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Summary: Harry Potter, fed up with Ron and Mione, unleashes anger and a secret or more.

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Warnings: Harry snaps so minor ish cuss words, a boyfriend is spoken of so m/m. Harry is as straight as a circle or a gay pride parade flag. Deal with it or hit the back button. Love is love and you can't control who you fall in love with no matter gender or race. Oh! Ron and Hermione and Dumbledore may be bashed or softly bashed in this. All three annoy me today, so yes, bash 'em was a good suggestion from plot bunnies. Questionable ending. Short as all get out at 1,798 words. I wince in pain at that number. It's normally past 4,000 words at least. Ugh. Enjoy?


They were all tap. dancing. forcefully. on his very last, very raw, nerve. The last straw was when they, his very own supposed best mates, sabotaged his potion. The highly volatile mastery level potion had been one ingredient away from a five minute simmer, two minute cool down, and bottling for shipment via Professor Snape when a random ingredient, followed by another that was just as random, plopped neatly into the almost finished potion he'd been working on for an entire bloody MONTH. Casting a containment spell on his potion in just enough time to save everybody from their near death situation even as he leveled a Snape-worthy scowl at the two that he had once considered his friends until this very moment, Harry James Potter waits for his precious time and effort to blow up before lowering the containment ward and planning to viciously rip the two's heads off. The class that had managed to see what happened, stares in silent horror at the boy hero, all knowing that a Snape expression on a Potter's face could not be a good thing at all.. and they were right.

Harry steps closer to Hermione and Ron, who were both wearing satisfied expressions that they finally managed to get his attention to be fully trained upon them, and hisses angrily, his voice icy and brittle and filled with hatred that had never been heard outside of a conversation about Voldemort or Dumbledore. The twosome are oblivious to their classmates who, upon hearing Harry echo their professor in voice and tone, backed away to the walls as if to hide from the coming confrontation. The Professor in question simply settles in behind his desk, his arms crossed over his chest, and a dark smirk curling his lips. Which, admittedly did nothing to reassure those who he thought of as intelligent enough to get the hell away from the pissed off boy.

"I don't care for your whining, nor do I care for the fact that all you have done for months now has been to berate me on not being a good friend! You just blew up a potion that I have been creating and brewing for an entire month that was almost in the last stage. One more ingredient, time to simmer and cool and it would have been finished. No, you blow it up in a childish attempt to pull my attention from my key to a Mastery in Potions onto the two of you. A Mastery... or two childishly motivated insignificant leeches who care only for fame and the position and status that being the friends of a celebrity can bring them... I wonder which I would have chosen had I gotten the choice?" He levels a sneer at them that makes Hermione flinch and begin to look worried. "Oh wait, I DID CHOOSE! I chose my Mastery over your pathetic whining and badgering and prodding and leech-like behavior. I mean, I know I'm sexy and all, but do I really need to tech the two of you how to be content with one another under the sheets just to get some peace?"

Ron bristles as Hermione's expression turns horrified. "We're your best mates Harry and you've been ignoring us and refusing to speak to us since the beginning of the semester! You're always gone from the dorms and your trunk's not even there! We only see you when you come to visit Neville and Seamus and Dean and the Creevey brothers! So either you've got a girlfriend who is a goddess in bed that you see every night, or there's some important bit of information we've not been told! Friends tell friends things Harry! It's not right for you to keep secrets from us! Ruining your potion was our last hope!"

Snape's dark brows raise and his lips curve in silent amusement as he feels Harry's magic ready for a random burst. The boy was understandably pissed off by his potion bowing up, why push their luck and expect to be justified in it? Hell, even Harry's hair was sticking up as the back fur of a cat does when the contrary creatures are irritated.

Harry, who had been angry before, growls at the morons before him. "You listen and you listen well because I will only tell you this once." His tone is downright death, "If you so much as speak my first name within my hearing ever again I will kill you both with my bare hands, just for ruining my hard work for your own stupidity. Furthermore, from this day forward, Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger are nothing to me outside of classmates and fellow Gryffindors for as long as those positions do so last. I, Harold Severin Snape-Prince do so vow, by my magic and yours, so mote it be!"

Silencing them when they begin to protest through the light of magic sealing his vow and sealing them, as they were affected in it, into following his wishes least they lose their magic. He sneers at them as his glamours fade, messy hair falling in soft auburn waves to his shoulders, emerald eyes no longer hidden by glasses as those, too, are taken from his face, and chiseled features that spoke of a young man who was his father's twin, but for the softening touches of his mother a well as her coloring and nose. He was handsome in a beautiful and classic type of way that had their hidden classmates staring in awe at the vision. "As for where my trunk as gone Weasley, it's in my room inside of my father's quarters where it has been since the day we found out that I was hidden from my own father. I have been, every night during this semester of schooling, with my father, doing my work, studying for my Potions Mastery, and collapsing after I've finished my studies in my bed all alone. I have a parent now that I am taking the time to get to truly know, a godbrother that I am also taking some time for, as well as a boyfriend to write to every day. Excuse me if I seem to hate the two of you for lying from the beginning of our friendship just to steal the Potter fortune and ride on the fame of being the friends of the Boy-Who-Lived, but I have better things to do than play patty-cake on the playground of elementary school with two children who choose to ride someone else's coat tails to their future rather than earn it and fight for it on their own. And no Ronald, I do not have everything handed to me. I've been beaten, starved, and have had to learn to survive being treated worse than house elves by muggles since the night I was left on their doorstep as a one year old. I have fought for EVERYTHING in my life and earned things that I am damn proud of. Now, I have what I have always treasured most, a family."

"You think of possessions as wealth Weasel and that's where you are poor. Possessions are nothing compared to a family who loves you, supports you, bugs the hell out of you, gives you hell, and stands by you even when you know you don't deserve it. Nev, Seamus, Dean, and both Creevey brothers are my best mates. That's why I take the time to visit them. I also visit Luna, Susan, Hannah, Draco, and Blaise. I alternate days so no one gets overlooked. They are my closest friends, and they are friends I know will stand by me and pull me back up on my feet because they care about me, Harry, not because of adventure and danger and fame. Seems I've found the right sort of friends after all, and that Dray was right about the two of you not being the right sort. You're on my ass because I cut you and the Order and Dumbledore out of my vaults and made you three specifically repay everything ever stolen for you or gifted to you that was no one else's but mine and my father's to gift. So get over it, get out of my life, and good riddance to bad rubbish. I have a potion to clean up and start the arduous month-long task of brewing AGAIN thanks to you dunderheads and your idiotic ideas of a good diversionary tactic. My father be less lenient on the both of you than Filch give permission to torture naughty students as he did in his version of the 'good ole days'."

When the silencing charm is take off, Hermione speaks up softly. "Y-You never did say who your boyfriend is Harry. I just... wondered is all."

Harry glances at the girl for a moment before he answers, "His name is Yuu Kanda. You wouldn't know him unless you're friends with an Exorcist of the Black Order. Before anyone else decides to ask, I met him when father and I took a trip to Italy for the summer hols. We helped them with one mission and the Black Order is apparently going to try and recruit us. They've said that they'll help us with our Dark Lord problem if they can, so you might meet him later in the year but I doubt they'll be able to help with anyone on that side who isn't truly evil. Now, whether you lot mind or not, I have a mastery potion to recreate."

As Severus stands and calls the class back to order, Harry cleans up his station and wonders if Yuu and his friends would be able to help without getting killed themselves. He couldn't turn down the aide without the threat of Mugen at his neck via his protective boyfriend, but the man would not be able to keep him from worrying. Harry smiles though, at hearing his father berate the two who messed up his potion, as well a the picture he could easily call up in his mind of the handsome Japanese man with the long black hair and cobalt eyes. Merlin save them all if the Order did decide to get involved in this war. Although... the house elves were probably going to worship Allen Walker. The boy could possibly be the only person able to clean a tray for one that the house elves filled with food for twenty in one sitting. He was sure, as he went about starting his potion to brewing again and mourning the time already lost in having it completed, that this year at Hogwarts' would be the best and craziest yet. Well, at least Hermione and Ron were dealt with, so that was one less worry... for now anyway...


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