"Are you insane!?" Arron yelled. "You just woke up and now you want to go and get yourself killed! What happened to you inside your head that made you want to that?"

"Isaias needs to be stopped and the sooner I stop him the sooner I can move on with my life!" Filίa yelled.

"You're not strong enough." He said.

"I'm stronger than you will ever be." She spat, balling up her fists.

"Filίa, calm down." I said calmly. "No one's looking for a fight."

"She is. Do you not see the lust in her eyes!" Arron yelled.

"Not helping." I grunted.

"Don't be so blind Zed. I would have to defend myself if you weren't here." Arron said.

"Vos untinam in adtentatio [You would die trying]."She spat, disappearing outside.

"What the heck did she just say?" Arron asked confused on what was said to him.

"The language of her people." I said.

"Which is?"

"Not of this world."


"You need them on your side Filίa. You can't do this on your own." My mother said from behind me. "Pushing them away isn't going to save them."

"I'm changing Mother and I can feel it."

"You need to learn to control yourself."

"Control?" I turned my head. "Something is changing inside of me and all you have to say is that I need to control myself? What kind of a mother are you?"

"Filίa? Filίa can you hear me?" Glinda asked resting her hand on my shoulder. "Are you okay sweetheart?"

I'm falling apart… I'm losing control. I told myself.


"Yes, sorry. I'm just caught up in my thoughts." I said staring into the valley that led to Oz.

"Talk to me. What are you thinking?" Glinda asked being the mother I remembered having growing up.

"The short of it; I have to kill Isaias in order to stop this chaos." I turned, walking back towards the castle. "I need to end this nightmare and start over."

"Filίa," She held my arm, "Let us help."

"No, I have to do this alone. I won't lose anyone else."


"Famous words. Words that you can't seem to keep." I waved my hand over the crystal ball. "Someone is going to die; whether it's me, you, or someone close. Someone will die."

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