I Believe In A Thing Called Love

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For any new readers, Chloe is Angela and Edward's daughter who Jacob still Imprints on but Renesme's name was a product of Bella's parents so therefore is would be rather pointless to use that name when is holds no significance to Angela.

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Chapter One

Angela's POV

I lay in the cottage in Forks, I curled into Edward and sighed deeply. Everything had calmed down after the Volturi visiting about Chloe. She was never a threat to our kind (Vampires) and we found out a lot of people are loyal to Carlisle and Esme. But now unfortunately we had stayed too long in Forks. Victoria had never come back after we let her go. Edward realised that James was never her mate she was manipulated into thinking so. She was now around the place and still kept in touch with Laurent who was in Denali with Tanya and her coven. He left them shortly after though, in search of his mate. She had converted to our diet. This doesn't mean we don't still hold any resentment, there is an awful lot of tension between all of us in Forks and Victoria, but we except her nonetheless. Carlisle and Esme convinced us all to give her a chance, Rosalie was the most bothered about her being let go. Turns out her and Victoria knew each other they had a run-in when Rose left the Cullens for a while torturing Royce King.

The wolves posed no threat to us after Jacob imprinted on Rhiann. They are now best friends at the moment but with Rhiann growing everyday their relationship was blooming she was now at the appearance of a 19 year old. Much like the rest of us. Jacob had asked mine and Edwards permission to date her, she new fair well the traditions of Edward's time. We gladly excepted, Well Edward took some convincing. As well as all of that, Emmett and Rose are no longer together, turns out they never were, we all just make assumptions. Rose is in fact, gay. She told us after Alice had a vision of Rosalie meeting her true mate, Edward of course read Alice's mind and approached Rose who called a family meeting and she told us all. So with all of us together and, fully informed. It was time to move again, the option was to move to Denali, Tanya had offered us all a place within their coven. We would have to go to school still but now Tanya and Kate would be joining us. Irina refused and Eleazar and Carmen would play parent figures alongside Carlisle and Esme.

It would definitely be interesting. Emmet was already ahead of us in Denali after finding a mate in Kate. She had the ability to electrocute people. So between me, Edward, Alice, Jasper, Chloe and Kate we had a fair amount of powers between us. Tanya had sent word saying they had two new members in their coven and they were both excited to meet us. I assured her we were the same. The only issue we had was that Alice couldn't 'see' them with her powers. They were both a blank spot in her vision she could see all of us. So their house was all packed and we all climbed into our various cars and drove off. Denali here we come.

Bella's POV

I love Denali. Carmen and Eleazar were out hunting, Irina and Laurent had gone to France leaving me and Tanya, Kate had taken Emmet out doing god knows what. I shuddered at the thought. Emmett was still unaware of my presence. Vampires are much like humans in the fact of that they fear what they do not know. Irina was due back tonight, she had been travelling recently.

I lay in bed next to Victoria, my most recent conquest. She had an evil streak, that much was obvious but she used to travel with Laurent. She had changed her diet and decided to stay with us for a while. She was deep in thought as her brow furrowed and her eyes were glazed over, her fiery red hair circled her head as it fanned out on the pillow. We had a no-strings attachment as the humans were calling them now. We had yet to find our mates, and we thought it was a fun way to pass time. The Cullens were due soon and I needed to feed, that would be their only issue with me hopefully, I feed off vampire venom you see, or human blood.

"V?" I always hated to ask this of my new family and lover, but they regenerate their venom anyway.
"Yeah?" She turned onto her side to face me and gold eyes met my dark blue orbs. I have no iris or pupil, My eyes are just all blue, but apparently they turn black in time where I feel emotions to a big extent. At this point they were almost black. Her eyes widened and she sighed.
"You're hungry aren't you?" I nodded in response and she sighed. She put a robe on and walked out the door. I had no idea where she left but I was sure I would be feeding soon. I was deep in contemplation about the new family members I would have. I almost didn't hear the two sets of footsteps returning to the room. I threw a top over me and a pair of underwear, not that I was nervous about Tanya seeing me but I just thought it was common courtesy not to be naked in front of family.
"So you're hungry huh?" Tanya leaned against the doorframe as Victoria climbed back into bed.
"Well, can't you see her eyes! It would be freaky if I wasn't so used to it." Tanya laughed at Victoria's comment.
"Yeah I know what you mean, at least when she changes so do her eyes." Victoria and Tanya laughed together.
"Hey I'm still hungry here. And quit mocking the eyes will you?!" They both rolled their eyes. Tanya gently leant her head to the side and exposed her neck to me. I narrowed in on the crook of her neck and walked over to her. I cradled her head with one hand and held her shoulder with the other. I felt my fangs elongating and inhaled deeply. I could sense the venom running through my coven leaders, body. The beast inside reared it's head my natural glamour dissolved and my true form exposed itself. I heard Victoria gasp and Tanya relaxed slightly. My fangs suck into Tanya's neck and I began to drink her venom in. A wave of calm spread through me, and I moaned in ecstacy. Nothing better, well perhaps human blood, but that's besides the point. I retracted my fangs after my fill, which wasn't that much either. Tanya straightened herself and watched me closely.

"Guys, I'm gonna go out for a bit, I wont be too long." They both nodded. I stepped out of bed once again and changed into jeans and a tank top, trainers. I then head out. Once about 15 metres out from the house I felt the itch in my back, I concentrated deeply and my wings sprung from my back and fanned out. Yeah that's right I got wings! As I was about to take off, I heard two people running I crouched defensively and growled. I then noticed in my haste that it was Carmen and Eleazar, my true parental figures. After losing my Fathers after his untimely death during the Volturi's order of execution of the children of the moon, I found my correct place in this new vampire family. Carmen and Eleazar welcomed me with open arms, and minds considering my diet.
"Off for a fly Bella?" Carmen asked with a smirk on her voice. I nodded.
"Ahh and you have fed I see! Well at least Kate and Victoria won't be bothering us about the colour of your eyes for a while." Eleazar was always so observant, by now my eyes would of turned back to their bright blue once again. They ran on to the house and I took off. There truly is no better feeling than flying, I have never taken anyone with me before though. Too dangerous and too private. Maybe I would take my mate.

Alice POV

"Are you sure Alice?" Rosalie had hope and pure joy running in her eyes. I had a vision of Tanya telling me that she believed that Rosalie had found her mate. I couldn't see who this mysterious woman was but still I knew it was possible. Me and Rose had a close relationship, which no one expected even Angela was shocked when she found out.

"Yes I'm sure, I can have Edward confirm it if you would like" a muffled 'it's true Rose' came from downstairs and we giggled.
"I can't believe it I am going to find my mate after all this time." Rosalie was so excited. I hadn't told anyone but my visions were being quite blurry as of late and this vision of Tanya was the first clear one I had ever since we had decided to move to Denali my visions had been off. I knew Victoria had joined them up in Denali also. I wondered how Angela and Edward would respond to that. THAT would be interesting. I sat in mine and Jasper's room deep in thought. This blank spot in my vision was frustrating me to no means. I felt a familiar wave of calm and a warm pair of arms wrapped around me.

"I could feel your frustration from a mile away, still not getting through the blank spots then?" Jasper smiled at me and pulled me on to his lap as he sat on our bed. I snuggled into him and sighed deeply.
"No, and it is clearly the new vampire in Tanya's coven, she must be a shield or something, its annoying to not be able to see what's going to happen with these two members. I'm glad that Jacob is allowed to come with us though. I hope Irina wont mind too much. I know she still harbours a grudge against the pack abut Laurent. I mean he is all healed and shiny now. " Jasper chuckled at my words and I looked at him questionly.
"Sorry, darling it's just, you worry about the most random of things. It just makes me smile." I pressed my lips to his and he smiled into the kiss. I turned in his lap and straddled his legs. I remembered a vision form earlier that the house would be empty for a few hours. Time to use for us. I felt Jasper's erection through his jeans and knew he got the same idea. Seems we would be... indisposed for a while...

Tanya's POV

I sat in the den in the basement of our house. I was nervous about Carlisle's coven joining ours. I was nervous due to what their reaction may be to Bella. She was a lovely girl and not to mention she was gorgeous. But yet her non-vampire nature may be a sore topic. The fact that the girl could mirror someone's appearance and voice also worried me. She could use it to frighten the Cullens, especially if my dearest sister Kate had anything to do with it. Tomorrow would be an interesting day to say the least. Kate had returned with Emmett earlier and they were playing video games in the room next door. I could hear them arguing and accusing each other. Irina was due back any minute now. As if she knew I was thinking about her, My sister appeared in the doorway.

"Irina so nice of you to grace us with your presence." She laughed and I smirked.
"Oh shut it Tanya, I know you missed me. The Cullens still coming?" I nodded and she snorted.
"That should be fun, I wonder how they will react to Bella." I had forgotten that Irina was unaware of Victoria's addition to our coven.
"And our other new addition." She breathed in deeply.
"WOW, she smells good, who's that?" I thought that might be the case.
"That is Victoria, she used to run with Laurent, she's the vampire that tried to harm Angela as a human. But that other vile thing used his gift of manipulation to make her think they were mates. But she realised they weren't and asked for a place here. I gladly accepted, she and Bella are currently exploring each other." Irina giggled at the mention of those to together.
"Where is Laurent?" My sister sighed and venom tears appear in her eyes.
"Irina what is it?" She falls to the floor with uncontrollable sobs and through broken words proceeds to tell me he is dead, he got ambushed on the way back by nomads with a grudge against James. I hold her in my arms, at least she can find her true mate now. As much as my sister loves, loved Laurent he was never her true mate. After a while she gathers herself together.
"Well Tanya maybe you could call our two newest family members?" I nodded and motioned for my sister to sit.

Victoria's POV

I am so glad I am not alone anymore. The thought kept running on a loop in my head. Bella was still flying somewhere. I was so bored. I headed downstairs, maybe Emmett or Kate or even Tanya may be back. Instead I found Carmen and Eleazar. They smiled at me and nodded.
"Hey guys, where is everyone?" They both laughed. They knew how bored I got, even for a vampire my attention span is short. Sometimes it is worse than a newborns and that is saying something.

"Tanya is down in the den with Irina, she just got back, you haven't met her yet, she's part of the trilogy that is the Denali sisters. Kate and Emmet are still out hunting, and Bella is probably still flying, and the three of us are here." I loved hearing Carmen talk, she had a slight Spanish accent, not really strong. I loved it, it was much better than my stupid English accent. I don't mind the fact I sound English, it's just it stands out so much amongst the American accents around here. But everyone in this house is used to it. When the Cullens arrive tomorrow they will have a shock. Well to be fair I think that Bella will shock them more. But still a girl can hope. I stayed with Carmen and Eleazar for a while and decided to go to see Tanya and meet Irina. I headed down the stairs towards the den. I knew they were still here because I could smell Tanya, but it was mixed with the most heavenly scent I have ever smelled. I leant against the doorway and coughed. Tanya looked up and smirked.
"Ah Victoria, I was just about to call you and Bella. This is my sister, Irina" I took a step forward and The woman in front of me spun in her chair, I was surprised, she was stunning. She looked at me and I growled, her eyes were haunted, like she had experienced something bad in her past. The two before me looked puzzled but shrugged. My Vampire side was screaming at me about something but I pushed it back, that could wait until later. There were more important things to deal with now, such as the Cullen imminent arrival. I stayed with the two blondes chatting and laughing and getting to know each other. I would now just wait for Bella to arrive.
Bella's POV

My feet touch the ground. Ahhhh, thats better. I run into the living room to see Eleazar and Carmen sat down with Tanya all in a deep conversation.
"Hey guys! What's going on? I swear I was only gone a small length of time." The three members of my family smiled at me as I sat down and leant into Tanya's embrace. Carmen reminded me of my mother, well as much as I could remember of her, Carmen and Eleazar were like my parents but 'cool' parents they did parent me but I could go to them with anything and they would help. Tanya may be my coven leader and family, but she was hot, so we 'knocked boots' every now and again, and other than that we snuggled a lot. What can I say I loved snuggling. My bad ass image was hanging in the balance with that little admission.

"Well, my little angel. Seems Irina and Victoria have their mates in one another." I beamed for my newfound English beauty and then reality sunk back in.
"Hold on, what about Laurent? Are they a triad? Hold on where are they?" The three in front of me motioned for me to sit down, and I did as instructed.
"Irina and Victoria are downstairs with each other in the den. Laurent is dead. But Irina is focusing more on his death than Victoria so they both feel the connection but due to Laurent's death, Irina is focusing more on her humanity than the Vampirity so they both wont recognise anything until Irina gets over him. Her Vampire side is giving her a break and weakening itself for the time being. Meanwhile, Victoria is acting like a mate, but she wont feel the connection until Irina's Vampiric side reinvests itself. So the two are mates, they don't know it yet." Oh shit. Well that's a new one in the Vampire community I'm sure. After a while I realise I will have to stay away from V as well. My expression turns to one of disappointment.
"What is it mi hija?" Carmen asked I gleamed as my smirk grew.
"Well where am I supposed to get my kicks now mami? I only got Tanya here left!" I threw my arms up in fake exasperation. Carmen and Eleazar chuckled whilst Tanya looked at me and mock growled.
"You mean to say I am not enough for you angel?" Her tone took a dark seductive tone, her succubus nature shining through.
"Not at all my love, but will you ever be able to keep up with me my dear?" I teased and she looked shocked, but her eyes darkened to a shade that was undeniably lust.
We ran off to test each other's endurances. Many hours later and many, many orgasms I caved. I buried myself into Tanya's side as we snuggled she wrapped her arms around me.
"Well, we surely can't do that when our guests arrive now can we?" I smirked at Tanya and she playfully smacked my arm.
"No, I guess not. But Bella I do have one thing to ask of you..." she trailed off and shuffled awkwardly next to me and we cuddled. I turned in her arms.
"What is it? You know I would do anything for you Tan." She smiled at me and sighed happily.
"When the Cullens arrive would you make yourself scarce for a while?" I was taken aback by her request. Tears filled my eyes.
"You do not wish for me to meet your family?" My voice was full of sadness, I knew this and she hugged me tighter to her body.
"It is not that little one. It is just, Edward's mate is still rather cautious about Victoria's presence here, I'm sure that the seer of the Cullen's has seen that Victoria is a part of our coven and Edward would of seen it in her thoughts. Things may well be very tense at first. I do not wish to introduce you to the Cullens until I am certain they are calm enough to listen. I do not wish them to harm you, Bella." I nodded I understood what they meant, Victoria had explained to me the distress she had caused Edward's mate whilst she was human with her ex, James.

"Okay I'll do it, but I won't stay far so I will still listen in for your signal to allow me to join you all. What form do you want me to be in?" I had many forms I could be. My ability to morph into anybody and imitate their voice was uncanny.
"Well I suggest no animals, you may be hunted. Perhaps your vampiric form? Rather than your natural form, that would definitely cause distress. Perhaps a vampire that no one would know and then we could slowly explain everything? I am sorry to put so much pressure on you at this time but I just want your safety to be guaranteed, you are an important part of this family now Bella, I won't lose you now." My heart swelled at Tanya's words. Ever since I had lost my parents the only people who had made me feel safe were all of those in the Denali coven, I just hoped the Cullen's would be the same.
"Don't worry Tanya we will get through this, now let me sleep woman so I can run off before our guests get here." Tanya chuckled and pulled me in close, her chest vibrated as she purred and it sent me off to sleep, just to wait for the next few hours, till The Cullen's arrived.

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