Well I went to go see a phenomenal production of Les Miserablesstarring two of my friends today, and was inspired. I was thinking, before Valjean is given charge of Cosette, you wouldn't have pegged him for the parental type. That rabbit-trailed in my mind to forcing the Decepticon I dislike most into a tender and loving role. Of course, this would only work if it was in the Shattered Glass universe because I cannae work miracles, cap'n, I'm givin' her all she's got!

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Jasper, Nevada, 1984

Airachnid slipped aboard the Nemesis as quietly as she could, holding her stolen bundle close to her chassis. She was almost home free, if only she could avoid-

"Airachnid! Where have you been?"

Scrap. Naturally, Starscream would have been worried about her. He worried about everyone except himself; she really ought to have been expecting that. She delicately slipped her burden to her extra legs, moving it behind her back.

"Scouting mission, remember?" she asked coolly, "I ran into a few old friends on the way home."

Immediately, Starscream's ire faded. "By the Allspark! Are you alright? You weren't injured were you? You'd better report to Knockout. Have you informed Lord Megatron?"

The barrage of questions let the spider-femme slip quietly past her compassionate comrade, smiling sweetly and promising to get a tune-up. Then, the unthinkable happened: from behind Airachnid's back, a delicate sneeze echoed. Both Cybertronians froze.

"Airachnid, what was that?" Starscream asked in a low voice.

There was no way to hide it any longer. With a sigh, the femme brought her precious cargo from behind her back. "Starscream, please. It's not what you think-"

"Oh sweet Allspark! That's one of the native species, isn't it?!" the gangly mech squawked. He gnawed his lip in consternation. "You know they're not supposed to know we exist! What were you thinking?!"

He glared down at the tiny girl in Airachnid's hands. Her little green sundress was torn and covered in ashes, and she was holding a piece of webbing around her thin shoulders. Wide blue eyes stared tearfully up at the fretful commander.

"Oh...oh, don't look at me like that, little...fleshy thing," Starscream muttered guiltily. He looked away. Airachnid moved to stand in his gaze again.

"No, you look at her, Commander," she said firmly.

"Look at what we've done to this world. The Autobots followed us here! Our war has come to their world and they are not equipped to fight it." Airachnid cuddled the frightened preschooler closer to her spark. "Look at her," she repeated gently, "Cliffjumper decimated her home, killed all her nestmates. I couldn't just leave her there!"

Starscream looked from the defiant femme to the black haired human child and back. No matter what he said, he was fairly certain the femme would keep the girl in secret.

"She's a sentient being, not a lost cyber-pup," he warned. The outraged look in Airachnid's optics told him that she had never meant to keep the girl as a pet.

"Alright, alright," Starscream sighed, "I won't stop you. But you get to tell Lord Megatron."

Airachnid chuckled. "Honestly? I'm more worried about how Breakdown'll take it."

She continued down the hall, smiling until she had passed the commander. She looked down at the little girl in her arms. "Don't worry, June," she whispered, "They can't send you away. I won't let them!"

Before long, she stood before Megatron, defending her actions. The normally relaxed leader was quite tense, especially upon hearing about the destruction of little June's school.

"You cannot raise her as one of us," he reasoned, "She has no protective armor! Suppose one day you turned your back for just a moment and she toddled under someone's pede?"

Airachnid raised her chin stubbornly. "I'll carry her in a sling until she learns not to!" she countered.

June peeped over her rescuer's shoulder at the silver giant. "You are very big!" she said solemnly. "Are you bigger than a house?"

All Megatron's further arguments died on his glossa as he took in the bright eyes peering up at him. "I...well, yes, I suppose I am," he stammered.

June beamed. "I knew it! You are the very biggest!" she cheered.

Megatron sighed. "Very well, she can stay. Just mind that you keep her safe. If the Autobots ever learned of her existence, they would use her to get at you."

Triumphantly, Airachnid saluted and smiled. "Thank you sir, you won't regret this!"

Megatron stroked his chin. "How are you going to break the news to your sparkmate?" he asked.

The femme's expression clouded. "I'm...still working on that," she admitted.

The Decepticon leader chuckled and shooed the pair away with a wave of his hand. That would be interesting, he knew, but the most Airachnid and the human had to worry about was perhaps being hugged to death by an affectionate Breakdown.

So it was that a little human girl formerly known as Juniper Marie Thompson became simply June, the littlest Decepticon.

Yep, that's supposed to be June Darby. I made her maiden name "Thompson" because I figured that "Darby" was the last name of Jack's dad.