pika318: Hi! I'm back with a new one shot! You can consider this a sequel to Rise and Fall or Moving On. I had this idea where all six main schools from Kuroko no Basuke would have an inter-high camp. And it ended up being used as a way for the Teikou students to patch up after their disagreeable split in Rise and Fall. Anyway, I hope all of you enjoy reading this!

Disclaimer: Kuroko no Basuke belongs to Fujimaki Tadatoshi

One Shot: The Plan to Patch Up?

"Yeah, so that is how it is, Kuroko. You have to take the bus to the camp site by yourself. Sorry."

"I see." Kuroko replied in a neutral tone.

"There's only one bus stop there, so it's quite easy to find."

"I understand, Kagami-kun. Then I'll see you at the camp."

"Yeah." Kagami said, and then he cut off the call.

Kuroko put his phone back into his pocket and walked the last stretch of road that would lead him to the bus stop. When he arrived there though, he was surprised to see some familiar faces.

"Kise-kun." Kuroko called out, and the blond turned around, with a look of surprise on his face.

"Kuroko-cchi! What are you doing here?"

"I could ask you the same question myself. Our school was invited to attend an interschool camp, would the other school be Kaijo then?" Kuroko replied, asking another question of his own.

"I guess it would be, since you're here too. But are you alone? Where's the rest of your club?" Kise asked, as he looked around the area and saw no one else in the Seirin uniform.

"Apparently, I was told to report at 11am. But Kagami-kun called just now and said that he had given me the wrong time and it was supposed to be 10am. The others are already at the camp, so I was asked to go there by myself." Kuroko explained.

Kise looked puzzled, "That's what Kasamatsu-senpai told me too. And now that I think about it…" Kise turned behind him as he said this, and behind him, seated on the bench, was none other than Midorima.

"Didn't you say that your club mate, Takao or something, told you that too?" Kise asked, directing his question Midorima.

"Hmph. I knew he was unreliable, but this is really too much."

"You were also told the wrong time?" Kuroko asked.

"Yes. Now that you and Kise are here, it only makes things more suspicious. If this Inter High Camp involves the schools around Tokyo, that guy might just appear too." Midorima said, presenting his deductions.

"That guy?" Kise asked, looking slightly confused.

"Are you referring to…" Kuroko started to ask, when he was interrupted by a shout.

"Tetsu, Kise, what are you guys doing here?"

Turning towards the voice, the trio already at the bus stop see a familiar tanned person walking up to them.

"As I expected." Midorima said with a small sigh.

It wasn't long before Aomine reached the bus stop.

"Geh, so you're here too." Aomine said once he reached the bus stop and saw Midorima there, who he had failed to notice earlier since the green haired player had been blocked by Kise.

"You got a problem with that?" Midorima retorted, and before Aomine could start any argument, Kise quickly intervened.

"Aomine-cchi, was your school also invited to the Inter High Camp?"

"Yeah, don't tell me it was the same for you guys."

Kise and Kuroko nodded.

"Aomine-kun, were you also, perhaps, told the wrong time to meet up?" Kuroko asked.

At that question, it seemed to remind Aomine of something unpleasant, because the tanned player suddenly flared up.

"Yes! Damn that Satsuki! If she knew the right time, she could have just woke me up since we live near each other! No, she had to call me and tell me to get there on my own!"

"Erhm, Aomine-cchi, don't you think you're already relying too much on Momoi-cchi?" Kise asked gently.

"I think so too. Aomine-kun should be more independent." Kuroko agreed.


"Either way, there is something very suspicious going on here." Midorima said.

"Yes, what are the chances that all of us were given the wrong timing to the same camp that all our schools happened to be invited to, and for everyone else to get the right timing?"

"Very low, I would say. It's possible that all of us have been tricked."

"Yeah." Kise agreed. Then he realised something was strange. The voice he had just heard did not belong to Midorima, Aomine, or Kuroko.

He turned towards the voice, and the rest, realising the same thing, turned around too.

Only to come face to face with a familiar heterochromatic red head.

Their ex-captain.

"Akashi!" Midorima exclaimed, pointing a finger at said person.

"Akashi-kun." Kuroko greeted calmly. As for Kise and Aomine, they were simply too shocked to say anything, and seemed to have frozen on the spot.

"Ah, Tetsuya, it's nice to see you again. And Shintarou, it's rude to point at other people." Akashi replied. Midorima put down his finger immediately. Akashi continued to speak,

"Ryota, Daiki, both of you look like you have seen a ghost, have to been resting properly?"

"Uh, yeah." Kise answered.

"We were fine until you showed up suddenly." Aomine muttered under his breath, making sure that Akashi would not be able to hear it.

"What are you even doing here? Isn't Rakuzan in Kyoto?" Midorima asked bluntly.

"We, specifically the regulars, were invited to attend an Inter High Camp. The coach said that Shuutoku, Kaijo, To-ou, Yosen and Seirin were participating. I simply thought it was interesting, so I agreed."

"So Akashi-cchi was given the wrong time too?" Kise asked.

"Yes, it appears to be so."

"I can't believe you'll be stupid enough to fall for that trick." Midorima muttered as he pushed up his glasses. The rest just gaped at Midorima's boldness.

"If the coach was the one to tell you the time, would you doubt him?" Akashi asked, looking towards Midorima.

Midorima looked away, and didn't say anything in reply. It was obvious he had no rebuttal, but he absolutely refused to admit that.

A tense silence passed between them. No one dared to speak to break the silence, not daring to face either person's wrath.

It was then a bus pulled up at the bus stop.

Judging from the display on the bus, it was not the bus that would take them to the camp site. Once the doors opened, it revealed a tall figure, the missing person that would complete the picture, and reveal the objective of the whole setup.

"Ah, it's Murasakibara-kun." Kuroko pointed out.

"Now that I think about it, Akashi-cchi did metion Yosen earlier…" Kise commented.

Murasakibara, who was still munching on some snacks, spotted them as he got off the bus.

"Ara, everyone is here? Is this the right bus stop to go to the camp?" He asked in a relaxed drawl.

"Isn't it too late to ask that question after you gotten off the bus?" Midorima asked sarcastically.

"Huh, is it?" Murasakibara asked in reply.

"Yes, it's the right bus stop." Kuroko answered kindly.

"Ah, okay. Thanks, Kuro-chin." Murasakibara answered before looking around. "I thought I was going to get lost since Muro-chin asked me to go there by myself."

"Were you asked to be here by 10am?" Kise asked.

"Woah, that's right. I didn't know Kise-chin could be so smart." Murasakibara replied.

"Guh, that has nothing to do with intelligence, okay? It's just that all of us were asked to be here by 10am."

"Huh? Is that so?"

Midorima only sighed at how slow Murasakibara could be.

"Seeing that we're all gathered here, I can only conclude that someone wanted all of us to be here at this time." Akashi said, interrupting the conversation.

"What the hell is the point of doing all this?" Aomine asked, definitely displeased with the current situation.

"I have my suspicions." Akashi said, but he did not elaborate any further.

An uncomfortable silence fell upon the group. Honestly, it was suffocating. Kise, unable to take the atmosphere, walked up to the plate which contained the bus schedule, only to find out that the next bus arrives in one hour.

Kise turned back to the silent group. Kuroko had already taken out a book, as if he intended to use it as a shield against the silence. Murasakibara resumed eating his snacks, not sharing it like he used to do. Akashi had taken out a notebook of some sort, flipping through it. Midorima and Aomine seemed to be staring into space.

Kise sighed inwardly.

It was going to be one long hour.

"Is the plan really going to work?" Momoi asked, turning to the brown haired girl one year her senior.

"Of course! We told all of them to be there at the same time, and knowing the frequency of these buses, they'll definitely end up at the same bus stop together." Riko answered confidently.

Momoi and Riko were sitting in the dining room, together with all the other participants from the other schools, including their coaches. The doors to the dining room opened out to the entrance of the camp, and everyone had gathered there to wait for these last remaining members to arrive, wanting to know the results of their combined plan.

"I hope so. I really want them to patch up. They've been so awkward around each other, even after the Winter Cup…" Momoi replied.

"It'll be fine! Even Kagami pulled off his part of the plan perfectly!" Riko assured.

Hearing his name, Kagami spoke up, "I had to rehearse the whole thing, okay! Kuroko's going to kill me when he finds out he's been tricked."

"Nah, I don't think Kuroko is that sort of person." Kiyoshi commented cheerfully as he patted Kagami on the shoulder, as if to congratulate him for a job well done.

"I don't think it has been easy for any of us, Taiga. Murasakibara can be really perceptive sometimes too." Himuro said from another table. As if to prove his point, Takao was heard saying,

"Why did I have to be the one to call anyway?! Shin-chan is totally going to kill me! It would have been easier if Senpai did it!"

"You were the one who lost the bet. Suck it up." Miyaji said.

"Luckily for us, it was the coach who settled everything." Kotarou commented to Reo and Eikichi.

"Of course, if it had been anyone else, they would have died sooner or later." Reo replied happily.

"Oh! I think the bus is here!" Riko said excitedly. Momoi ran to the door of the dining room, eager to see the results.

The bus stopped as it pulled up to the entrance of the camp, and the doors opened. The six remaining participants got off the bus.

And that was it.

Without saying anything to one another, they walked into the dining room, where they saw everyone gathered. Then they went their separate ways towards their teams, not even saying any parting words.

It was only after they reached their teams did conversations start to erupt.

"Takao, come here."

"No way! Have you seen a mirror yet? Your face is scary! And what's with that skewer?!" Takao shouted in reply as he hid behind Otsubo.

"It's my lucky item."

"Kasamatsu-senpai, how could you tell me the wrong time?" Kise whined.

"Ah, I'm sorry."

"Muro-chin, I didn't get lost."

"Well done."

"I apologise for being late." Akashi said, apologizing to the coach.

"It's fine. To begin with, it was my fault for telling you the wrong time."

"We can show you to our room. Apparently, we're sharing it with Seirin."

"Is that so?"

"So, Kuroko, how was the ride?" Riko asked, dying to know the answer.

"It was quiet."

"…Ah, why don't you put your bags down? Kagami will show you the way."


"I'm sorry, Daiki!" Momoi said, reverting to his first name out of habit.

"Che, whatever. I'm too tired to deal with this."

As these conversations were going on, everyone in the room, besides the six new additions, were all thinking the same thing.

The plan didn't work at all!

After everyone had settled down, Riko and Momoi decided to execute Plan B, it had been their backup plan in case Plan A, "giving them the wrong time so they would meet at the bus stop" didn't work.

As they half-expected, they weren't very happy with the proposal.

"I absolutely refuse to be in the same team as those idiots." Midorima said, referring to a certain group of three people.

"It's not as if I want to be in the same team as you either." Aomine said, a pissed off look on his face.

Even Kuroko was frowning a little, Riko observed.

Do they really dislike each other that much? From what I heard from Momoi, it's not as if they hate each other.

"Well, everyone had already picked their own team earlier, see?" Riko said, gesturing to the other participants. Sure enough, amongst the mixed teams in front of them, they could see Takao talking excitedly to Kasamatsu, Kiyoshi chatting cheerfully with the other Crownless Generals even as Koganei tried to make himself scarce amongst them.

"So since you're the only ones left without a proper team, then you would have to team up." Riko concluded, hoping with all her might that she would be able to convince them.

"There's six of us here anyway, so that means one of us can go to another team, right?" Aomine stated. Just as he said that, he started to walk off, only to be stopped by a voice.

"Daiki, you are to stay in this team."

Aomine whirled around when he heard this.


In response to Aomine's near violent response, Akashi didn't even bat an eyelid.

"It's true that there are six of us, but Ryota is still recovering from his leg injury. I will not allow him to play for long periods of time under such circumstances. Which means, we would need six people so we can switch when needed. Besides, it seems like we do not have a choice on which team we join."

At this, Akashi turned to Riko.

"Isn't that so, Aida-san?"

"Uh…yeah, since everyone else has decided and everything." Riko answered, stuttering just a little. Seriously, even after all this time, she still found Akashi very unnerving, especially when he gazed at her with the look like he had already seen through everything.

"So, it's settled. We'll be in the same team during the camp." Akashi said and looked at each of his previous team members, as if he is daring them to protest.

They shifted uncomfortably under Akashi's gaze, but said nothing to protest against it.

And so, with Akashi's help (?), they were able to start with Plan B.

It didn't take them long to realize that Plan B is going to be a failure.

"Aomine-cchi, that ball was meant for me!"

"Who says? I was the one who caught it in the end."

"Yeah, after you intercepted me, that is!"

Everyone within earshot gave a sigh. This would be the fifth argument started ever since they started practicing with a 3 vs 3 match twenty minutes ago. Those from Kaijo raised their eyebrow, wondering how it was possible that their normally harmonious first year would be capable of participating on so many quarrels.

Momoi turned her gaze towards the group once again. Kuroko watched them from his position where he had passed the ball meant for Kise. Murasakibara yawned, not caring about the argument. Midorima turned away with a sigh, his body language making it clear that he did not want anything to do with the pair. As for Akashi…

*Whoosh thwack

Suddenly, an object flew out of nowhere, passing the air between the blond and the dark blue haired basketball player, hitting the basketball hoop frame next to them and falling to the ground. Both of them froze, staring at the skewer which had just barely missed them.

"Both of you are being embarrassing, stop it right now."

"Yes!" Kise and Aomine shouted, though Momoi suspected it was simply out of reflex, rather than any actual understanding of what was being asked.

"My skewer!" Midorima shouted, but before the bespectacled player could say anything further, he was immediately silenced by Akashi's glare.

"Sei-chan's being reaaaallly scary today." Momoi heard Kotarou whispering to Nebuya.

"Yeah, even if he's angry with us, he would never throw anything as sharp as that…." Nebuya whispered back, agreeing.

"Don't tell me he's actually more pissed about being in the same team as his ex-teammates than we thought?" Kotarou hypothesized.

Momoi turned back to the group in question as they slowly (and reluctantly) restarted their practice again. It was painful to watch, really. There was no passion, no enthusiasm. Just a heavy atmosphere that indicated that they were doing this simply because they had to.

It reminded Momoi of what it had been like during their third year in Teikou. At that thought, she shook her head vigorously, like it would chase the thought out of her head.

Nonono, I must stay positive! It'll work out somehow!

But by the end of their morning practice, there had been no progress at all.

It was afternoon, not long after lunch, when Riko, and Momoi, decided to execute their hastily put together Plan C.

"So we need all of you to go buy groceries."

The six boys in question stared back at the two girls.

"It's only the first day and you don't have enough food already?" Aomine asked, reluctant to run the errand.

"Well, it seems like some of you eat more than we thought." Riko answered, discretely eyeing Murasakibara and Aomine. Truth be told, they did still have enough food to last them through the second and third day as well, but for the plan, they decided to bring forward the shopping schedule.

"Here's the list, now go." Riko said cheerfully and Momoi pushed them out the gate.

Without any choice, the ex-Teikou team could only run the errand.

"First putting us in the same training team, and now sending us out for groceries. Seriously, if we didn't know any better, we would think they just want us out of the way of their training camp but were too polite not to invite us." Kise commented.

"Let's just get this over and done with." Midorima said.

A few hours later

"Here." Kise said as he placed his load of bags on the kitchen top. The rest followed suit. It was only then Riko and Momoi noticed the huge bag that Murasakibara was carrying.

"I don't remember asking all of you to buy this much." Riko said, with a slight frown.

"They're my snacks." Murasakibara answered.

"Even then, isn't it a bit too much?" Momoi asked.

"I was stressed, so I ended up buying more."

"Oh…" Momoi answered as she looked at the group. Unlike what she hoped, she still felt a heavy atmosphere around all of them. Even Kise and Aomine, the more talkative members of the group, seemed more subdued than usual.

"If there's nothing else, then I'm going." Midorima said, before he left the kitchen, walking away quickly. Much too quickly for Momoi's liking.

"Midorin!" She shouted in indignation, but if fell on deaf ears.

"Do you still need our help, Momoi-san?" Kuroko asked, kind as ever. If it had been under normal circumstances, Momoi would have blushed, but not this time.

"No…it's fine. We can handle it from here." Momoi said awkwardly.

Once the kitchen was emptied, save for Momoi and Riko, the pink haired girl turned to Riko, close to tears.

"That didn't work too!"

"Uh, let's think of something else, okay? Something will work eventually. We still have 4 days." Riko replied.

"Yeah, okay." Momoi replied with a small sniffle.

Plan D, getting them to sit together during dinner, failed miserably as well. It had been a quiet affair. Kise, true to his personality, had tried to strike up a few conversations with either Aomine or Kuroko, but they ended quickly, and left with nothing else to say, Kise and fell silent, beaten by the heavy atmosphere. Momoi had also been confident that Akashi, with his 'maternal instincts', as she termed it, would eventually lecture Kise on being picky about food, on Aomine not eating enough vegetables, or on Kuroko on not eating enough. But there was nothing.

"There's still tomorrow. Who knows, the ones sharing a room might improve their relationship since they're stuck with each other for the evening. I already asked the others to try to have them interact as much as possible."

"I hope so…" Momoi answered, disheartened.

It was the middle of the night, when Riko and Momoi, along with Yosen's coach, who was also sharing the same room, were awoken by yells.

Riko quickly opened the door, and opposite them, the coaches, also sharing the same room, did the same. They peered down the corridor where the shouts were coming from. Judging from the shouts, it had come from the other participants of the camp.

"I think we better go check it out." Toou's coach, Katsunori, said. The rest nodded their agreement and made their way down the corridor.

What greeted them was chaos.

The doors that led to the rooms which housed their charges were all open. And as they peeked into the rooms, there were high school boys yelling and running around inside, dropping feathers everywhere while being covered in a mysterious substance.

Slowly, they started to comprehend what their students were shouting.

"What the hell is this, I can't get these damn feathers off!"

"Argh! It's in my hair too!"

"This is going to take ages to wash off!"

"Kise, I am going to kill you!"

And the shouting went on.

The coaches were about to step up and ask all of them to quiet down when they stepped on something sticky. Bending over, Masako, Yosen's coach, scrapped the substance off the floor and inspected it.

"Is this…honey?"


Riko turned behind her, only to see Kiyoshi, and the rest of the members in the Seirin Basketball Club, who, unlike all the other boys in the area, were spotlessly clean.

"What's…going on here?" Riko asked weakly, pointing to the impossibly chaotic scene in front of them.

"It was like this…" Hyuuga started to say.

10 minutes earlier

Hyuuga, just like everyone else in the room, had been in deep sleep, when he was rudely awoken by a shout.

Sitting up quickly, Hyuuga looked around him quickly, and saw that the rest of his team members were also awake, either rubbing their eyes sleepily, or looking around just like him. Feeling around for his glasses, he put them on.

It was only then did he see the scene on the other side of the room.

Kuroko and Akashi, standing in the middle of the room, holding plastic bags and some bottles. In front of them, were the members of the Rakuzan team, sputtering and coughing as they tried to get rid of the things that were on them.

It was only when one landed at his feet did Hyuuga realize they were feathers.

"What the hell was that for, Sei-chan?!" Kotarou screamed as he turned to the Kuroko and Akashi, both barely able to contain their laughter.

"It's punishment, of course. For the trick you played on us this morning." Akashi explained.

"Then why are they okay, then?!" Kotarou shouted as he pointed to the members of the Seirin team.

"Oh, it's a reward for winning the Winter Cup. And besides, we do need someone to help us clean all of this up later, so we couldn't do this on everyone." Akashi rationalised.

"Bullshit! I bet it's because both of you are too small to carry the amount to drench both schools in the first place!" Kotarou rebutted, irritated enough to forget who he was shouting at, or the consequences of what he just shouted.

"Oh really?" Akashi asked, a smile on his face.

"Kotarou, I think you better stop now." Reo advised, a restraining hand on Kotarou's shoulder.

'Spealch' The sound of that contact could be heard in the room.

"Ewww…get your hand off me!" Kotarou shouted.

"And that is how it is…" Hyuuga concluded.

"Huh? So if they have been planning this all along, then…" Riko said, but before she could finish her sentence,

"What in the world is this?! Someone better explain this to me!"

It was the owner of the camp lodge.

It had taken some explanation, but after being scolded thoroughly by the owner, the ex-Teikou students started to clean up the mess with the help of Seirin, as well as Momoi and the adults, while the other camp participants attempted to wash off their disaster.

By the time everyone was done, the sun had already risen.

"Oh my god… I'm never doing that again!" Momoi exclaimed she flopped down at the breakfast table in the dining room.

We appreciate the sentiment, but we do not appreciate being tricked like that. I hope this will make you think twice before attempting to do that again.

Momoi sighed as she recalled what Akashi had said earlier, after all the cleaning had been done. However, as she looked at the breakfast table where Akashi and the rest of the previous members of the Teikou Basketball club were eating, a small smile came to her face.

Unlike yesterday, it was lively and noisy; just like the lunches she remembered back when they were in second year.

In the end, it was all worth it.

pika318: And that's it for the one shot. If I have other ideas that relate to this high school camp, it might end up being a one shot series, but that's for the future.