In the Still of the Night

Back in Texas, two vampires were all cuddled up on the couch in their living room, basking in the love they feel for one another. The male, named Peter, looked down to his beautiful Mate, Charlotte, and smiled. Every single day since she woke up, he knew how lucky he was to have her in his life. She was the other half to his soul, the light in his life. He will always be thankful to his brother, Jasper, for letting her live and letting them escape.

Peter suddenly sighed and smiled, causing the blonde in his arms to glance up to him, "What?"

"First bond. She kissed him." Peter explained and Charlotte smiled, happy that Jasper would finally meet his Mate, after being so alone for so long.

"What about the Seer?"

He snorted, "He barely glanced at her with his Mate near him. He was totally captivated before she could even approach him. Finally, that boy is going to get laid!" Peter joked, making Charlotte roll her eyes and slap his chest.

"Don't be so crude. Your brother finally found the love of his life."

Peter rolled his eyes, "Yeah, well, he needs to get laid. Maybe his panties won't be in such a twist."

"Oh, wait till I tell the Major that you said that." Charlotte threatened and Peter narrowed his eyes at his wife and Mate. No way in hell he would let her tell the Major, because he will get his ass kicked. No matter how good he is at fighting, the Major is better, always better.

"You wouldn't."

Charlotte smirked, raising an eyebrow. "Oh, I would."

Peter huffed, a pout pulling at his lips, which made Charlotte laugh, "What the hell, I'm going to get reamed for speaking the truth."

"Peter, maybe I should rip your tongue out so you can't speak at all."

"No, you wouldn't. You like what I do with my tongue..." Peter said, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively and Charlotte groaned, shaking her head. Her Mate was a sarcastic, snarky, and a few beers short of a six-pack, but she loved him anyway. You love something, you gotta love it all, or else it ain't love.

Back in Philadelphia, Jasper stood there stunned outside his Mate's door, momentarily forgetting how to walk. His Mate kissed him on her own accord. It was absolutely perfect, no matter how quick it was. Thankfully, to his eidetic memory, he was able to recall the whole thing. Her warm lips against his, the sweet taste of those gorgeous, pouty lips, the feelings of happiness and comfort she felt. It was a cherished moment, one he would play over and over in his head like a broken record. A beautiful, broken record.

He walked outside of the apartment building, not able to stop the smile that spread across his face. His Mate kissed him. It felt like millions of shocks running through his body when her warm lips touched his. They were as soft as they looked and the taste - oh, the taste - was incredible. She tasted just how she smelled, like strawberries. He couldn't believe he had gotten so lucky, a monster like him, to be Mated to a sweet girl like Bella. He was going to make her his, because hell, he was already hers, in any way she wanted. Mind, body, and soul...

He looked down at his clothes, his smile only growing at the thought of how beautiful she was in his coat, and he noticed her taking big gulps of his scent, the comfort spreading through her. Those were the times when he loved his gift, and he seemed to love it even more around Bella, since hers were so pure, so potent, and so innocent. What a lovely, lovely girl, and she's mine. He now needed to find some new clothes, so he heads up to North West Philadelphia to the suburban areas, wanting to find some new clothes and a place to change. He also wanted to stop for a quick hunt, finding a homeless man and getting rid of him.

The run to Chestnut Hill doesn't take too long, and Jasper found an empty house with clothes that would fit him, the family that lived in the house was gone, so he took some clothes from the father. He knew that he was going to have to keep sneaking into houses and getting new clothes for the next week, but he would do it for Bella.

Bella couldn't believe that she kissed him, but let out a tiny, excited squeal that she did. Her heart was hammering against her ribcage, and she was shaking as she smiled. When did she get so brazen? She liked it, though. She loved the feeling of his cold lips against hers.

Cold. He seemed to be so cold, but she assumed that maybe it went hand in hand with the medical condition that affected his eyes. She felt bad because some people might be put off by the ruby irises, but she thought that they added to his beauty, and she loved it. She thought that Jasper was the most handsome man on this Earth. Everything about him was so enticing, and she knew that she was falling, hard.

Jasper came by the diner for the next week, always taking a spot at the counter and drinking coffee and getting to know his beautiful Mate. He told her about his brother Peter, and his wife, Charlotte. They joked about him taking her back to the country, though deep down, he was serious, and also just wanted to know about fun facts. Favorite color, hobby, music, etc. They both grew closer and closer each day, the bond forming between them was working fast at growing, and the simple kisses they share after Jasper walked Bella home were incredible, though Bella yearns to go a little further, where she's never gone before.

Jasper left the diner to go hunt, and told Bella that he would see her the next day, same time, same place. Though, he would be going to a house to get some clothes, and then he would go hunt. Jasper, being a little overprotective, already wiped his scent all over Bella's building, warning off any male vampires to stay away, because what's his is in there. He would never let any harm befall what has become the most precious thing in the world to him.

Before he departed, he snuck a quick kiss to her lips, causing her to blush. He sent her a wink, licking his lips as he stepped into the fresh air and tasting his sweet on them. Christ, she was intoxicating. Everything about her drew him in and kept him there, but she craved to be closer.

Bella wished that her mama was still alive, so she could ask her if it was wrong that she wanted to do more things with Jasper. His kisses were amazing, but she wanted to go further... possibly, all the way. What Bella didn't understand was that Jasper was making sure she was holding the reins, and he wanted to make sure she was completely comfortable with him. He would never push her into anything she didn't want to do, though it was getting harder to hold back. She was so beautiful.

Bella watched Jasper walk out of the diner, a little tugging in her heart the farther he walked away. Who knew she could have been so lucky to have met a man like that, and for him to have taken an interest in her. "What's going on there?" Bella's co-worker, Barbara, asked her with a small smirk, and Bella just smiled.

"That's Jasper." Bella told her friend, who smiled, seeing the look on Bella's face. She knew that look well, considering she gave it to her husband every single day. Bella was in love with that Jasper, and he her. The look of longing that was in his eyes was beautiful, and she knew that those two would be ending up together soon.

"Hold on to that one, baby. He cares a lot about you." Barbara told her, walking over to a table full of construction workers.

"Don't worry, I will." Bella said to herself, she made her round around the restaurant, the smile never leaving her face. Her shift seemed to drag on, and she was finally able to leave at around eleven at night. Barbara already left, since she had to get home with her family. Bella wiped down the tables and put away everything, while Frank took care of everything in the back.

"Go ahead home, Sweetheart." Frank said and Bella smiled, pulling her winter coat on. She then pulled on the scarf that Jasper gave her around her neck, inhaling his scent that still lingers within the fabric. She pulled on a pair of gloves and buttoned up her coat, before calling over her shoulder that she's heading out.

The streets of Philadelphia were empty, everyone all snuggled up in their warm bed, while Bella had to make her way home. She saw her apartment building in view and smiled, happy to get out of the cold and into her warm bed... deep down, she would like Jasper to be waiting for her when she got home. She could picture him waiting in her bed for her and she would crawl under the covers and into his embrace, while he placed kisses all over her face and murmured his love for her, before they slipped into a peaceful sleep. She also imagined that being down in Texas, a ranch of their own, total privacy, just the two of them. Bella found herself desperately wanting to make that fantasy a reality.

As she walked up to the front of her building, she was suddenly grabbed from behind and moved at an incredible speed into the alley behind her building. She felt herself being propelled by strong hands, her head slamming into the brick wall at her temple, and making her pathetically cry out in pain. She sank to the floor, her head feeling dizzy and her stomach suddenly nauseous.

Looking up to her attacker, her vision doubles and she focuses on a pink, winter coat. It's that girl from the diner, the one Jasper 'turned down'. What is she doing? Why is she attacking me? Bella thought as she fought the bile in her throat that was threatening to spill. The girl's lips twitched upward, before she knocked Bella unconscious with a hit to her head, her smile even widening. She was going to enjoy this. Bella unknowingly put up her shield as a line of defense and that blocked the vision that tried to trickle to the forefront of Alice's head. All Alice saw in Bella's future was blackness, and knew that was this pathetic human's death...

Jasper was buttoning up a shirt he had taken from a random house, when he keeled over from the pain that flared in his chest. He felt fear, pain, confusion, and anxiety. Somehow, he knew that it was the bond he had formed with Bella and those emotions meant that she was in trouble. A growl erupts from his throat as he runs out of the house and in the direction the pull is exerting. He pushed himself harder than he had ever pushed himself. He was not even a blur to any witnessing humans, he was completely invisible. He was running with the wrath of hell in his heart for any who dared to touch his Bella. Thinking of ways to kill them for hurting her...

He closed in on her neighborhood, when he smelled vampire. It was that woman, Alice, from the diner. What the hell is she doing? He followed the scent and realized that her scent crossed with Bella's sweet scent, which made another growl erupt from his throat. Following the pull to an alley, he sees Alice standing over a crumpled body on the ground. Bella.

He suddenly had the vampire up against the wall by her throat, glancing out of the corner of his eye, Bella was unconscious on the ground, a drop of crimson running from her temple. He turned back towards the aberration he was holding against the wall and snarled at her, "You touched what's mine..."

"It's wrong... it's not supposed to be like this... you were supposed to be mine..." Alice choked out, the grip on her throat got tighter and tighter with each word. He pulled her so her face was right at his, she could feel his cold breath on her face.

"Let's get one thing straight before your death... Bella is mine, just like I am hers. Your visions were obviously wrong, because she is the only one for me... NOT YOU! You have hurt my Mate, and that just won't do, Alice. Have a happy death..." he said and the sound of ripping metal filled the air as he took the head from her body, tossing it in a nearby dumpster. He then ripped apart the rest of the tiny vampire's body, venom staining his hands. As soon as Alice's remains were in the dumpster, he lit match and tossed it in, turning the vampire to ash, and taking care of the threat against his Mate.

His Mate.

He quickly flitted to her side and saw that she was unconscious, with a wound to her head. He gently picked her up and smiled when she snuggled into him, shaking from the cold of the winter air. He flitted inside the building and up the stairs to her apartment, opening the door with the keys from her pocket.

As soon as he stepped into her tiny apartment, the phone rang. He wasn't going to answer it, but something was telling him that he had to. With his beloved snuggled safely in his arms, he walked over to the phone and put it to his ear, "Howdy there, Major."

He sighed as he heard his brother's voice, "Peter..."

"Didja get her?"

"You knew this was going to happen to her?" Jasper growled into the phone, completely enraged with his Captain right now. There wasn't exactly a way of getting in contact with Jasper, but still... His Mate was hurt by that vindictive witch, and he wasn't happy at anyone.

"Yes, and I knew that you would get to her in time and everything would be alright. Trust me, brother, it had to happen this way. Now listen to me, because I just got a shit load of information pop into my head. First, take care of the wound on her head, she's going to wake up in about a minute after I hang up. Take that black Chrysler that's parked across the street from you, and get your ass down to Texas. Bella Swan is going to go missing, never to be found. Bella Whitlock is going to coming down to Texas to meet her big brother and sister. See you tomorrow!"

Peter then hung up and Jasper sighed, shaking his head. It was best to just listen to him, and thank him later. He wasn't one to spout bullshit in an important situation, like Jasper had just found himself in. Glancing down to his Mate, he saw a new drop of crimson leak down her head and he leaned forward, licking the blood away. The taste of her blood mixed with her skin, instantly made his dick hard, but he pushed that away, not needing those thoughts right now. He needs to tend to his wounded Mate's needs. He continued to lap at the wound with his tongue, sealing the cut with his venom and cleaning up the blood.

Like Peter said, a minute later Bella whimpers and opens her eyes, blinking a couple of times to focus on Jasper, while he continued to clean the cut. Her head is pounding, but all she can focus on is this angel above her. She felt his cold tongue gently lapping at her head, but she was too tired to even question it, because she knew that he was with her, and to his delight, she smiled, "Jasper."

"Hello, Beautiful. How are you feeling?"

She started to answer him, but gasped and looked around, "W-where is she?"

Jasper gently brushed a lock of hair off her head, rocking her in his embrace, "Shh... she's gone. I took care of her."

"She was so fast... and strong. I thought I was going to die without seeing you again..." she trailed off, a couple of tears slipping down her cheek, which he just brushed away and kisses her flushed cheeks, "Jasper... were you licking my blood?"

Jasper sighed and nodded his head, which caused her frown to only deepen, "Yes, Bella... because that's what I drink."

"What?" she gasped out.

"I'm a vampire, Bella."

She then did something Jasper didn't expect.

She fainted.

After Bella came to, she was a little freaked out, but he took his time and calmly explained everything to Bella. She let him explain it all, and when he told her that he would never hurt her, she did something that he didn't expect for the second time that night - she said that she trusted him. Something only two people have ever done to Jasper before.

"Bella, I want to take you to my home in Texas. Please, come with me? Make me the happiest man on this Earth? Be my Mate, my wife... be mine?" Jasper asked, holding the both of her hands in his, and praying that she says yes.

"On one condition..." Bella said and Jasper nods, willing to do anything for her to be with him, "I'll be yours, as long as that means that you're mine."

Jasper smiled and he nodded his head, cupping her face and bringing his lips to her, loving the feel of her warm, soft lips against his.

"I'll make you so happy, Darlin'. I promise." Jasper said, before kissing her again.

He filled Bella in on the plan, telling her to only take things that she couldn't live without, and Bella took the two things that held the last link to her late parents - their wedding rings. They weren't able to keep much after they moved to Philadelphia, because they had to sell many of their things for money. Her mama and daddy made sure that they kept their wedding rings, though.

They took the Chrysler from across the street like Peter said, and made their way down to Texas, Jasper answering all of Bella's questions on the way down. He felt how excited Bella was to be going back down south. She told him that she always wanted to move back to the country, but couldn't afford it. Jasper vowed to build her a house in the country, anything she wanted. Hell, he would look for the house she and her parents lived in and buy it if he could... anything to make her happy.

Peter and Charlotte were waiting on the porch of their secluded house when they pulled up. Jasper could feel how nervous Bella was to meet them, but assured her that they already loved her and that she shouldn't be scared. She shouldn't, because he would kick their asses if they tried to hurt her.

"Welcome home, Major." Char said, not taking her eyes from the beautiful woman on his arm. She grinned at Bella, not showing any teeth, liking the girl already. She could already see how relaxed Jasper was.

"Well, look what we have here, Char. She looks good enough to eat." Peter joked with a big grin, as he got an eyeful of his new sister. He was kidding as he 'knew' that there was no way he, or Charlotte, would ever harm her, as they already loved her so much. He watched as her eyes widened and she curled into Jasper's side, who was growling at him with a mean glare on his face.

A crack upside the head make him whimper as he turned to his angry Mate, "Dammit, woman! I was jus' kiddin'! You don't have to scramble my brains."

"Excuse my husband, Sugar. I'm afraid his brains were long scrambled before I came along." Charlotte tells Bella with a wink, drawing the human girl out from Jasper's embrace, so that she could hug her. Bella felt comfortable with this woman, and hugged her back. "Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Charlotte, and this is my idiot husband, Peter."

"Hey!" Peter cried, mock-hurting.

"Bella. It's nice to meet you."

"By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife... well, what are you waiting for? Kiss your woman, dumbass!" Peter said, causing Char to smack him on the back of the head as Jasper and Bella chuckled. Jasper brought his hands to her cheeks and pulled his bride close, kissing her. Her lips tasted just as sweet as the first kiss, the ambrosia stained on them that was insatiable. He could smell the blood rushing to his wife's cheeks as they kiss, her emotions pouring out love and happiness. Bella could believe that Jasper was her husband, and she his wife.

He asked her to marry him on Christmas Day and she accepted. She knew that it was going fast, but she understood that she was in love with Jasper, and nothing about it felt wrong. She loved Jasper and wanted to be with him for eternity, as a vampire. They were married on New Years Eve, Peter officiating the ceremony. They used Bella's parents rings, two simple gold bands, that were the perfect fit.

Peter and Charlotte decided to roam around the country for a couple of months, leaving the newlyweds for some alone time. They hugged their brother and new sister goodbye, before heading out to wherever the wind blows them. As soon as they were out of sight, Jasper swept Bella off her feet and walked to the empty house, home. He carried his bride over the threshold and into their bedroom, their lips not disconnecting.

"How did I get so lucky?" Jasper murmured against his wife's lips and she giggled, pulling back a little.

She decided to tease him a bit, "I'm not sure. How did you?"

"Hey, it's not my fault I fell for you, Darlin'... your emotions are what tripped me." Jasper said with a big grin and Bella laughed, pulling his face closer to hers. Jasper loved how playful he could feel with Bella and how relaxed. He didn't have to act like the Major all the time around her, because the held shared ownership of his body. She took him all, Major and Jasper.

"That was adorable, Mr. Whitlock." Bella said, still giggling.

"I'm glad you think so, Mrs. Whitlock."

"I love you, Jasper." Bella said and Jasper kissed her again, brushing his nose against hers.

"I love you, Bella, more than anything." He gently set her down on the edge of the bed, and could feel that she was nervous, though she had no reason to be. He would never hurt her, but Bella wasn't nervous about that, she was nervous about not being enough to please him. He sensed her trepidation and pulled back, looking down into her beautiful brown eyes, "Do you not want to do this, Beautiful? It's okay if you don't, I won't be mad at you."

"No, I want to... very much so, but I'm scared. What if I don't please you?"

Jasper cupped her face in his hands, "My sweet Bella, you please me by breathing, by living, by existing. Never think that you don't please me, Sweetheart. You're magnificent and mine. I know you've never done this before, but I'll take care of you."

"Make love to me, Jasper." she whispered, Jasper smiling and connecting their lips. He reached behind her and found the zipper to her dress, pulling it down and sliding it off her shoulders. She stood up and the dress fell at her feet, leaving her in nothing but her white panties. Jasper drank her almost naked body in hungrily, wanting to keep the image in his brain forever. She was marvelous; her breasts were firm and fit into his hands, with rose-colored nipples, her stomach was flat, her legs long and slim. She felt self-conscious about her lack of clothes for a second, before she saw the look on his face and the word he murmured.

"Beautiful..." he purred, and this helped boost Bella's confidence a little and she smiled, moving forward and wrapping her arms around his neck, kissing him. Bella undid the buttons on his shirt and slid it off his shoulders, her hands tracing over his bare, chiseled chest as he holds her close, places kisses all over her neck. His nose traced up and down the carotid artery, smelling the sweet nectar under her pale skin. No temptation...

He laid her back on the bed and positioned himself between her legs, his throbbing member was so close to her heat, it was begging to be sheathed inside of his beautiful Bella, marking her his. He looked down to see her nod, before he thrust inside of her, stopping at her barrier. She whimpered slightly and he cupped her face in his hands, bringing his lips down to hers, before thrusting once again and taking her Maidenhead. Bella screamed inside his mouth at the slight stinging, before it was only a minor discomfort. She felt incredibly full, and soon that fullness turned into a gradually growing pleasure. Jasper took away most of the pain, and started filling her with his lust for her, and he almost lost control when she let out a breathy moan. He took that as his cue to move, so he pulled out, before pushing in again, and again, and again.

She was achingly beautiful; a light sheen of sweat covered her glorious body, her brown hair was splayed about the pillow like a halo, her mouth was slightly parted with moans escaping her throat, her eyes were filled with love for the man above her, while Jasper smiled down at her. He couldn't believe that this woman below him was his, and that she loved him as much as he felt she did. He felt that she was right at the precipice, and he filled her with enough of his desire to push her off, and send her into an orgasm, triggering his own, with a thunderous roar of her name. He lost himself for a second and quickly latched onto the left side of her neck to mark her as his... only for a warm ambrosia to fill his mouth. He snapped his eyes open, remembering that his bride was a human. Thinking quickly, he swallowed the blood that was still in his mouth and quickly placed his mouth back at the bleeding wound, pumping her full of his venom. He then moved onto her hands and wrists, before she let out a loud scream, signalling the venom is spreading and the transformation has started.

Jasper lifted his wife up and brought her to the bathroom, filling the tub with water before sitting down with her in his lap and washed all of the blood off her. He gently washed the blood over her tiny body, kissing behind her ear and on her neck, right over the bite. He tried to take away most of the pain for her, and whispered all of his love.

"I'm so sorry for this pain. I love you, Bella. Forever."

She woke up three days later as a vampire, and was ecstatic. Jasper had thought that she was going to hate him, but she said that she was hoping for it after Charlotte had told her how male vampires mark their Mates. She adapted quite well to being a vampire, and stuck to the natural diet of criminals. Over time, she learned how to expand her shield, so Jasper wouldn't have to feel the emotions of his meals, giving him an easier time with feeding. He wasn't just pulled from his depression, he was yanked and did a complete one-eighty.

Jasper looked down the beauty he was holding in his arms as they watched the sun set, and thought that he sure is glad that he went inside that diner to get out of the rain. Bella looked up to her husband and smiled, knowing that her parents would be proud of her and who her husband is. Jasper returned the smile and leaned up, bringing her lips up to his in a kiss. As the cheesy, fairy tale saying goes...

Jasper and Bella Whitlock lived happily ever after, for all of eternity...

Everyone should remain blind to the future, theirs and others. If one person could see it, then they would have too much power. Alice should have known once the paths shifted, that she didn't belong in his future, but she was envious and needed to cause pain. She didn't realize that Fate doesn't like to be played with, and she is the sister of Karma. Those two are very vindictive and loyal to each other. Remember, if you sow pain, you will reap it tenfold...

The End.

I hope you all enjoyed, and thank you for your kind words.

-Wonderland xo Writing-