A/N: So, I finally managed to get the start to this idea down. I've been meaning to write a 'Chronicles of Reaver' type story for a while now, and I decided I would give it a shot. This story will be split into three parts, each for the three parts of Reaver's very long life.

I'm playing around with the idea of who the aforementioned "her" will be, though I am a fan of the sibling theme that Fable games seem to have, so there will be quite a bit of that in this as well.

Anyway, here is the little prologue. The first chapter should follow within this week sometime, hopefully.


Part One: A Brother


"Pick something challenging."

Anna glanced up at her brother with a look of slight annoyance, though she quickly looked away and scanned the area for her next target. He had already shot the trunk of the furthest tree, the scarecrow in the field across from them, a number of branches. He'd refused to shoot the hat off of the head of a passerby, though she was sure he would have hit that too if he had been inclined to actually shoot at a villager. She paused, looking at a rather tall tree across the field from them, noticing a small, red object dangling from one of the branches. A smile crossed her face as she pointed towards it.

"That apple," Anna stated, "the one on the tree right in front of us."

Her brother gave her a look, raising an eyebrow at her. Of course he would have no problem with this. She figured the only target that would be too challenging to him would be the sun, not that it would stop him from trying.

"Okay, fine," she stated, crossing her arms, "you can't hit the apple itself, you have to shoot the stem that is still connected to the branch and have it fall from the tree."

"Ah, now that is a challenge," he said, pulling an arrow out from the satchel on his back, loading it into his bow and pulled back. He got into the correct stance, pulling the string back until the outside of his thumb just touched his cheek.

Anna turned to look at the tree he was aiming at, hearing the snap of the string of his bow being released. She watched as the arrow whizzed by her, sailing high up into the air before it started to drop as it neared the tree. The arrow flew just above the apple, hitting the trunk of the tree as the apple dropped and hit the ground.

A chuckle escaped her as she shook her head.

"You big show off," Anna said, starting to walk across the field towards the tree he had just shot.

"When I had asked you what you wished to do today, you said you wanted to see me shoot," she heard him say, making her glance back at him over her shoulder, "so, I have done just that."

"I didn't expect you to hit every target," she said, letting out a laugh.

It was days like this that filled her heart with joy, which was something she really valued these days. Even if it was just a day of walking around Oakvale with her brother, he always seemed to make it so that she dreaded the moment he had to leave once again. Since their father finally passed on, it was now just Anna and her brother. They had their older sister, though she was never all that close with them and she didn't visit as much as she used to.

She hadn't even shown up for their father's funeral, though she sent her condolences through a letter. It was formal and distant, as if the man that had just died wasn't her father too and she was just yet another hand on Anna's shoulder, telling her how sorry they are for her loss. Now, her brother was searching for a steady job to put coins in their pockets, even to the point where he joined the town guard. It was odd, seeing him dressed in the armor that made him look bigger than he really was.

Sometimes, it almost looked like the weight would crush him.

Though, that meant that he would leave town sometimes with a group of other guards, off to aid another town from bandits or another threat. Once that started happening, the fact that death could easily grip him one day made itself more prominent.

Quickly shaking those thoughts from her head, not wanting to ruin the last couple minutes with her brother with dark thoughts, she bent down at the base of the tree once they were close enough. Picking up the apple, she inspected it and noticed that, aside from being a little bruised, there was no mark that the arrow hit the fruit.

"Nice shot. Once again," she glanced up towards where the arrow was currently embedded in the tree, "how are we going to get that down?"

"I can live with one less arrow," her brother said, "you need to be getting back, anyhow."

He noticed the expression on her face at the mention of this, the way she let out a sigh through her nose and the downright angry look that crossed her face.

"You have to return, Anna," he said, placing a hand on her shoulder as he started to lead her back towards the main part of Oakvale.

"I know," she stated, allowing herself to be walked back across the field, "I just can't stand it there anymore."

"It'll only be for a few months, still," her brother said, "once I return, I will have enough money to buy us a home so you won't have to live in that place anymore."

"You said that the last time," she said, giving him a look out of the corner of her eye, "and the time before last."

"I mean it this time," he said, pulling her to a stop once again, turning her around so she was facing him, "I'll be back just before the winter months."

"That's a whole five months, though!" Anna exclaimed, "the longest you have been away for is a few weeks."

"You have friends, a safe town, and a roof over your head," he said, "I'll be back before you know it, I promise."

"What if you don't come back at all?"

"Don't talk like that, of course I will."

Anna looked away from him, crossing her arms before she nodded her head. She knew her brother was quick on his feet, and if his skill with a bow didn't speak of his ability to defend himself, she didn't know what else did. Still, she couldn't help but worry that he wouldn't return one day, that he would be gone and she would be left by herself in the home like the children that cried themselves to sleep some nights, or she would be sent off to live with her older sister.

"You promise?" she asked after a few moments, looking back up at him.

"Yes, like I always do."

"Then I'll be waiting for you."

He placed a gloved hand on her head, Anna smiling up at him once again. She didn't really know why, but this goodbye was harder than the others. There was part of her that seemed convinced that her brother wouldn't be returning.

You're all I have left.