A Royal Capture

Chapter One

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Something didn't feel right.

Maybe it was the way the smell of death so thickly permeated the air on that fateful night. Maybe it was the fact that Hibari and Mukuro were contentedly leaning against each other, laughing lightly. Maybe it was Squalo's gruff silence, or Xanxus's sober attitude. The Varia were quiet - all knew something was wrong, but none had the courage to attempt placing it. As indicated by Varia quality, they knew things were off, but they wouldn't dare speak of it until they knew just what was wrong. When a thick, intoxicating smell was suddenly blasted at them from above, however, the entire group ran forward, soon huddled up in a group together. "... Levi's not here," Xanxus muttered, pinching the bridge of his nose and pretty much killing the mood with the awkwardness of his voice in the situation. "And I haven't seen a single grunt."

"Dead," Belphegor breathed. "I can smell it. So much blood... shishishi..."

"Senpai," Fran whispered with a slight edge, placing a hand on his husband's back to calm him. Fran then gazed back at where the strange gas had come from, before turning to Luss. "We should get out of here, shouldn't we?"

Lussuria bit his lip. "And what do you think is waiting out there, Frannie? A tea party? We're clearly under attack."

"I can handle this," Mukuro said. "I'll just head out while hiding my presence..."

"No. We go together," Xanxus answered, glaring at the illusionist. "I may have put up with you two at your wedding, but in the end, I'm the boss here."

"Nobody's my boss," Hibari muttered, though he was ignored. The Varia moved back outside, smartly avoiding other traps as they went. When they finally stood outside, they could sense the enemies surrounding them.

"VROOI! Show yourselves, you damn COWARDS!" Squalo screamed, stepping out in front and slicing through the air with his sword. They were met with silence.

"... Ushishishishi~ The prince loves hide-and-seek," Bel said with a twisted grin, before throwing knives in all directions, plus one at Fran. Aside from Fran's grunt of discomfort, they were again met by nothing.

"... Trash," Xanxus said then. "It's too late for that."

"Huh? Who are you and what have you done with Xanxus?" Mammon spoke up. "He'd never be all... giving up like that!"

"... That took you long enough." The Varia tensed as their boss seemed to vanish, leaving what seemed to be the funeral wreath Torikabuto in his wake. The Varia had no time to protest before they were each seized by an enemy, their weapons lifted and their arms bound roughly behind their backs.

"VOOI! WHERE THE HELL IS XANXUS?!" Squalo screamed, rage in his eyes as he fought against Torikabuto.

"You will never see him again, foolish one," the other male said darkly, and Squalo paused for just a moment, eyes hard.

"My Xanxus would never be overtaken by you lot... you... you damn freaks!" He fought more, before pausing, looking ahead. "B-b-boss...?" Kikyo, the former right-hand of the Millefiore, stood there, holding a broken, bloody body by bindings. The bound male was gagged so he couldn't speak, blindfolded so he couldn't see, and seemed to have earplugs in as well. The only sound coming from the body was ragged, irritated breathing.

It was Xanxus.

"He was with us the whole time, from when we got off the jet! That's impossible!" Lussuria shrieked, kicking at his captor, only to be seized by Daisy instead. Matched with another Sun and all on his own, he stood little chance of overpowering the other.

"We snatched him as you were getting off and Torikabuto snuck right in there," Kikyo sneered. "Once we got his weapons and rings off of him, he didn't put up much fight. Now, you lot better make your way inside nicely. He's powerless right now, which means if I hold a knife to his throat and press in deep... he will die."

Squalo looked down, breathing slowly. "... I'll go without a fight," he rasped. The Reborn Funeral Wreaths had hit him where it hurt most.

From the very back of the group, Byakuran suddenly fought his way up front, using his flame wings to do so. "K-Kikyo... you traitor!" he shouted. "You filthy, conniving traitor! How could you do this to the very people who let you live, huh?! How?!"

Kikyo glanced warily at Byakuran, then smiled again. "If you'll recall, you had several chances to join us, Byakuran. Take them all in!"


The voice of Kikyo's underlings seemed to come from every direction, and even for the strong, strategic Varia, it sounded like a death sentence. Bel and Fran fought hard against their bindings to no avail, and within minutes, they had been dragged out of each other's sight, not knowing that they wouldn't see each other again for a full year.

Day one.

In a room filled with deafening silence.

Squalo sat on his knees, his hands bound roughly with rope, behind his back. His silver hair had been, for the first time, shaved cleanly off. Without his ring, and with his box weapon taken from him, he was utterly hopeless. A nasty bruise had swelled over his left eye, partly blurring out his vision, and a punch to the jaw had split his lip a bit and, needless to say, left him very sore.

He didn't speak much after he'd been taken. After Xanxus had been shown to him, his body bloody and broken. It might be said the shark was still in shock. He loathed the Spiaggia with every cell in his body, but the more hours he spent in there, the more he felt maddened by the quiet. Noises of the past - glasses breaking, voices screaming and laughing like adult children, and the drunken whispers of the one he loved most - noises of a happier land haunted his every second. They rang in his ears, slowly tormenting him. The murmurs of his boss seemed like a distant dream, even an impossibility. But still, Squalo longed for them.

"Xan...," he started to whisper, after being locked away for fifteen hours, "...xus..."

A hopeless prayer.

Day one.

In a room with a single light.

Green eyes were starting to feel blind now. He'd been staring at a bright moniter for three hours - and would soon realize that it would last a lot longer. The screen was fuzzy, perhaps just cheap, but that didn't matter. What mattered was that it showed Byakuran... HIS Byakuran, curled up on the floor, nothing but a pair of handcuffs holding him back.

It was amazing to watch, and sickening at the same time. A beautiful, powerful man, with indescribable strength, brought to his knees by a past teammate. Shouichi teared up and immediately started crying after the thought crossed his mind. Was this all his fault? If he'd betrayed Byakuran, would this ever have happened? The world may have been crushed, but...

'But I'd be able to be with him right now. I'd never have to see him weak... Byakuran would be powerful, strong... the king of the world, and... I could be his lover still...'

Shouichi sniffed as he remembered the love confession Byakuran had given him, those sweet lines. About not liking men, about not liking women, but liking the red-haired mechanic alone.

"I d-d-don't care if it's just us...," the redhead breathed with a small cough, bringing his chained hands close to his sore stomach. "As long as I have you... I would be happy..." With a weak smile, he continued to watch the moniter, feeling his mind slip away bit by bit.

A futile bargain.

Day one.

In a room with no soul.

Sitting alone, the illusionist glanced to his finger. The imprint of his tight marriage ring was still there, but it'd fade soon. Damn those Spiaggia or whatever. They would all pay for this... for what they were doing. Mukuro stood and walked to a column in the center of the room. Closing his eyes, he slowly wrapped his arms around it, resting his cheek against the cool stone.

"Just like embracing Kyouya," he mused to himself. "Cold, lifeless, and yet unspeakably pleasing... kufu..."

A small, soft whimper escaped the illusionist then, and he closed his eyes. "I'll always be here, Kyouya... always beside you," he whispered to himself. "I just can't believe... only days before our wedding, I made you cry." He pulled away, then moved to a corner of the room, eyes widening as he saw a moniter showing his lover. "Kyouya... oh, Kyouya... what have they done to you?" He could see the ex-prefect there, tied down like a wild horse, thrusting back against the ropes he was suspended from, struggling to reach the ground below him even though wild cats were trying to leap up and tear his body down from the ropes. "Kyouya... you fool...," Mukuro whispered. "I can't tell if you're trying to get yourself out, or get mutilated. I love you..."

A vain promise.

Day one.

In a room with no laughter.

Everything was falling apart, it seemed. Lussuria was curled up on the ground, unable to move at all because of the tight bindings encasing his entire body - rope, rope, more rope, and... chains. He couldn't even twitch enough to shift around weakly. Looking at the far side of the room, he saw Levi in a similar condition, and he scowled. He wanted to yell, beat the Lightning guardian senseless for everything. For being too weak to so much as warn them of this crisis of a situation. The mustached male had spent his whole Varia career claiming he did everything he could to protect Xanxus, and yet... and yet...!

Lussuria stopped himself. Admittedly, it wasn't Levi's fault he was such a loser. Maybe they'd misjudged him a bit. He didn't choose to be the weirdo he was, right?


Lussuria scowled darkly.


Day one.

In a room with no love.

Fran lay on his back, staring up at the empty ceiling above him, ignoring the cuffs around each of his wrists. "... I hate this," he muttered to the wall. "Senpai..." He closed his eyes and huffed out a frustrated breath, before sitting up, soon glaring at the cuffs around his ankles, as well. He couldn't conduct any illusionary energy in this place, and he knew wherever they kept his master, or Mammon, they were probably under the same curse. Fran wasn't too easily annoyed, but this was making him livid.



"Senpai? Senpai?" Fran called the second he heard the noise, soon spotting the tape recorder on the far side of the room. It was an empty, repeating mock of his lover's voice, and in his anger, Fran set out to destroy it, not knowing there was a camera nearby, watching him.

-End Chapter

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