((A.N: Firstly hi and welcome to this new fic :'D It's kind of a pet project that I've been working on for some time now with more careful planning than I'd usually invest. I'm taking liberties that may well later prove to be wrong, like say Takao's sister's name. Massive spoilers for the fic if you've seen the movie xD But yes, this project is… Really something I've put a lot of effort into and I love it to bits, so I hope that you guys, whoever reads this, can enjoy it too Cheers~!))

Takao gave a quick check, re-counting the boxes sitting in the living room before turning back to the mover standing at the door. "Aaaand that's it! Thanks for your help!" He grinned before taking the pen he was handed and signing where he was told. Honestly he would have preferred to take care of all the moving and whatnot himself, but band practices he needed to attend and a part-time job on the side meant he simply didn't have time to.

Not to mention there were boxes of music equipment that he simply didn't fancy hefting up a flight of stairs to the second floor where his apartment was.

Which was why his senior, taking a day off from work, decided to come help.

"Oi, Takao! Don't just stand there!" Hearing that, Takao sprinted back into the room, grabbing the other end of a large box his blond senior had attempted to shift. "Aaand there." He huffed after putting it down, sitting back when Takao dug out a penknife to slit open the tape. "... Don't tell me that's your underwear box." He snickered with a gag, nose scrunched.

"No way senpai. It's my porn stash."

With that he immediately received a smack and the additional threat of a truck fender to the face. The boys burst into bouts of snickering laughter before proceeding to unpack the box full of clothes.

Takao continued cutting open boxes, occasionally shouting instructions to his senior who seemed to be snooping around the small apartment and looking through his stuff more than anything else. "Hey Takao, I didn't know you had interests like this!" He shouted suddenly, holding up a fairly large jar that seemed to be exploding with color. Takao caught a brief glance of it before a leaning tower of boxes threatened to collapse, demanding his attention.

"Just put it away!" He yelled in response, trying to prop up the pile with his meager frame. The taller boy shrugged and plonked the large jar back into the cupboard.

Just as Takao arranged a stack of magazines into a reasonably tidy pile, he heard the taller male's voice again, this time hushed to a harsh whisper, coming from an adjacent room. "Hey Takao, get your ass over here."

"Miyaji senpai, I'm busy here in case you..."

The blond emerged from the room, grabbing Takao's wrist. "Shh! Just get your ass over here" He hissed, pulling the raven-haired boy into the room, plastering himself against the wall as inched over to the window and pointed out. "Look, there's someone outside, down there."

"Eh?" Without thinking half as much about being covert, he looked out the window, half expecting it to be a prank. However, sure enough, there stood a fairly tall guy with oddly emerald-green hair and black framed glasses; it soon became obvious to Takao that the man was looking up at him too.

After the fleeting split second that their gazes met, the man downstairs turned to walk off, leaving Takao mildly confused and his senior mock-panicking about having a stalker in the neighborhood, threatening the chastity of his darling junior.

The following few hours passed with dust drifting through the air, two boys tripping over boxes, stubbing toes on unfamiliar walls and merciless pokes at Takao's personal belongings. By the time the raven-haired boy walked his senior downstairs, the streetlights had already begun their night-time marathon, lazily illuminating the occasional cat slinking in or out of alleyways. Miyaji dusted off his hands, wiping his forehead on his shirt before turning back to his junior.

"Takao, I guess it's kinda late to say this but, it's fine if you want to go on staying with us yanno." The tall blond muttered eventually, golden eyes slightly lidded and his face in the shadows.

Takao gave a chuckle, shrugging with his hands in his pockets. "Nah, I can't keep on staying with you guys after all. Besides, I'll bet Narie already hates me for being a huge cockblock. Ehhh?" With that and a grin, Takao gave his senior a none too subtle nudge to the ribs, prompting another 'traffic accident' threat. The chuckles eventually died down, Takao heaving a sigh and giving his senior a pat on the back. "Thanks for helping me out, brother-in-law."

"Oi, not yet." Miyaji stuttered, scratching the back of his head, a visible blush appearing on his face. "And even if I marry Narie don't call me that, it sounds way too weird coming from you."

"Haha! I guess it does."

Fin. 21 Mar 2013.