Chapter Two

A/N: Hey! Nothing much to say really. Bella's morphing power, it much like the character Mystique from X-Men. Well, actually exactly. The only difference is her normal appearance. Anyway on with the Chapter.

Chapter Two

Bella's POV

I rolled over in the bed and sighed deeply I rolled over to cuddle Tanya and I was met with nothing. I opened my eyes and searched the room there was no sign of my coven leader. I sighed, oh well so much for snuggling in the morning, I picked up the paper and read it.


Clearly I wore you out with our knocking of boots. I could see her smirking as she wrote this. However, the Cullens have arrived early so I left you down here, come up whenever you are ready little one. Things should of diffused by the time you awaken, plus you will probably be slightly more hungry with even more vampires around. Not to worry once we sort everything out you may feed from me if you need to. See you soon my love.

T xxx

I smiled at her words. Now who should I go up as? I decided to sneak a small bit up the stairs leading to the living room and listen in on what was going on, I would choose my form depending on how the situation was going. This is gonna be great...!

Victoria's POV.

I was surprised at the enthusiasm in which the Cullens accepted me into their family. We were all one massive family now in the same house, Kate and Emmett had built an extension following Esme's Blueprints she scaled the house apparently last time they were here and designed the whole extension for them. We all chatted amongst ourselves.
"Well I am glad we are all getting along, I couldn't see how this was going to turn out." The little pixie called Alice was delighted, and you could see that it reflected in her mate, Jasper. Even without his gift you could see he mirrored his mates happiness.
"Well I'm just glad we could put all the hardship behind us, to be honest. And actually seeing as we will see each other often I just wanted to thank you Edward." Everybody in the room looked utterly confused at my statement. Emmet was giggling to himself, he found my British accent to be hysterical.

"Whatever do you wish to thank him for honey?" Irina, looked the most confused.
"Well, my love if Edward hadn't killed James, I would of never came here and I would never of had the chance to meet all of you and find out how great this existence really can be." I sneered that bastards name, and several growls sounded out at his name also.
"So, yes where was I? Oh yes. Thank You Edward." Edward nodded at me and I nodded back.
"So Tanya? When do we get to meet this other new member, it's not often that Alice can't see the outcome of things, but I'm sure no one we have ever met has blocked Alice." Jasper was looking at Tanya but he didn't realise he was projecting his feelings. Excitement, curiosity. Alice placed her hand on Jasper arm and we all felt normal again. I heard shallow footsteps behind and knew Bella was coming up from the den. I didn't know who's form she was taking but as she spoke Jasper's expression dropped.

Jasper's POV

"Well, Major. I am disappointed you don't remember me, seeing as we spent so many years together." That particular Spanish lilt could only belong to one person. Maria. A deep growl resounded from beside me. Alice knew who she was and her eyes were darkened with every footstep Maria took.
"Aww look he's got himself a little bodyguard!" Maria laughed.
"Tanya how could you?!" Carlisle shouted at the head of the Coven.
"Aww look, the Major's got himself a little family! But really Jasper are you that naive? Surely you haven't forgot the person that saved you from the woman who broke her heart?" I stopped in my tracks and Alice stopped growling. All my family turned to look at me and the Denali's and Victoria looked at Maria.

"What do you mean? What are you on about? Who are you?" She sighed frustrated and threw her arms up in exasperation.
"Don't you recognise me? Well I suppose not no. Not like this anyway.." Seriously who was this person it wasn't Maria... I growled quietly at her and began to manoeuvre Alice around me so she was behind me. I took a protective stance.
"Who covered for you when the Newborns emotions got too tough for you to handle ey! Who convinced Maria you were worthy and then allowed you to escape to Peter and Charlotte ey?" I was truly lost, I had no Idea who this woman was. I knew she wasn't Maria but who was she. I clearly had a blank look on her face.
"Maybe this will trigger your mind." I was confused at her statement. But she clicked her fingers and a flame appeared in her hand. There was only one person I knew who was capable of flame ignition and manipulation.
"Bella?" she laughs and nods.
"You know for someone who has lasted for so long you don't catch on very well." I ran to her and hugged her which shocked everyone. A we hugged I heard gasps and pulled back and turned to my family.
"What?" but as I turned to look at Bella I gasped too. She had changed. Instead of Maria now a 5ft 4 brunette girl stood in front of me.
"There's the Bella I know!" She giggled and sat on the arm of the armchair that Tanya was sat on.

"Well that wasn't what I was expecting." Tanya looked at Bella when she spoke and Bella looked back innocently.
"I don't think that was what anyone was expecting." Kate answered her.

Bella's POV

Okay, I know it was cruel but I couldn't help myself, Jasper was too easy, and his little mate was too cute. However, we had already met. I scanned over the Cullen Family. There was Jasper and Alice, soon to be my favourites I'm sure. Carlisle and Esme, the leaders of the coven, the tall blonde haired man screamed kindness. His wife and mate Esme, seemed like the mother of the group, she just had a motherly face. Then there was Edward, he was with his newborn mate, Angela she was recently changed. Tanya said he was uptight and prude. Then there was Emmett, the jokester, even though technically he was a Denali now. Next to him was Rosalie, and damn she was a picture I would never throw away. She was taller than me at about 5ft 7 long blonde hair and a cold façade, clearly some bad things had happened to her. The Blonde was definitely someone I would have to try and get she was mine. Then there was Chloe and Jacob, the shifter and Angela and Edward's daughter and her mate.

"Excuse me, Bella?" I turned to Carlisle.
"I understand you are not a vampire, I don't wish to sound rude, but what exactly are you?" I sighed deeply and stood up and then turned to Tanya, her eyes were full of nerves but she nodded.
"Well first of all Cullens, you must understand I am much older than anyone here, I have been around for many an event. I am not a creature you may all be associated with, and this is not my natural form, this is my vampiric form, I will reveal my true form, and will take all your questions but there is just one thing I must ask first." The Cullens all nodded and looked at me questioningly.

"You must not reveal my existence to the Volturi under any circumstances they believe me to be dead." I received 10 nods. I took a deep breath and I felt my wings sprout, my eyes change and my skin and hair return to its original look. My eyes back to their bright blue, and my hair to it pitch black, these were in complete contrast to my skin which was white but not as white as my wings. I looked over everyone whose eyes had widened in shock except obviously those in my coven. I looked at Rosalie, who seemed in shock and awe, but yet lust lingered in her eyes as she scanned my body. I smirked and at she met my eyes she looked like she would blush if it were possible.
"You're an… an angel?" Carlisle asked, I nodded and sighed.
"For lack of a better term, but I am not a pillar or moral height and I don't know the man upstairs, and I have a few abilities,I have pyrokinesis, the ability to negate any power mental or physical finally, I can change my appearance and voice at will I cant literally take on any form I wish. Oh, and the most obvious I can fly. I am also faster than vampire, at equal strength of Vampire, my eyesight is a lot keener and my sense of smell is also keener. Plus I also run at about 130 degrees Farenheight." All vampires nodded in understanding, and smiled. Carlisle looked like he was about to explode with excitement.
"Woah, dude you're like packed full of powers." Emmett commented.
"Sorry for keeping you in the dark, I just didn't want you to tell all your family and they run to the Volturi." He nodded in understanding.

"So what can all of you do?" I asked in curiosity, of course I knew Victoria's and Kate's powers but none of the Cullens.
"Well, Alice, Edward, Jasper, Angela and Chloe all have powers." Esme spoke for the first time.
"I am a mind reader, but I can't read Angela here." Edward spoke first, Angela chuckled.
"I am a shield mental and physical, much like yourself." Angela commented.
"I can sense and manipulate emotions." Jasper spoke next.
"I am the opposite of mum, she blocks everyone and no one can keep me out. I project my thoughts and things in my head into others, with the touch of my hand." Chloe spoke and I nodded as Alice spoke.
"And I can -".
"See the future." I interrupted her.
"How did you know that? She asked. Her eyebrows furrowed and her eye brimmed with curiosity.
"Well, because young Miss Mary Alice Brandon of Biloxi. I am the one who changed you."
The whole room gasped and I nodded all the vampires and Leah just stared at me. Well now I have some explaining to do…

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