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When Ino woke up, she realized that the sun had already set. She looked at her alarm clock. It was 7:21 PM already. It appeared that she had cried herself to sleep after her father confirmed that the Aburame had indeed ordered two dozens of red tulips. Her stomach grumbled in protest as the kunoichi had missed both lunch and dinner, but she simply didn't have the drive to even stand up and grab a sandwich or two from her refrigerator. "I've missed my chance," she mumbled. "I've missed my chance to be with him. I waited too long. I was too insecure. I– He'll belong to some other woman by the end of this night. I… I can't take it. I can't take it!" Tears began to fill her eyes once more. Jealousy overwhelmed her at the thought of him being with someone else, making love to someone else and laughing with someone else. "What do I do?" she muttered.

She went to the phone near the bed and dialed Sakura's number. 'I need to talk to someone or I'll go crazy!' Sakura was apparently not home as the machine prompted her to leave a message. Ino tried a few more times but to no avail. 'Where the hell are you, Sakura? I need your words of wisdom right now…' She was left to ponder alone. 'What would my friend do in this happened to her? What if some girl threw herself at Kiba? What would Sakura do?' She caught her pitiful form on the mirror, so weak, so helpless. And then the answer hit her like a chakra-enhanced punch from pink-haired friend.

"Sakura wouldn't mope around like this. She would fight! Hell, she'd probably beat the girl up into a pulp," Ino said to herself. She shook her head a little, "And I told her in the medical-nin station that I wouldn't give Shino up without a fight… If I was willing to fight my best friend for him, why not some bimbo?" She stood up and wiped the salt around her swollen eyes and looked at herself in the mirror. "That's right. Yamanaka Ino is far from helpless. If that girl wants a fight, then fight her I shall. Besides, he hasn't confessed to her just yet. There's still time. Even if I lose to that girl, at least I could say to myself that I tried what I could," she declared firmly.

She went to the phone and dialed the flower shop's number. "Oh, Ino. What is it?" Yamanaka Inoichi inquired.

"Dad, what time did Shino want his tulips delivered?"

"Uh, let's see…" Ino heard some papers rustle as her father looked for the log of the bug-nin's order, "He wanted them at… eight o' clock."

"Don't send them just yet. I'll pick them up and deliver them myself."

"Eh? Wh–" a puzzled Inoichi began.

"Just do it, dad. Please." Ino hung up and quickly went to the bathroom to wash her face at pat it dry. She dashed to the living room and was almost outside the door when she realized something. She zoomed back into the kitchen and emerged with a couple of sandwiches and a bottle of water. "First things first…" she said. In no time, Ino was already hopping across Konoha's rooftops, occasionally biting into a tuna sandwich.

It was a few minutes before eight o'clock when Ino rang the doorbell in Shino's apartment. She began to chew the insides of her mouth in anxiety. She had never been so nervous in her life. Not even when she was about to take her jōnin test. She took deep breaths and reassured herself. The door opened after a few moments and she was greeted with the image of Shino in a black, long-sleeved shirt tucked into a pair of black pants. He hadn't buttoned the top part of the shirt yet, so Ino was able to see a bit of his pale and chiseled chest. 'He looks so formal, so handsome and so… positively delicious. Black does wonders to the man,' she thought.

"Always on time. That's why you're the best–" Shino stopped short upon noticing that it wasn't a delivery boy wearing those unmistakable jovially patterned uniforms but the shop owner's beautiful daughter who was cradling the bouquet of red tulips he had ordered. "Ino? What are you doing here?"

Ino silently offered him the lovely bouquet. He hesitated for a moment before he reached out slowly and took it from her to cradle near his chest. As he did, he was able to take a good look at the blonde medical-nin and noted the puffiness and slight redness present in her eyes. Not being able to control himself, one of his hands shot out and took the girl's chin to raise her head, the contact sending pulses of desire to go up and down Ino's body. "Ino, have you been crying!?" inquired the bug-nin in a rather forceful tone, concern lacing his usually calm voice.

The medical-nin didn't answer and merely looked at him. The silence that followed stretched to unbearable lengths. Finally, the bug-nin spoke. "Actually, Ino, I was abou–"

Shino was unable to finish his statement as the purple clad kunoichi jumped him, literally, wrapping her arms around his neck and her long and slim legs around his trim waist, the bouquet of tulips sandwiched between their chests. She crushed her lips against his in a display of untamed passion. After an initial period of surprise, Ino felt the handsome shinobi kiss back with equal intensity. She felt one of his hands make its way to remove the band holding her ponytail, allowing her soft, sun-kissed locks to cascade down her shapely shoulders. She nibbled a little at his bottom lip and used her tongue to indicate that she wanted entry. He obliged. Soon, their tongues danced with each other in a salsa of ardor. After a few moments, they separated, their faces flushed after the astounding lip-lock. They stared at each other, breathing hard, for a few moments.

"Don't give them to her," Ino muttered.


"The tulips… Don't give them to her," Ino reiterated, blushing deeply. "I brought them here so that I could declare my love for you. Please, reconsider what you're about to do. I… I've liked you since your birthday party six months ago; even before that, I think. Call me shallow, but at that moment, I was unable to think of anything but how hot you were." Ino's blush deepened even further. "I'm not proud of it, but I've even had… erotic dreams of you. I don't think that this is merely a physical attraction. I really think that I've fallen for you Shino. You're so strong, so brilliant, so cultured and elegant. I think I would've gone for you earlier if you weren't so mysterious and covered up and all."

Shino smiled while blushing a little at her praises and those naughty tidbits. Ino continued speaking. "I know that I'm not exactly the perfect girl. I know about my reputation and I know that you know about it. I've been 'around' and have been with a number of guys, and I'm not exactly proud of it, Shino. I was like that because I didn't know what I want, but now…" she paused and caressed his handsome face with her delicate hands that betrayed their deadly potential, "Now I do. I want you, Shino. Please, just give me this chance to prove myself worthy of you. Don't confess to that girl just yet. Not yet, Shino. Plea–"

She was silenced by another long, deep kiss from the sexy bug-nin. 'Kami, where did he learn to kiss like this?' When he finally released her mouth, he said to her, in a deep, seductive voice that made her insides do somersaults, "Are you sure you don't want me to confess to you just yet, Ino?"

Ino wasn't quite sure she heard that right. "What?"

"I was about to go to your place tonight and ask you out. You were the date I mentioned at the jewelry shop, Ino," he declared. He looked at the space between their chests, shook his head and sighed. "I suppose I won't be able to push through with the plan now that these tulips have been smothered to compost-worthy material." He looked at her in mock disappointment and she smiled a little in embarrassment. "I suppose I'll have to declare my love some other way, then. One that won't need anything other than… me," said the gorgeous Aburame, a suggestive smirk present on his lips.

They stilled for a moment. Ino let his statement sink in.

They clashed once again in a tangle of lips, teeth and tongue. Shino moved forward, one of his arms making wide arcs to search for the door while Ino reached in between them to grab the pitiful botanical specimen and throw it aside, leaving a trail of crushed petals. Shino had found the door and shut it forcefully, one of Ino's hands fumbling behind her to help him search for the doorknob and lock the door. Once that was done, the Aburame carried the gorgeous blonde to his bedroom and dumped the kunoichi onto his bed in a hurry. He dashed to the door, slammed it shut and locked it.

When he turned around to get back to her, he, or more specifically, his shirt, was attacked by the blonde medical-nin in attempt to help him undress. Ino's fingers kept on fumbling and she let out a hiss of annoyance at the damned black buttons. Shino let out a growl and pried off her hands. He grabbed the shirt himself and tore it open, the buttons flying everywhere, baring his muscular torso to his lover. He groaned as Ino immediately began to suck and nibble at one of his nipples while she pinched and played with the other, the nubs hardening in an instant. He grabbed the edge of her shirt and pulled it over her head. In a few moments, Shino's pants and Ino's skirt and chest bindings had joined the other articles on the floor and the two ninja were kissing each other on the bed, their hands roaming and exploring the expanse of hot, smooth and sweaty flesh that each had exposed for the other's petting pleasure.

Ino, who was on top, felt the hardness between his legs. She broke the kiss and looked at the appendage. The pinkish head and some of the thick shaft were jutting out from the flimsy black bikini brief that Shino had on, the garment clearly unable to contain the size of his endowment. She looked back at him, trying not to look too impressed. Shino had a smug look present on his usually stoic face. The blonde kunoichi's mouth twisted into an impish grin and leaned forward, kissing the bug-nin briefly before sucking and licking his neck, then lower to his pecs, his abs… Ino gripped the waistband of his underwear and briskly pulled it down to his thighs. The motion caused Shino's massive pillar of hard flesh to flail and slap her cheek. Ino gasped and felt her canal contract as Shino's blazing hot member made contact with the skin of her face. She pulled the garment past his ankles before throwing it away. She turned back and felt her breath get caught in her throat as she marveled at the beauty of the man she would make love to tonight.

Here he was, the man she wants, in all his naked glory. She looked at his handsome face, at those bluish-gray eyes filled with lust for her. She marveled at the beauty of his chiseled torso and arms, the muscles bulging and twitching with desire, the light sheen of sweat making every detail more pronounced. She surveyed his thighs and legs, muscled and toned, boasting such speed and power. She zeroed at that massive organ between his legs and thought, 'It appears the rumors were true.' She was amazed at how accurate her fantasy was. Ten inches of hard man-meat, two inches thick, pulsing and throbbing, sheathed with flawless pale skin and prominent veins, the corpus spongiosum and bulbospongiosus very distinct, promising infinite hardness. She looked below at the proportionally large globes that boasted of such virility. She took a deep breath, smelling the musky, manly scent that wafted from him. 'Ino, you lucky girl,' she mentally congratulated herself, 'What a prize it is, indeed!' Unable to control her lust, she dove for the trophy between his legs. The man cursed loudly as Ino's moist and hot tongue came in contact with his thick shaft.

Ino licked him slowly, languidly, from base to tip, her tongue noting the taste of his skin, memorizing its texture. One of her hands which had been stroking his thigh slid up and grasped the base of Shino's cock so that it wouldn't wobble so much as she continued to work with it. "Ah, Ino!" the bug-nin hissed as the tip of the medical-nin's tongue played with the head of his manhood as well as the ridge which joined the head to the shaft. A groan left his lips as Ino licked the drop of pre-cum at the tip as she pumped the base of his long shaft a little. The blonde's icy blue gaze met his for a split-second, as if to warn him of what would come next. Shino knew what she would do and braced himself. Without further ado, Ino engulfed as much of his mammoth hardness as she could in her wet and hot mouth.

"Ah, fuck, Ino!" exclaimed the Aburame, throwing his head back in bliss and gripping the black silk sheets so hard his knuckles turned white. Ino opened her eyes and stared at the erotic display before her. Shino's sweaty and chiseled chest rose and fell quickly, his breath rapid and shallow. The bug-nin writhed in pleasure, his muscles twitching and flexing deliciously as she pleasured him. His reaction only spurred her to do better. Her pace quickened, her head bobbing up and down the rigid rod of man-meat, one of her hands pumping that portion of his ten-inch shaft she could not pleasure with her mouth, the other hand cupping and massaging the substantial orbs below.

Shino let out a heavy and ragged breath. He looked at his blonde lover. She really looked like a goddess, he thought. His lustful eyes gazed at the blonde bombshell – her supple and graceful curves that belied the skill and deadliness kunoichi of her caliber possessed, her plump and toned bottom that was raised teasingly into the air as she bent down to suck on his cock, her breathtakingly beautiful face a picture of concentration as she pleasured him. He shuddered a little as he watched his shaft go in and out of her luscious lips and into the moist cavern of her mouth, her firm breasts and soft, golden tresses brushing against his thighs. The sensations Ino was making him feel were incredible, nearly too incredible. He assessed his situation a little. He knew that he didn't have Kiba's kekkei-genkai-like abilities to last for hours before ejaculating or being able to stay hard even after dozens of orgasms, but he was well aware that he could last far longer than the average man or even the average male ninja. However, with Ino, the woman he had desired for so long, as his lover, he wasn't certain. If he wanted to make the most out of this encounter, he would have to do something.

"Ino… wait a, uh, moment," said the bug-nin between moans as he affectionately wove his fingers into his lover's blonde locks. Ino stopped for a moment, looking questioningly at him. He sat up and brought her face closer to his so that they could share a kiss. "I think it's a bit unfair that I'm the only one getting pleasured by a tongue," he declared.

Before Ino's mind could register what he said, she had already been flipped so that her hot and soaking core was directly above Shino's mouth while his massive erection throbbed below hers. Ino gasped as he rubbed her sex through her flimsy pink underwear. He hooked a finger and pulled roughly, tearing the garment in an instant and flinging it aside, allowing it to join the other randomly scattered articles on the bedroom floor. 'This had better be real,' the blonde medical-nin thought, recalling the similar scenario in her dream, 'or else I'll hand myself over to the psychiatric service because I'll go crazy from–' Ino screeched as Shino inserted a long finger into her vagina.

"You're so tight, Ino, and so damn wet," mumbled the bug-nin as he twisted and pumped the digit inside her. He pulled out after a while and licked her juices. "You taste good too, Ino. Did you know that?" whispered the bug-nin. He plunged the digit back in and pumped furiously in and out, earning more moans from the trembling kunoichi.

Ino couldn't see his face, but she knew he was smirking just by the tone of his voice. 'Two can play that game,' she mentally mused. She made a few seals and anaesthetized her pharynx, turning off her gag reflex. She descended upon his member and engulfed half of it in one go, a feat she wouldn't have been able to do normally without choking. The action caused the Aburame to forcefully exhale unto Ino's nether lips, earning a groan of delight from the kunoichi. Shino cursed loudly and threw his head back, subconsciously thrusting his pelvis up and making another couple of inches of his cock slide past Ino's lips as the vibrations of her throat traveled through his hard and thick length to his groin.

Intent on making the most of their joining, the bug-nin pushed three fingers into his lover's tight passage, earning a shriek of pleasure from the blonde medical-nin. Ino had to let go of the Aburame's member as she took a deep breath after that particularly delicious thrust of her lover's fingers. Shino himself had to suppress a moan as he felt how her hot walls gripped his fingers. She held onto one of his thighs, his erection temporarily forgotten, as Shino pumped three long fingers furiously in and out of her vagina. "Oh, Shino," she moaned over and over, feeling the coil deep within her become tighter and tighter at the raven-haired jōnin's pleasurable ministrations. Just when she thought it couldn't get any better, she felt his tongue play with her hardened clit. She promptly screamed in rapture, feeling a set of small contractions within her, signaling how close she was to her peak. Shino removed his fingers and began to explore her canal with his tongue, the hot and wet muscle probing and wiggling at her core. "Ah, fuck, Shino," she cursed, shuddering, "I'm so fucking close!" Without warning, he jammed three fingers once more into her canal and jabbed the spot just behind her pubic bone, sucking ferociously at her clit at the same time. Ino's eyes rolled back into her head.

"Ah, shit, Shino!" the blonde medical-nin bellowed as blinding white heat erupted within her loins in a set of incredible contractions. She hugged one of his thighs with both arms as if holding on for dear life, as if the intense pleasure would wash her away to oblivion. Shino greedily devoured the honey that dripped out from deep within her. As the contractions began to recede, Shino withdrew his fingers and licked them clean, as well as Ino's swollen and glistening labia. Ino gasped as his tongue slid along her folds which were still sensitive after her incredible orgasm.

"Let me correct myself. You taste really good, Ino," the handsome Aburame told her as he continued to lick her saturated folds. She blushed despite herself at her lover's bluntness, whimpering at his talented tongue's attention.

As the seconds ticked by she became increasingly aware of the vacuum left behind by Shino's fingers and tongue. 'I want to be filled,' she thought, and looked down at the magnificent specimen of manhood jutting proudly from his groin, still infinitely hard despite not having received any attention from her tongue for some time. Shino was a little surprised when Ino pulled away. She faced him and crept forward lithely and gracefully like a cat. She captured his lips with hers, tasting herself on his tongue and finding it strangely arousing. When they separated, Ino had a pleading look on her face. "Shino, I want you now. Please, Shino, fill me."

The Aburame nodded without hesitation. "Only a fool would deny you, Ino," he replied. Ino squealed when the handsome shinobi flipped the two of them, so that he was now on top. Her breath caught in her throat as she eyed his muscular form hovering above her, eager to please her.

She mewled as she felt the head of his erection press against her opening. Shino pushed forward. Ino gasped as she felt his tip go past the verge. Slowly but surely, he slid into her, his hot, thick, and hard meat stretching her canal oh so deliciously, filling her in a way no other man before him had ever even come close to achieving. Within a few moments, Shino's ten-inch manhood was buried to the hilt within the beautiful blonde. "Oh, Shino, you feel so good," moaned the kunoichi.

The bug-nin stayed like that, unmoving, for a few moments, savoring the feeling of her tight and wet heat around him as he allowed Ino to get used to his generous size. He caressed her smooth skin, feeling the toned muscles beneath, testament to her way of life. He looked at her flushed face, her sun-kissed locks fanning across his dark sheets like an ethereal halo. Her eyes were closed, her face etched with bliss. He never thought she could become even more beautiful, but seeing her like this made him doubt his conclusion. He leaned forward and kissed her tenderly at the edge of her lips. "Kami, I love you, Ino," he whispered into her ear before nipping at her earlobe. The blonde shinobi shuddered and pulled him closer into a tender embrace, his hard chest flush against her firm and bounteous orbs, her hands delicately tracing the muscles of his broad and sweaty back. When Ino drew back a little, the Aburame knew that she was ready for more.

Shino pulled back slowly, the delicious sensation of his thick cock rubbing against her silky walls producing shaky breaths from both parties. Ino whimpered a little as she felt the emptiness the bug-nin's rod left within her as he withdrew. By the time the handsome jōnin stopped, only the head of his erection was left within her. With equal speed, Shino sheathed himself once more within his lover. Ino let out a low groan of satisfaction at the renewed sensation of being stretched by his massive pole. Shino repeated the motion over and over, speeding up a little every time until he reached a steady, brisk rhythm that left him and his blonde lover gasping each other's names with each thrust.

"Oh, Shino," moaned the medical-nin as she writhed underneath her talented and well-endowed lover. She subconsciously raised her legs and wrapped them around the sexy Aburame's trim waist, crossing her ankles at his lower back. Shino bent his trunk to capture Ino's left breast in his mouth, the movement causing the angle of his thrusts to change. "Ah!" the kunoichi exclaimed, as the Aburame's manhood bumped against a different set of points within her. One of her hands wove into his black hair, urging him to suck harder at her erect, pinkish nipple. Shino shifted to the right breast after some time, playfully biting and licking the sensitive flesh. The blonde medical-nin moaned appreciatively at Shino's attention. He pulled back a little and grabbed her legs, hooking each leg over a broad shoulder. The bug-nin planted a hand on either side of his lover's beautiful face, his toned arms straight and elbows locked. He smirked. Ino braced herself.

"Ah, fuck, Shino!" shrieked the blonde, her eyes shutting tight, as Shino proceeded to thrust into her with such force and speed that she thought she would go crazy. Her toes curled at the intensely pleasurable assault. Her arms thrashed, seeking for something to hold on to at Shino's merciless and infinitely delightful onslaught. They found their way on his arms. She held onto his toned and muscular limbs as he continued to spear her with his pounding ramrod at an impressive pace.

"Ah, Ino," moaned the bug-nin, as he continued to pound into the blonde medical-nin, "you, ah, feel so good. I… I don't think I, oh, can last any longer. I'm, ah, going to cum soon!"

Ino's eyes opened and took in the image of her lover's chiseled and sweaty body flexing and heaving as he plunged his ten-inch column of man-meat into her saturated folds over and over again. Finding herself at the precipice, she pulled at one of his arms. Shino understood quickly and bent his arms, bringing his handsome face closer to hers. "I'm cumming. Oh, I'm cumming for you, Shino," she murmured.

"Then cum, Ino, and milk my cum from my loins with your pussy," he responded, sweat dripping from his brow. She pulled him into a deep kiss just as her orgasm hit. Ino screamed into his mouth as white hot pleasure exploded at the apex of her thighs. She continued to moan as her canal convulsed around his member, the pounding unit prolonging her ecstasy.

Shino felt Ino's silken walls begin to squeeze him for all he was worth. The unbearable tightening around his massive pole of flesh, the gush of blazing hot juices that coated his member, her delicious breasts rubbing against his chest and the love of his life moaning into his mouth proved too much for Shino. With one final deep thrust, he let go of Ino's lips and threw his head back, letting out a stifled moan as he felt pulse after pulse of maddening bliss erupt from his loins. Ino stared with half-lidded eyes as her lover reached his own peak. She watched his entire body buck and spasm, feeling his thick shaft pulse deliciously within her, each pulse accompanied by a powerful jet of semen erupting from the tip of his massive organ. She moaned in delight as she felt him fill her to overflowing, the thick, white fluid oozing out of her still quivering hole and dripping onto his black sheets.

The Aburame leaned closer and captured her lips in a tender kiss as they allowed the last waves of pleasure wash over them. They stayed like this for a while before Shino rolled to the side so as to avoid crushing his beloved with his weight. Ino let out a small whimper as the bug-nin's semi-erect organ slipped out of her folds. She felt strangely empty after having been stretched by the bug-nin's for so long. The lovers blushed a little as they saw the result of their activities – the combination of their essences coating the raven-haired jōnin's member as well as oozing out the entrance of the blonde's love tunnel. Shino made a move to get a towel, but Ino grasped his arm and requested him to stay in bed with her.

"You were amazing," said Shino, wrapping an arm around the blonde protectively and kissing one of her shoulders.

"No, you were," murmured the kunoichi, using a deltoid for her pillow and lazily tracing circles on his smooth chest. Her eyes scanned the room, noting her lover's simple but elegant taste. 'He really does like black a lot. It's a good color for him. Brings out his complexion," she mentally noted. She eventually noticed a familiar pair of amber sunglasses resting upon a velvet box near the lampshade. She reached over Shino and grabbed it. "You know, you never really told me why you've never bought a pair of these yourself," she told the handsome man beside her.

"Actually, all Aburame clan members only wear black or dark-tinted glasses before their twenty-first birthday," replied Shino. "You see," he continued, noting the puzzled look on Ino's face, "my clan has always been viewed as revolting for our unusual bond with destruction beetles. Knowing the discomfort others would feel when using the insects, the earliest generations began covering themselves as much as they could, including their eyes, so that others who're quite sensitive would at least be civil with the clan members. This was passed on to younger generations, and it would later be what would define us, just as, say, the byakugan define the Hyūga. The later generations raised an argument that we should actually dress just like normal people to drive home the point that there we are not so different from the people who are wary of us. The two factions debated for some time, valid arguments arising from both sides. The arguments were far too numerous, so I'll just skip to their decision." Shino paused for a little, running a hand through his black hair which was slightly damp due to their activities. "The 'dress code' was to be kept by the younger clan members, as they, in their inexperience, may accidentally cause the beetles to crawl out of their bodies and cause discomfort among the population. Upon a member's coming of age, he or she shall be given two choices: first, the choice to bare more of yourself to the world, risking being overtly shirked by others for the sake of individuality, self-expression and proving their assumptions wrong; or to continue living, restricted in more ways than one by your hooded jackets–"

"And you clearly chose the first one," interjected Ino. "Pretty bold, I must say. Pun not intended."

"It's not like we're not looked upon with disgust even with the bulky clothing on," Shino snorted. "Besides, I know I have friends who accept me for who I am, so I don't care what the rest think. You guys are all I need," he told the blonde beside him, an earnest smile on his face. "I'm really fortunate to have had very open-minded teammates right at the beginning. Kiba may look like he just likes goofing around, entirely untrue, by the way, but it was he who inspired me to take this path. I suppose some of his somewhat superfluous confidence has rubbed in."

'Well, the man certainly has lots of things to be, er, cocky about,' mentally noted the medical-nin, recalling the very hot discussion with her pink-haired friend. She felt her temperature go up as a very detailed picture of the well-endowed and smoldering dog-nin with all of his "assets" on display inadvertently entered her head. A small voice at the back of her mind berated her. 'Hey, just because I'm totally head-over-heels with Shino doesn't mean I can't appreciate manly beauty when I see it! Kiba just happens to have a lot of it!' she defended herself against her own conscience.

"That's what drew me to you, you know?" the bug-nin said, interrupting the blonde's flow of thoughts. "At first, I thought you were the stereotypical pretty girl who would express her utmost disgust for someone like me. But you didn't do anything even close to that. Sure, I could sense some discomfort, but that was pretty much it. You were very accepting of me, and it surprised me. There was so much to you than what meets the eye. The fact that you're drop-dead gorgeous certainly doesn't hurt. It was only natural for me to have liked you."

"Oh?" the blonde questioned with a small smirk, "Good thing you explained it like that. If you had gone all poetic and rambled about how natural it was for an insect, an allusion to you for being a bug-nin, to be attracted to a flower, an allusion to me for being the daughter of a flower shop owner, then I would've dumped you for being so corny."

Shino put on a façade of mock concern. "Would you really?" he asked.

"Oh, you know I'm kidding, silly!" she retorted, moving to playfully hit his chest. The moment her palm made contact with his hard pecs, both parties gasped. The contact made ripples of desire go up and down the blonde's lithe body; Shino's gasp wasn't entirely from pain, either. The blonde medical-nin's gaze traveled south and watched as his member began to assume its imposing form once more. She tore her eyes off his groin and played with the amber-tinted glasses. "You know," she began, a blush on her cheeks, "in that fantasy I told you about, you barged into my apartment wearing only these."

The raven-haired shinobi raised a brow, his bluish-gray eyes focused on his lover. After a few moments, he reached for the velvet gift box and took out the elegant gold herringbone necklace. "Actually, the funny thing is, while I was taking a shower to prepare for the date, I had a fantasy of you wearing only this," he told her. "You can imagine what I did, I'm sure. It was quite a mess, really," he added, a suggestive smirk on his handsome face. He pumped his ten-inch rod of hard flesh a couple of times with a large hand as if to offer a clue.

"Hmm, what should we do, then?" asked the blonde shinobi, the corner of her lips curving upwards into a naughty grin.