Why did you open this? Why do you want to hear about the life of a Witch's Daughter? Or are you just curious as to what happened several years later after Dorothy? Whatever your reason, don't you think for once that this'll be a happy story. There's nothing happy about this. Nothing at all. Well... That's what everyone wants you to believe right?

The adults that I live with, aren't my real parents. They just found me and took care of me, some say that my parents died because of the Wicked Witch but really... The Wicked Witch was my mother. Nobody knows this because Glinda, my foster-mother, doesn't want people to treat me like they did my mother. The only thing that makes me even look like my mother is my hair and eyes, my skin however, is practically white as snow, and I dyed my hair brown because I looked like a black and white picture.

I have a foster sister, her name's Nessarose Arduenna Chuffrey. She knows about my real mother and it doesn't bother her, she treats me like she treats everyone else, with kindness. Nessa was the first to show signs of witchy powers, then I shortly after. That was years ago, now Nessa and I are getting ready for Shiz University. And get this, we just happen to be roommates. I didn't even think that was possible.

If you didn't already know, my mother died by a chick with the name of Dorothy, with just a bucket of water my mother melted away. That's when Glinda found me. I was barely a year old but she found me, alone, and crying. I visit the castle I was found in, hoping that I'll find something, a sign that my mother's alive. Why? I have these visions... About meeting her and then there's fire, and screaming, and lots of anger. What that all means, I didn't know.

I think Glinda is worried. I told her about my vision, not just because she's the closest person to a mother that I have but because I believe that she can help me. I believe Glinda thinks I'll end up like my mother. A Wicked Witch but, I don't want to be Wicked, I almost don't want to be a Witch at all! I just want to be normal... Whatever that is. Sometimes I wish that Glinda left me to die then I wouldn't have to worry about letting my true past out.

You're still here, aren't you? *sigh* Well, I guess I should introduce myself. After all, you are going to be reading my life story so we should get off on the right foot. My name's Filiía Elphaba Thropp-Chuffrey. Elphaba Thropp is my mother and my father is unknown, I was adopted by my mothers friend, Glinda Upland-Chuffrey and her husband, and became friends with their daughter, Nessarose.

Like I said earlier, this is not a happy story. I guess it's not all bad but it isn't all good either. So, if you're ready, what do you say we get started? Unless you already know how the story turns out.

Short prologue but I'll make sure that the chapters are a little longer at least. Leave a review, an honest but not so rude review though.