What happens when I am stuck in an exam room for three hours after having had minimal sleep and with absolutely nothing to do because I rushed everything just so I could get in sleep because it's too early in the morning for exams, only to be continuously woken up by the supervisors? I go insane. So enjoy this random thing I wrote down on paper so the supervisors would get off my back.

One a side-note; if you actually are into this pairing (Squalo X Bel), you may be interested in knowing I have a multi-chaptered fic of this pairing coming up. Details are on my profile under the upcoming stories heading.

"What are you doing here?" Grey eyes blinked as they observed the blond who had popped up out of nowhere.

"The prince is bored~" A large grin crossed Belphegor's face as he provoked his commander, knowing that Squalo would most certainly cure him of that. "He thought he would come see what Squal-chan is doing."

"Voi! You wanna fight?" The older male, as predicted, took the bait. It really made one wonder who was more mature out of the two.

At the blond's nod, Squalo knocked the self-proclaimed prince aggressively behind the couch.

The Vongola guardians, who had been watching this video, assumed this was nothing more than the usual scuffle between the members of the Varia – but the very, very loud noises from Belphegor that actually managed to drown out Squalo's loudmouth personality quickly proved them wrong.

"A-ah, Squal-chan~" Bel cried out, the horrified observers only able to guess what Squalo was doing to him, "The prince likes it when you touch him there~"

The Vongola Guardians looked at each other with wide eyes unable to believe what they were being subjected to.

"So…" Yamamoto was the one to break the awkward silence, laughing cheerfully as he did so. "Who wants sushi?"