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Let the contest begin!

Lake Valor (Dawn's pov)

My friends and I decided to stay at a hotel near the arena, where Derek managed to get us some fancy suits. We all had our own rooms that had a living room with a sofa, flat screen TV, a kitchen, a hot tub in the bathroom, and a balcony that was pointed at the arena. I don't know how he got us these rooms, but I decided not to ask any questions. The less I know, the better.

We are all up on the roof of the hotel eating our meals. Ryan, Iris, Derek, Amy, Amanda, and I are in our pajamas, while our Pokémon are nearby enjoying their meals. We began talking about what we all did on our journeys, our battles against other trainers, and what kind of Pokémon we saw.

Earlier we asked if Mia wanted to join us, but she told us she needed to take care of some things. It sucked since I wanted to know more about her, and what she said to get Ryan to be with Rachel. They told me when they met her and how she knew their feelings for the other. They didn't go into details on what she said, but whatever it was worked.

After we ate, Ryan began telling us how he got Riolu, or Grace as they call her. Of course he explained the small details to Amy and Amanda. The rest Rachel told us. She explained that they adopted Grace as their child since they were the first people she ever saw and implanted on them.

She then asked us not to tell anyone about Grace being their adopted daughter. We gave our word and made sure no one knows the truth.

"And then as soon as I turned around, I saw one of those bugs didn't get hit," said Derek as he finished telling us his story of what happened during his journey. "Everyone else was covered in goo and I made it out of there in one piece. Now there's one town I won't be going back to in a long time."

All of us began to laugh at another one of Derek's stories. It was great being back together, and I'm glad to see Amanda is getting along with him. She does on occasion punch him on the arm, but not as hard as before. So that's an improvement.

"So Dawn, you ready for tomorrow?" Amy asked while petting her Leafeon.

"Oh yeah," I replied excited for tomorrow. "I have been training for months so I can get to this point."

"That's good, so um Amanda how did you get involved in the contests? Derek told me you wanted to become a Pokémon Master right?" Amy asked.

"I did, but I decided that to try out the contests to have some fun, that and Derek tricked me into it," Amanda replied while glaring at Derek.

"You had fun at least and besides a Pokémon contest can help someone who wants to become a master," Derek explained as he ate some more of his cookies.

"Really? How so?" Ryan asked.

"Well it helps give you some tricks to use for your future battles, helps you learn more about different battle styles, and help your Pokémon get stronger by facing off strong trainers," Derek explained how contests are good for a trainer of any kind.

"Wow that's so true," Iris said agreeing with her brother.

I guess Derek's reasons for some of the things he does or say aren't always dumb huh? We all laughed by what Rachel said as Derek rolled his eyes.

"Funny, just for that when it comes down to Ryan and me in the Sinnoh League I won't go easy on you guys," Derek said.

Ryan and Rachel smiled, "Wouldn't have it any other way my friend, after all we don't plan to go easy on you either,"

Derek chuckled, "Oh good, I wouldn't want you guys to go easy on me before I kick your butts,"

Amanda stood up smiling, "Well it doesn't matter to me who wins because I'm going to kick both your butts,"

Derek was next to stand up, "We'll see little girl,"

Ryan stood up next, "You two better keep dreaming cause I'm winning this thing,"

All three stared at the other as this was soon kind of going a bit too far, "Um guys you do realize the Sinnoh League is not tomorrow right?"

The others soon realized what was going on and all sat down, "Sorry Dawn your right. Tomorrow it's going to be about you guys," Derek said pointing at Amy, Amanda, and me.

"Speaking of which," Amy yawns loudly and rubs her eyes. "I think it's time for me to get some sleep."

Amanda yawned as well knowing it was getting late, "Same here I'm off to bed. Thanks for letting us stay here guys,"

"No problem, get some rest guys, and we'll see you in the morning," Iris said as the girls took off to get some sleep.

Well we're off too to put Grace to sleep. If we don't then she's going to be cranky when we wake her up tomorrow. Rachel explained Ryan and her got up to put their daughter to sleep.

"I take it you guys told Annabeth she's a grandma right?" Derek asked as the two parents looked nervous.

"Um oh look at the time we should head off to sleep, night guys," Ryan and Rachel took off, while the others laughed.

"Well we're off night guys," Amanda said as she yawned and headed off to her room with Amy who followed.

"I'm going to sleep too," Iris said as she stretched her arms, "Tomorrow is going to be a long day,"

I nodded knowing that would be true, "Okay, goodnight Iris, and sleep tight,"

Once Iris left it was just me and Derek left. At first we didn't say anything and we just stared off into the night sky. It was nice as the night air brushed against us. I looked over to Derek as he had his eyes closed. I saw this as my chance to finally tell him the truth. Something I never thought I would feel for someone I just meet for a few days and only realized it a few days after I parted ways with the others.

Flashback three months ago (Dawn's pov)

I was in my tent sleeping as I was dreaming of winning the Grand Festival and everyone I knew where there applauding me. I smiled and waved at everyone till I saw Derek approaching me. He was wearing a tux and had a bouquet of flowers in his hands. He handed them to me and I could feel my cheeks burning a bit as I blushed.

Derek congratulated me then leaned forward pulling me close for a hug. It felt good and I liked it a lot. I returned the hug and held him close. I didn't know at the time why I felt this way, but I guess a part of me a small part did know what it meant. We broke the hug and stared into each other's eyes. We then started to lean forward until our lips were inches from the other. Just before anything happened I felt someone waking me up.

"Dawn…Dawn…DAWN!" I snapped my eyes open and saw Iris standing on top of me, "Oh your awake good,"

I soon realized she was sitting on me and I was blushing, "Iris what the hell!"

"What?" Iris asked confused on what I was yelling about.

"Mind getting off me?" I asked pointing at her sitting on me.

Iris shrugged her shoulders and got off, "Sorry was trying to wake you up for five minutes, but nothing worked. So I decided to come in your tent to get you up,"

I raised my eyebrow wondering why she needed to wake me up, "Why? What's wrong?"

"Oh nothing just that it's going to rain and I know you don't want to get wet," I began to hear thunder outside my tent as I remembered by tent isn't under anything so the rain might go through my tent and get me wet.

"Let's go then," I began to get dressed while Iris waited outside my tent.

"Hey Dawn can I ask you something?"

I sighed, "Sure what is it?"

"Do you like my brother?" Iris asked.

I could feel myself blushing as my cheeks felt a bit hot. I was glad my tent was keeping Iris from seeing me blush. I calmly cleared my throat and responded so that it doesn't sound like I do like him, which I do not.

"N-no of course not. He's just a friend. Why do you ask?"

"No reason, I just notice how you two got along better than before. I just figured you two were starting to like the other a lot," Iris explained.

"As friends Iris, not like that," I did like Derek a lot, but with the many girls he hits on I knew he wouldn't feel anything for me like I do for him.

"Well I think he likes you a lot Dawn. I have never seen my brother spend so much time with one girl without getting kicked in the crotch or beaten up by a mob of girls," I snickered a bit by Iris's last statement, "Still he told me you're different from those girls,"

I became silent and wondered what Iris meant, "Different?"

"Yeah, all the other girls who don't harm him all like him because of his popularity. However, when he met you he admired your fieriness and how you didn't fall for him like all the other girls," Iris explained as she sat down outside the tent with her back turned against it, "Plus your all he ever talks about since we left,"

I moved closer to outside my tent wanting to hear more, "Like what?"

Iris smiled and continued, "How you're the most beautiful girl he ever met, how cute you look when you're nervous or blushing, how every time you two talk he enjoys listening to your amazing voice, and how he loves to stare into your beautiful blue eyes,"

I couldn't see my face, but I could feel it getting hot. If I did had a mirror I would bet my face was as red as a tomato. Derek does love me. This is proof of it and he really thinks my voice and eyes are beautiful? Wait, why would Iris tell me these things unless?

"Um Iris why are you telling me this?"

"Because I know you love my brother," I was shocked that Iris used 'love' instead of 'like'. I wasn't in love with Derek, right? "I can tell when someone is in love and it's okay Dawn. I'm glad if anyone is to be with my brother is someone as great as you,"

"I-Iris I like yo-your brother, but n-not that way," I was stuttering, which probably wasn't helping.

I heard Iris giggling outside my tent from what I guessed was because of me stuttering, "Well who knows maybe in time it will be more than just like. Though if you do like him a lot then you should tell me,"

I looked down and titled with my fingers together, "Bu-but what if you're wrong and he doesn't like me like that?"

"Trust me, he will just find the right time to ask him and you'll know if he likes you a lot,"

Flashback Ended

I moved closer to Derek as I decided to try and ask him. As I moved closer I heard Derek speak causing me to stop.

"I missed this,"

I was confused by his statement, "Missed what?"

Derek smiled and looked over towards me, "This, all of us spending time together. Us not seeing each other for months was the worst time of my life,"

I nodded in agreement, "I know, I missed you, and the others too. I was worried you…I mean all of us wouldn't see each other again,"

Derek moved closer and moved his shoulder towards mine, "Hey, we're here, so now all that worrying is gone huh?"

I smiled at Derek, "Yes, but um there is something I need to tell you. It's something I have been waiting to say to you since we…"

Derek moved his hand up and I stopped talking, "Whatever you have to say it could wait till after the competition,"

"What?" I asked confused by what he meant.

"Dawn I have much to say to you too. But right now you need to focus on your competition tomorrow and you don't need to tell me anything that could distract you from your goal," Derek explained not wanting Dawn to lose focus on her objective.

"B-but what if it's something important that I can't keep to myself?" I asked as I wanted to tell him the truth.

Derek got up and motioned for me to do the same. As I did he spoke again, "What if you say it and I respond with an answer you won't like. Will it distract you and hurt you?"

I was going to say something, but I thought about what Derek said. If he says no it would be painful that I told him I like him a lot, but it turns out he doesn't like me that would hurt. If that happens then it might distract me from my contest tomorrow and then it would be my fault for allowing myself to get distracted.

Derek placed both his hands on my shoulders, "I promise when the contest I over then you can tell me everything. But until then promise me you'll focus on the contest and have fun,"

I nodded, "I promise and thank you Derek,"

Derek moved in and kissed me on the cheek making me blush some more, while Derek smiled, "I really did miss you blushing it's funny to see that,"

I sighed and kneed Derek in the gut, "And I missed doing that," Derek was on the ground gasping a bit and holding his gut. I moved down and kissed him on the forehead, "Goodnight Derek,"

I didn't hear what he said, but I assumed it was the same thing. As I made it down the stairs I refocused on my goal tomorrow. Make it passed round one, second win the Grand Festival, and three tell Derek the truth. Nothing was going to stop me from accomplishing my goals, not even Coordinator X.

Next Day (Normal pov)

The next day the stadium for the Grand Festival began to fill up. As people gathered around to get to their seats the security forces were checking all around the arena to make sure there were no signs of any trouble and everyone would have a nice show. While all this was going on the coordinators were in the back getting themselves and their Pokémon dressed for the first round.

All know that the first round is to single out the ones who weren't able to make it to the second round. The first round all the coordinators had to show off their best moves in order to get the crowd on their side and love them. If the ones who get positive reviews make it to the next round, the ones who don't will have to try next year.

The second round would consist of Pokémon battles where the coordinators would try to beat their opponents. Normally they would have points that would be deducted depending on how well the battle goes for each trainer. But thanks to Coordinator X they decided the one who can knock the Pokémon out, if the Pokémon cannot continue, or if the trainer surrenders will be how it's determine a winner.

Many coordinators had considered leaving when they saw Coordinator X arrive. But they all soon stayed in order to make to prove they can beat X. One of these trainers was Dawn who was in the back with her Pokémon and friends getting ready for the contest to begin. Amy, Amanda, and Mia were with Dawn, while the others were at their seats getting ready to see the contest begin.

As they waited for the contest to begin Amy looked around to see they had a lot of competition to get through, "Gee all these coordinators look differently than the ones I battled against,"

"Eh they don't look so tough. If my big brother could beat the best trainers in the world then beating these guys will be a piece of cake for me," Amanda said confident she will beat all the coordinators who all stared at her.

"Maybe you should stick to shutting that mouth of yours before you get beaten up," Mia suggested as Amy giggled, while Amanda scoffed.

Dawn smiled seeing her friends hang out together. They were all wearing our new outfits. All were pretty fancy and beautiful. Dawn's mom gave her a dress she made herself. Dawn loved it and was glad to have such a beautiful dressed that was made by her mother.

Speaking of Johanna, Dawn had expected her to show up for the contest, but she wasn't there. Annabeth wanted to come along, but had to return to her job, but rooted for Dawn to win. Dawn was sad that her mom and her future second mom Annabeth wasn't here, but she knew they would support her no matter what.

Just then the Red Scarlet woman came in wearing a long beautiful red sparkling dress and long gown. Everyone stared at her with awe, even Dawn and her friends who were surprised by how beautiful her outfit looked. Dawn was amazed by how the woman's outfit looked and Dawn had to admit she was a bit envious.

"I hope you're already because the Red Scarlet is here to win it all," many of the guys approached her asking for her autograph. Sheesh boys will do anything for a beautiful girl or woman. Was what Dawn was thinking.

"She looks confident huh?" Mia whispered towards Dawn.

Dawn nodded in agreement, "Yeah, hey how much do you guys know about her?"

"Not much," Amanda said as she was trying to find some info on Red Scarlet, "I looked up all the info I could find on her. All I could find was that she appeared a month ago and has been winning all her contest battles with ease,"

"Wow she's really good then huh?" Amy asked a bit nervous now.

"Don't worry she may look tough, but we'll find a way to beat her," Dawn said wanting to keep her friends spirit up.

"Heck yeah," Mia said agreeing with Dawn.

"You know it," Amanda agreed with Dawn.

"R-right," Amy shook her head agreeing with the others.

"Okay, let's make a promise that no matter what happens we'll go out there and have fun," Dawn moved her hand in the middle. Amanda, Amy, and Mia soon placed their hands on top of Dawn's hand and all nodded, "All right then when the contest begins let's go out there and show them what we girls are made of,"

VIP Room (Ryan's pov)

"Man I can't believe Derek got us these great seats," I said amazed that we were close to the floor where the coordinators will compete.

I know, I take back everything I said about him. Well almost everything. Rachel said agreeing with me as Grace slept in her arms.

"Yeah and the best part are the free snacks," Iris was with Axew as they were eating some of the snacks in the mini-fridges they had in the VIP room.

I looked up at the screens which got a good view of the action in case we missed anything, "And these screens look amazing. No way are we missing anything here,"

"Speaking of Derek, where is he?" Iris asked with her mouth full of food.

I think I saw him going to the bathroom after telling me he drank a whole 3 gallon worth of soda. Rachel explained to us where Derek was.

"That guy needs to lay off the soda," I muttered to myself.

Just then we saw the contest was about to begin. As the ring announcer Marian came to the middle of the stadium to give out her big speech. The crowd was so loud I was glad we were in the VIP room since the loud noises would have woken up Grace.

Marian introduced to the judges Mr. Contesta, Mr. Sukizo, Nurse Joy, and the special guest judge Fantina the gym leader of Hearthome City. I remember her and how she gave me a run for my money when we battled. The crowd gave her a big cheer not that I wasn't surprised.

"Wow the arena sure looks bigger than I remembered it would be," Iris said as she walked back towards her seat.

"I heard they made it bigger because of the many fans of Coordinator X," I explained remembering seeing that on the news.

I bet he'll be getting a huge pop huh? Rachel guessed.

"I guess we'll find out in a bit huh?"

(Normal pov)

"And now ladies and gentlemen let us begin the Grand Festival with our first contestant, please welcome Coordinator X!" Marian shouted as the crowd all cheered as loud as they can for Coordinator X.

Everyone turned to the entrance where a large wave of water came out filling up the ring. Then suddenly a Milotic came out carrying Coordinator X as the crowd cheered for him. X got near Milotic's tail as she threw him as hard as she could into the air. X then motioned for Milotic to do something next.

She surprised the crowd when she began to go around and around the water at high speed creating a whirlpool. X was close on falling towards the ground when Milotic used ice beam to freeze the whirlpool. X landed on top of the frozen whirlpool with Milotic appearing next to him. The crowd went crazy by this performance and the judges were really impressed by this.

X and Milotic then felt the frozen whirlpool began to collapse as they jumped off the frozen whirlpool as it began to crumble. The two jumped off the sculpture as it began to fall towards the fans. But before it did Coordinator X gave a command.

"Milotic use Hyper Beam!" Milotic shot off a powerful hyper beam destroying the sculpture into small pieces as the crowd cheered even louder for this performance. X and Milotic bowed their heads towards the crowd and bowed towards the judges who were relief that no one got hurt.

"What a performance!" Marian shouted as she clapped for X and his Pokémon, "I must admit I was worried there at first, but as always X knows what he is doing, and knows how to leave the crowd speechless,"

Meanwhile (Dawn's pov)

All of us coordinators were in the back surprised by X's performance and how well he was in control. I actually thought he was going to mess up with the frozen whirlpool almost hitting the crowd, but he took control of that situation quickly. I smiled nervously knowing this wasn't going to be easy, but then again I guess it was never going to be easy huh?

"Man that guy really good," Mia said surprised how well X did.

"Yeah, as always he knows how to give the crowd a good show," Amy said still surprised how well X did with that performance.

"Okay I will admit he's good, but that won't stop me from making it to the next round," Amanda said determine to outperform Coordinator X.

"It's going to be tough to out due what he did, still we'll do our best to make sure we do well enough to make it to the next round," I said to the others as they nodded knowing we would do our best to perform well.

"All right ladies and gentlemen we'll be back for the next contestant as soon as we clean up this mess," we turn back to the TV screen and realized Coordinator X did make the arena a bit of a mess from the water and the remaining ice debris that wasn't destroyed.

"Well at least we got time to get ready for who goes next huh?" Mia suggested.

"Yeah, all right then let's get our Pokémon ready ladies," the girls all nodded agreeing with me as we went to a different room to get our Pokémon ready.

As we left the room we saw Coordinator X coming back. He saw us and approached us, "Ladies, I hope you're not all leaving are you?"

"No way X we're just going to get our Pokémon ready to kick your sorry ass up," Amanda said as X laughed a bit.

"I'll be looking forward to us battling then when you four make it to the next round," X then turned to facing me, "Especially you young Dawn. I hope you're ready because this time I won't underestimate you like last time,"

I smiled no longer nervous, but confident, "That's good, because it would be a shame to kick your butt in front of all your fans if you let your guard down to me again,"

Coordinator X didn't laugh and didn't say a word as we stared at each other. We both knew last time I came close to beating him. If he had lost it would have looked bad for him and he knows it. I really hope he doesn't go easy on me since if he does it will be the biggest mistake of his life.

"I guess we'll see how it goes if you make it to the next round," Coordinator X said.

My fist tightened as I didn't allow X to get to me, "I'll make it and then I'll beat you,"

Coordinator X approached me and moved near my ears, "Good to know," he then took his leave and left.

"You okay Dawn?" Amy asked.

I smiled at her and nodded, "Don't worry I'm fine,"

"Good cause if he did anything or tried something fishy I could have taken care of him for you," Amanda said.

"Don't worry girls now then let's get our Pokémon ready okay?" I suggested as the girls minus Mia all nodded.

"You sure Dawn?" Mia asked.

"Yeah, we have to be ready especially for him, the other coordinators, and each other if we face off," I knew we would have to fight the other sooner or later.

"Got a point, all right let's go," Mia said as she led us to an empty room to get ready before we are called out for our chance to perform and make it to round 2.

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