed to catch snatches of the conversations that were going on less than two feet away from him in shocked whispers.

"Gods, Clarisse..."

"Full power...kid?!"

"Never seen...before..."

"Shouldn't have happened..."

Percy tried to move, to make sure he was alive, but when he did he felt something cold buckle beneath his hand with a faint crackling sound. Blinking as his visioned cleared, Percy sat up– and the pain was fading. But he wouldn't have noticed that beyond what he saw around him.

It was summer in Long Island, and it couldn't be less than eighty-five degrees this night. Yet, Percy watched as ice began to rim his body, percolating on the outline and becoming thicker by the second. Amazed, Percy lifted his hand out of the formerly warm water–small chucks of ice and slush now bobbed in the slow current– and watched as the liquid froze onto frost on his hand, becoming opaque and spreading down his palm, wrist, and arm in beautiful wavy patterns like a fast growing fern, coating him like a second skin

Suddenly, a tingling sensation buzzed in his arm, not unpleasantly. He looked down at his spear-wound, which had been dripping with blood moments earlier at a point between his shoulder and elbow. Now, it had stopped bleeding and felt fresh and clean. Percy watched, fascinated, as frost bloomed from his shoulder and threaded, glittering in the moonlight, across the gash like a silver spider web, doubling back and thickening until it patched the wound.

"What the hell..."

Percy was snapped out of his daze by Clarisse's startled hiss. He looked up and blinked in her shocked gaze.

"Percy...?" He turned his head to look at Annabeth, who was gawking at him owlishly. Behind her, the rest of the blue team stood, mouths agape, one of the awe-struck warriors clutching the flag. As strength flowed into his body as the frost bloomed past his elbows, he realized–

Everyone was staring at him.

Suddenly self conscious, Percy pulled his feet underneath him and stood shakily up, his clothes stiff with ice, his armor paled with the same wavy frost. Even as he stood, more strength filled him like his Mom's warm cookies. Yeah, he realized.

After all of this, he wasn't cold.

Suddenly, with the thundering of hooves, Chiron cantered up, looking confused. "What—" he started. Then he stopped short, staring at something above Percy's head. "Oh." He said said, his voice a mixture of surprise and...apprehension? "I see."

Percy blinked and looked up above him...

A ring of turquoise light burned like a hoop of stars above his head. In the center of it was an intricate snowflake, twisting and twirling in place as if it was falling.

Everyone stared.

Percy looked back down as Chiron suddenly kneeled. What—

"Hail, Perseus Jackson, son of Jokul Frosti, bringer of winter, lord of the ice, king of the snow and the storms."

Thunder rumbled across the sky.

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