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Yeah, for those of you who have faithfully followed my Jade Justice fic, you'll notice that I've been on hiatus for quite a while. Well, that's for several reasons, including writer's block, some lack of inspiration, and of course, senior year high school.

But fret not, true believers, for I come to you with a brand new fanfic! And I plan for this one to be a huge multi-chapter, multi-fanfic saga. Hopefully, I can pull this off, and still keep my drive to write everything.

The concept for this fanfic, is what if Apollo, and the rest of the Ace Attorney universe, were adapted into the Spider-Man universe? (And others parts of the Marvel universe mixed in too) It takes most of it's inspiration from the movies like the Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies and the Amazing Spider-Man movies while also throwing in some bits from the comics themselves.

The Spider-Man and Ace Attorney franchises belong to Marvel Comics and Capcom respectively. This is just an AU fanfic that I wanna make for fun, and not money.

Update- 6/04/14: Revisiting this chapter to do some cleaning up.


"But mom," the child said tugging anxiously at his mother's raincoat. "Where are you going?"

"There's something very important I have to take care of, Apollo." Said the child's mother.

"B-but why?" the young Apollo asked, looking up with longing eyes.

"Someday, you will understand everything. But for now, I want you to grow up to be the strong, capable young man I know you will be."


The mother came down on one knee, gently placed a hand on her son's tiny shoulder, and looked him straight in the eye. "You may not know it now, but you will have to deal with many responsibilities in your future and it will be hard at times...But you have the power to make the right choices." As the woman stood up, she turned to Dick Gumshoe and Maggey Byrde, who had a solemn look on his face, "Mr. Gumshoe," she said to him, "...I'm leaving my children in your hands."

"We won't let ya down, pal!" Gumshoe slowly nodded his head. But then, he paused for a moment, looked nervously at Apollo, and came closer to Thalassa to whisper loudly to her, "But could I be honest. I know we did a lot for you since we caught the guy who killed your husband, but why us? We're just engaged!"

Thalassa's face grew more serious. She murmured something in Gumshoe's ear that made him stare out into the distance with fright for a moment. Apollo watched them talking, not knowing what either of them were saying. Apollo's younger sister, Trucy, poked her head out from behind Apollo's shoulder and looked worried.

"Polly, how long is Mommy going to be gone?" Trucy whispered in his ear

"I don't know, but I hope she'll be back."

Then Thalassa reassured Gumshoe. "But I know that, with your humble position, you will be safe, and I believe in your passion for justice and peace. I want you to instill that into my children."

" can't be serious can you, pal? That's a huge responsibility to take, especially with YOUR situation!"

"Please, detective, help me. I am in no position to find any other, and I believe you have one of the noblest hearts I have ever found."

Gumshoe was thought quietly for a moment, then whispered back. "...I'm still a little unsure about this, pal, but I'll do my best for the kids."

Thalassa nodded lightly, "I am grateful for a friend like you, Detective." She took a deep breath and walked briskly towards the door. She turned one last time to her two children, Apollo and Trucy, who were both staring at her tearfully.

"Goodbye, my children." Thalassa said as tears came up to her eyes. "May we see each other again soon."

Apollo and Trucy both said their goodbyes to their mother, and with that, Thalassa shut the door to the Gumshoe house, and she was gone. This was the last of their mother that the two children had seen.

Gumshoe stared for a while at the door, worrying about Thalassa, but then snapped out of his trance to look back at Maggey who was there next to him. "Hey pal, could you just make some dinner for us? We could all use a little food in our stomachs."

Apollo and Trucy slowly looked back at Gumshoe, and nodded in unison. They both followed him into the kitchen to have dinner. But then, as Apollo and the family were having dinner at the table, he swore he could hear a faint noise from outside. It was the last noise he ever wanted to hear...


*End Flashback*

"Justice?...Justice?" Ms. Oldbag said to the day-dreaming Apollo Justice, now 17 years old, and a senior in high school. "JUSTICE!"

Ms. Oldbag whipped on Apollo's desk with a long wooden yard stick to get his attention. Apollo was day-dreaming of the time when his mother had first left him and his sister to Mr. and Mrs. Gumshoe. It had already been 10 years since that fateful, rainy night, and he still wondered where his mother and father had gone...But right now, his priorities had to stick to his school work, because Ms. Oldbag was now berating Apollo for not paying attention.

"These are very important concepts for you to learn, Justice! Everything you learn here will all affect you in later life! You whipper-snappers these days are always wanting to doze off in class, like these things won't matter to you. Why, back in my day, we were always the best and brightest! We even took notes, NOTES for Pete's sake! While about half of you in here all just sit on your lazy-"

"Umm, Ms. Oldbag?" A young female voice behind Apollo had interrupted Ms. Oldbag's ranting. It was that of Ema Skye, the top science enthusiast of the class, "Scientifically speaking, shouldn't this class be more about our next biology project about spiders due in 2 weeks?"

"You whipper-snappe-Oh yes, ahem! Thank you, Ms. Skye." Ms. Oldbag had snapped out of her rant. Apollo sat back in his seat, relieved he wouldn't have to sit through another one of Oldbag's angry tirades. But then, he started nodding off to sleep. How late had he gone to sleep because of homework?

*ka-tonk!* Apollo felt a light tap on the back of his head, and he instantly woke up Ema had flicked a snackoo at him from behind. "Hey, you need to stay awake this time!"

"Alright alright, sorry just a little lost today." Apollo laughed shyly.

"Well, get with it why don't you? Science is too interesting to nod off to!" She whispered quickly to him.

Apollo nodded and turned back around. But, of course, his attention swayed even when he was awake. He never thought to talk to the pretty girl who sat behind to her in Biology class this whole semester. He did hear about Ema Skye from word of mouth, but most of it wasn't so positive. She was criticized for her sassy behavior and her low tolerance for idiots. But, she couldn't be THAT bad could she?

Maybe this was the time to make a new friend...

Finally, 6th period lunch! Maybe Apollo can talk to this girl! He took his paper bag lunch and went into the cafeteria.

"Yo, Apollo!" A familiar voice called him from the adjacent table he was standing next to. "Wanna join our table?" It was Clay Terran, Apollo's childhood friend since elementary school. He was joined by two other girls, Athena Cykes and Juniper Woods, at the table.

"Not right now. Maybe later, because I'm going to meet someone."

"Is it a cute girl?" Clay winked.

"Well, yes but-"

"Aha ha! Good luck then, Apollo! I'll leave you to work your magic." Clay pat him on the back. "And relax, you'll be fine, right?"

"Right...I'm fine."

Apollo nervously walked four more rows of tables, and saw Ema, sitting all alone, She sported a long white lab coat, long brown hair with a top-knot, and pink glasses. She was munching on the same chocolate snacks she's been munching on all day.

Apollo sat down in the seat in front of her and tried to cook up a conversation. "Hey, thanks for saving my hide out there. If it weren't for you Ms. Oldbag would've really gone on a rampage and..." He noticed the girl was too absorbed in her snacking to pay attention to him. "Um, hello?...Helloooo?" Apollo waved his hand in front of her face.

He finally got her to pay attention to him, but then the girl flicked another snackoo at Apollo's forehead.


"Shhhh! Can't you see it's my snack time?" Said Ema with an impatient look on her face.

"...She snackoo'd me." Apollo thought to himself. "Well, she's certainly not one of the 'Hello-nice-to-meet-you types around here, isn't she? Maybe I can get her to talk about stuff she likes."

"So...Ema, right?...How about that spider project for biology?

"And?" Ema sighed in between munches.

"It's pretty cool, huh? I don't exactly understand everything about it, but it's really interesting..." There was an awkward pause between the two. Apollo was trying to find something else he could work off of, meanwhile Ema was absent-mindedly nomming on her snacks. "...So what do you think?..Of just all that science stuff?"

To Apollo's surprise, Ema actually put down her snacks, and a smirk crept on her face. Her eyes suddenly lit up as she was about to explode with scientific brilliance. "Do you..really want to talk about it? Well then, you asked for this!" She took a deep breath and began. "First off, spiders are awesome! I'm glad I'm studying them back where I'm interning at KarmaCorp. See, we're working to fully recreate the web-spinning mechanisms of a spider, and that could open up a whole plethora of futuristic possibilities! Like construction workers using these tools to carry heavy steel girders, or medics using them to patch up soldiers' wounds, or even-"

"Oh, guten Tag, Fräulein!" A gorgeous German voice had greeted Ema from behind Apollo. It belonged to Klavier Gavin, the resident jerk and ladies' man of the high school.

"Get lost, fop." Ema sighed in annoyance. "You're not getting a date with me in a thousand millenia."

"Ho ho! You tease me, Fräulein! I like fiesty women like you." Klavier chuckled. Then he leaned one arm on Apollo's shoulded. "And I see Herr Forehead has been chatting up with you lately. How charming." He playfully fiddled with Apollo's gelled-up hair. "Now if you'll excuse me, little man, I have a Fräulein to talk with." He shoved Apollo off of his chair, and onto the floor.

Klavier pulled out Apollo's chair, sat down in front of Ema and gave her his glittering, blue, pretty-boy eyes.

"Now tell me, Herr Ema, why is it that you are not weak-knee'd at just a simple glance at my face?" Said Klavier, while looking at Ema with his most charming smile.

"Well, first off...I'm sitting down, fop. I can't feel my knees getting weak if I'm not standing up. Secondly, good looks don't a good man make." Ema replied with her arms crossed. "I like men who have a little more substance behind their pretty smile; especially if they're simmerous, cool of wit, and furrowed of brow. Do you know what I'm talking about?...Of course you don't because you're just a glimmerous fop."

As Apollo watched Klavier annoying Ema, he felt like he should do something. So he picked himself back up and stood up to Klavier using his chords of steel. "Hey, Piano-man! What's your deal?"

Klavier heard that nickname, that annoying, humiliating nickname that nobody would dare call him unless they had true guts. Annoyed, he rose from his seat and looked Apollo right in his sharp, birdlike eyes. "...What did you just call me, Herr Forehead?"

Apollo was slightly sweating when Klavier cast his tall shadow down on him, but he tried to stay courageous in front of him, "Yeah, you heard right, Piano-man, I just called you out. I don't appreciate how you act towards girls like Ema. Not every girl wants to date some Euro supermodel, you know."

"Why do you feel like stepping in, Herr Forehead?" Klavier sighed with a look of contempt. "You are making this more difficult."

"I think you're the one making this harder since you're the one not stepping away. Don't you know she doesn't want to talk to you?" Apollo replied, getting more irritated.

"How about you just step aside?" Klavier scoffed at Apollo.

"And how about you not always look down on me like you can just push me around?" Out of recklessness, Apollo shoved Klavier back, but he couldn't budge him. Klavier, having enough of Apollo's annoyance, punched him in his shiny forehead, and Apollo fell backwards.

"Ach, you just have to make yourself look like a hero, don't you?" said Klavier down at the aching Apollo.

Apollo wanted to fight back, but he knew that it would only cause him more pain, "Ugh, me and my big mouth." He thought to himself.

Ema interrupted. "You see, this is what I mean by men who have good character: men who aren't so easily short-tempered." She directed her contemptuous gaze at Apollo and then to Klavier.

Klavier, having realized that Ema was watching the whole time, tried to justify his actions, "B-but Fraulein, he-"

"DON'T 'but Fräulein' me. Just stop," Ema sighed in annoyance. "You're not getting any brownie points for justifying yourself." With that, Klavier walked away, feeling ashamed that he had made a beautiful girl such as Ema upset with him.

Ema looked away from the fop who sulked his way away from the table, and turned her attention to Apollo, who was rubbing his forehead where Klavier had punched him. "Hey, are you alright?" Ema asked Apollo as she helped him up to his feet. "See, this is what happens when you do stupid stuff like that."

Apollo took his hand away from his aching forehead and showed where he was bruised, "Does this look sort of okay to you?" He asked.

Ema looked at the bruise, and saw a medium-sized red lump smack dab in the middle of Apollo's forehead. "Hmmm, nothing a bandaid can't fix. Good thing I keep a box of them in my trusty bag of science!"

" about crazy-prepared. It's like she has a whole science lab plus a first-aid kit in that little brown shoulder bag!" Apollo quietly remarked to himself.

But before Apollo knew it his forehead started to sting, and he screamed and nearly pulled away but Ema grabbed him by the arm. "Ow! Ow! Ow! Is this one of her experiment chemicals?!"

"Sorry! I guess I don't know my own strength. Then again science can be painful sometimes," Ema chuckled. She pulled out a bandaid from a small bandaid box, and put it across Apollo's forehead. "There, all better!"

"I don't look too stupid with this bandaid right in the middle of my head do I?" Apollo asked with slight embarrassment.

Ema tried hard not to laugh. "...Nope, you're just the epitome of dignified."

Apollo returned home feeling fine regardless of his shortcomings at school.

"Hi Apollo!" Trucy said in her usual cheerful tone as Apollo came through the door.

"Hey Trucy." He said as he walked towards the stairs.

"What's with the bandage on your head?" She said as she slightly giggled. Apollo stopped when he heard his sister say that.

"Oh...this thing? It's nothi-"

As the two were still talking, Maggey Gumshoe dashed to Apollo's aid instantly. But she nearly knocked Apollo over. "Are you alright, sir?!" She said while pinching his cheeks. "Do you need extra hugs and kisses? I'll be glad to do anything for my boy-"

"Hey Aunt Maggey! I'm fine, really!" Apollo said as he tried to brush off her aunt's warm hands from his blushing red cheeks. "I hit in the head with a dodgeball today in Gym class. It was an accident though."

"Are you sure that's what happened?" Aunt Maggey asked Apollo with a slightly doubting look on her face.

Apollo sighed. "Ok...I kind of got into a fight with Klavier Gavin today in the lunch room."

"Oh my goodness!" Maggey gasped in shock. "How did that happen? Did you call him a mean name?"

Mr. Gumshoe came in from the kitchen, hearing that Apollo had gotten into a fight at school. "Hey pal, what's this about a fight that happened at school today?"

"Hey Uncle Gumshoe. I called Klavier Gavin 'piano-man,' a name that he hates being called." Apollo said.

As Trucy started laughing hysterically, Aunt Maggey and Uncle Gumshoe also couldn't help but laugh just a little bit. Then Uncle Gumshoe tried to break away from his laughter to be a little more mature, "But, ha silly as that name is, it wasn't nice of you to call him that. Besides, you had no reason to do that."

"Well, he was picking on this pretty girl that I me-"

"Oh! I understand now. You did that so you could impress a cute girl you met?"

Apollo's face turned red, "Uh, um..."

"Look pal, I know it's hard not to beat up a guy who gets you upset 'cause he's picking on a girl you like, but it's not your job to punish 'em like that." Gumshoe smirked a little bit. "Leave that to the authorities, like the police!" He pointed to himself and cocked his head towards Maggey.

"I don't think I'll need the police to take control of a bully problem, thank you." Apollo thought to himself.

"Y'know, this reminds me of one time when me and Aunt Maggey were still dating, and some jerk stole her wallet, and then I-," But everyone paused when the scent of burnt food was in the air.

"Oh no! The food is burning!" Aunt Maggey cried. Maggey, Trucy, and Gumshoe ran into the kitchen leaving Apollo behind. "Don't worry! Nobody will get hurt as long as I'm here!" Gumshoe yelled.

Apollo, Trucy, and Gumshoe sat at the dinner table as Maggey scrapped off burnt bits from the pan.

"I was making spaghetti and meatballs, but the meatballs are ruined," Maggey said with a frown.

Gumshoe got out of his seat, "Oh don't worry Maggey, it can't be that bad." He grabbed a dark burnt piece of meat from the pan and ate it, his winced as his face turn slightly blue. "Well, at least it's not too cold," Gumshoe said while chewing slowly.

"Plain spaghetti tastes just as good," Trucy said with a bright smile which hid the disgusting pieces of burnt meat in her mouth. She tried not to completely gag all over her plate.

"Could've been worse." Apollo lightly chuckled as he was struggling to swallow the burnt meat down his throat. "At least the pasta doesn't taste like sweaty socks like that birthday cake did."

"If I hadn't mixed Trucy's magic powder into the cake mix, I would've made the perfect magic cake." Maggey said with a look of slight shame.

"Well, at least you tried." Trucy said reassuringly.

"You tried...but I can never taste birthday cake the same way again." Apollo thought to himself and cringed.

"Anyways, so who was that girl you met today at school, pal?" Gumshoe asked Apollo with a slight smirk.

", well she's a girl I met during science class, that's all...and she likes science." Apollo said as he blushed.

"Aww, Polly! You don't have to be ashamed." Trucy giggled.

"And she, and I and the rest of the class are going on a science field trip tomorrow to KarmaCorp to see the new spider exhibit." Apollo quickly tried to change the subject.

"I thought science wasn't your strong point. Didn't you wanna become a lawyer?" Gumshoe asked.

Apollo twiddled his thumbs, "Well, science does give answers and helps us understand things."

"While magic helps us solve problems." Trucy pointed a staff at Gumshoe and Apollo and a bouquet of flowers popped out. "Ta dah!"

"Hmm, I could use a little magic myself, Truce." Apollo thought to himself. "I guess I've got to find that magic myself." His mind continued to wander back to that night when his mother left him behind in this house, and that awful gunshot he heard the same night. Was his mother really killed that night? He had to know.

"And...Uncle Gumshoe?" Apollo spoke up after a brief moment. "You remember that night when Trucy and I came to this house? And my mom left us to do something important?...Why did she leave?"

Gumshoe's face was grave as he recalled that night. "Apollo, I don't think I'm ready to discuss that night with you ye-"

"Not ready?" Apollo interrupted. "So when will you be? Mom hasn't come back since ten years ago, and I still don't know what happened to her!"

"Apollo, I-"

"Please! I need to know!"

The dinner table grew quiet. Gumshoe looked down at his plate, and Maggey looked at Apollo with a worried expression. "Apollo," Gumshoe spoke up. "The most important thing you need to know for now, is that she loved you...That's why she gave you two to us."

"Right..." Apollo sighed, not feeling wholly satisfied with the answer he got. "Maybe I'll find the answers I'm looking for later."

Soon enough, Apollo may get the answers to all of his questions.

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