Jack was exhausted. That day had been so intense with all the required snow storms he had to make. He stumbled into Santauff Clausson, his eyes droopy. He got to the large living room just going by his other senses since his sight was blurring in and out. There was something warm and inviting. His legs lead him in that direction.

What he laid down on was something warm and soft. Instantly he fell asleep.


North was telling Sandy and Tooth about some new invention that he was vastly proud of, his Russian accent getting stronger by the letter. When they entered the living room he stopped talking and stared at the sight before them.

Jack was curled up on Bunny's stomach like a small kit and Bunny had his arms around him. Both were sleeping in the calming realm of unconsciousness.

North smiled knowingly and shut the door with a small click, but that click was enough.

Bunny's eyes opened and darted around the room. He saw the closed door, burning fire, and empty room. The only thing out of place was the coldness on his chest. He peered up and saw Jack, burrowed into his fur. With a small smile he yawned and settled back down, holding Jack closer to him.

Everything was right and maybe Jack would notice that Bunny liked him more than just as a friend, but until then he was content with this game of cat and mouse.

Bunny fell back asleep with a tiny smile on his face.

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