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"Niichan?" Came his sister's voice, and immediately it struck Takao how similar her voice sounded to what it had been when he'd just moved out. The raven-haired man couldn't really resist a quick accusing glance into the living room where Miyaji sat.

The over-protective brother role was quickly assumed. "What's up? You sound like hell."

There was an accusing giggle. "You're so mean niichan!" She laughed, the chuckle dying down only too soon, the line going dead for a few pregnant seconds. "Uhm, can I ask, is Miyaji-san with you now?"

Takao once again peeked over his shoulder to the tall blond click-clacking on his laptop; a deliberate front of not having a care in the world.

"Yeah he's here," Takao whispered, turning away from the living room. "What happened? He won't tell me anything."

"Oh…?" His sister didn't seem to be expecting what she'd heard, going immediately silent instead of responding. Elevated voices from a night-time TV drama could be heard in the background. "He didn't say anything huh..." She muttered, more to herself than to her brother.

Curiosity gnawed at him. "Narie? What's wrong?"

"Nothing," she made a quick save, Takao suddenly noting that the television blare on her side of the phone was switched off. "Uhm, tell him he can still come and drop off his clothes to wash and stuff."

"You pamper him too much." Takao sighed in frustration, only then noticing Miyaji's deathglare while the blonde drew a finger across his neck with a rough hiss. Boldened by Miyaji's current debt to him, he allowed himself a stuck-out tongue of retaliation. "You sure you don't wanna tell me what's going on?"

The line fell dead again, during the whole time Takao almost felt his senior silently paying attention to the conversation. He could hear his sister's waterlogged breathing, panic suddenly hitting him when her silence broke into a sob.

"Niichan, I, I really love Miyaji-san, so, please, don't take him from me, please..."

"Oi Narie calm down will ya? Wha-" Before he could even hear his sister out, the phone had been dragged out of his hand; Miyaji then headed out the door, Takao's phone in hand while trying to soothe his fiancee.

Takao wasn't quite sure how the next few minutes passed, but a good part of it was just being numb from shock and trying desperately to figure out just what was going on from what little info he'd been given. To very little avail of course.

At that moment, as if just to make matters worse, he heard a steady thump of footsteps funneling up from the stairwell., followed by his dumbfounded senior shouting "The hell are… Hey, aren't you that guy!?"

Fearing the worst, Takao dashed for the door, pulling it open to a flustered and frustrated Miyaji juggling between the phone in his hand, and blocking Midorima.

"Senpai!" Takao blurted out before turning to the doctor again. "I'm so sorry sensei, it's kind of a bad time right n-"

"Never mind," Miyaji spat with a huff, eyeing Midorima cautiously. "I'm going back inside, take your time."

A loud slam of the door later, the two who remained outside were left to drown in the stifling awkwardness they'd been thrown into.

"I'm… Really sorry about that." Takao managed at length, hating himself for cleanly forgetting about his guitar. "It's just, he helped me move in, and on that day-"

"I was downstairs and he saw me." Midorima sighed knowingly, giving Takao a quick pat on the back. "Don't worry too much about it."

The shorter man could only nod with a shrug, still straining to hear what was going on inside between his sister and senior.

"Does he live with you?"

"Eh?" Scratching the side of his face, Takao looked up to face the doctor, almost immediately turning away. "Well, for now yeah." His expression greyed upon recalling everything that had happened within the past hour or so. "He's had some… Disagreements."

"I see… With the person he's on the phone with?"

A quick reluctant chuckle was all Midorima needed to know that despite Takao's usual carefree openness, this wasn't something to be discussed with outsiders. With a sigh, the doctor shrugged Takao's guitar bag off his shoulder.

"It hasn't been removed from the casing, but you might want to check it just in case."

"It's fine, thanks sens-Midorima."

With a sigh and a shrug, the taller man wished his friend the best, and turned to leave. That was until he felt a tug on his sleeve.

"Are you… Free right now?"

"... Sure."

Fin. 7 Oct 2013