Chapter 5: Power Problems.

Time to start Ash leg of the journey, and his part of the race towards Shalour City, this should take another two chapters with the next one being Ash and Serena's respective Gym Battles.

For the third time Ash walked into the busy streets of Lumiose City, the sound of cars driving through the streets and the people talking to one another, Ash walked slowly until he was approached by a scientist, the older woman stopped for a moment and started to catch her breath, "Professor Sycamore wants you at his lab as soon as possible," the woman instructed Ash, she left to get back to the lab, ready to start her research again, leaving Ash to decided what he was going to do.

Ash turned his attention to his partner pokemon and wondered why the professor would request his presence, "okay, so Professor Sycamore, want me at his lab," Ash thought out loud, he walked towards the lab, seeing the many pokemon that resided in the region, still unable to hide his excitement about this region, "when we first got here, I thought this journey was going to be really interesting," Ash commented while walking slowly, he noticed the people sitting at the front of cafes and walking out of the cinemas, "you know buddy I wouldn't mind living in this region," Ash professed to his partner pokemon, shocked at hearing this Pikachu fell of his trainer's right shoulder and hit the ground.

Ash knelt down to see what his partner pokemon was thinking, Pikachu placed his paw on the his trainer's head and nodded, "hey buddy I am not sick, I was just saying that this region is really nice," Ash commented, he got back to his feet and started moving towards the Professor's lab.

In the air a balloon shaped like a Meowth Head was hovering above the city skyline, "so our old nemesis is here to," James stated while looking out of his binoculars, he continued to scan the massive city and started to think about what the implications of the mission was.

"So the twerp, seems to be on another journey, but it looks like he will be doing it on his own," Meowth commented while looking at the yellow mouse pokemon, we can go after Pikachu as well," Meowth suggested with a broad smile, he placed his right paw over his chin and started to rub it in thought.

"No Meowth, our mission isn't to capture Pikachu, we need to find out more about Team Flare and to build a powerful army of pokemon," Jessie informed the cat scratch pokemon, she pulled out her binoculars and spotted five people in red suits, "seems like we found our targets," Jessie commented while keeping the targets firmly insight.

Ash looked up to the bright blue sky to see the meowth balloon, "oh great, it seems like Team Rocket are here as well," Ash commented while shaking his head, he sighed remembering the days he was being chased by the rocket trio, "to be honest I miss the old days when Team Rocket chased us," Ash chuckled while approaching the lab.

Ash entered the lab to find a waiting professor with a four pokeballs in hand, "ah Ash, I was kind of hoping you would show up, there is a problem in the bad lands that I require you to investigate, also I want you to have a pokemon from this lab as well as deliver this Torchic to Serena when you see her next," Sycamore requested the trainer happily, "I want you to choose one of these three pokemon Ash," Sycamore told the trainer before he could protest to the idea.

"But Professor, what of the starting trainers?" Ash asked in slight protest.

"I might be a little stubborn Ash, but I want to have one of the pokemon," Sycamore requested calmly, he called out a blue frog with bubbles around his neck, a small orange yellow fox with orange fur coming from its ears and a small brown pokemon with a green hood, "please choose one Ash I insist," the professor requested, "the one in the middle is Fennekin, but you know that one already because of Serena right, the one on the right is Froakie and the one on the left is Chespin," Sycamore explained while pointing his fingers towards the three pokemon each.

Ash sighed and looked away wondering what to do next, "alright, I will choose one of them, Froakie will be my choice," Ash finally submitted with a frown, but it was something he was trying to avoid doing knowing that there were trainers that wanted those pokemon, "so professor what other reason did you call for me?" Ash asked the Kalos professor.

"Ash, have you heard of Mega Evolution? It is something that I am researching, it is a process that releases the full potential of pokemon, but there only seems to be a few of them around," the professor explained the research to Ash, he gave Ash the Torchic, "I asked Serena about it before she left on her journey but she didn't give me a clear answer, so I need you to deliver this pokemon to her," Professor Sycamore requested while turning towards his lab, "there is something else Ash, I need you to investigate the power plant, I heard rumours that there is a mysterious organisation causing havoc, I will tell the law enforcement to let you by," Professor Sycamore instructed Ash, he walked back into his lab with the other two starter pokemon following behind him.

Ash looked at the frog like pokemon and recalled him, "well buddy it seems like we have another partner pokemon, but the Professor was concerned about something in the Bad Lands," Ash stated with concern, he started to wonder what was going on, he walked up to the phone to see if he could get a hold of Serena, he pressed the number of the Cyllage City pokemon center to see if she was there, "oh Nurse Joy I take it my friend isn't there," Ash commented with a frown.

"Your friend, do you want me to give her a message when your friend gets here?" Nurse Joy asked with a warm tone.

"Yes please, can you tell Serena to ring me up and Courmarine City Pokemon Center," Ash gave the message to the nurse, "oh and if you're wondering what she looks like, she wears a black blouse, with a red dress, black stockings and shoes, she also has long blonde hair with a pink felt hat," Ash described the young woman to the nurse.

"Alright I will make sure she gets your message," the Nurse replied before hanging up.

Ash rushed towards the northern half of the city to find out what was going on, he walked up to the police man and showed him some identification, "ah the professor told me you would need to get by, please be careful, once you exit the city, you won't be able to re-enter from that road," the police officer stated with a smile, he escorted Ash towards the exit while another police officer took his post, "yeah the power failure has caused half the city to come to a standstill," the officer said while pointing to a hotel which was one of the biggest places of tourism in the city, the Cafes were closed due to no power.

"I see, so you require my assistance for this, do you know who did this?" Ash questioned the officer, the man dressed in blue nodded and led him towards the exit, "tell the professor not to worry, I will sort this out," Ash promised with his fist clenched, he left the officer to his duties and ran off, he looked up to see the Meowth shaped balloon following him, "things are about to get really interesting, first Team Flare and now it seems like Team Rocket are in this region," Ash told himself with a sense of adventure.

"Great now he knows we are here," Meowth complained with anger.

James was at the other end of the basket scanning the city for more activity in the large city, "Meowth no need to panic, he is unaware of our mission, or is it maybe he misses the old days?" James thought with a smirk, he returned his attention to the city with his binoculars.

"Yeah I agree with James, we need to focus on our mission right now, Team Flare is our sole concern, we want to make sure the boss is ready to rule the world," Jessie agreed with James and sent the balloon towards the Bad Lands, it was then they received a call from their boss, James stopped scanning the city and turned his focus on the incoming call.

Meowth pressed the button and the boss appeared in a holographic image, "Yes sir," the three saluted while waiting for the image.

"There are three legendary pokemon in the Kalos region, I need you to investigate them, they are called Xerneas, Yveltal and Zygarde," Giovanni ordered his admins with confidence, he showed them the silhouettes of the three pokemon and grabbed a cup of tea to sip, "I will be there in a month to see how things are going, so make sure you and the rest of our operatives are doing their missions, I will send Pierce and Dr. Zager to help out in the mission as well," Giovanni explained the plans to his best three members, he ended the transmission and the rocket trio saluted promptly.

"So we need to get things moving, let's head out," James commanded while sending the balloon closer to the Route thirteen at a greater speed.

Meanwhile Ash walked towards the exit of the major city, he walked through the tunnel where there were only but a few people, it felt warmer due to the desert winds that were billowing through the tunnel, "so we need to find out about Team Flare and their activities, while having this race with Serena, I bet she is a mile ahead of me now," Ash complained with a saddened expression, he walked into the desert to see nothing but only a few people, dead trees and ground type pokemon moving through the ground.

Ash covered his eyes to prevent the sand from hitting them, he was having a hard time moving through due to the strength of the powerful winds, but he was determined to figure out what was going on, slowly but surely he made it to an area where he could get a better look at the surrounding area, the trainer lifted his head and spotted five imposing buildings, "imagine building those in a place that has this terrible wind," Ash complained while spotting a man wearing a red suit, "and with those idiots around, this will surely be troublesome," Ash told his partner pokemon.

The raven haired trainer glanced over his shoulder to see three more members from Team Flare approaching the facility, "so when we get more power we can change the world so that only members of Team Flare can live in it," one of the Flare grunts stated with a proud expression.

Ash with a look of disbelief, "they intend to destroy the world, we I guess taking over the world like Team Rocket isn't original enough for them," Ash sighed while thinking back to the days he was being chased by Team Rocket, "at least Team Rocket were more interesting," Ash whispered to himself, he started to laugh to himself while his partner pokemon watched his trainer recollecting the early days of their journeys.

Ash quietly followed the members of Team Flare, he made sure he remained quiet, hiding behind large rocks and keeping his distance, it was then he spotted two items one was a mysterious card while the other was a small stone with red, blue and yellow in color, Ash curiously picked up the items, he stared at the stone for a moment and wondered what it was, he suddenly looked back to see that the three members of Team Flare were gone leaving the fourth member to guard the bridge, the wind picked up again raising dust preventing Ash to see what was a head of him for some distance.

Ash approached the Flare grunt and pulled out his pokeball, "so we meet again, it seems like you are here to cause trouble," the Flare member stated while calling out a dark type pokemon shaped like a small dog.

"Gible I choose you," Ash called for his small dragon type pokemon.

"Battling me with such a pitiful dragon?" the person in red asked the trainer, he scoffed at his pokemon causing the experienced trainer to get angry at him.

Ash clenched his fists in anger and his dragon started to change in personality, from a clumsy and oblivious pokemon to a more uncompromising pokemon, "you want to insult my Gilbe, I will make you pay for that," Ash replied to the Team Flare member while glaring at him, "Gible attack with Dragon Claw," Ash instructed his pokemon immediately.

"Poocheyna attack with Bite," the opposing trainer ordered his pokemon.

The two pokemon charged towards one another, Gible moved fast and slashed down on the dark type pokemon, Gible roared out loud before starting to glow, he grew taller and grew fins from his longer arms, after the glowing stopped the pokemon extended out his longer arms and roared ready to face the foe, "about time, alright Gabite attack with Dragon Claw," Ash instructed his newly evolved Gabite.

The flare grunt watched as his pokemon was hit by another Dragon Claw, "no, this isn't good," the person in red stated while recalling his fallen pokemon.

"What's the matter, you angered me and my pokemon, underestimated my Gabite and you lost easily might I add," Ash explained with a smirk.

Ash recalled his dragon and rushed pass the frustrated member of Team Flare, he approached the entrance way and put the card inside the card slot, the door opened to present a factory that gave power to most of the Kalos region, he entered and spotted members from Team Flare, "now we have the power we need to bring this region to its knees," a female Flare member pointed out, Ash walked towards the wall to see a woman with purple hair wearing mostly red with black stockings and a visor with a purple light, "when everything is done here report to the Team Flare Café in Lumiose City," she instructed the admin standing next to her.

The man dressed in white with no hair nodded and allowed for the Team Flare scientist to leave, Ash quickly hit around the corner and watched as the woman left the scene, it was then he noticed two members of Team Flare approaching me, 'I might not have any sense of fashion, but damn Serena knows how to dress up better than these clowns,' Ash thought while he started to laugh at the people in red.

"It seems like our mission is almost complete, our comrades are working new Cyllage City and making preperations in Shalour City to find out more about Mega Evolution," the male flare grunt told his allies calmly, he spotted Ash and approached the trainer, the three members held out their pokeballs and got ready to battle Ash, "you fool, coming alone just to stop us," the angered member of Flare commented while calling out his fire dark type pokemon.

"A Houndoom, what else do you have?" Ash smugly, he pulled out his pokeball and signalled to his Pikachu. The two other members called out their pokemon ready to face Ash in battle, "oh goody a Mighteyna and a, what is that?" Ash asked the Team Flare member while remembering a word of advice from his rival, "oh right my pokedex," Ash said while hitting his head, he scanned the large lion like pokemon, with a large red and yellow mane, "a Pyroar, interesting, might catch one of those pokemon someday," Ash told himself while his Pikachu was readying for battle, "Gabite and Froakie, I choose you," Ash called for his two pokemon.

"You battled our teammate outside right?" the female flare grunt asked with a smile.

"It doesn't matter we are stronger than him by far," the other member for Flare stated with a smirk.

Ash started laughing at the Team Flare people, "yeah okay, coming from people who dress in red suits, my friend and rival dresses better than you," Ash replied much the chagrin of the flare members, "I mean I was to dress like you, I would be saying, hey look at me I stick out like a sore thumb," Ash joked while the members of Team Flare grew angry at the trainer's words.

"How dare you, these suits are highly fashionable," the man in the middle stated while clenching his fists, he nodded at his Houndoom and got ready to start the battle, "Houndoom attack with Flamethrower," he issued the first command of the battle.

"Mightyena attack with Crunch," the second flare member issued her command.

"Pyroar attack with Flamethrower," the last member issued his ordered.

The two fire types unleashed their attacks and Mighteyna charged towards Froakie with his fangs glowing.

"Gabite, counter with Stone Edge, Pikachu, strike back with Thunderbolt and Froakie attack with Water Pulse," Ash commanded his three pokemon simultaneously, Pikachu charged up and unleashed a vicious electric attack on the lion like pokemon while a ball of water formed in the hands of the water frog, at that time Gabite sent a barrage of stones towards the opposing pokemon, the two fire types were hit by the powerful attacks dealing significant damage, 'not bad, Froakie has a lot of potential, I wonder what else he can do,' Ash thought while looking over to his newly acquired pokemon.

The attacks from Ash's team landed pushing the three pokemon back towards their trainers, "whao he is good," the flare grunts stated while their pokemon got back up, "Mightyena, retaliate with Shadow Ball."

"Pyroar, use Hyper Voice," the member for Team Flare on the right called for the next attack.

"Houndoom attack with Crunch," the middle member ordered his pokemon angrily.

"Alright, Pikachu attack with Volt Tackle, Gabite, you take Pyroar with Stone Edge and Froakie, hit Mightyena with Bubble Beam," Ash issued his commanded quickly.

Pikachu charged towards Houndoom with a thunderous aura with his teammates preparing their attacks, Gabite sent another barrage of stones this time directed at Pyroar and Froakie leapt into the air sending a burst of bubbles towards the other dark type pokemon, the six pokemon landed their attacks causing a powerful shockwave, the three members of Team Flare watched in shock as their pokemon fell in battle.

"No way, he is good," the leading member stated in shock, he recalled his pokemon followed by the other members.

Ash recalled his two pokemon and allowed Pikachu back on his shoulder, "alright tell me, what do you seek?" Ash asked the three red clad members of team Flare, but as he was about to get an answer powerful blades of air pushed him back towards the wall, "it's you, who are you?" Ash asked the purple haired woman.

She started to laugh smugly while her bat like pokemon with four wings hovered next to her, "I am a Team Flare scientist Celosia," the woman replied while she clicked her fingers to call her pokemon to attack the trainer, "what are you three waiting for? Make sure the plans are complete," the Team Flare scientist told the grunts with anger.

"A sneak attack, well I guess you knew I was here all along right?" Ash asked the scientist, he got up and smiled at the Team Flare scientist, she nodded and her pokemon unleashed another lot of air blades towards Ash, "Air Slash," Ash commented wisely knowing the attack, "Pikachu, let's go attack with Thunderbolt," Ash issued his command, Pikachu unleashed a devastating blast of electricity towards Crobat.

"Double Team now," Celosia called for the defensive manoeuvrer.

Ash gritted his teeth as the bat like pokemon started to split into five more images of itself, Pikachu was surrounded by the six images before it unleashed a powerful Air Slash on Pikachu, "just because you have the speed advantage, it doesn't mean you will win, Pikachu, send a Thunderbolt in all directions," Ash ordered his pokemon to attack.

Pikachu leapt into the air and sent out yet another blast of electricity towards the double team images, they all disappeared but Pikachu was slammed with a powerful set of wings, "Cross Poison, such a nice move," Celosia stated while Pikachu fell to the ground now leaving him poisoned.

Ash rushed over to his pokemon in shock, "Pikachu are you alright buddy?" Ash asked while picking his pokemon up, he looked up to see Crobat charging towards him, Pikachu looked up and powered up another electric attack, he leapt out of Ash's arms and blasted the poison type with an unmerciful attack, "Pikachu!" Ash yelled out in horror, his started pokemon landed on the ground in front of him panting heavily before collapsing to the ground, Ash walked up to him and smiled, "that will do Pikachu," Ash commented calmly as he picked up the electric mouse pokemon.

"We have what we need from here Team Flare pull out," Celosia instructed the rest of Team Flare, she walked pass the trainer who was cradling the poisoned pokemon, "maybe next time you will think twice before messing with us," she stated before leaving Ash alone.

Ash walked towards the main operator of the Power Plant, he couldn't stop them from achieving their mission, "good, we can now give power back to the rest of the region," the person said with a much calmer disposition.

Ash got up and glared at Team Flare, "for idiots with no fashion sense like me, they sure are strong," Ash hissed in frustration, he walked out of the building to get to the next city, with Pikachu in his arms, he continued towards Courmarine City, "you know Pikachu, we finally made it pass Lumiose, I was getting a little tired of seeing that city," Ash commented with a laugh, he looked down towards his injured partner, 'we were ambushed, but that will not happen again,' Ash thought while looking back towards the power plant.

Ash made it to the tunnel and walked into the city on his own, he looked around for a moment and spotted the red roofed building, it wasn't too far away, but knew that Pikachu needed assistance from the Nurse of the city, "I wonder if Serena is in Cyllage City yet?" Ash wondered wile entering the building, he walked over to the main counter and gave his partner pokemon to Nurse Joy.

Ash walked over to the back window to see the rest of the city, the hotel in the background, the hotel with the sea as the backdrop, the harbour with many stalls and people buying from it, "this region is amazing, I can't believe that there is such a relaxing view here," Ash commented to himself while walking back inside.

Nurse Joy approached the trainer with a smile, "your pokemon will be fine, but someone gave you a message to ring them at Cyllage City Pokemon Center about an hour ago," the pink haired nurse.

Ash rushed to the phone with great excitement and pressed in the numbers, "Ash, I got your message, to bad I got to Cyllage City before you got to Courmarine City," Serena told Ash with a cheeky smile.

"Serena I need to give you a message from Professor Sycamore," Ash replied quietly.

"Yeah I know, help him research Mega Evolution," Serena retorted with a less than excited expression, "say Ash, did you ever have a pokemon that disobeyed you?" Serena asked Ash with a saddened tone.

Ash nodded and remembered back when he had problems with his Charizard, "yeah I had problems with a particular pokemon, he was strong but gained the personality traits from his former trainer," Ash described the situation to Serena, while remembering the battle he had with Tad and his Poliwrath, "also when I started out Pikachu refused to listen to me," Ash professed with a nervous smile.

"Wow, so you have had the same problem before?" Serena asked Ash with a sigh, after listening to Ash she looked at her pokeball containing the dragon, "so your Pikachu and this other pokemon didn't listen to you," Serena asked the rival trainer with a frown.

"That's right my Pikachu and Charizard at one stage didn't like me," Ash commented with a smirk, "So what's going on Serena?" Ash asked his rival with a smile.

"I just caught this Bagon yesterday and it refuses to even listen to me, I almost got beaten by Team Flare because Bagon wouldn't listen to me," Serena explained her problem to Ash.

"You had a run in with Team Flare as well?" Ash asked his friend with a sigh, "I was sent to investigate the Power Plant and was ambushed by a scientist with purple hair and a Crobat," Ash explained the situation to Serena.

"I managed to save two items, a Jaw Fossil and a Sail Fossil, I revived the Sail Fossil to become a Amuara, I want to give you the Jaw Fossil Ash," Serena told Ash while showing him the ancient rock.

"Wow, thanks Serena, there is also something I want to give you, well Professor Sycamore told me to give it to you, are you near a pokeball teleporter?" Ash asked the blonde haired trainer, she nodded and pointed over to it, "good, will send this Torchic over to you," Ash told Serena, he pressed the button and the red and white device disappeared from his side.

Ash watched Serena pick up the pokeball and wave it in front of him, "thanks Ash, and I will give you the fossil when we get to Shalour City," Serena told Ash with a smile.

"Serena, do you know what happened to my pokemon? He became one of my most loyal pokemon, I saved his life after taking an Ice Beam," Ash explained the moment Charizard became his most trusted pokemon, 'then there are those Flamethrowers,' Ash thought with a proud smile, "don't give up on Bagon Serena, I know you can gain its trust," Ash told Serena with a confident smile, trying to cheer up his rival.

Serena sat on the spot, surprised at hearing words of praise from Ash, they echoed for some time in her mind, lost for words it was like she was hearing what she always wanted to hear, even Ash trying to talk to her wasn't getting her to say something, "thanks Ash, I will do my best to get Bagon to listen to me," Serena replied softly, she got ready to end the call, "I will see you in Shalour City after I win the race," Serena told Ash before hanging up.

Ash sat on the seat and wondered what was going on, "Serena is acting a little strange, I mean I praise her, wish her luck, then she freezes, what is that about?" Ash asked himself in a puzzled manner. Ash got out of the seat and slowly walked over to the Nurse, she handed him his pokemon and a healthier Pikachu, "thanks Nurse Joy," Ash thankfully acknowledged the pokemon doctor.

"No problem Ash," Nurse Joy replied with a bow of the head.

Ash walked towards one of the rooms to stay for the night, "glad you're back to full health buddy," Ash told his partner pokemon in a relieved manner, "you know Pikachu, I was talking to Serena earlier, I wished her luck with a pokemon who was disobeying her, and she froze for a moment," Ash commented while trying to figure out what was going on, he walked down the hall thinking about the phone call and wondering what gift Serena had for had for him, what Team Flare was up to and how much of a threat they were to the rest of the world, all this compiled over the fact that Team Rocket was lurking around the corner. Ash pulled out the strange stone from his pocket and stared at it for a moment, "this is one odd stone, I wonder what it is for?" Ash asked himself while putting it back into his pocket, he walked down the hall and into his room to rest for the night, "alright I will get dinner, then tomorrow, I will challenge the gym leader," Ash told his partner pokemon confidently as he placed his bag at the end of the bed.

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