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Warning: The universe in which this story happens contains very well-endowed men (the largest of which will be thirteen inches in length) as well as women capable of enjoying having intercourse with such men. If this offends you severely, I suggest you withhold from reading this piece as well as all the other associated stories.

Sakura let out another sigh as she shuffled in her bed. The twenty-one-year-old kunoichi looked around the darkened room, searching for a set of neon green numbers. She found her mark—2:08, it read. She exasperatedly ruffled her hair and threw off her kunai-patterned blanket.

"Argh! It's too hot!"

And it was. Sakura was already in nothing but a pair of plain white panties to cool off, but a thin film of sweat was still present on her skin, glistening in the faint moonlight.

Though it was summer and the temperature in Konoha was indeed a little higher than normal, Sakura knew that this heat was coming from something other than the environment. A big part of it was coming from inside her, and she had him to blame for this.

She let out a small whimper as her mind played the images again for the nth time. It had been a week since she saw what she shouldn't have and since then, she had never been able to sleep nor work properly. She usually ended up running to the bathroom to get a really cold shower or end up getting her fingers all sticky from pleasuring herself.

"It seems it'll be the latter this time…" Sakura mumbled to herself as she guided her right hand to caress her wet and swollen labia.

"I'll be the first watch. After me, it'll be Kiba, then you, understood?" Shino told Sakura as they settled in for the night.

Sakura merely nodded and got into her sleeping bag. The mission had ended successfully and they were on their way home, already near Konoha's borders. She couldn't wait to write her report, pass it to her mentor, and then rush home to take a long, hot bath in her luxurious tub. 'Being a jōnin sure has its advantages,' she thought. 'Had I remained a chūnin, I wouldn't have been able to afford that little slice of heaven.' She giggled a little, and then dozed off within a few minutes. This mission had been relatively simple but it was a long one. It had really taken a lot out of her.

It was some after midnight then when she was pulled from slumber, most probably unintentionally, when Shino woke up Kiba as it was the latter's turn to take watch over the team. The brown-haired jōnin was quick to get on his feet and made his way to sit near the embers of the flame they had built the night before. Shino slid into his sleeping bag and quickly fell asleep, or at least Sakura thought so, until she heard him mumble something to the dog-nin, fatigue lacing his voice as he spoke.

"Hey Kiba, I know you're going to do that again, and I know I won't be able to convince you not to, given as I haven't' been able to do so even after all these years. Just don't wipe yourself out, understood? I'm sure you are aware that we are near Konoha's borders, but we may still need our strength as enemies may choose to ambush us in the area thinking that we shall be more lax given our proximity to our village."

"Yeah, yeah, I know…" Kiba said, a little smile forming on his lips.

Shino then proceeded to turn to his left, facing away from Sakura. A few minutes of silence followed. 'I suppose now he's asleep,' Sakura thought.

It was then that Sakura noticed that she had been staring at Kiba's face. Illuminated by the moon, the dog-nin was nothing short of breathtaking. 'It's no wonder his fan club has just as many members as Sasuke's, Neji's or Naruto's,' she thought. He wasn't handsome in a pretty-boy way like Sasuke or Neji. Sure, Kiba had a nice nose, intense eyes and luscious lips, but he had some roughness about him that just exuded manliness. Those red tattoos definitely added a certain edge to his look.

And then her eyes then took in the rest of him.

'My, he sure has filled out nicely in all the right places over the years,' Inner Sakura giggled madly as she drooled shamelessly at the image before her.

With Kiba wearing only a mesh shirt and his tight-fitting jōnin pants, Sakura had to agree. The tall dog-nin was definitely not bad to look at. His skin was perfectly tanned and bore a few scars here and there that only added to his appeal. His pecs and abs were hard and perfectly formed; his arms and legs, strong and sturdy. He was significantly beefier than most ninja, though not frighteningly so like the Yondaime Raikage, A. She estimated that he and Naruto had about the same muscular build. And then there was that mouth-watering bulge in front of his pants. He was just…just…

'Perfect!' Inner Sakura squealed.

Sakura mentally groaned at her inner self. She was one of the best medical-nin in all the five major countries, owing to her mentor's training.

'So does that mean you are above giggling and drooling over an undeniably sexy guy whose skills in the sack are legendary?' Inner Sakura inquired with a smirk.

Sakura grumbled and decided to just sleep it off, unmindful of the tingling and wetness in her nether regions. Truth be told, she had been attracted to the other ninja for some time now. It was impossible for a woman not to be, really. Aside from being remarkably good-looking, the man came from a distinguished clan. She had watched him persevere through the years, maturing from a brash genin into a somewhat less brash jōnin, and one of the most powerful in the village at that. Alas, he was reputed to be the playboy to end all playboys, so despite the way his presence sent jitters in very private places, she made it a point to keep him at arm's length. The last thing she wanted was to become just another name in a list of conquests.

As she was about to go off into dreamland, the medical-nin heard Kiba let out a low whistle.

"Hey Akamaru, could you guard them for an hour? I gotta do something…" Kiba said to the canine, the latter barking in what Sakura thought was a rather disapproving tone.

"Oh, chill out, Akamaru. I'll be back as soon as I can. I've got good senses too which are almost as good as, if not better than yours, so I can be here in a jiffy if something's up." With that, Kiba jumped atop the branches, going to who-knows-where.

Sakura huffed in disapproval at her teammate's irresponsibility. She mentally deliberated for a few seconds and decided that even though Shino was technically the leader of this mission, she would definitely not get in trouble for giving Kiba a piece of her mind. Her reasons were valid, after all. She got to her feet, Akamaru eyeing her questioningly, then proceeded to follow the Inuzuka's trail.

She found him standing still on a rock jutting out of the center of a small clearing, his back towards her. She was about to approach and berate him when he removed his mesh shirt and dropped it in a heap beside him. Sakura froze.

'W-what is he doing!?' she thought as she hid herself from view behind some bushes.

He, then proceeded to take off his pants, boxer briefs and all, and added it to the messy heap beside him. Sakura's jaw dropped as she stared shamelessly at his bubble butt. He truly was god-like with his glistening sweaty form under the moonlight.

And then he turned around and kneeled on the rock, his muscular thighs widely spread apart. Her eyes then traveled to what was between those legs… and she felt the walls of her love tunnel spasm and her panties get wet instantaneously…

Using her skills, she did a quick estimate. It was around a foot long and nearly three inches across! The head was pinkish and beautifully formed. From what she saw, he had a slight u-curve. He was circumcised, as was expected of a male shinobi. His balls were proportional in size, beautifully shaped and lightly furred. His pubes were trimmed neatly but not completely shaven off.

"The outline of the corpus spongiosum is very distinct. The bulbospongiosus appears to be firm and developed. That thing is, without a doubt, very hard," Sakura whispered in a daze.

'That thing is pointing almost straight up! You don't need medical education from Tsunade-shishō to know that that thing's as hard as a diamond!' Inner Sakura exclaimed, blood pooling under her from a profuse nosebleed.

She looked at his handsome, lust-filled face as he slowly began caressing his massive pole of man-meat with his right hand, his left alternately massaging his hard pecs, eight-pack abs and balls. He was leaking a prodigious amount of pre-cum and it served to lubricate him as he stroked himself.

Sakura could take no more. She quickly removed her pants and her panties, the items pooling at her ankles as she quickly shoved three fingers into her core, shuddering and biting back a moan from the sudden intrusion into her sacred tunnel. She took one of her gloves and bit into it to keep herself quiet.

She eyed him as he masturbated, fingering herself at a speed that matched his strokes. Kiba started with the usual, single-handed method, and then did the backhand technique, alternating strokes from both hands, a technique that looked like milking a cow and several other methods. Similarly, Sakura did variations of her own, twisting and rubbing her clit, massaging her pert breasts and caressing her anus. After about twenty minutes, the hunky ninja used two hands to stroke himself. Sakura whimpered, impressed that Kiba, who had such large hands, could masturbate with both hands and still have so much of the thick shaft visible. He, then, started thrusting his hips upwards to meet his downward strokes, all the while grunting deeply and throwing his head back.

Sakura's mind went haywire. She looked dazedly at Kiba's powerful form as he thrust into the tunnel created by his hands. She imagined that it was her vagina getting such pleasurable service from the dog-nin's thick, foot-long cock. A knot that had been forming in her pelvis for twenty minutes then burst as she stroked her clit. Colors flashed before Sakura's eyes. Her back arched and she bit into her glove hard as her canal gripped her fingers in a series of mind-blowing contractions. She shuddered and panted as what she considered to be her best self-induced orgasms began to recede.

She looked at him again and felt her jaw drop. He was still at it. 'He still hasn't ejaculated yet?' she mentally asked.

Forty minutes and three more orgasms later, Sakura laid spent and in disbelief as the dog-nin was still pounding at his twelve-inch slab of hard man-meat! He had been jerking off for an hour and still had not even orgasmed once! She had heard that some men could do this, but would need to stop or slow down multiple times. 'I think they call it edging,' she recalled. Kiba had neither slowed down nor rested and actually, his strokes had only been slowly speeding up.

'He has such stamina and control! I bet he could make love for days straight without losing his erection or resting!' Inner Sakura gushed.

Sakura had no reply to that one. She knew that it was technically impossible, but ninja had been known to be exceptions to known limits of the human body. There was a prime example only a few feet away from her.

Her ears perked as she heard his breath hitch. Kiba's strokes were now insanely fast and his muscles were starting to spasm. She knew that he was finally close to cumming. Kiba was now soaking wet with sweat, his hair was damp and his handsome face was gorgeous as it contorted in pleasure for the approaching explosion. His balls drew close to his body, and it was then that Sakura knew that it was the end.

"Ah! Cumming!" He moaned huskily. What came next would remain ingrained in Sakura's memory for all eternity.

As if in slow motion, Sakura watched as Kiba's bulbospongiosus contracted forcefully in a series of powerful pulses. It had been a fetish of hers since her medical training with Tsunade to watch a man's face twist in ecstasy as the muscles of his pelvic floor pump his cum out of his body through his cock. Sakura watched in awe as the first rope of thick, white cum erupted from the tip of Kiba's twelve-inch monster and traveled what she estimated to be around thirty feet! The force of his cumshot was astounding! The gorgeous Inuzuka moaned and writhed in pleasure as at least a dozen more ropes of thick cum spewed forth from his pulsating cock, each covering less distance than the one before it and considerably less from the cannon that was the first cumshot. They were, nonetheless, impressive.

Sakura gasped as she felt her canal contract. She could not believe that she could orgasm just by seeing a man cum. She had to admit, the display of masculinity she just saw would have put the best-paid pornographic actors to shame. All the other girls would definitely leave their own fan clubs to join Kiba's if they saw this. 'Damn! If Kiba's seed could produce trees, a dense forest would occupy this area in a few decades!' she thought jokingly.

She looked on as Kiba came down from his intense and impressive orgasm after an hour-long masturbation session. When his breath had evened out, he reached for his clothing. This was Sakura's signal that the show was over. She made herself presentable and quickly returned to camp. As she jumped from branch to branch, Kiba's majestic cumshot replayed over and over in her head. She shook her head and ignored the gathering wetness in her crotch.

When Kiba, arrived at the camp, Sakura was already in her sleeping bag, pretending to be asleep. He approached her for it was her turn to take watch.

"Hey, Sakura, wake up. It's your turn," he said.

Sakura got up and faced him. She blushed as she looked at him, remembering how his face contorted in pleasure and how his muscular body flexed as he came. She noticed that he didn't smell like sweat and considering how much he did while he was pleasuring himself, she came to the conclusion that he must have bathed before returning to camp.

"C'mon, babe, stop spacing out. I need some sleep too, you know? Hey, how come you don't look like you've rested when you're the one who's been asleep the longest?" Kiba asked as he reached out and shook her a little. Sakura gasped at the contact and pulled away quickly, jumping to one of the trees and focusing her gaze on the horizon.

"Whatever. Just go to sleep. I'll take over," she mumbled, not looking at him.

"Okay then. Don't hesitate to wake me up if you sense trouble. No matter how many times you ask for me, you know I'd come for you again and again," the Inuzuka said as he snuggled into his sleeping bag.

Sakura blushed even redder at the double meaning that formed in her mind and coughed in discomfort. 'Ooh la la! I would love that Mr. Foot-Long Cannon!' Inner Sakura practically fainted into oblivion as Kiba began to snore softly, Akamaru laying beside him and dozing off as well.

Sakura stared off into the distance, her thoughts of berating Kiba were now completely gone and replaced by much more sensuous images of the man. Her right hand began to move south once more…

"Ah!" Sakura screamed and arched as she came once more for Kiba.

She had been masturbating to her memories of him at least five times a day. She had trouble falling asleep, and when she finally did, her dreams would be of him. There were even times that she had to excuse herself from time to time during her hospital duties because she could not help but pleasure herself when images of him flashed through her mind unprovoked.

"Damn it!" She pounded a sticky fist into the mattress, "I'm one of the best kunoichi in the five countries! Now I'm reduced into a quivering, finger-fucking addict because of… of…" Sakura trailed off as the cumshot played in her mind once more. "Argh! This can't go on! I can't fulfill my duties as a kunoichi if I remain like this—unable to get enough rest, constantly fantasizing and often drained from frequent self-stimulation!" She took a deep, shaky breath and stated, "I have to confront Kiba about this so I can move on; however, first things first…"

Sakura rushed to the bathroom and shrieked as she poured ice-cold water over herself. Once she was certain that her lust had fizzled, she returned to bed and hoped that she would be able to finally sleep. She would certainly need all the rest, not to mention guts, she could get for what she was about to do later that day.