Chapter 2: Respective Gym Leaders.

Wow what a start, I guess people like this story, well I will do my best for all the readers. Okay there were some stuff I got wrong, but that is the problem with assumption I guess, there is a saying never assume, you will only make an Ass out of U and Me, but as they also say the show must go on.

Ash looked back on the road breathing a sigh of relief after being chased by a group of large bear like pokemon, his partner pokemon looked back to make sure that everything was alright, he looked around to see the scenery that had dominated the area, his breath taken by the beauty that was before him, large trees lining the roads and the many different pokemon walking around in the fields and near the tree line, "wow buddy this place is amazing," Ash mentioned with a smile while walking slowly through the route.

Ash pulled out his pokeball seeing the new addition in his team, "Pancham ha? Well I guess we have a new road to forge," Ash told himself proudly

Ash walked through the small town, with a large castle in the background, "interesting, this place seems to have a lot of history," Ash commented before being approached by a guard, "seems like there is something wrong," Ash stated while looking up to the guard.

"There is, we cannot let anyone through, there is a Snorlax in the way and the Parfum Palace is closed to the public, so the Pokeflute is out of our reach at the moment," the guard stated with a frown, Ash looked at the ground with great shame, wondering what to next, the experienced trainer looked to the major road that was being blocked by the Snorlax, he turned around and started walking back to the major city, "don't worry sir Parfum Palace should be open in the next few days," the guard called over to Ash with a smile.

Ash kicked the dirt and started to leave the small town, "great, now I am going to fall behind, Serena is going to have her first badge before me," Ash complained while taking the long walk back to the big city, "well if the gyms are three on three, then I better get one of my old pokemon, might go with Gible, I haven't trained him in a while," Ash thought while walking back to the city.

Ash continued on the road to the major city with the hopes that there was going to be a gym leader there, thinking about what his next cause of action was. The trainer approached the outskirts of the major city and looked at the map, "okay so the centrepiece of the city is the gym, the Prism Tower," Ash pointed out on the map, he looked at the roads and started to sigh, knowing that the day was going to be extremely long, "I took that long to get to Camphrier Town and I get turned back, what a pain," the raven haired trainer complained.

Ash walked back in the city tired from all the walking, he looked around to find a the Pokemon Center, to rest for the day, he trudged through the busy streets feeling dejected that he couldn't rush through to the next city, he eventually made it to the medical facility and placed his order in for a room, "I hope you enjoy your stay tonight," Nurse Joy chimed.

Ash slowly walked over to the phone and called his mother to see how she was going, it was just unfortunate that the medical facility was really busy, the people talking was loud enough to prevent him from hearing his mother talking, "hello Ash, how is your journey going?" a woman with brown hair asked her son.

"Remember what I said on the first day of being a pokemon trainer?" Ash asked with a cheek smile.

"Now Ash, putting yourself down like that, you aren't a fallen Pidgy," Delia complimented while Ash started to chuckle.

"You still remember that?" Ash enquired with a shocked expression.

"So Ash, what is the Kalos Region like?" Delia asked with pride.

Ash turned his attention to the window of the medical facility and started to exhale, "from what I have seen so far the Kalos region is amazing, but I have only seen Lumiose City and Camphrier Town," Ash replied while thinking about the moment he met with another person, "I also made a friend and a rival at the same time," Ash explained happily.

"So Ash who is he? I know most of your rivals are boys your age," Delia jumped the gun.

"No mom, it's a girl this time, her name is Serena," Ash replied much to the surprise of his mother, "apparently she knows me," Ash pointed out tiredly.

Delia smiled at her son and turned her back to pick up a picture from the cupboard, "well she is your childhood friend, but she left two years before you started your journey," Delia told her son with, she pulled out the album and showed him a picture of Ash and Serena from their childhood, "Serena is such a sweet girl, it was too bad she moved away with her family," Ash's mother stated with a frown.

"Really mom? I am a little upset that I will be falling behind, not that it bothers me, I am a more experienced trainer than her," Ash boasted with a smirk.

Delia placed the photo album on the desk and shook her head for a moment, "you know Ash, just because you're more experienced it doesn't mean you should boast," Delia told her son with a frown, she placed her hands on her hips and frowned at her son's over confidence, "just remember to have a good time alright," she instructed her son before getting ready to finish off the call, "I hope to hear from you again Ash," Delia stated hopefully.

"I will call back later on mom," Ash replied before hanging up. Ash got out of the seat and walked to the pokeball transporter, he dialled up the numbers to call the professor.

An elderly man appeared on the screen wearing a red shirt with his white lab coat over it, "Ash, it's good to see you, is there anything I can do for you?" the Professor asked in a hurried manner.

"You seem to be in a hurry Professor," Ash replied with an uncertain expression.

Professor Oak turned to the monitor showing off three children getting ready to start their journeys, "yes today is the start of the journey for three new trainers, Leaf, Mark and Sakura," Oak replied with a proud smile.

"That's awesome; the reason why I called is because I would like to see if you can send my Gible over?" Ash requested quickly as he kept his attention on the three starting trainers.

Professor Oak quickly placed the dragon's pokeball on the teleportation device and pressed the button, in a flash the red and white device was instantly sent to Ash, "no need for thanks Ash, because I really need to give the next twelve trainers their starter pokemon, you really are an influence on the young kids these days," Professor Oak explained before allowing Ash to say his goodbyes to the kids and the professor.

Ash grabbed the device and looked on his shoulder to see his partner pokemon standing there, a bit of sweat start to show on his face, "wow, I guess the professor is a little busy these days," Ash chuckled while getting up to walk to the front counter, "Nurse Joy, can I please get my Pokemon checked up? Just in case," Ash enquired, he handed over the pokeballs to the pink haired nurse and turned around to find a younger teen rushing into the medical facility wearing light blue overalls, blonde hair and a pair of glasses.

He walked up to the main counter and waited for the nurse to return to the desk, with his three pokeballs, placing them on the desk in a panic, tapping his foot on the ground until the pinkette arrived, "please Nurse Joy, I am in hurry, today is the day I start running the gym and my sister will never leave me alone until I get the check up on my pokemon," the blonde haired trainer.

'A gym leader, I wonder will he be strong, judging by what he said he might not be much of a challenge,' Ash thought to himself, he walked over to a seat and sat down waiting for his pokemon, he picked up a piece of paper and started to read it, "oh good, it seems like I will be relaxing tonight with a meal, I will challenge the gym leader tomorrow.

(The Outskirts of Lumiose City)

Serena was walking through the flower fields in awe of the beauty that was on display around her, small cream colored pokemon holding onto small flowers were hovering around her, she pulled out a camera to take a picture of the tiny pokemon, the gentle breeze pushed the light pokemon with ease, "wow, those Fkabébé are so cute," Serena pointed out with joy, walking slowly as she grabbed one of her pokeballs, 'if I can catch one of them, I will surprise him,' Serena thought, a braod smile crept across her face.

Serena moved closer against the wind so that the fairy types wouldn't know that she was approaching, she quickly and without warning tossed a pokeball at the little pokemon trapping it inside the red and white device, waiting for the moment, her pokeball began to sway from side to side, waiting for what seemed like forever the starting trainer continued to hope that the small pokemon would remain inside, the ball stopped moving and the pokeball signified the capture of the new pokemon, "Yes I caught a Flabébé," Serena celebrated while kneeling down to pick up her pokeball.

Serena looked up to see the clouds rolling in, the wind started to pick up in strength. The new trainer gazed around to see a storm gathering, she started to panic about the prospect about being caught in the bad weather, "on no, there is storm coming, I better hurry to Santalune City," Serena reminded herself, she ran off towards city as the first rumbles of thunder started to roar through the air causing the wild pokemon to flee in terror as the clouds started to darken the sky.

The rain started to pour causing Serena's hair to become saturated very quickly, she started to pant after the long run towards the Pokemon Center, dripping from the heavy rain, she looked back to see the rain falling at a heavier. More new trainers entered the building as the sound of the thunder crashed through the air causing the windows to rattle slight, the dark sky started to light up with the lightning.

As the lightning and thunder began to intensify Serena started to flinch at the sound, "I hate thunder and lightning!" Serena cried out as she placed her hands over her ears and closed her eyes in fear.

As the storm progress Serena looked around to see people taking care of their pokemon, she walked up to the front counter, she pulled out her pokeballs and placed them on the counter, "so you need me to give your pokemon a check-up, there is also a room where you can dry up." The nurse stated knowingly as she took the pokemon from the blonde haired woman.

"Thanks Nurse Joy," Serena replied with a smile. The young lady rushed to the room and opened the door, she quickly locked the door, and she looked around the room and turned the light on to see what was going on. Removing her bag, she pulled out a towel and extra clothes, she took off her hat and started to dry her hair.

(An hour later)

Serena walked out of the room feeling more refreshed, she looked out the window to see that the storm hadn't fully passed, but wasn't as bad as it was earlier, "this sure beats what my mom, had planned for me," Serena stated while remembering the harsh training she was being placed under. Serena walked out into the main hall and walked over to the phone to call her mother, 'the last couple of days have been interesting,' Serena thought with a joyous smile, she pressed in the numbers and waited for her mother to pick up the phone on the other end.

After ten second her mother picked up the phone, appearing on the screen was a woman with shoulder length brown hair, "hello dear, how has your journey been so far and what pokemon have you caught?" Serena mother asked with great curiosity.

"Well mom, I started with Fennekin and I have caught a Skiddo and a Flabébé," Serena replied with great pride.

"No Rhyhorn?" her mother asked in displeasure.

"No mom, I don't even want to consider being a Rhyhorn Racer, I want to choose my own path, and I think I have someone that can inspire me," Serena replied with a frown.

"But being a Rhyhorn Racer is a family tradition," the older woman retorted with sadness.

Serena puffed up her cheeks and crossed her arms she looked away and with disappointed expression, "I might like all pokemon mom, but it doesn't mean I will follow whatever road you set for me, I want to discover what I want to do for myself," Serena commented while her mother listened with shock in her eyes, "if it means I break family tradition, then I don't care, plus me meeting Ash Ketchum has given me something to aim for, to beat him at the Kalos League," Serena explained to her mother who shook her head in shame.

"Serena, you know I will support you in whichever way I can, but I feel that you should aim to be who you want," the mother stated with concern for her daughter, "you still lack experience in the world," she stated with a frown, as memories of Serena getting hurt filled her mind.

"I know, I don't know everything, maybe mom that is the reason why I am traveling with pokemon," Serena admitted with a confident smile.

"Alright, just remember to do your best," Serena's mother finally submitted to her daughter's determination. "I look forward to hear from you again Serena," the mother said with a smile.

"It isn't like her to submit to what I said, she has always wanted me to become a Rhyhorn Racer, but I have decided to follow my own path," Serena told herself as the bells chimed and the local Nurse Joy called out to her.

Serena hopped up and walked over to the front counter, she picked up her pokemon and smiled at the attending nurse, "thank you Nurse Joy," Serena thankfully told the nurse before turning around to see the weather had finally cleared, 'Ash, I wonder how you are going, I bet you already have a badge now,' Serena thought, not knowing that they both shared the same bad luck to start their journeys, 'plus Ash is more experienced as trainer than I am," Serena reminded herself as she walked out of the medical facility.

Serena looked around for a moment to see water dripping off the leaves and the sun starting to set, she walked slowly towards the Pokemon Gym with thoughts of how her first battle was going to go. While walking towards the gym Serena started to think about the pokemon she wanted to use in the battle, "if she only has two pokemon, I will go with Fennekin and Flabébé" Serena told herself calmly.

As she entered the building Serena looked around to see that a woman with short blonde hair, wearing a white shirt, green jeans and black shoes, "there everything is ready to take a picture of my pokemon," the woman stated with an energetic tone, she turned around to call out her pokemon, it was in that moment that she spotted her challenger, "oh a challenger, I wasn't expecting one for another two weeks," the woman said with a disappointed attitude.

"Shouldn't you be expecting a challenger? That is the reason you are a gym leader right?" Serena questioned the lady with a sigh.

"Yeah, but I wanted to get my pokemon's pictures taken while I was having a break," the older lady said with a smirk.

"Fine I Serena formally challenge you to a battle," Serena proclaimed the challenge to the gym leader with great assurance.

"Fine, I will battle you, the world famous Viola accepts you challenge," the woman known as Viola decreed, she walked towards the battlefield with her two pokeballs, ready to face the challenger, "it will be a two on two battle," Viola told the new trainer with a smirk.

"Fine by me," Serena retorted happily.

"Surskirt, let's go," Viola called out a small blue pokemon with four legs and a cream colored top.

"Okay, so she is using a bug type, go Flabébé," Serena called out her first pokemon to battle.

The two respective trainers stood ready as they waited for their respective moves, "alright Serena, I will start things off, Surskit attack with Bubble Beam," Viola instructed her first pokemon.

"Flabébé dodge the attack, then use Fairy Wind," Serena countered loudly.

The little fairy pokemon sent out a gust of wind towards the incoming attack pushing it back slightly, but was soon overpowered by the water type move, Serena gasped at the sight of her recently caught pokemon being overpowered by the gym leader's pokemon, "you didn't expect it to be easy did you?" Viola remarked with a grin.

Serena started to grit her teeth knowing that the gym leader was a more experienced trainer, 'so this is what Ash has been facing all this time, tougher battles that are nothing like normal trainers,' Serena thought as a broad smile graced her lips, "perfect a new challenge for me to face," Serena replied as her pokemon quickly dodged the attack from the bug type pokemon, "her Surskit is fast, but I will still defeat it," Serena proclaimed with growing confidence.

"Alright Surskit, finish off this foe with Ice Beam," Viola instructed her pokemon while punching the air in front of her.

"A powerful attack, alright Flabébé dodge Ice Beam, then use Razor Leaf," Serena called out for another attack. The small pokemon dodged the frigid attack and unleashed a barrage of leaves at the bug type pokemon.

The attack landed dealing significant damage to the bug type, "no way a critical hit," Viola said in shock as her pokemon tried to get back up; "use Bubble Beam again," Viola instructed her pokemon, the pond skater pokemon unleashed a barrage of bubbles towards Serena's pokemon.

"Razor Leaf again," Serena instructed her pokemon with her eyes firmly on the water type pokemon.

As the barrage of bubbles moved towards the fairy type pokemon, it unleashed a powerful volley of leaves, the barrage of leaves sliced through the bubbles and then headed straight towards the water type pokemon knocking it out of the battle, "no way," Viola cried out in amazement, she recalled her pokemon and pulled out her next pokeball, "this battle is far from over Serena, go Vivillon," Viola called out a bug type pokemon with pink wings.

The blonde haired trainer looked at the butterfly like pokemon and clenched her fists, 'so this is Viola's strongest pokemon,' Serena thought, she gulped and grew a little nervous. She turned her attention to a tired fairy type pokemon and started to think about a strategy to win this battle, 'alright, I don't think Flabébé will last much longer, but if I can deal some damage to her Vivillon Fenekin will have an easier time of the battle,' Serena thought to herself as she refocused on the battle at hand, "Flabébé attack with Fairy Wind," Serena instructed her pokemon for the first attack of the round.

"Not this time, Vivillon, counter with Bug Buzz," Viola replied to Serena's command, the two pokemon unleashed their respective attacks but the soundwave from Vivillon soon pushed the fairy type attack back towards the foe, the bug type attack crashed into Flabébé knocking it out of the battle.

Serena gasped in shock at the result of the round, it came to a sudden conclusion, leaving her to wonder what her next move was going to be, with only one pokemon to choose from, it was going to be an uphill battle for her, even with a pokemon that had the type advantage, "thank you Flabébé," Serena recalled her fallen pokemon, "Fennekin, time to make a show of it," Serena called out her starter pokemon.

"Oh a fire type, this will be fun," Viola chimed as her pokemon flew around the battlefield.

Serena smiled for a moment and shook her head, "you seem to be enjoying yourself," Serena pointed out with certainty.

Viola nodded in approval and pointed towards her bug type pokemon, "there is no way we are going to lose to a fire type right Vivillon?" Viola asked her teammate, "Psybeam now," Viola instructed her pokemon.

"Dodge the attack Fennekin, then use Ember," Serena instructed her pokemon. As the bug type fired a burst of psychic energy from its antennae, fennekin was dodging the attacks waiting for an opening to attack the foe, Serena remained patient.

"Keep firing Psybeam Vivillon," Viola instructed her pokemon.

Serena continued to instruct her fire type to dodge waiting for the chance to unleash a counter attack, but before she could give the okay to unleash her fire type attack her Fennekin was hit by a powerful Psybeam, "Fennekin no!" Serena screamed out in horror, but much to her relief her fire starter got back up and growled at the bug type pokemon, it started to glow a bright red, Serena started to realize that this next attack would be the one that wins her the battle, "come on Fennekin you can do it," Serena complimented.

"Finish it off with Psybeam Vivillon," Viola commanded her pokemon.

"Wait for the last second to dodge, then use Ember," Serena instructed her pokemon. Fennekin watched the attack approaching, the fire fox pokemon leapt into the air dodging the attack, in mere moments the fire type unleashed a powerful blast of fiery embers at the bug type, the added power of Blaze caused the gym leader and her pokemon to freeze in awe at the powerful fire type attack approaching them.

Before she could give the command to dodge, Ember smashed into the bug type dealing immense damage knocking out the bug type pokemon giving Serena the victory in her first gym battle, "amazing, I can't believe you just defeated me in battle," Viola acknowledged her defeat against Serena and her pokemon.

Serena was jumping up and down with joy as her Fennekin joined in on the celebrations, the fire type jumped into the trainers hands as she began to spin around in joy, "too bad Ash wasn't here to watch an awesome battle," Serena said while being approached by the gym leader.

"So who is this Ash?" Viola asked the victorious trainer.

"Ash, well he is an experienced trainer, easily way better than me," Serena replied while Viola gulped at the information she received, the gym leader turned around and rushed out of the building, "hey where are you going?" Serena asked the gym leader.

Viola turned around and smiled at the younger trainer, "I am going to get more bug pokemon and train, I need to be stronger if I am going to defeat this Ash you speak of," Viola replied with a giggle.

Serena walked out with the badge and her fire type pokemon next to her, she looked down and smiled, "you know Fennekin, I guess there are more challenges out there for both of us to face," Serena commented while seeing the sun finally setting over the horizon, 'I wonder if Ash has won his first badge, can't see why not,' Serena thought while kneeling down to pick up her starter pokemon.

(Lumiose City, the next day)

Ash rushed out of the Medical facility after a good night's sleep, running through the busy morning streets of Lumiose, confident of his battle against the gym leader of the city, "you ready buddy? Time to make our debut in this region," Ash enquired with an excited expression, his partner pokemon. Ash continued to walk through the city until he reached the middle of the city, in front of him was a towering structure, he looked around to see the other buildings surrounding the tower, "amazing this City is huge, I thought this city was big, but this puts Celedon City and Lilycove City to shame."

After entering the gym Ash spotted the gym leader and a young girl with short blond hair, wearing a brown blouse, a white skirt and black shorts, "brother, stop being so inventing stuff, you have a challenger here," the young girl complained while the gym leader walked out of the back of the gym and towards the battlefield, "Clemont, hurry up and battle with this trainer!" the young girl ordered her brother.

"Bonnie, I have all day you know, it isn't like he wants to rush the battle," Clemont told his sister with a frown.

"My name is Ash Ketchum and I challenge the gym leader to a battle," Ash called out to the gym leader with a confident tone.

'There goes my day off, I really wanted to invent some gadgets today,' Clemont complained to himself, he looked up to see the trainer and his Pikachu, his confident expression, 'oh great, my first challenger and he seems like a strong opponent,' Clemont thought with a less than confident expression. "I accept your challenge Ash," Clemont eventually replied to the trainer.

"Good, time to get this battle started, Pancham, I choose you," Ash called for his first pokemon.

Clemont walked towards his side of the battlefield with his pokeball in hand, "Magneton, let's go," Clemont called for his first pokemon to battle.

Ash smiled at the pokemon, "a Magneton, it has been a while since I have seen one of those," Ash commented while his Pancham was raring to go in the battle.

"Use Discharge Magneton," Clemont commanded, his pokemon sent out a burst of electricity in every direction while Ash smirked at the challenge that rested before him.

"Alright them, Pancham dodge the attack then use Arm Thrust," Ash instructed his fighting type pokemon with certainty. His fighting type pokemon easily dodged the attacks and charged towards the steel type pokemon, the fighting types opened up its palms and started to hit the magnet pokemon with vicious blows, after four hits the fighting type landed back in front of Ash, 'amazing this pokemon has a lot of potential,' Ash thought as he looked over to the new pokemon.

Clemont started to grit his teeth as his pokemon fell back towards him after the powerful attack, "alright, attack with Gyro Ball," Clemont commanded his pokemon. His pokemon started to spin around while rushing towards Ash's pokemon.

"Move aside Pancham, then use Vital Throw," Ash instructed his fighting type pokemon with great assurance, as the smaller pokemon leapt away from the attack, it grabbed the steel type and threw it onto the ground causing immense damage to the gym leader's pokemon.

Clemont recalled his pokemon and got ready to call out another pokemon, "Emolga, time to battle," Clemont called for his second pokemon to face off against Ash's first pokemon, "start off with Aerial Ace," Clemont instructed his ele-squirrel pokemon.

"Great there is no dodging that attack," Ash reminded himself as his pokemon took the hit, "Pancham, are you alright?" Ash asked his pokemon.

"Finish it with Discharge," Clemont ordered his pokemon to unleash a powerful blast of electricity on the, a blast of electricity crashed into Pancham as it was getting back to its feet.

"No Pancham!"Ash yelled out in horror. After the attack cleared up Ash recalled his pokemon, knowing that it was a lost round, "not bad Clemont, let's see how you go with this, Gible I choose you," Ash called for his dragon type pokemon.

"Alright, Emolga attack with Aerial Ace," Clemont ordered his pokemon with certainty.

"Again with this, Gible attack with Dragon Claw," Ash quickly instructed his dragon type pokemon, his dragon rushed towards the charging electric type pokemon with a glowing white claw. The two pokemon crashed into one another, pushing one another back, Gible raring to attack again while Emolga got ready to charge up for the next attack, "Alright Gible attack Stone Edge," Ash commanded the land shark pokemon.

"Use Discharge to destroy the stones," Clemont ordered his small pokemon.

Gible unleashed a barrage of stones towards the opposing pokemon, Emolga released another powerful burst of electricity, the two attacks collided causing the dust to rise into the air, without seeing what was going Emolga was hit by two stones knocking it to the ground, "yes, nicely done Gible," Ash complimented his pokemon.

"Not good, this guy is really good, I bet he has at least four badges," Clemont stated with a smile.

"Four Badges? No I don't have a single badge yet," Ash replied much to the shock of everyone in the building. Ash refocused on the battle and got ready for one last attack, "Gible finish Emolga off with Dragon Claw," Ash ordered with confidence while cutting down with his right arm, his pokemon charged at the electric pokemon with a glowing white arm, as Emolga got back up it was hit by another powerful dragon type move knocking it out of the battle.

"Amazing even with no badges this guy is an extremely powerful trainer," Clemont stated with shock, he recalled his pokemon from the battle and readied his final pokemon for the battle, much to his shock he watched Ash recall his dragon type pokemon, "Heliolisk, time to win this battle," Clemont called out a yellow electric lizard with a black head and a black frill surrounding it's neck.

"Oh nice, a pokemon I haven't seen before," Ash commented while pulling out his new pokedex to scan the pokemon, "this will be fun," Ash acknowledged while signalling to his partner pokemon, "Start this round off with Quick Attack," Ash ordered his pokemon.

"Heliolisk, use Quick Attack too," Clemont ordered his pokemon.

The two pokemon started to charge towards one another, not even flinching the two pokemon slammed into one another pushing them back towards their respective trainers, Ash smiled at the new pokemon seeing it as a challenge, growing more excited at how this battle was going for him, "try Iron Tail Pikachu," Ash ordered with great confidence.

"Parabolic Charge," Clemont issued his instruction to counter Pikachu, as soon as the electric charge moved towards the electric mouse Pikachu easily dodged the attack and slammed a his stiffened tail into Clemont's pokemon.

Ash smirked knowing that wouldn't have been enough to knock out the opposing pokemon, "almost forgot, Heliolisk is an electric type right, so that means steel type moves are less effective," Ash reminded himself calmly.

"Heliolisk attack with Bulldoze," Clemont ordered his pokemon, the generator pokemon slowly got back to its feet and stomped the ground sending a shockwave of dirt towards the electric mouse pokemon, dealing great damage to Ash's pokemon.

"So a ground type move, nice, Pikachu finish this with Volt Tackle," Ash commanded his partner pokemon. Pikachu started to rush towards the opposing electric pokemon, he gained a thunderous aura as he ran closer.

"Heliolisk, type Parabolic Charge again," Clemont issued his command.

The two electric attacks crashed into one another, but Pikachu soon overpowered the generator pokemon crashing into it with incredible force, "yes, what a hit," Ash pumped his fist into the air in joyous celebration, he returned his focus on the battle quickly and noticed Heliolisk was getting back up, panting heavily after the powerful hit, his smile wiped from his face, he then watched the electric lizard falling to the ground, unable to battle against Ash's team.

Clemont recalled his pokemon and started walking towards Ash, with the badge in his hand, "man, you're really good, I guess you battled gym leaders before," Clemont stated with a proud smile.

"Thanks Clemont," Ash replied thankfully as he politely took the badge and placed it in his badgecase.

"Not a problem, I might be the new gym leader, but I know I still have a long way to go," Clemont admitted proudly as he looked at his pokeballs.

"Not a problem Clemont, you're a good gym leader, keep doing what you're doing now and you will be a tough opponent for anyone, even Serena," Ash complimented the gym leader with great pride.

"Serena?" Clemont asked the trainer.

"She is a beginning trainer, but I sense that she has a lot of potential," Ash replied with confidence.

"I see, so I better keep training then," Clemont replied with a nervous smile.

His sister walked up to his side and smiled at the trainer, "wow, you're really strong, please comeback and have a rematch against my brother sometime," Bonnie requested with joy.

"Will do, I enjoyed this battle," Ash replied happily.

Meanwhile nearing the northern parts of the city a man with spiky red hair wearing a black suit was walking through the city, "is everything going to plan, soon our new world will be upon us," he said with a smirk.

"Sir, our preparations are almost complete," said a Team Flare grunt.

"Excellent, keep everything quiet for now, I will give the signal to recommence our operations to the rest of the world," the man stated calmly as he looked around the metropolis, 'we will change this world and make it a paradise for Team Flare only,' the man thought while walking through the city casually.

The two have won their first gym badges in hard fought battles, but a new challenge will rise soon enough in Team Flare.

Next time Chapter 3: Parfum Palace and the new challenge.

What is this new challenge? It has something to do with their friendly rivalry